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One Stop Teacher Planner 2023-2024 - EDITABLE Digital & Printable Lesson Binder

Are you tired of searching for a planner that will fit your unique schedule, needs, and style? Look no further! The One Stop Teacher Planner is Editable and Customizable! Choose to print your planner or go 100% digital! Either way, the One Stop Teacher Planner offers tons of forms, dated lesson plans, gorgeous designs, and calendars to use throughout the year. Keep yourself well organized in a stylish way while paying only a fraction of the price of what other trendy teacher planners cost. Join

Editable Teacher Planner | Teacher Binder 2023-2024 | Back to School

Created by
Joey Udovich
If you need help with classroom organization, look no further! This teacher planner goes beyond lesson plans. It was created to organize just about everything to keep your classroom running smoothly. The best part? You get FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE! Yep…you read that right. This is the last planner you will ever have to buy!⭐️ DON’T FORGET TO CLICK THE “VIEW PREVIEW” BUTTON ABOVE TO GET A CLOSER LOOK!Here is a quick overview of what makes this planner extraordinary:✓ It is entirely editable. You can

Daily Classroom Slides with Timers for Center Rotations & Behavior Management

Set up your classroom with these daily class slides with timers for classroom management! This is a Number 1 Best Seller on TpT! Using timers in my classroom has always been one of my favorite ways to manage classroom time and my student’s engagement while they're working. These editable class slides have built in timers to fit your needs in your classroom! Help yourself stay on track with teaching and help your students learn time management and take ownership of their learning with these daily

Behavior Management Green and Red Choices®️ Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

Red and Green Choices is a GAME CHANGER! It will change the way students act in your classroom! Making choices, how to interact with others, and act/behave is a skill (aka character education) we need to teach just like we need to teach letters and sounds. It takes lots of practice and visual supports for little learners. Included are 34 green choices (good choices) cards and 29 red choices (bad choices) cards. You choose the choices you think will best fit the needs of your class. Use the c

ORIGINAL Peanut Butter and Jelly Partner Pairing Cards | Classroom Management

It was breaking my heart to watch my students feel left out during partner work. Everything changed when I created this incredible product that has revolutionized partner work for not just me, but countless teachers around the world! This set of 52 adorable partnership cards will make 26 partnership pairings. Each featuring a delightful food image and its corresponding food partner. With these cards, creating partnerships in your classroom is now a breeze, taking less than 2 minutes!Do you love

Classroom Procedures & Classroom Routines Visuals | Back to School

Created by
My Day in K
Classroom procedures and classroom routines are management tools that set your classroom (and your students) up for learning success. Your young learners need visual supports to learn and practice new skills, behaviors and expectations. These classroom procedures visuals are the perfect tool to help you introduce, discuss, teach and practice important classroom procedures starting on the first day of school. Take the stress out thinking about what procedures to teach and how to teach them with t

Daily Classroom Slides with Timers - Daily Agenda Slides, Morning Meeting Slides

Elevate your classroom with this mega classroom slides bundle! Utilize the power of all that slides have to offer featuring the top three best-selling daily classroom slide resources. Whether it's kickstarting your day with morning meeting slides, staying on track with daily agenda slides, or enhancing lessons across all subjects, we've got you covered. What's more? These slides come with the option to add your own content to templates with customizable features and embedded timers, ensuring sea

Happy Mail | Classroom Management | Parent Communication | Positive Notes Home

Are you looking for a quick and easy classroom management tool and to easily send parents, guardians, and families home a positive note? Happy Mail is the perfect tool to communicate to families about their learner's behavior at school. This is a quick, easy and effective way to accomplish parent communication in your classroom! Students also LOVE receiving happy mail in the classroom, to be recognized for their positive actions. What is Included?5 templates of happy mail (click preview to chec

Substitute Binder - Editable Sub Plan Templates

Sub plans have never been so organized or cute! Making substitute plans can be an overwhelming and daunting task. This product helps teachers create sub plans that are perfect for being prepared for emergencies or even planned absences. Simply insert text boxes on the premade substitute plan templates and print! Many school districts require sub plans to be prepared at the  beginning of each school year. Use this resource to keep your sub plans organized, easy to follow and easy to change year

Classroom Procedures & Routines Game: Back to School Activity | EDITABLE

Created by
Fun in 5th Grade
Take review days from dull to dazzling with this Jeopardy-style classroom PowerPoint game! This highly engaging Classroom Procedures Game Show PowerPoint makes reviewing classroom procedures something that students are EXCITED to do!  My class CHEERS when they see this game in the plans. Students will be listening to your every word as they work hard to earn points for their team.  It’s a win-win for you and your students: you have a no-prep activity that practices important standards and kids w

EDITABLE Visual Classroom Daily Schedule Cards & Clocks Back to School Decor

Created by
Do your students like to know what's happening in their day? Do they constantly ask you what's coming up next? When's recess? Is it time for lunch yet? These daily classroom schedule cards give students an easy way to find the information themselves - without asking you all day long.This resource helps you easily create an eye-catching visual schedule that lets students know what's happening throughout the school day and when.These schedule cards coordinate with any classroom decor and are also

Classroom Jobs EDITABLE Classroom Decor Classroom Management

Created by
Lindsay Flood
Are you ready to have a truly student-led classroom?⭐Classroom Jobs are the perfect way to set the tone of your classroom management. Do you change classroom themes often? ⭐Then this classroom management product is for YOU!⭐...And the BEST part about this classroom jobs product? It truly matches any classroom theme you have. This classroom jobs product has colorways to match:✔️Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor✔️Brights Classroom Decor✔️Black and White Classroom Decor✔️Rainbow Classroom Decor✔️and EVE

