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Modern BOHO RAINBOW Calm Classroom Decor Bundle | Neutral Rainbow EDITABLE!

Your classroom is going to look beautifully on trend with this Editable Modern Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle! Suitable for all year levels, these stunning Neutral Rainbow educational printables have been created using a stylish & warm, neutral boho color palette to create a sense of calm and add an earthy feel to your classroom.This MEGA classroom decor bundle includes EVERYTHING you need to set up an amazing educational space for you and your students with new resources being updated

To Kill a Mockingbird Unit Plan, Harper Lee Novel Unit Study, TKaM, CCSS

Created by
Laura Randazzo
Enjoy this MASSIVE bundle of beautifully designed materials that will take your class through Harper Lee’s classic American novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Everything you’ll need is here; just add a class set of To Kill a Mockingbird novels, a classroom with internet access, and you’re good to go.This HUGE bundle includes:• A day-by-day calendar to follow with helpful details and nightly homework assignments (read this file first when you open the bundle)• Suggested procedure for how to address th

Music Theory Worksheets - Over 200 No Prep Pages for Music Class & Piano Lessons

Are you looking for an easy way to work on music theory concepts with your students? This comprehensive set of over 200 music theory worksheets is the perfect way to review concepts from rhythms, to music math, notes on the staff, piano keys, music symbols, music terms and vocabulary, time signatures, scales, chords, and much more! These no-prep print-and-go music pages are great for musicians of any age and include music theory for beginners through intermediate students. Grab a copy today and

Spotty Pastels Calm Classroom Decor Bundle | Groovy Muted Rainbow Editable Decor

This gorgeous Spotty Pastels Calm Classroom decor bundle will add the perfect, gentle splash of joy and color to your Classroom!Designed with a mix of B&W spots and a muted rainbow color palette, this soft-hued pack is sure to bring a sense of calm to your classroom - making it perfect for all grades and seasons!This pastel-toned polka dot decor bundle includes EVERYTHING you need to set up an amazing educational space for you and your students! Most of the elements are EDITABLE which means

The Great Gatsby Unit Bundle -Engaging Novel Study - Stations, Activities & More

Get EGG-cited to teach F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby with this GREAT novel study full of engaging activities, including an escape room, learning stations, film analysis, and more! This resource contains a whopping 222 pages of resources sure to engage and challenge your students. I absolutely LOVE teaching Gatsby now, but I actually hated the book when I read it in high school, so my mission has always been to make this novel engaging and relevant for teens today. Seriously, I am obsess

SPOTTY BRIGHTS Classroom Decor Bundle | Rainbow Brights Editable Theme

Colorful, bright, Eye-catching and fun, my latest Spotty Brights Classroom decor bundle will add a stylish & vibrant flair to your Classroom! Made with a mix of B&W spots and a trendy neon rainbow color palette, this pack is bright yet minimalistic, making it perfect for all year levels and seasons!This polka dot and rainbow decor bundle includes everything you need to set up an amazing educational space for you and your students! Most of the elements are TEXT EDITABLE which means you ca

HUGE Seller's Toolkit Bundle - Digital Papers, Borders, Frames, and Fonts!

Created by
Lovin Lit
HUGE Seller's Toolkit Bundle - Digital Papers, Borders, Frames, and Fonts! Wow! Save over 50% by purchasing these items bundled. This HUGE Seller's Toolkit Bundle includes 96 digital background papers, 91 frames & borders, and 6 fonts. When purchasing this toolkit, all products may be used commercially WITHOUT providing credit! Also check out my Huge Seller's Toolkit Bundle #2 This is a bundle of the following items: Black and White Doodle Cover Frames for Commercial Use Black and White

Bulletin Board Lettering Pack - Neutral BOHO RAINBOW | Boho Classroom Decor

Creating your very own headers for your bulletin boards and classroom displays has never been easier, using this editable boho lettering pack.Designed to match my Neutral Boho Rainbow classroom decor range, this Bulletin Board Lettering Pack has been created using a stylish, neutral boho colour palette with messy boho dots.So easy to customise and edit, simply type in your letters using the pre-made templates and print!Video tutorial included.INCLUDED:3 styles of lettering in multiple colour cho

