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Egypt Booklet (A Country Study!)

Created by
Emily Bynum
This "All About Egypt" booklet can be used for a very basic country study in lower elementary grades! Each page contains a basic fact and related illustration. All graphics are in an outline format so that it's ready to be colored like a mini-coloring book. This coloring booklet gives all the general/basic information about Egypt, including: -geography -Egyptian flag -The Nile River -ancient Pharaohs -the Sphinx/Great Pyramid of Giza -camels -religion -mummification -hieroglyphics -common Ara

Egypt Country Study *BEST SELLER* Comprehension, Activities + Play Pretend

Let's explore the country of Egypt! Your students will love this fun-fact-filled country study project, (duplicate text to the original booklet) reading comprehension passages with multi-choice questions, differentiated booklet options, boarding passes, postcards, and country-themed fun worksheet activities! ────────────Important Note: This country, along with all of our 192 other UN official countries, has been freshly updated in 2023 to ensure all the information included is as relevant and up

Ramadan Lantern Craft Decorations Coloring Sheet Art Activities Mubarak Kareem

Created by
KIDS Selected
Ramadan Activities : Lantern Craft► Writing / Drawing / Coloring / Cutting► Easy Project► 12 Pages► Funny Art for Prek / Kindergarten / Grade 1st 2nd 3rd► Available in PDF format► Letter size 8.5 x 11 inchesTHANK YOU :✅ Please FOLLOW ME if you'd like to receive notifications when I upload new products and freebies.✅ If you are having any issues please email me at and I can help you problem solve.** Personal use only NO COMMERCIAL USE ALLOWED!**


What you get: This product is for 55 common classroom labels in Arabic, English and the word written phonetically! This product was created in mind with those who work with Native Arabic language speakers. It was also created for those who work with students who can read/write and/or are familiar with the Arabic language. The word written phonetically will also assist those who are looking to try and speak to those who are new to the English language. The following are the list of words that are

ARABIC and ENGLISH Basic Math Cheat Sheets and Poster Set!

This product was created to assist those students who speak, read, write and/or are familiar with the Native Arabic language. It was designed to assist students in math. I often find that once my students know the basic math symbols of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and the translation in Arabic, then they know what to do for the problem or at least are familiar with what to do. Most of my newcomers are often further advanced in math but just need that extra support in their

Tunisia: An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

This slideshow helps elementary students quickly learn about clothing, landmarks, food, art, and the culture of Tunisia. You can use this slideshow at the beginning of a unit on Africa or the Middle East. You can also print it out and use it as a book for student research. This slideshow also has 4 questions at the end of the slideshow to review what students have learned. This download comes as a PDF file and is NOT editable as a PDF. However, you can open this slideshow in the TPT EASEL progra

English - Arabic Language Flashcards - Teacher

Created by
Flashcards that were developed for our English-Arabic learners containing commonly used classroom words and phrases. It has the English phrase - picture depicting phrase - Arabic word - English phoenetic pronunciation of Arabic word. This set was designed to faciliate communication between the teacher and Arabic students.

Preschool worksheets packet in Arabic Part 1 الملف التعليمي للروضات

Created by
Mommy SLP
Content:This Preschool Learning packet in Arabic contains 80 worksheets. It includes literacy and math worksheets for beginners. This resource is perfect if you start teaching your kid the Arabic letters and all the knowledge needed to begin the kindergarten! (Numbers, Shapes, colors, tracing....) and much more.All pages are in Black and white.This packet is the FIRST packet of many to come! Preparation:No preparation is needed!PRINT and GO!Population:This product is perfect for a kid between 3

Bundle Flashcards Arabic and English

Created by
This bundle includes updated flashcards with both Arabic and English on the same card for :# Days of the week (7)# Months of the Year (12)# shapes (11)# Colors (11)# Weather (5)It also includes teaching strategies on how to use the flashcards in Both English and Arabic language.This bundle is useful for classroom displays and part of the morning circle in a bilingual classroom. It is also beneficial for ESL/EFL learners. Proudly from Learn with Me ForeverFor more resources please visit my store.

ARABIC and ENGLISH (ESL) Common Phrases!

What you get:This product if for 60 common phrases used in a school or classroom setting with Arabic speaking students. It is intended as a guide to assist in speaking with your newcomer. The phrases are written in plain English phrases and phrases written phonetically to help you communicate with your student. These are phrases I almost always use with my own newcomers when they enter a new school. The 60 phrases you will receive are as follows: WelcomeHelloGoodbyeThank youYou're WelcomeYesNoSc

All About Egypt - Country Study

Created by
Holly Rachel
Your students will love learning all about Egypt with this fun country study! Included is an all about Egypt Powerpoint presentation (.pptx) to teach your class all about Egypt, the capital city, flag, food, language, famous landmarks, The River Nile and Ancient Egypt! Student activity worksheets are also included based on the facts in the Powerpoint (all differentiated on two levels to support the different abilities in your class), plus a Egypt word search, postcard activity and favorite facts

Arabic/English flash cards, school words

This is ideal for incoming students who know NO English and need some help getting by the first few days. I have taped this to student desks so I can easily point to things they may need to get out or do. I have also used these as flash cards to teach them some great, basic school words.

Ramadan Coloring Pages - Islamic Activities -

Created by
Good Teacher
***Happy Ramadan***Your kids love the month of Ramadan and you must give them a Ramadan gift! , don't worry, you are in the best place, here is a nice coloring book that will give them a clear idea about the holy month.This book contains a variety of scenes celebrating Ramadan!This adorable set of coloring activity books is the perfect activity for kids!WHAT YOU GET :  * High-quality file.  * Size: 8.5 "x 8.5".  * Pages (Best mosque illustration, children praying, etc).

