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American sign language resources

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ASL Classroom Hand Signal Cards

Created by
Crayola Queen
Do you use hand signals as a classroom management tool? Using ASL hand signals is a great way to manage needs/requests from students and communicate with students in a quiet, non disruptive way. In this pack you'll find 31 [true] ASL hand signals for common classroom requests and communication!HelpYesNoStopThank YouIgnoreWaterI'm SorryShow MeBathroomWash HandsSitStandDoneWorkNowPencilTissuePleaseYou're WelcomeMe Too/I AgreeI'm HurtThrow AwayFriendI Love YouRestroomWaitQuietNurseAwesome!Break (I

ASL Dictionary

This American Sign Language student-teacher dictionary is the perfect addition to have on hand for your students using ASL to communicate. This is also great for you & support staff who are working to learn and communicate with students using sign language. This is great for learners of all ages/skill levels.Do you have students learning to use American Sign Language in the classroom? Are you or your therapist/paras also learning to use ASL in the classroom?Are your students' families learni

American Sign Language Flash Cards: Level 1, 2, 3, BUNDLE DISTANCE LEARNING

Created by
Connect with me on instagram @oilsandaurasThis bundle contains 350+ American Sign Language (ASL) signs for a variety of experience levels using sign to help build expressive vocabulary in ASL.These signs are perfect for any student or teacher who need or would like to learn American Sign Language to communicate better with others.Signs Included in this Resource are:AlphabetColorsWants, Needs, LikesPolite Social CommentsBasic Human NeedsTime Concepts: Now, Later, Before, After, Today, Etc.Family

ASL Posters Bundle | Sign Language Alphabet, Numbers, and Color Word Posters

Created by
Teacher Jeanell
This American Sign Language (ASL) Poster bundle is the perfect way to learn and practice the basics of ASL. Each set includes bright and colorful posters to help students quickly understand and memorize the ASL signs for numbers, letters, and color words. The posters are a great reference that can be hung up in any classroom or displayed anywhere students need a quick reminder of the key ASL signs. With bright pictures, easy-to-read font, and clear ASL signs, these posters will make learning ASL

Clip Art American Sign Language | ASL Clipart

American Sign Language ASL - Hand Sign Alphabet Clipart. A valuable tool to have in your teacher resource kit year after year.Includes a full alphabet hand sign set in several skin shades.Crisp, clear, and realistic art work.This set includes American Sign Language handsigns for the alphabet in several different skin tones and styles. Includes black and white hand signs, perfect for creating printables.This ASL handsign set contains the following commercial use graphics:- hand signs in FOUR di

American Sign Language Alphabet Chart

Created by
Miss Giraffe
American Sign Language Alphabet Chart for students to reference! Comes in both color and black and white! This is included in the Secret Sign Language Centers Bundle which has a ton of fun centers for practicing sight words, phonics sounds, number words, etc. using sign language. For even more sign language fun, check out: Sign Language Alphabet Posters Sign Language Secret Sight Words Sign Language CVCe Words Secret Sign Language Centers Bundle

ASL American Sign Language Word Wall Cards - Verbs and Core Words

Created by
Teacher Jeanell
Verbs and Core Words ASL Word Wall Cards are essential for introducing American Sign Language (ASL) to students. This word wall set includes 35 verbs and 30 core word cards that can be used as a visual aid throughout the year to help reinforce understanding of ASL signs. Each card provides the ASL sign, word, and visual representation for easy comprehension. Creating an effective environment for learning is key to success in the classroom, particularly regarding language acquisition. Verbs and C

Classroom Hand Signals (ASL sign language)

Created by
Print and Cut
This product includes 13 classroom sign language posters you can use for classroom management! Use these posters to streamline communicate with students. Instead of having them constantly raise their hand to ask various questions you can use these signs so you know what they need! Also, you can teach your students how to use these signals with their peers so they can self manage their groups. I was unable to find all the ASL signs I wanted that matched, so I made this! Hope you enjoy! Includes

