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Sight Words Practice Fluency Flash cards: High-frequency FRY Words 1-100

Created by
Brenda Tejeda
Ever have students who are just not learning their high-frequency sight words fast enough, despite everything you've tried? How about students who can read sight words on flashcards, but have difficulty recognizing them in context? These cards provide fluency, recognition, and sight word practice in context!⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️⭐️"THANK YOU! This is such a fantastic resource, especially for a first-year teacher! I feel like I have a million things to learn and keep track of, and this resource made my life a l

Alphabet Handwriting Practice | Writing Letters Tracing and Print Worksheets

Help your students master writing letters with these tracing and print Alphabet Handwriting Practice Worksheets. This set includes 2 handwriting practice worksheets for each letter of the alphabet.  The 52 pages of alphabet handwriting practice come in the traditional manuscript style of letter formation.   Full and half-sheet alphabet handwriting practice pages are provided for each letter of the alphabet. All pages include detailed instructions for printing the featured letter. A boldface repr

Math Fact Fluency Addition and Subtraction to 20

Created by
Reagan Tunstall
If you are looking for a way to provide systematic math fact fluency practice for addition and subtraction up to 20, here it is! These problems reach sums to 20, such as 9+7, 9+8, 9+9, etc. and subtraction from the teens down. Such as 13-9, 12-9, 11-9. This set also includes doubles, doubles +1, and +100If you are looking for a program that does not have sums past 10 or subtraction past 10 you can find it below (related products link) If you are looking for a program that stops at 24 for addit

Sight Words and Decodable Sentences Practice Cards with Assessments BUNDLE

You understand the importance of sight words and decoding practice! These high frequency word flashcards help children read sight words in isolation and in decodable sentences! Every card helps readers improve their word recognition, fluency, and decoding skills! They are perfect for guided reading, reading lessons, and homework. Click on the preview to see what makes these cards so special!Reading research supports learning new sight words within a sentence. What is included?400 sight word card

Context Clues Packet Using Tier Vocabulary

Created by
Nicole Allison
Grab your detective hats and start the Clue-Searching fun! Research tells us that teaching vocabulary word by word doesn’t cut it anymore. In addition, state tests are becoming increasingly difficult for our students. We need to give our students strategies to determine unknown meanings. Using context clues is an evidence-supported strategy. The words included in this packet were specifically chosen. They focus on Tier 2 vocabulary words, (words occurring most frequently in our language and text

Teacher and Student Picture Visual Cue Cards for ESOL, ELL, SPED, Newcomers

Created by
Primary Island
These 163 colorful visual cue cards with words and pictures are perfect for classroom teachers, ESOL/ESL teachers, SPED or special education teachers, newcomer students that are English Learners or have specials needs such as autism, hearing impairment, etc. These visual cue cards include vivid pictures and simple words, phrases, or sentences at the bottom and include both teacher and student versions! You can create a set to use for both yourself and each of your students.There is also an edita

Genre Word Wall Cards: Genre Posters, ELA Reading Back to School Classroom Decor

Create a beautiful visual genre word wall in your classroom to support your students in becoming strong readers! Student-friendly definitions with supporting visuals are shown on each of the 30 genre posters/ flashcards. This comes in 3 background color options, including a black background (as pictured), a multi-colored background (options for white font or black font), and an all-white background. Take a look at the product preview for a closer look!All word wall cards come 2 per page on a reg

The H Insertion Trick for Speech Therapy

Do you need something in your toolkit to help you teach those tricky phonological errors? Are you looking for a way to transition from isolation to word-level when nothing else has worked? Are your students inserting a stop sound AFTER their fricative, and you just don't know what to do?This little trick goes by a few names, but it's most commonly referred to as the ‘h insertion trick’. It is where you insert an “h” sound or word to help say your child's target sound in a word. The idea is not t

Multiplication Fact Fluency Tents - Multiplication Practice Flash Cards

Created by
Amber from TGIF
Increasing multiplication fact fluency is always a challenge for teachers. Now you can get your multiplication facts practice time in with just a few minutes a day with no need to print multiplication worksheets. Instead of using multiplication flash cards, I have started using fact tents because:* There is NO cutting. Just print and fold = done!* There are 50 equations per page (plus 50 answers per page).* One page is equivalent to 50 flash cards.* You won't find stray flash cards in your room

Math Flash Cards - Number Sense - Subitizing - Ten Frames - Teen Numbers

Created by
My Happy Place
Building number sense in young children is easy with this pack of 12 different types of math flashcards. These subitizing cards will help your students identify quantities quickly and will build their confidence, fluency, and understanding of numbers. Packed with various representations of numbers, this set is designed to help students learn to see numbers in different ways and to develop an awareness of combinations of numbers.These cards are also included in a digital format with a link to a G

Modern BOHO RAINBOW Alphabet Posters | EDITABLE Neutral Rainbow Classroom Decor

These Boho Rainbow Themed Alphabet Posters have been created using a stylish & modern, neutral color palette which is bound to catch the eye! This pack includes a variety of letter-associated images and designs, including neutral boho rainbows for upper primary and cute alphabet images for lower primary. With a variety of fonts to choose from including cursive options AND editable text options, this vintage style pack suits the needs of all elementary teachers and year levels.Your classroom

Sound Wall with Mouth Pictures - Phonics Display - Science of Reading

Created by
My Teaching Pal
This sound wall with mouth pictures is the ultimate tool to use in your classroom to teach and display phonemes (sounds). It is aligned with the Science of Reading and can be used as a visual reference by students when reading and writing. This sound wall includes a vowel valley display, consonants display as well as individual student sound walls. This packet includes all the pieces you need to create your very own sound wall in your classroom. It covers 46 phonemes and includes all the heading