KA Fonts Endless Font Bundle - 720+ Fonts - Growing Bundle

Created by
Kaitlynn Albani
Inside you will find all of my current font sets bundled together! This is a never-ending growing bundle of my TPT fonts. There are currently 107 SETS available. As I create additional TPT fonts, they will be added to this bundle. If you purchase this set now - you will receive all of the next sets for free! After each remaining set is added, the price will go up. There are currently over 720 fonts included. The fonts for this bundle will include ALL and only the fonts in my TPT store. You

KA Fonts | Font Bundle - Set 60

Created by
Kaitlynn Albani
Inside you will find 6 fun and unique fonts in a ZIP file! Most accent characters included in all fonts.Please check the preview to see all of the fonts included in this set!Notes-There are 5 fonts included + 1 doodle font.All script fonts include capital/lowercase letters.More Dreams, Rainbow Dreams and Elementary are all caps fonts.Check the preview to see all of the fonts in action!$ SAVE MONEY $OVER 400 FONTS + EVERY NEW FONT FOR FREE!CHECK OUT THE GROWING FONT BUNDLE HERENOTE: You CANNOT us

Exhausted by Essays? 5-Minute Essay Grading System - Reclaim Your Weekends!

Created by
Laura Randazzo
You want your students to receive meaningful feedback on their papers and grow as writers. You also, though, need to have time to recharge on weekends and holidays without the burden of endless essay stacks hanging over your head.With my five-minute-per-essay grading system, you’ll zip through your stacks of papers, saving HOURS of time. Before I created this system, it took me 15-to-20 minutes to grade an essay. Now, with the use of a detailed coding system and a content rubric that’s laser-foc

MLA 9th Edition, MLA in-text citations & works cited, PDF & Google Drive

Created by
Laura Randazzo
With the release of the MLA 9th Edition Handbook, the Modern Language Association updated and refined the rules for proper citations. Are you teaching the correct, most up-to-date version of in-text citations and works cited page formatting? With this 47-slide MLA overview lecture and package of helpful student handouts, your students will know exactly how to approach their citations for your class, standardized testing, and future college courses.Begin with the Prezi-based lecture (also downloa

Secret Stories® Stickers and Phonics Word Work Mats for Reading & Spelling

Created by
Secret Stories
CLICK HERE to View the YouTube Tutorial VideoTeach the READER, not the reading with Secret Stories® The Secret Stories® embedded mnemonic Digital Stickers bring phonics sounds to life, making even the trickiest words easily decodable!The Secretable™ Digital Phonics Stickers and Interactive Word Mat provide interactive word mapping practice and reinforcement of phoneme grapheme connections (i.e. letter sound correspondence) in a multisensory and engaging way. Use the interactive word mat to show

Calm Down Kit- Social Emotional Learning Strategies and Visual Supports

Calm Down Strategies for your classroom! This huge pack is filled of different supports for students with behavioral needs. All of the products can be printed, assembled and placed in a "Calm Down Kit" box for students to pull out when feeling overwhelmed or anxious. This calm down kit is full of visuals to help non-readers and emerging readers learn to cope with their emotions on their own!These visuals can be sent home to families on your caseload to help with distance learning and virtual

Modern Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle | Modern Farmhouse Classroom Theme

Home Sweet Classroom! This packet was inspired by current favorite modern farmhouse trends found in many of our homes. This style incorporates old and new elements to give your classroom the perfect farmhouse feel. The main colors are a combination of white, black, and gray (modern), and white rustic ship lap wood (earthy elements). Texture is added in with brown wood. Eucalyptus leaves, rustic white ship lap, magnolia wreaths, and chalkboard backgrounds inspired the look for this bundle. Get ex

BRAIN TEASERS VOL. 1 – Logic, Word Sense, Puzzles, Lateral Thinking – Fun Stuff

Created by
Laura Randazzo
Entertain and challenge your teens with this compelling collection of brain-twisting presentation slides in PDF & Google Slides format. There are many different ways you might want to use these 76 slides (38 questions + 38 answer key slides) in your classroom, including:1. Use as a routine bell-ringer activity to begin class one day each week. I use these as Brain Teaser Tuesdays (I enjoy alliteration), but they’ll work great any day of the week.2. Use them as a sponge activity to soak up th

