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Art Lessons & Art History | Art Lesson Plans for Elementary | Famous Artists

Your elementary students are going to be so excited to study history, culture, geography and literacy when they have the opportunity to view it through the lens of Art and Art History. These amazing Art History lessons provide a unique and interesting way to engage learners and integrate learning on multiple levels. Each Art History unit includes a student-friendly teacher script to read aloud to students. Questions are also included to support you in helping students to engage in discussions. T

K-5 Elementary Art Curriculum Lesson Pack Bundle

Created by
Artsy Blevs
This product is a bundle of the Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade curriculum lesson packs in my shop. It also includes a sub plan pack from my shop for when you're out. You can read their individual product descriptions by clicking on them! This bundle also includes a K-5 30 week pacing guide [ZIP file containing a word document and pdf].

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities: Pablo Picasso Art Project, Roll a Dice Game

Ready to liven up your elementary art curriculum with a fun Hispanic Heritage Month activity? This Pablo Picasso art project will boost confidence and creativity. Kids will be amazed by his abstract Cubist portraits. Moreover, they’ll connect with his personal story about discovering Cubism. And, it’ll help time-starved teachers like you create lesson plans based on modern abstract portrait artists like Pablo Picasso. During this lesson on Picasso your class will learn about Cubism, an art style

Simple Self-Portrait Drawing Guide | Grades K-2

Created by
Art with Mrs E
Drawing faces can be incredibly intimidating when you are a beginner artist- so I created this simple step by step guide to help even the most timid of artists gain confidence in creating a simple self portrait. In this intentionally simplified drawing guide, you will find the steps to creating a portrait that is illustrative in style allowing everyone to find success and feel like an artist!With easy to follow steps, a fun cartoon style, and minimal written instructions, this visual is perfect

Food Truck Art Lesson - Graphic Design & Sculpture Lesson (includes template)

Created by
Art With Trista
Your students will love this 3D food truck art lesson as it is always a hit with my students. It is perfect for middle school or intermediate elementary students. Students design an original logo for a food truck, learn about color schemes and careers in art, specifically responsibilities of a graphic designer. This engaging lesson plan includes: PowerPoint slides and PDF slides information about food trucks, the role of a graphic designer, understanding and identifying logos, lesson objectives,

Op Art and the Elements of Art • Art Lessons • Step by Step Tutorials

Op Art is perfect for you if you are looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your elementary art students about the elements of art. Op Art and the Elements of Art includes five different optical illusion lessons that incorporate the elements of art, allowing your students to learn about line, color, space, and more. Your students will learn how to manipulate the elements of art to create stunning works of op art. They will explore optical illusions and use contrasting colors to create eye-p

Winter Village Drawing Guide | Cozy Houses and Buildings for the Holiday Season!

Created by
Art with Mrs E
Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays! Enjoy 17 different cozy homes and shops all decorated for the holiday season in this drawing guide. You will find step by step instructions for everything from a simple snowy cottage to more detailed and intricate small businesses in a town. Each building with it’s own unique characteristics but simple enough that artists as young as 5 can follow along! Use this drawing guide for your sketchbook, lessons, window painting inspiration and so much mor

Elements of Art Bundle, 60 Art Lessons, Projects and Activities for the Year

60 Lessons on the 7 Elements of Art for your students! Students will learn and create artworks for color, value, shape & form, line, texture, and space! Teach the Elements of Art to your artastic classroom. 60 lessons can last ALL YEAR! Learn a variety of techniques and apply the elements to art projects or sketchbook work. #artteachersoftpt________________________________________________________________This Art Lesson is included in the Artastic Collective Membership.The Artastic Collective

Unscramble The Mystery Masterpiece | Fun Art History Activity & Great Sub Plan

Created by
Art with Jenny K
Unscramble The Mystery Masterpieces. This is a great art history activity! In these unscramble grid activities, students are presented with a scrambled image of a famous masterpiece. Then each student works to unscramble the grid pieces to produce the final “unscrambled” masterpiece. These one-page mystery masterpieces can be…ColoredIncluded in interactive notebooksPaired with a research reportDisplayed on a bulletin board… or used in any other way imaginable! They are great for… Morning workEar

