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Basic operations resources

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Math Talk Bulletin Board Bundle

Are you looking for a math bulletin board or a math talk bulletin board? This is the perfect product for you!This math bulletin board comes with many useful items (I use them throughout the year-- NOT all at once). I also liked to space out the pieces and hang them throughout my room (or on an anchor chart) for my students to reference all year long! You can use this math board for:Math talksMath centersGoal settingLearning the steps of problem solvingDisplaying student data and growthSolving wo

Division Project

Long division takes copious amounts of practice to master, and the best kind of practice is real world and authentic! Engage your students with this division project designed to help them practice long division (no matter what method you teach). Extend and enrich division skills with real-world practice that doesn't feel like math! Students get to explore the ins and outs of their own movie theatre as they use their long division skills.What's Included in this Division Math Project Resource?

Math Fact Fluency Number Search Bundle - Addition Subtraction Mult & Division

Try out this new twist on math fact fluency worksheets! Number searches are like word searches, but with math facts. These no-prep math facts worksheets help students practice addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication facts and division facts without the pressure and stress of timed tests! This math fact fluency activity turns boring math fact practice into an engaging game! The Number Search math fact worksheets are super fun early finisher activities, math centers, morning work, and ar

Math Card Games for Math Fact Fluency, Place Value, Fractions, Operations & More

Created by
Chalk and Apples
Quick & Easy Math Playing Card Games! These math games with playing cards are perfect for practicing a variety of basic skills and math fact fluency. No Prep - Just print & add playing cards! Quick setup and easy to read student directions make these math card games perfect as math center games or in your math stations. Students will love taking them home to play with their families as no prep-no print math homework. They even work as whole group math games! The wide variety of games inc

Multi-Digit Multiplication Project

Engage your students with this real-world application of multi-digit multiplication, The Resort Report! Use this multi-digit multiplication project to practice multi-digit multiplication by outfitting your own resort hotel with all of the necessary items.Students will figure out many televisions they will need, how much they will cost, how many beds are in the hotel, etc. The resource includes a detailed, 10-page project for your students to complete. This activity provides all the multi-digit

Multiplication Math Mystery Game - Multiplying with Larger Numbers - 4th Grade

Multiplication Math Mystery: Case of The Monster Mix-Up 4th Grade Edition (please check the math skills involved in the outline below). This fun math mystery activity engages and motivates your students to review their multiplication skills.Easy prep! Just Print & Solve! Or go paperless with the new Google Slides option provided within your download.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------⭐Optional video hook included for introducing the ca

Multi-Step Word Problems Task Card BUNDLE

Multi-Step Word Problems Task Card BUNDLE Engage your students with this BUNDLED printable and digital set of *96* multi-step story problems that require students to complete multi-step processes with ALL operations. Each story challenges students to multiply, divide, add, subtract, or use a combination of several to find the answer to an engaging question.This resource includes:DIGITAL VERSION of all task cards in interactive Google Slides format32 Multi-Step Word Problems Addition & Subtr

Thanksgiving Math Project | Thanksgiving Math Activities for Enrichment

Your students will love this DIFFERENTIATED Thanksgiving Math Project! Thanksgiving will be here before you you know it, and this 9-page Thanksgiving Math Project is just what you need to keep your students engaged BEFORE and AFTER the Thanksgiving holiday! This isn't your average plan-the-meal project! This is the original, best-selling Thanksgiving Dinner Digits project that is well-loved by teachers. It has been classroom-tested and tweaked in my own classroom for over 12 years and in thousan

Operations Key Words Vocabulary Posters - Math Classroom Decor

Created by
Amy Harrison
Use this resource to create a large and vivid wall poster or a beautiful bulletin board display! It's a great addition to your word wall! These are black & white DIY posters. You can create these anchor charts with any printer! Print the panels, cut them out, and assemble your posters.These posters are LARGE. Each one is approximately 28" x 28" and prints on multiple pieces of paper.For best results, print on colored paper or card stock. If you want your posters to look exactly like min

Skip Counting Large Numbers Multiples Display | NEUTRAL BOHO | Classroom Decor

Assist your students with their skip counting and multiplication facts with these gorgeous boho rainbow neutral multiples skip counting number posters!Made to perfectly match my NEUTRAL RAINBOW decor range, the modern calm colors and neutral tones used in these large skip counting numbers are sure to create a calming learning environment without overstimulating your students.Included are:Neutral toned numbers 1 to 12 with multiples / skip counting numbers on each. (PDF file)3 styles - With or wi

Order of Operations Worksheets PEMDAS Practice and Review

Created by
Shelly Rees
Order of Operations practice and mastery is easy with this Math Mastery Packet! This set of printable worksheets is so versatile and perfect for practicing key skills, independent practice, small group work, intervention, homework, and yes..... test prep! The best part? Done-for-you differentiation!Click here for big savings with the 5th Grade OA and NBT BUNDLE.Click here to SAVE even more with the COMPLETE 5th GRADE MATH MASTERY BUNDLE.This 5th Grade Math Packet includes:2 Order of Operations M

Math Projects BUNDLE

These real-world math projects have changed my math instruction and increased my students' critical thinking skills! This bundle of math projects includes thirteen discounted concept-based, differentiated, best-selling math projects. 13 *Highly Rated,* concept-based projects are included.Wondering how to use these engaging projects in your classroom?THIS blog post breaks down how Math Projects are the ultimate tool for engagement and differentiation.ALL of the Math Projects are included in this