Back to school ESL Arabic and English School vocabulary

Created by
Mommy SLP
ESL Arabic and English School vocabulary for back to school.This handy resource is perfect to teach School vocabulary to an emerging ESL learner.Includes:✎ 114 flash cards ( 72 cards in Color and the same 72 cards in black and white).The words includes (nouns: school supply, classroom vocabulary and others and verbs includes school verbs like draw, write, read...)✎ 2 covers for the flashcards ( 1 in Color and 1 in Black and White)✎ 4 posters including all the vocabulary ( 18 words in each post

ESL Alphabet Letter Cards with Arabic to English Alphabet Phonemes

When printed front to back, the cards align to be cut out with each letter of the English alphabet on one side, and the corresponding sound in the Arabic alphabet on the other side.*there are some letters (e, g, o, p, u, v) that do not have a direct correspondence in Arabic, so the most similar phoneme was selectedThis resource will support students new to English who are just beginning to learn to read English by giving them a phonetic reference in their native language.Note: The alphabets appe

Articulation Cards BUNDLE in Arabic for Speech Therapy

Created by
Mommy SLP
****Save 50% with this savings bundle!****What's included:This bundle contains 13 Arabic sounds with bright and colorful 406 articulation cards! By using these cards, you can get tons of repetitions! These cards are versatile because you can use them with any game.The sounds included:غ، د، خ، ل، ج ، ش، ح، ك ، ع، ف، س، ر، زHow to prepare:Print, laminate, and cut these cards to use with many speech therapy activities and games! The cards come in color version.When you purchase this bundle, you sa

Help! My Student Speaks Arabic!

Created by
Do you have a student who speaks Arabic? Are you unsure if his/her speech and language errors are due to second language influence or a communication disorder? Use this packet to accurately differentiate between errors that are related to second-language influence or are due to a communication disorder. The framework used to distinguish language differences from language disorders is beneficial for all educators, and the use of this framework will result in improved instructional targets

Arabic Ramadan Lantern Craftivity für Children

This is a cute and easy paper craft for Ramadan. Let your Kids cut colorful Ramadan Lanterns to decorate your place. You can use this craft as a decoration, a writing prompt or as a nice greeting card for Ramadan. On the inside is enough place to write some words in Arabic.Just print on colored paper or have the kids color the lanterns before cutting.

Classroom Labels Flashcards: English and Arabic

Created by
This is a set of 20 common items within the classroom in English and Arabic. It can be printed and laminated for class display or used as mini flashcards. It can also viewed electronically in pdf format. A suggestion page is included on how the flashcards.The beginning sound of each item/stationary is colored in red to help students develop the beginning sounds and easier way to recall the item in English and Arabic with a clear image. For more bilingual Arabic and English resources. Please che

Quran Kids - Juz Amma Part 1 - My First Surah Series

Created by
Bismillahir-Rahmanir-RahimIn the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most MercifulALL RIGHTS RESERVED - COPYRIGHTS: QURAN KIDS 2020My First Surah Series is intended for FREE DISTRIBUTION ONLY. We ask that all copies made are distributed for free and under no circumstances profit to be made.May your journey to memorize Qur’an be easy and this booklet be beneficial to you and your family, Ameen.Salaam Everyone, Mohammad & Aisha invite your children to join them on their journey to memorize J

UAE National Day Clipart - Set for Teachers

Stock up on this adorable clipart ready for UAE National Day. With a total of 60 pieces in the set it includes: • 4 boys with falcon • 4 boys with UAE scarves • 4 boys waving • 4 boys with UAE flags • 7 boys standing (2 styles) • 2 girls standing • 2 girls waving • 2 girls with UAE flags • 4 girls in UAE flag dresses • 1 date palm tree • 1 palm tree • Burj Khalifa • Burj al Arab • 1 girl camel with UAE flag • 1 boy camel with UAE flag • 1 girl camel • 1 boy camel • 1 boy camel dressed up • 1 g

100's Chart Arabic & English Numerals!

What you get: This listing is for four 100's chart in Arabic & English numerals. 100's Chart Black and White100's Chart Blue highlighting the 10's.100's Chart Green highlighting the 5's. 100's Chart Pink highlighting opposite rows (1-10, 11-20, 21-30 etc.)Pair this with Basic Math Cheat Sheets to assist your Native Arabic speakers in Math. Thank you!Ahlam HassanThe Bilingual Classroom

Arabic alphabet worksheets

Created by
Mommy SLP
Arabic and English letters worksheets for your classroom or for your kid at home. These 28 worksheets are perfect addition to your Bilingual classroom or to your homeschooling program.2 another versions are available :Arabic only and Danish/Arabic!♥Can't wait to read your feedback!♥♥Be the first to know about freebies, sales, and product launches♥Look for the green ★ next to my store logo and click it to become a follower.Stay in touch:Instagram: Mommy SLP storeFacebook:Mommy SLPSite: Mommy SLPP

Arabic Bundle Alphabet with short vowels Fatha-Dama-Kasra الحروف مع الحركات

Created by
Arabic fun zone
Arabic Alphabets with short vowels Fatha- Dama- Kasra with flashcards and bonus file (Arabic sight words) worksheets for homework and reviews. حروف اللغة العربية مع الضمة والفتحة والكسرة مع البطاقات فلاش كارد لكل الحروف Learning to read Arabic words with short vowels is a foundational part of any reading program. learning the sound of short vowels, Alphabet phonics reading-writing fluency gives readers confidence in their reading. Help students master reading all short vowels.After your studen
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