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Visual Recipes for Fun Food Friday { 35+ No Bake Recipes } | Cooking Recipes

Created by
Mrs Ds Corner
This bundle will span you the length of an entire school year with a different no bake recipe every Friday for cooking in the classroom. Traditionally, cooking inside of the classroom is not something that we hear, talk about or even teach. It's something our students do at home with their families. Well, I'm here to tell you that that is a thing of the past! What Does "No Bake" Mean?It means that you will not need a stove or an oven. You will need access to a microwave.Download the preview for

Food Truck Art Lesson - Graphic Design & Sculpture Lesson (includes template)

Created by
Art With Trista
Your students will love this 3D food truck art lesson as it is always a hit with my students. It is perfect for middle school or intermediate elementary students. Students design an original logo for a food truck, learn about color schemes and careers in art, specifically responsibilities of a graphic designer. This engaging lesson plan includes: PowerPoint slides and PDF slides information about food trucks, the role of a graphic designer, understanding and identifying logos, lesson objectives,

Hot Drink Cafe Dramatic Play

Invite preschoolers and young learners to make and serve hot chocolate, tea, and coffee at their very own HOT DRINK CAFE dramatic play center. They can use menus to choose their drink, complete an order form, and act just like their parents do when they visit their favorite coffee shop! This is a great center to set up during your Winter Unit.Easy, Print & Go PDF:Includes everything you need to set up a Hot Drink Cafe in your dramatic play center.★ Open/Closed Sign ★ Hot Drink Cafe Menu (in

Cooking & Craft Visual Recipes | 50 Seasonal Recipes & MORE | Speech Therapy

Created by
Live Love Speech
Thank you for checking out my Cooking & Craft Visual Recipe Pack!This pack will allow your clients or students to easily follow & make cooking and craft recipes. It is perfect for incorporating cooking into classroom lessons and group sessions. It can also be used as a cooking curriculum for your students throughout the year.There are 10 recipes for each season (fall, winter, spring, & summer). Additionally, it includes 10 recipes that can be used anytime throughout the year. *The re

YEAR BUNDLE Visual Recipes with REAL pictures - Cooking in the Classroom

Created by
Mrs Ds Corner
YEAR BUNDLE * 5 visual recipes for each month (60 total no bake recipes) with REAL pictures of each step for an entire year of cooking in the classroom. Use this bundle of recipes to cook with your students in the classroom, foster those super important life skills, and work on those IEP goals and objectives... all at the same time!Watch a video preview here.Try two visual recipes free here.EACH RECIPE INCLUDES:• Recipe card (that lists kitchen tools and ingredients needed)• Visual recipe and se

Life Skills - Real World Math - Measuring Cups - Recipes - Cooking - BUNDLE

| Life Skills | Real World Math | Measuring Cups | Measuring Spoons | Recipes | Cooking | BUNDLE |**Recently Updated To Include Even MORE Practice and Task Cards!**I decided to go ahead and create a bundle for my popular measuring cups units! I created these lessons out of a necessity to find more functional real world math practice my students could learn from. Using measuring cups and spoons to learn about fractions was the perfect fit! These packets are differentiated to support all kinds of

Measuring Cups and Spoons Identification Worksheets - Special Education

This pack of 34 worksheets is great for your early learners or special education students who are working on cooking skills such as identifying various measuring cups and spoons! Worksheets are differentiated to meet the needs of all of your beginning learners. This packet contains the most common measuring cups and spoons: 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup, 1 tablespoon, 1/2 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, and 1/4 teaspoon.Download the preview to see ALL worksheets included.Print and go! O

Life Skills Menu Math, Reading, and Money Practice - Ultimate Bundle Pack!