ESL Newcomer Activities & Vocabulary Units ESL Reading, Writing, Speaking

Designed for older students, the resources in the ESL Newcomers Pack encompass no/low prep units to help students develop speaking, reading, and writing skills in English. This ESL Curriculum pack is filled with ESL worksheets and ENL activities including ELL vocabulary, pictures, games, and vocabulary acquisition & retention activities to help give your ESL student the confidence they need to continue their English acquisition journey.Each unit in the pack is designed to provide engaging, i

Communication Book/Board Starter Kit- For Autism & Special Needs Students

This huge bundle is JUST what you need to start a communication system in any classroom or home. By utilizing visual supports to facilitate communication you can expand your students day so much more!This book has over 500 picture icons organized into 27 pages total! Each page has a visual tab so that it is easy to flip through the book. Using the images, this book is a great starting point for teachers/therapists that can be used in any classroom or home. The pages included in this communica

BRAIN TEASERS 4-Pack Bundle, Logic, Word Sense, Puzzles, Lateral Thinking – Fun!

Created by
Laura Randazzo
Whether you need bell-ringer presentation slides or just want to occasionally mess with your students’ minds when you have a few unused minutes at the end of a class period, this four volume set of Brain Teasers has everything you need to keep your students working hard and thinking deeply. There are LOTS of ways you could use this collection of 152 questions in both PDF & Google Slides format (304 slides – the question is on the first slide and the answer with an eye-catching image is on th

Depth and Complexity Critical Thinking Literature Circles Book Clubs

Created by
Teacher Thrive
Add some depth and complexity to traditional Literature Circles with this complete and ready-to-use resource!You will be amazed by the level of discussion and critical thinking that will take place among your students. Each Literature Circle role (listed below) is directly connected to 11 elements of critical thinking: Big Ideas, Rules, Trends, Patterns, Language of the Discipline, Ethics, Relationships Over Time, Details, Unanswered Questions, Across Disciplines, and Multiple Perspectives). Ju

ESL Newcomer Activities Pack Mega Bundle Print & Google Drive

Empower newcomer English Language Learners through our comprehensive collection of activities. Our worksheets, graphic organizers, and study guides are designed to cater specifically to teen and tween English language learners, boosting their language proficiency and confidence. From grammar exercises to interactive tasks, our resources ensure a seamless and enjoyable learning journey for all ESL students.This is a bundle of my popular Newcomer Pack 1 and Newcomer Pack 2. Purchase the bundle a

Life Skills Activities Functional Worksheets + Boom™ Cards Speech Therapy BUNDLE

Created by
Stacy Crouse
Help your older students learn FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE and LIFE SKILLS to be more INDEPENDENT at home and in the community! This activity BUNDLE builds confidence in using print materials for teens and young adults. It teaches them how to NAVIGATE their environment by reading and understanding the language of REAL-WORLD texts.Use these worksheets all year long! They make great...✅ Speech therapy GROUP activities✅ WHOLE CLASS lessons✅ WARM-UPs or early finisher activities✅ HOMEWORK and language GENER

Word and Logic Puzzles Escape Room - Crack the Code Breakout Game

In this engaging escape room activity, teams work together to solve the word puzzles and logic puzzles using critical thinking skills to discover codes to open the lock. Students love the fun of an escape room game, and you will love that this low-prep activity gets them thinking as they solve the puzzles and clues! ⭐️ How does the escape room work? (Click the PREVIEW link above and watch the VIDEO for a closer look at this activity!)In this escape room activity, students will solve 4 different

Hello Fonts by Jen Jones: Commercial Use

Created by
Hello Literacy
I'm excited to offer my hand-drawn true type fonts for TpT Sellers & Digital Designers.Included in this ZIP file is:262 true type hand-drawn fonts (.ttf) Commercial Use Image (appreciated, but not required)Blog Image (appreciated, but not required)Character Font KeyAll Fonts At-A-Glance Font FAQsTerms of Use (subject to change with or without notice)This all fonts commercial license allows the purchaser to:Use Hello Fonts for any commercial small business, like digital products or hard-good
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