Morning Greeting Choices - Classroom Greeting Signs - Back to School

These morning greeting choices will immediately impact your classroom culture! Post these morning greeting signs on your classroom door as teacher or a student greeter warmly welcomes classmates as students choose their morning greeting when entering the room.  You can also post them in any virtual classroom setting. Morning greeting choices will help your students feel welcome and safe the moment they arrive! Greeting students in the morning will set a positive tone each day. Best of all, thes

The Life-Changing Special Education Bundle (visual schedules, handouts, visuals)

Before you download please note that this download includes:Visual SchedulesHelpful HandoutsVisuals & Positive Behavior SupportsData SheetsAlong with the stress of teaching, Special Educators often spend countless hours making icons, visuals, schedules, positive behavior supports, data sheets, etc. Make your school year a bit easier with this Life-Changing Special Education Bundle:- token board templates- positive behavior supports- first/then charts- reinforcement icons- visual schedules- s

Classroom Procedures & Classroom Routines Visuals | Print & Digital Slides | BTS

Created by
My Day in K
Classroom procedures and classroom routines are management tools that set your classroom (and your students) up for learning success. Your young learners need visual supports to learn and practice new skills, behaviors and expectations. This visual classroom procedure resource includes 2 products: Classroom Routine Visuals (printable version) and Classroom Procedure Visuals (Digital Slides). These print & digital classroom procedures visuals are the perfect tool to help you introduce, discus

CALM DOWN CORNER: Classroom Management Social Emotional Learning Coping Tools

Our Calm Down Corner kit has EVERYTHING you need to help your students with self-regulation, and will be a true game changer for your classroom management. It's the perfect social emotional learning and behavior management tool that's essential for every elementary classroom! You'll be able to create a beautiful break space where students can independently use coping strategies to self-regulate and manage their big feelings. All the while reducing classroom disruptions, making it easier for you

Back to School Activities | First Day of School All About Me Team Building

Created by
Kristine Nannini
Back to school is SO busy - but it’s so important to take the time to build relationships with students, and between students! With Volume 1 of these Back to School Activities, you’ll have getting-to-know-you activities, ice breakers, team building activities, and more prepped and ready to go as you begin to build your classroom culture. In the hustle and bustle of getting new students in the door, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you have endless activities that will help you build the

Monthly Weekly Newsletter Template Editable Back to School Parent Communication

Newsletter Templates: You will love using these Weekly Newsletter Template Editable Forms with Monthly Themes! These are perfect for weekly and monthly communication with school, parents, and families. You will love sending these digitally via email or as a hard copy weekly or monthly. TAKE A PEEK AT THE COMPLETE NEWSLETTER & CALENDAR BUNDLE HERE!NEWSLETTER DOWNLOAD:Print and digital files included in the zip folder- file #2 will have digital linksAll newsletters are in provided in color and

Visual Schedule - Editable Visual Student Classroom Daily Schedules

Created by
Brooke Reagan
Visual Classroom and Daily Schedules Time saving, print and go visual schedules. These visual schedules include both printable and editable options. They are easy to edit and modify to meet your needs. You will find them to be naturally motivating with a visual completion of tasks and provides students with ownership of their daily routine.What is is visual schedule and how does it help?A visual schedule uses pictures to communicate upcoming activities and tasks for children. Many children can b

Google Slides Templates Seasonal Bundle | Digital Learning | for Google Slides ™

Created by
Ashley McKenzie
Are you looking for high interest Google slides templates that will engage your students all year long? These seasonal slides, now bundled for maximum savings, have tons of variety for you to choose from! Use these templates to welcome your class, display your schedule, center rotations, objectives and so much more! These work great during in person instruction and for your virtual GOOGLE Classroom ™ and other online learning platforms if your students are distance learning as well!These can be

Classroom Management | Classroom Routines & Procedures Visuals & Digital Slides

Created by
My Day in K
Say hello to Classroom Management Made EASY!! These Classroom Routines & Procedures Visuals & Slides are the perfect teaching tools to set your classroom (and students) up for success starting the first day of school. These visuals and slides are fun and easy to use and will help your students to quickly know and understand the rules and expectations for the classroom. It is so important at the beginning of the year to talk about classroom procedures and practice it often to start the ye

Behavior Survival Kit {Data Tracking, Interventions, Reward Charts, and More}

Created by
Haley O'Connor
Do you have students in your class who need extra behavior supports? Are you spending valuable instructional time constantly redirecting a few challenging students, and aren't sure what to do to support them? This packet is FULL of resources, ideas, and tools to help every student in your classroom be successful. This resource is ideal for any primary teacher that needs additional behavior resources to support the students in their class! By working WITH the student, you're able to create strong

Classroom Behavior Management Incentives for the Entire Year

Classroom behavior management incentives for the entire year encourage and reinforce positive behavior. This is my go-to system for whole-class behavior management.Students are instantly engaged and work hard to earn pieces toward a reward. By using different themes after each reward, students remain highly engaged for the entire year!Teachers love behavior incentives because they:are an easy and manageable whole class behavior management systemfocus on positive behaviorsencourage students to wo

EDITABLE Class List - Class Checklist - Roster Checklist - Google Sheets

These blank checklists can be used on a daily basis to track so many different things in your classroom! All you have to do is add your roster and titles. Make several copies and have them on-hand for keeping track of permission slips, assignments, grades, formative assessments, and so much more. They are extremely user friendly and FULLY EDITABLE using Google Sheets. What's included?a two-per page quick checklist with a column for grades and checkboxes10 full-page lists for tracking multiple th
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