Life Skills Menu Math, Reading, and Money Practice - Ultimate Bundle Pack!Interested in using menus in your class to teach functional math and reading skills? You have come to the right place!I have decided to bundle my popular Menu Math Series! By buying all 4, you get to save 20%!!Purchase Includes:Arbys ($5): Click Here!Subway ($5): Click Here!Starbucks ($5): Click Here!Dominos ($5): Click Here!All of these separately would cost $20. Get this bundle for only $16. That is 20% off!Interested in

Life Skills - COOKING IN THE CLASSROOM RECIPES {An Educational Cooking Unit}

COOK TO LEARN!Cooking in the classroom is so much fun and is such an easy way to sneak in so many learning opportunities!!Cooking is not only an essential life skill, it is a great opportunity to teach students essential literacy and mathematical skills. Through cooking and working with recipes, students are exposed to reading, sequencing, following directions, measurement; and other mathematical operations, and they have fun while doing it! Cooking also serves as a fabulous way to get students

Life Skills - Meal Prep & Cooking Task Cards for Special Education

MEAL PREP TASK CARDS!Knowing how to select the necessary items needed to make a meal or a snack is an essential life skills task that is often difficult to teach in the classroom. Let's face it, these are not items we have readily available in our classrooms! One of my former students had this as an IEP goal, so in trying to figure out how I was going to teach this goal without hauling my entire kitchen into school was my inspiration for these task cards.Students find the ingredients and cooking

Food Groups Clip Art Bundle

Created by
Whimsy Clips
This food groups clip art bundle contains 6 sets.All images are 300dpi png and include both color and black & white.The following sets are included:Meat and Proteins VegetablesFruit Junk Food Dairy Bread and Grains *********************************Summary of Terms of Use: Terms of Use: The clip art may be used as a design element in educational commercial products. All images must be secured in a PDF file with a password that prevents saving, copying, or lifting the images. These images may

Food Safety - Kitchen Safety Bundle Culinary Arts Activities - FCS - Life Skills

Food safety is a must before cooking with students so let's get your Culinary Arts, FCS, or Life Skills students engaged in food safety in the kitchen! This food safety bundle will save you a ton of time as it is no-prep to low-prep and can even be used with a sub when you are out. This bundle includes 7 lessons and activities on food safety, food allergies, and proper kitchen hand washing. The information follows ServSafe and the USDA and will help your students understand the importance of fo

La Comida Explore Food in Spanish-Speaking Countries Virtual Field Trip ENGLISH

Created by
Srta Spanish
Let your students explore food and culture around the world! Content is discovered via an online interactive Google Map through images, readings, and videos! Time saver for you and engaging for students!The readings are in English and explore a variety of countries and foods. Each reading includes the food's name, and some background . The videos linked are a mix of Spanish and English. Great for novices or introducing your students to a variety of foods in the Spanish-speaking world!Please clic

Life Skills Reading Recipe Comprehension - BUNDLE!!!!! Units 1, 2, 3, and 4!!!

| Life Skills | Recipe | Comprehension | Cooking | Special Education | Reading | Real World | BUNDLE |Interested in teaching functional reading and writing and class? You can't get much more functional than reading and writing using recipes!!With this bundle, you will be set with FORTY TWO recipes!!Each recipe comes with 10 questions. That means you and your class will be able to have 420 comprehension questions to answer!Here are the specific recipes in this bundle:Recipe Unit 1:English Muffins

Visual Recipes - Bundle for Speech Therapy, Special Education, & Life Skills

This pack includes everything you need to implement a cooking group with your itty bitty communicators. Plus all black and white means NO PREPEach month includes 4 visual recipes with easy to follow instructions, minimal ingredients, and easy set up and clean up. Each Recipe includes:A visually supported recipeA cooking newsletter to send home in two levels, each incorporate fine motor, writing, and comprehensionA coloring sheet with extra writing practice for early finishers or those who didn't

Farmers Market Dramatic Play Stand Pre-K

Have your preschoolers ever been to the Farmers Market? This 56 page printable Farmers Market Dramatic Play set includes all of the signs and props you'll need to create a Farmers Market in your space.This pack includes a variety of signs and printable accessories to transform your space into a Farmers Market. Including:Welcome to the Farmers Market (full page sign)The Farmers Market is Open/ClosedAround the Market Poster (featuring real Farmers Market Images)Farm Fresh Eggs Sign (1/2 page &

