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ORIGINAL Peanut Butter and Jelly Partner Pairing Cards | Classroom Management

It was breaking my heart to watch my students feel left out during partner work. Everything changed when I created this incredible product that has revolutionized partner work for not just me, but countless teachers around the world! This set of 52 adorable partnership cards will make 26 partnership pairings. Each featuring a delightful food image and its corresponding food partner. With these cards, creating partnerships in your classroom is now a breeze, taking less than 2 minutes!Do you love

Classroom Procedures & Classroom Routines Visuals | Back to School

Created by
My Day in K
Classroom procedures and classroom routines are management tools that set your classroom (and your students) up for learning success. Your young learners need visual supports to learn and practice new skills, behaviors and expectations. These classroom procedures visuals are the perfect tool to help you introduce, discuss, teach and practice important classroom procedures starting on the first day of school. Take the stress out thinking about what procedures to teach and how to teach them with t

New Years 2024 Resolutions and Goals 2024 One Word Activities and Goal Setting

Created by
Tied 2 Teaching
Just one word New Year resolutions are the perfect way to help students set meaningful resolutions and goals for the new year. Are you looking for the perfect way to help your students set New Years 2024 resolutions, a fun New Years craft or New Years Bulletin Board, or simply an engaging after winter break activity? Help your students keep a growth mindset and set a resolution and goals as you ring in the New Year! Statistics have shown that only 8% of people keep their new years resolutions. T

Happy Mail | Classroom Management | Parent Communication | Positive Notes Home

Are you looking for a quick and easy classroom management tool and to easily send parents, guardians, and families home a positive note? Happy Mail is the perfect tool to communicate to families about their learner's behavior at school. This is a quick, easy and effective way to accomplish parent communication in your classroom! Students also LOVE receiving happy mail in the classroom, to be recognized for their positive actions. What is Included?5 templates of happy mail (click preview to chec

Morning Greeting Choices - Classroom Greeting Signs - Back to School

These morning greeting choices will immediately impact your classroom culture! Post these morning greeting signs on your classroom door as teacher or a student greeter warmly welcomes classmates as students choose their morning greeting when entering the room.  You can also post them in any virtual classroom setting. Morning greeting choices will help your students feel welcome and safe the moment they arrive! Greeting students in the morning will set a positive tone each day. Best of all, thes

Editable Morning Meeting Daily Slides & Activity Pages Yearlong Set Morning Work

Are you ready to turn your morning meeting into the best part of your daily routine? Unlock the power of morning meetings with this Editable Morning Meeting Daily Slides & Activity Pages Yearlong Set. These NO PREP EDITABLE  morning meeting slides will revive your morning routine in a fun and engaging way.  This Editable Morning Meeting Daily Slides & Activity Pages Yearlong Set is an easy-to-use, time-saving way for you to build a consistent morning routine and a strong classroom commun

Digital Calendar Math and Morning Meeting for PowerPoint and Google Slides

This best selling digital calendar for math and morning meeting has everything you need! Take the stress out of your mornings with NO PREP activities that last ALL YEAR! You can meet the needs of your students as they learn and grow! Your class will love the bright colors and real life pictures on every slide!CLICK ON THE PREVIEW BUTTON ABOVE TO SEE IT ALL!Options are included for PowerPoint or Keynote and for Google Slides. You can save your changes each day so you're always ready for tomorrow

Classroom Procedures & Classroom Routines Visuals | Print & Digital Slides | BTS

Created by
My Day in K
Classroom procedures and classroom routines are management tools that set your classroom (and your students) up for learning success. Your young learners need visual supports to learn and practice new skills, behaviors and expectations. This visual classroom procedure resource includes 2 products: Classroom Routine Visuals (printable version) and Classroom Procedure Visuals (Digital Slides). These print & digital classroom procedures visuals are the perfect tool to help you introduce, discus

New Year Bulletin Board Goal Setting Cactus Craft & Door Decor Activity

Get your students setting goals for a new school year, quarter, or month AND creating a beautiful bulletin board with this kit, which includes both English and Spanish! There are six different plants to choose from, so you can create a whole garden of goals! The prompt on the pots reads, "My goal for growth is..."Here's what you'll get:Craftivity version (to be printed on colored paper) in full and 1/3 page sizesNo prep version (to be printed on white paper) in full and 1/3 page sizesBoth crafti

Valentine Kindness Activity / Valentine's Day Craft / Compliment Jar

Teach your students the art of giving compliments with this simple lesson and beautiful bulletin board display. It includes everything you need to spread a little more kindness in your classroom this Valentine’s Day (or any day of the year!) This resource comes in a $$$ saving Valentine's Day Bundle. Included in this pack: Compliment Jar - Teacher lesson planJar clipart (see separate file for an editable version where you can add your students names digitally)Compliment hearts (blank)Prewritten

Google Slides Templates Seasonal Bundle | Digital Learning | for Google Slides ™

Created by
Ashley McKenzie
Are you looking for high interest Google slides templates that will engage your students all year long? These seasonal slides, now bundled for maximum savings, have tons of variety for you to choose from! Use these templates to welcome your class, display your schedule, center rotations, objectives and so much more! These work great during in person instruction and for your virtual GOOGLE Classroom ™ and other online learning platforms if your students are distance learning as well!These can be