The Real Me | Self Portrait Elementary Art Lesson

Created by
Art with Mrs E
"The Real Me” lesson is a fun and interactive mixed media self portrait project. In this lesson students will not only paint their physical appearance but focus on who they are on the inside and the things that makes them special and unique. By creating drawings, collages, and words of affirmation students will be able to express their true authentic selves through this project. Students will learn about the author/ illustrator Vanessa Brantley- Newton and how she creates mixed media illustrati

Pop Art Lesson: James Rizzi Cityscape Roll A Dice Game and Art Sub Plan

Ready to liven up your elementary art curriculum with a no prep, Pop Art projects? This James Rizzi Cityscape art lesson will boost student confidence and creativity. Kids will be delighted by his cheerful buildings with faces. Moreover, they’ll connect with his ability to showcase the sights and sounds of his beloved home, New York City.And, it’ll help time-starved teachers like you create lesson plans based on Pop Art artists like James Rizzi. During this art project, your class will discover

Pop Art Lesson: Keith Haring Dancing Figures Art Project, Sub Plan, Artist Study

Ready to liven up your elementary art curriculum with a no prep, Pop Art lessons? This Keith Haring art project will boost student confidence and creativity. Kids will be energized by his brightly colored dancing figures and barking dogs. Moreover, they’ll connect with his personal style of painting public murals about important social causes.And, it’ll help time-starved teachers like you create lesson plans based on Pop Art artists like Keith Haring. During this art project, your class will lea

Finish the Picture Activity: Printable Drawing Art Worksheets for Fast Finishers

Need no prep drawing worksheets for the substitute art teacher or as an early finisher activity? Here are some simple, but fun finish the drawing exercises elementary and middle school kids can do using paper and pencil. Finish the picture with markers, crayons, or colored pencils for added enjoyment. There's no reason the learning can't continue when you're absent! That's why these art worksheets are great as art sub plans. But they also work well for brain breaks, indoor recess, and after the

Art Around the World Worksheets Activities Cultures Countries History Projects

Created by
Include Art and Multicultural Fun into Your Classroom! Students will read & learn about the art history from Nigeria, Italy, Japan, India, Mexico, and China! They will discover common art elements & themes from each location and famous artworks in history. "What I Learned" recall & writing pages as well as "Exploring Artwork" homework pages are included in this resource! Fun art projects featuring common elements and themes from each location are implemented in this resource! **Upda

Graffiti Name Drawing Art Lesson Inspired by Banksy & Los Tres Grandes

Created by
Art With Trista
BOYS AND GIRLS LOVED this graffiti name drawing lesson!! This autobiographical graffiti art lesson is perfect for intermediate elementary, middle school or high school students. It is a great way to learn about your students as they learn about the art of graffiti. Students create an artwork with a specific color scheme in a graffiti style that is expressive of their personal interests. In addition, students learn about Banksy and Los Tres Grandes (Mexican Muralism) and make a connection between

Black History Month Art Project: Jean-Michel Basquiat Portraits & Art Sub Plan

Ready to teach a Black History Month art project in February that’ll keep elementary or middle school kids engaged? This Jean-Michel Basquiat art lesson will boost student confidence and creativity. Kids will appreciate his loose style of painting. Moreover, they’ll connect with his personal story of grit and determination. And, it’ll help time-starved teachers like you create lesson plans based on modern Black artists like Basquiat. During this project, your class will discover Jean-Michel Basq