Speech Therapy Parent Handouts for Early Intervention and Toddlers | First Words

I love having simple handouts to give the families I work with. This set is written in parent-friendly language and gives caregivers quick ideas for teaching first words at home. Handouts include a visual of the sign for each word and everyday activities for using it during daily routines.These handouts were designed as a starting place to build a child’s vocabulary. Children’s first words will differ based on their environment and unique interests. The words chosen were selected from research a

American Sign Language Curriculum Download Preschool-Kindergarten. Worksheets a

Created by
Teach At Daycare
One of our premium printable curriculum package downloads in PDF files stored in Zip files.Here is what you get!ASL printable educational learning worksheets and activities in PDF files stored in zip files. You can access the PDF files with any PDF file reader program including the popular Adobe Reader and zip files with any Zip file reader program.You are purchasing over 160 printable pages of American Sign Language preschool curriculum worksheets and activities in PDF files stored in Zip files

ASL American Sign Language Colors in the Environment Posters

Created by
Teacher Jeanell
ASL Colors in the Environment Poster set is the perfect way to engage students in learning colors, color words, and signs. This poster set includes handshapes, color words, ASL signs, and four pictures representing each color. Whether you're introducing colors or reinforcing existing knowledge, this set of posters provides a valuable visual reference students can use while learning!************************************************************❇️SAVE $ by purchasing the following BUNDLE!!!American

Hand Signal Posters | ASL Hand Signals | Classroom Management System

Non-verbal hand signals are guaranteed to reduce interruptions during instruction:This classroom management tool works perfectly in a primary classroom. You'll be amazed with how much smoother teaching time can be! These round, rainbow bright posters come with 9 letter signs, in 4 different hand shades, and 3 designs to choose from. Post the hand signals in a visible location in your classroom. Refer to the posters if it is necessary to give students reminders to use them. Please note this produ

Classroom Hand Signals | Woodland Animal Theme | ASL

Created by
Sarah Bundy
***MAJOR UPDATE 6/11/22 to include 12 ADDITIONAL hand signs, new poster styles, and the option of clipart as a visual aid for struggling readers!These Classroom Hand Signal Posters are part of a Woodland Animal Classroom decor theme! This color scheme is used throughout the other Woodland Animal products. There are a lot of simple posters offered in this pack, however, so if you are not following the Woodland Animal Decor, this will work for your classroom, too!There are five different types of

Speech Therapy Early Intervention First Words Books with Sign Language Bundle

Learn how to sign "Milk", "Mom" and "Ball" in sign language (ASL) along with hundreds of other nouns, verbs, and adjectives to teach first words.Includes 35 books with real-life photos, label, and an American Sign Language image. See ideas for how to use these Printable or No Print books below._________________________________________________________________Over 300 real-life photos of people, American Sign Language (ASL) images, photo, and label included for each word.No Print for computers, ta

ASL Hand Signal Clipart

Created by
Crayola Queen
This clipart pack contains 87 PNG images including 62 full color images and 25 B&W images. Each image comes in B&W and two skin tones.31 Common Classroom Management Hand Signals!HelpQuestionAnswerBathroomYesNowShow MeI'm SorryThank YouStopIgnoreWaterSitStandDoneWash HandsPencilTissueWorkNowPleaseYou're WelcomeMe Too/I AgreeThrow AwayI'm HurtFriendI Love YouAwesome!RestroomWaitQuietTake a Break/I Need a BreakNurse

Life Skills - ASL Alphabet Posters in Rainbow or Neutral Colors

Looking to display the ASL alphabet in your classroom? Look no further! This cheerful, space saving display is very visually pleasing and straightforward with the soft colors, distinct sign representations, and is the perfect size to accommodate any small or large space! Each letter and sign prints on a full page as one piece and is designed to be cut out. Includes upper case letter posters with signs for A - Z. Now includes TWO color options: Rainbow and Neutral Colors are now included!*Colors