Classroom Management | Classroom Routines & Procedures Visuals & Digital Slides

Created by
My Day in K
Say hello to Classroom Management Made EASY!! These Classroom Routines & Procedures Visuals & Slides are the perfect teaching tools to set your classroom (and students) up for success starting the first day of school. These visuals and slides are fun and easy to use and will help your students to quickly know and understand the rules and expectations for the classroom. It is so important at the beginning of the year to talk about classroom procedures and practice it often to start the ye

Behavior Survival Kit {Data Tracking, Interventions, Reward Charts, and More}

Created by
Haley O'Connor
Do you have students in your class who need extra behavior supports? Are you spending valuable instructional time constantly redirecting a few challenging students, and aren't sure what to do to support them? This packet is FULL of resources, ideas, and tools to help every student in your classroom be successful. This resource is ideal for any primary teacher that needs additional behavior resources to support the students in their class! By working WITH the student, you're able to create strong

Classroom Behavior Management Incentives for the Entire Year

Classroom behavior management incentives for the entire year encourage and reinforce positive behavior. This is my go-to system for whole-class behavior management.Students are instantly engaged and work hard to earn pieces toward a reward. By using different themes after each reward, students remain highly engaged for the entire year!Teachers love behavior incentives because they:are an easy and manageable whole class behavior management systemfocus on positive behaviorsencourage students to wo

Behavior Management [Puzzle War] PBIS {editable}

This resource is designed to encourage your students to carry out classroom expectations using a fun, visual representation. Please watch the video in our preview if you want to see and in-depth, step by step explanation :).You can change any of the goals for your students using the EDITABLE template. You could also use the print-and-go option we use in our classes, which focuses on multiple goals at a time (quiet transitions, on task, following directions, clean area).There are options for ful

Morning Meeting Slides l Positive Classroom Community l Digital Resource

Everything you need to begin your routine for your morning meetings! This time during our school day is a sacred time that is so important to how our classroom runs. By participating in our meeting everyday, my students feel safe & welcome in the classroom and also get to know their classmates in a different way through sharing and building relationships. It is a great way to model positive character traits for your students and help them learn how to be a positive citizen in a community of

Social Emotional Learning Journal: Over 220 SEL Activities #counselingin2024

Teach your students social emotional learning skills with this feelings check-in YEAR LONG JOURNAL. With over 220 concise SEL activities that cover the most important social emotional topics, easily integrate SEL into your daily curriculum in 15 minutes or less. Gauge how your students are feeling: each entry includes a feelings thermometer and SEL self-reflection writing prompt. It's low-prep: just print and go and/or share the digital slides. Plus, your students will love the detailed visual

Restorative Practices Behavior Reflection Think Sheets

These Restorative Practices or Restorative Justice behavior reflection sheets that help students process negative choices in a non-threatening and child-friendly way that emphasizes repairing harm and moving forward. They're a simple but powerful behavior management tool that can be incorporated into classroom management plans or student support/student success plans as a behavior intervention.⭐It is particularly powerful when someone else was harmed due to their actions.⭐It’s perfect when the t

Solid Classroom Management System with 100 Procedures BUNDLE!

Created by
This is a bundle of 2 products to help your classroom run smooth and efficiently! A strong classroom management system goes hand in hand with efficient procedures to teach your students. This bundle is perfect for creating a classroom that runs smoothly, minimizes behaviors and distractions, and gives YOU the teacher more time to teach! Classroom Management SystemAre you at your wits end with classroom management? Are you spending much of your day correcting behavior or lecturing students instea

Classroom Management Visual Directions Cards for Visual Instructions Pictures

Develop independence and keep your students on task with this set of 76 editable Visual Direction Cards! Use for activities throughout the day to provide students with clear and explicit instructions (+ reminders) for various activities. Includes Spanish and editable versions in Google Slides™.SAVE on this set + more with the Classroom Management BUNDLE!Included in this set is:- 76 5" x 5" picture cards for visual directions - 76 picture cards with editable text in Google Slides™- 76 picture c

Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle | Muted Neutral Rainbow | Back to School

Step into a whimsical world of color and creativity with our enchanting Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle! Designed to inspire and captivate both students and teachers alike, this boho rainbow collection of printable decor brings a touch of magic to any learning space.This carefully curated set features a delightful array of boho-inspired rainbows, creating a harmonious blend of warmth and positivity.From items to decorate & organize your classroom, to resources that will help you get read

Morning Meeting Slides - Activities, Questions, Greetings - Social Emotional SEL

Easily run a daily morning meeting with this 100% editable and low-prep classroom meeting resource for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR with ready-to-go slides and printable cards that target important social-emotional learning topics. You will have all that you need to engage your students with greetings that build classroom community, questions and sharing topics for discussions, and fun activities each day.This SEL resource includes everything you need to engage and connect with kids and make a HUGE im

Whole Class Rewards System

Looking for a way to motivate your class for positive behavior? This whole class rewards system will help your students work together towards goals and rewards. This whole class rewards system allows students as a whole to add petals to their class flower. When the flower is complete, they earn the reward they were working towards! It's even displayed on the flower the whole time. Watch your classroom culture change in a positive way as your students are working towards fun incentives. They will

Classroom Behavior Management Bingo Games - Year Long Themes

Classroom behavior management can be a doozy! These classroom management bingo boards are fun and engaging to help students stay engaged and focused. I love changing up what I use in my classroom to help my students manage behaviors.  ❤️Your students will LOVE the different bingo boards for different classroom behavior expectations. They can be used by the whole group and there are small group and individual boards also included. Simply print out the board of your choice in the theme you want al
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