Hot Chocolate Dramatic Play Pack Pre-K

As the weather gets colder, it's time to warm up with some hot chocolate! This pack includes all the printable props you'll need to transform your dramatic play area into a hot chocolate stand!This 31-page dramatic play printable pack includes the following printable props (*Updated 12/11/2020):Hot Chocolate Stand Signs (2 Designs)Order FormThe Hot Chocolate Stand is Open and Closed SignsOrder Here Signs (2 Designs)Menus (2 Designs)Hot Chocolate Stand Punch CardHot Chocolate Served Here Poster f

Special Education Life Skills Math Reading Recipe Measurement Activities BUNDLE

Hey there, fellow educators and learners! I've got something awesome to share with you—a unique bundle of four reading a recipe packets tailor-made for your special education math and literacy students. Whether you're teaching elementary, junior high, high school, or clear into adult education, these worksheets and activities will add a whole new dimension to your functional life skills classroom, cooking class, family consumer science, or ESOL sessions!So, what's cookin' in this amazing bundle?

Visual Sensory Non-Food Recipes for Life Skill Special Education

Want to practice cooking skills in your classroom but can't cook or eat food? Or do you just want to have fun making something your students can also play with? Then these sensory recipes are for you!!Included are recipes for:Play DoughOobleck (slime)FlubberKinetic SandSilly PuttyCloud DoughNote: All of these recipes include measurements such as tablespoons and cups so that your students can get that practice HOWEVER don't feel like you need to stick with those. You can be flexible and adjust th

CTE Culinary Arts Curriculum Bundle of Lesson Plans for FCS - Foods - FACS

This high school and upper middle school CTE Culinary Arts lesson plan bundle of over 100 lessons and activities will have you planned for a semester or year-long course in Culinary Arts or a Family and Consumer Science foods course. Each lesson and activity is no-prep to you and is easily assigned to your students. As a Growing Bundle, we add the newest Culinary Arts lessons and activities at no extra cost to you! Just check your email for updates on new resources. What's Included in this Cul

Visual Recipes and Interactive Books for special education BUNDLE

These recipes, worksheets, and books make it easy to teach and practice cooking skills in the classroom! There are 7 recipe packs (totaling 14 recipes) included in this bundle!Spaghetti and Macaroni and CheeseCake and CupcakesHot Cocoa and TeaPudding and JelloNachos and QuesadillasSmoothies and MilkshakesSandwichesIncluded in each recipe is:Visual Recipe (one page)Cut and Paste Worksheets (use for multiple student levels)Review Worksheets (two levels)Interactive Recipe Book (great for practice c

Measuring Cups Flashcard Work Task Box Activity

Low prep task bin activity to practice an essential life skill of measuring ingredients. Great for pre-cooking group activity or independent work.This comes with:2 different fonts/versions36 measurements per setMeasurements by CUP, TSP, & TBSPIdeas for use:{Print} {Cut} {Laminate} {Hole Punch} {Ring}Use dry rice or beans (or another similar small material) that can easily be measured without making a mess.Not only is it easy to put together, but you can get all of these items at places like

Pie Stand Dramatic Play Pack for Pre-K

I'm so excited to share this Pie Stand Dramatic Play Set with you. Pie is the dessert of the season! From fresh apple pie to pumpkin pie after your Thanksgiving meal, this set will provide your little pastry chef with tons of fun.I designed this set with flexibility in mind, You can choose to print from 3 different sizes of pie fixings (Small, Medium, and Large), and you can decide which material you want to use. This set can be used to create laminated paper pies, felt pies, and can even be use

Visual Recipes for Milkshakes and Smoothies for life skill special education

These books and worksheets make it easy to teach and practice cooking skills in the classroom! Included in this set is recipes for smoothies and milkshakes. Visual Recipe: This one page visual recipe is great for visual learners in the kitchen! Recipe Worksheets: - Sequencing (1 worksheets with 3 levels. 1: Cut and paste both pictures and sentences, 2: Partial cut and paste and draw/write the other half, 3: Draw and write the recipe steps.) - Review / Quiz (2 levels. 1: symbol supported 2: tex
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