Emotions & Feelings Flashcards Autism Cards Special Education Cards

Our Emotions and Feelings flashcards are designed to help children, especially those with autism, better understand and recognize emotions. They include 60 colorful flashcards with real photos of kids that are realistic to everyday life. These emotions and feelings flashcards are perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists who want to help children develop their emotional intelligence. By using these flashcards, you can help your children identify, describe, and talk about feelings and emotion

Multiplication Bingo | Multiplication Facts 1-12

Created by
Joanne Miller
Use this fun game to help students memorize their multiplication facts! This engaging and fun game can be used whole group, small math groups, centers, substitute plans, 10-minute filler, academice recess, or for a school math night. So many ways to vary the traditional Bingo game to change it up every time you play!Resource includes:40 unique ready-made game boardsBlank bingo boardsMultiplication fact callng cards (can also be used as flash cards)Calling sheets to record products (2 options)Mul

R Articulation For Speech Therapy - CoArticulation For Vocalic R Sounds

Created by
Ashley Rossi
Comprehensive and systematic Vocalic R teaching and elicitation activities using the proven coarticulation method. This slide-and-say strategy will be the DIFFERENCE-MAKER in your speech therapy sessions with students who are stuck in progress. I'm an SLP with 20 years of experience using coarticulation in my speech therapy sessions.Coarticulation is especially effective with motor-based speech disorders like Apraxia. This resource offers multiple opportunities to shape vocalic R from a well-est

All US Regions States & Capitals Maps

Created by
Save $3 if you buy all the regions at once in this packet! Note that this product includes both MAPS and FLASHCARDS for the states & capitals of the five regions of the US. This product contains 3 maps of each of the five regions of the United States (15 maps in all). Check out the FREE Northeast region set of maps. • Study guide map labeled with the states and capitals (which can also be used as an answer key) • Blank map with a word bank of the states and capitals • Blank map without wor

Fluency Therapy Activities (Stuttering Therapy)

Created by
Peachie Speechie
This is a collection of engaging, activities for fluency therapy! Low-prep, and lots of fun! This product is positive and supportive to students struggling with fluency disorders. It helps teach fluency strategies and provides many opportunities for practice with a positive and reassuring attitude. It’s OK to stutter! We aren’t trying to eliminate every little repetition. We are trying to teach strategies and decrease disfluencies to make communication easier and more relaxed. Your students will


Created by
Blending and segmenting are vital skills in learning to read and write. This phoneme blending and segmentation resource will enhance students' phonemic awareness, phoneme-grapheme correspondence, together with decoding and encoding skills. This Science of Reading aligned phonics bundle promotes orthographic mapping as students connect phonemes (sounds) to graphemes (printed symbols: letter / letter combinations). This process (which happens in the brain) will strengthen students' reading skil

Root Words, Prefixes, & Suffixes Units | Greek and Latin Roots and Affixes

120 Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes are broken down into twelve units. Each unit focuses on teaching students ten new word parts using a class set of flashcards, individual worksheets for each word part, and a final assessment. A cumulative assessment is included to test mastery of all 120 word parts. Also included with this product is a complete list of all word parts, blank student lists, answer keys, and pennant activity. Save even more when you add the digital option! Click

Oral Motor Exam Assessment Cards

Have you ever struggled to elicit a simple oral motor evaluation with your students? Do you find that children are reluctant to open their mouths, or are confused by some of the directions in typical oral-facial exams?DOWNLOAD THIS RESOURCE IF YOU WANT TO: ➊ -- child-friendly instructions and pictures that make sense to children ➋ -- to try to increase participation during an oral-facial exam ❸ -- a digital oral motor version for online/telehealth evaluations ❹ -- an easy-to-follow, two-page ass

Speech Sound Animal Cue Cards for Articulation

Learning speech sounds can be especially tough for young learners! These colorful and engaging Animal Speech Sound Prompts are the perfect addition to your therapy resources as a fun way to encourage your little articulation kids to say and remember their sounds.There are two sides to the animal - one side gives a prompt about what the child has to do with their articulators (e.g. 'stick your tongue between your teeth and blow 'th') while the other side gives a concise verbal prompt that you can

Figurative Language Word Wall: Figurative Language Posters, Examples, Review

Create a beautiful, visual figurative language word wall in your classroom to support your students in becoming strong readers! 20 Figurative language vocabulary terms are covered using student-friendly definitions and supporting visuals. Take a look at the product preview for a closer look!This comes in 3 background color options, including a black background (as pictured), a multi-colored background (options for white font or black font), and an all-white background. They print 2/page on stan

Dolch Sight Word Fluency Flashcards BUNDLE

Created by
Brenda Tejeda
Boost your students' sight word vocabulary and reading fluency with these high-frequency sight word cards from the Dolch word list! Sight word practice in context, with a word bank to review previously-covered words. Now available for use with Google Slides as well! Click here for the Digital + Printable Dolch BundleEver have students who are just not learning their sight words fast enough, despite everything you've tried? How about students who can read sight words on flashcards, but have diffi

Phonics Decoding Drills Sheets Practice Worksheets One Syllable Words 1st Grade

Decoding Drills are here! After learning a new phonics skill, students need to apply that skill in word reading. Decoding Drills provide students the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills in a fun and engaging format.The use of nonsense words in Decoding Drills helps students build speed and automaticity when reading. The use of real words in Decoding Drills provides students exposure to words with that skill. This means that this practice will improve student fluency when reading.
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