ASL Alphabet BINGO Game - American Sign Language Activity

Introduce and reinforce the American Sign Language alphabet with a fun game of BINGO. Your students will love playing this game and they will be learning as they go. It makes a great introduction to the subject and a welcome fun break in the classroom. Included are 26 calling cards and 30 unique bingo game boards.UPDATE: This BINGO game now includes a version that DOES NOT show the letter on the boards, making a more challenging activity. You will receive both versions with your purchase.We r

American Sign Language Flash Cards: My First Signs: Level 1 Signs: ASL

Created by
Connect with me on instagram @oilsandaurasMy First Signs ASL flash cards are the first commonly used and learned signs in American Sign Language.These signs are perfect for any student or teacher who need or would like to learn American Sign Language to communicate better with others.Signs Included in this Resource are:AlphabetColorsWants, Needs, LikesPolite Social CommentsBasic Human NeedsTime Concepts: Now, Later, Before, After, Today, Etc.Family MembersFood and DrinksClothing Emotions and Fee

ASL Signs for Daily Routines BUNDLE

Created by
Kayla SLP
Check out my PREVIEW for a free sample page.If you work with young children (preschool, early intervention) who use signs to encourage verbal language, these handouts are what you're looking for. Give these handouts to parents, daycare providers, and teachers to show how to use these signs during routine based activities.I've also included instruction pages for SLPs, research on baby sign, and additional information on what baby sign is versus what it isn't.Included Signs---------------Baby Sign

ASL Question Words Poster Set - American Sign Language WH- Questions

Created by
Teacher Jeanell
Make learning American Sign Language (ASL) more accessible with the ASL WH Question Posters! This poster set is invaluable when introducing and reinforcing basic WH- Questions. It includes four examples each for all of the necessary WH-Questions words - who, what, where, why, when – to make teaching a breeze. Each poster contains the WH question word in ASL, its definition, and relevant examples to help students better understand and remember it. Equip your classroom with this ASL Questions post

American Sign Language Worksheets Sight Word BUNDLE

These ASL Worksheets are the perfect practice pages for your students who use American Sign Language and are learning English too. Use these ASL worksheets as morning work, in an independent practice or as homework.These American Sign Language practice pages are the perfect addition to the classroom. Make both ENGLISH and ASL easily ACCESSIBLE for your students! FEATURING ASL and DOLCH WORDSSIGHT WORD PAGES FOR 300+ DOLCH WORDS34 words from the PREPRIMER DOLCH word list. and, away, big, blue, ca

ASL Word Wall Cards - Sign Language MEGA BUNDLE

Created by
Teacher Jeanell
This ASL American Sign Language Word Wall Card Bundle is designed to assist teachers in providing a positive learning environment with visually stimulating resources. With more than 600 cards showcasing essential American Sign Language (ASL) signs and words, students can easily learn and refine their language understanding.Each card reinforces comprehension through its clear visual representation showing the corresponding ASL sign and word, making it easy for learners to pick up on differences b

Sign Language Secret CVC Words Centers (Short A E I O U Words)

Created by
Miss Giraffe
Sign Language CVC Word practice with 50 different CVC word cards for students to build using sign language. For these fun centers, students will take an activity card and figure out each sign language letter of the word to reveal the secret short a e i o or u word! A sign language alphabet chart is included for students to reference.Get this in the Secret Sign Language BUNDLE to grab all of my secret sign language centers!There are 10 words for each short vowel sound - short a, short e, short i,

Sign Language Alphabet Posters

Created by
Miss Giraffe
Sign language alphabet posters mixed in 6 fun Chevron colors to make your sign language reference posters pop with color! This set comes in 2 skin tones. For more sign language fun, check out: Sign Language Secret Sight Words Sign Language Alphabet Charts Sign Language CVCe Words Secret Sign Language Centers Bundle I also have these matching poster sets: Shape Posters Alphabet and Phonics Sounds Posters Word Families Posters Bundle Ending Blends Posters Make sure you click the green star
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