6th Grade Math Interactive Notebook DOODLE SHEETS ~ Fun and Engaging Notes

To sample this product: try this FREEBIE: Doodle Sheet - Prime FactorizationIncluded in this download:68 Math Doodle Sheets - explains each math concept68 Guided Practice Sheets to check for understanding of each concept68 PowerPoints to show the key to the doodle notes and the guided practice!* Two versions of each sheet included - Full sheet and INB Size* TEKS AND CC Aligned! Full Year Alignment page included.NEW Table of Contents page added for the INB or binder.These 6th grade math doodle sh

Adding and Subtracting Decimals Task Cards Word Problems

A set of 32 adding and subtracting decimals task cards for your students to practice their decimal computation skills! You can use these in math centers, to play SCOOT!, or any other way that might be useful to help your students!The first 24 cards are mixed word problems, 4 cards are straight equations, and the last 4 cards are application and explanation cards. A recording sheet and answer key are included.Digital Version Included!A self-grading Google FormsA digital, Google Slides, version!

Adding and Subtracting Integers Puzzle Mystery Activity + Digital!

Want an activity to make adding and subtracting integers more fun? In this NO PREP puzzle set, students add and subtract integers in 5 activities to solve the mystery of Pete's Pet. You'll love the quick and easy set-up; your students will love solving the case.This set of five puzzles is designed to be used over a five-day time period. By completing the puzzles, students will find clues which will lead them to discover everything they need to know about Pete’s missing pet. Puzzles include a m

Adding and Subtracting Fractions Digital Escape Room Fifth Grade Math Activity

Challenge your 5th graders to put their skills of adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators to the test with this exciting digital escape room activity. Designed around fifth grade math standards for numbers and operations with fractions, students will complete four puzzles to escape the chocolate recipe thief's lab. *This product includes two levels of difficulty for differentiation! Option A is VERY challenging and is great for students with a strong grasp on the content. Optio

Long Division Steps Sliders Aid Manipulative

✨Used in over 9,000 classrooms!✨ Anchor your students' step-by-step learning while getting comfortable with long division by using this steps slider! Students are able to independently move through the steps of long division with ease.Just print on cardstock or laminated paper, punch holes, put a pipe cleaner and pony bead through, and it's ready!Like this? Check out the double digit multiplication version here!Grab the GROWING bundle here to save!Fonts by Amy Groesbeck

Mad Minutes BUNDLE | Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Math Facts

Created by
Kim Tighe
My best-selling addition and subtraction mad minutes and multiplication mad minutes are now a complete fact fluency set with the addition of the brand new division mad minutes all in one big discounted BUNDLE! If you want to improve your students' fact fluency and provide a way for students to progress monitor their growth, these mad minutes are a great way to do that! These mad minutes are a fun and engaging way to help elementary students improve their multiplication and division fact fluenc

Order of Operations Game Activity Practice PEMDAS Evaluating Expressions 5th 6th

Created by
Games 4 Gains
This Order of Operations BUMP Games Pack contains 12 different levels of BUMP games to help students practice solving expressions using order of operations. These games are perfect for small groups and centers, or can even be used as an informal assessment tool.As students work through the games, each one ramps up in difficulty (see the 2nd page of the preview file to see all skills covered). This means that you can have all of your students working at their appropriate level when using this s

5th Grade Math Interactive Notebook DOODLE Sheets ~ EASY Notes ~ PPTs Included!

This product is also found in this "Math Doodle 5th Grade Math Interactive Notebook Bundle ALL YEAR SET Notes"the ALL YEAR SET is $99 and includes this product, plus task cards, weekly warmups, all the foldables, and vocabulary sheets that cover the entire year. This product is the same content as the foldables, just in flat sheet form.INCLUDED in this download:Math Doodle SheetGuided Practice Sheet PowerPoint – to show students the KEY– two versions of both sheets included: INB and large 8.5 x

Invisible Math Posters and Worksheets - Math Classroom Decor

Created by
Amy Harrison
Invisible Math is hanging in THOUSANDS of classrooms across the world. Why? Because it will really help your students! Are your students constantly forgetting those invisible 1's in math? Take a few minutes to go over invisible math with your class. Be sure to put the invisible math posters on your classroom wall right away so students can refer to them all year! The posters make a great bulletin board, and this resource includes title tiles for your display. I used to have students write

Long Division Worksheets | Long Division Practice | Division Color by Number

Created by
Ford's Board
Your students will have fun practicing long division as they solve emoji mystery pictures! Students solve math problems and color by code. This set of math mysteries reviews the following:Three-digit dividend, one-digit divisor, no remainderFour-digit dividend, two-digit divisor, no remainderThese math mysteries are great for:1. Math Centers2. Early Finishers3. HomeworkThe following Common Core Standards are included:4.NBT.6 – Find whole-number quotients and remainders with up to four-digit div

Long Division Activity Bundle

The *ULTIMATE* Differentiated Long Division Resource Bundle This is the ONLY resource you will need when planning rigorous student activities while learning long division. 75+ printable pages of long division practice! You provide the instruction, and this bundle provides all the practice, enrichment, and review they could possibly need.Included in this division bundle are the following Top-Selling and Highly-Rated products from my store:PRINTABLE & DIGITAL INCLUDED:Movie Marathon Long

Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Task Cards Word Problems

A set of 32 multiplying and dividing decimals task cards for your students to practice their decimal computation skills! You can use these in math centers, to play SCOOT!, or any other way that might be useful to help your students!The first 24 cards are mixed word problems, 4 cards are straight equations, and the last 4 cards are application and explanation cards. A recording sheet and answer key are included.Digital Version Included! A self-grading Google Forms A digital, Google Slides, vers
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