Chinese New Year Art Project: Chinese Ming Dynasty Vase Art Lesson & Sub Plan

Ready to liven up your middle school art curriculum with engaging, no prep Chinese New Year art projects? This Ming Dynasty vase lesson will boost student confidence and creativity. Kids will be intrigued by production of the cobalt blue porcelain ceramics. Moreover, they’ll enjoy playing a roll a dice game to make a vase of their own!And, it’ll help time-starved teachers like you create art lesson plans based on ancient China. During this art project, your class will learn about pottery, earthe

Famous Artists Reading Comprehension Worksheet Informational Text Art History

This reading comprehension worksheet bundle includes brief biographies of many famous artists (listed below). Each has comprehension questions. The individual listings provide more information and previews. These are great for a quick assignment and very little prep- just print and go! These are PDFs, so they are NOT editable. Includes:*Andy Warhol*Claude Monet*Edvard Munch*Georgia O'Keeffe*Henri Matisse*Jackson Pollock*Leonardo da Vinci*Michelangelo*Picasso*Raphael*Rembrandt*Vincent van Gogh*

Van Gogh's Sunflowers • Roll A Sunflower • Fun Art Sub Lesson

Learn to draw a vase of sunflowers while learning about the artist Vincent van Gogh. Your students will not only learn about van Gogh but also do some art criticism (talking about art) during the presentation. Then they will have a blast making a sunflower drawing with Expressive Monkey’s fun approach to drawing. When they are finished with their drawing (which can be turned into a beautiful painting), students will practice art criticism again by describing their own art. There is even an easy

Color-by-Numbers Famous Paintings - 20 Pack

With these worksheets any child can create an artistic masterpiece! These are also a great introduction in art history with a collection of different artists and art movements. WORKSHEETS INCLUDED: 1 - A Sunday Afternoon - Seurat 2 - American Gothic - Wood 3 - Ballet Rehearsal on Stage - Degas 4 - Christina's World - Wyeth 5 - Composition A - Mondrian 6 - Girl with a Pearl Earring - Vermeer 7 - I and the Village - Chagall 8 - Le Portail - Monet 9 - Mona Lisa - da Vinci 10 - Nighthawks - Hopper

Roll a Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Art Project, Template, & Elementary Sub Plans

Need a Day of the Dead art project for your bulletin board in November? Imagine these sugar skull drawings in your hallway with a writing prompt. The step by step drawing tutorial and PowerPoint also makes perfect no prep, emergency art sub plans for elementary art teachers.A fun roll a sugar skull game, ‘you pick’ worksheet, and digital spinners helps kids choose patterns. Moreover, boost their confidence and creativity. And, it’ll help cash-strapped teachers like you plan Dia de los Muertos ac

Color Wheel & Color Theory Art Lessons, Activities, and Worksheets

Teach Color Theory and do a Color Wheel with your students and Engage them with Fun, Hands-On Art Lessons! Use this resource as art lessons, handouts, or make it an Art Workbook for exploring Color! Perfect for Elementary or Middle School Students!Students will learn about Primary and Secondary Colors, tints/tones/shades, Complementary colors, Analogous colors, Neutral colors, Warm and Cool colors, and Monochromatic color in this work booklet. They will also see a short presentation on color th

Starry Night Pumpkins : Art Lesson Plan - Halloween - Fall - Autumn

Here is an art project that highlights the arrival of autumn while also discovering Vincent Van Gogh and other impressionist painters. Your students will create artwork with pumpkins/squash while using superimposition. They will work in the manner of the impressionists to colour their projects. The technique of using oil pastels and tempera paint gives an incredible result. Level:Grades One and upTechniques:DrawingPainting Visual Language:Warm and cool coloursDifferent kinds of lines : (curved

Imagination Workout Creativity Test Drawing Sub Art Lesson Plan Doodle Worksheet

This listing includes 3 worksheet pages with 36 different boxes total. This listing also includes a colored example page for reference. All pages are contained within a single PDF file and you can print what you would like. Each worksheet includes 12 boxes that have "starter" lines. Students are instructed to create an image or design from these starter lines...the more creative the better!I have an additional imagination workout pack 2 available for download as well. Click here to visit pack 2
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