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French Passé composé worksheets and notes + speaking activities

These French worksheets for the passé composé with avoir and être is a perfect resource for French beginners and for advanced review. These are great for the Core or the French immersion classroom. Includes easy-to-use passé composé worksheets and notes for French students. There is an all-French version as well! This is a great resource complete with student notes and activities with directions in French and English or in French only to help your students master or review avoir and être verbs.

French -er verbs notes, exercises & activities VERBES DU PREMIER GROUPE PRÉSENT

This packet of French speaking, reading, writing, and listening activities is perfect for beginning French students just learning -er verbs. Notes in English are very detailed, and break down the basics of personal pronouns, verb conjugation and infinitive verbs, and negative structures. Now includes a full-French version! There are plenty of supports to aid students who are struggling, and fun puzzles and activities that you can use as enrichment. All activities are for the present tense. Inclu

LES SONS FRANÇAIS- BUNDLE SET 1 | French Phonics | Cahier de sons (SOR)

Created by
The French Apple
Set of decodable activities that align with the Science of Reading in French.This is your one stop shop to teach everything for French sounds. You will receive over 500+ NO PREP printables to practice les sons composés in French.Includes: French phonics worksheets, cut and paste activities, fun activities, writing activities, reading booklets, word wall words and so much more- everything you need to just print and go for teaching les sons composés in French. Focus on one sound at a time in these

French reading comprehension activities for beginners COMPRÉHENSION DE LECTURE

Make teaching French reading comprehension so much easier with these differentiated activities! This set includes 10 French texts with differentiated questions so that you can easily offer just the right challenge to your FSL or immersion students. With these no-prep activities, this is perfect for centers or substitute days, too! Foster a love of reading in your French class with easy-to-use French reading comprehension worksheets that were created just for beginning readers. Each text includes

French Digital Calendar BUNDLE | Calendrier | Google Slides

Created by
The French Apple
Here is the COMPLETE BUNDLE of calendar activities you can use to keep organized this year with your students. Days are predictable with these French and English sets, designed for Google Slides. These moveable pieces allow your students to see when events will happen throughout the week. Some important dates are written on the visual cards to take away the guess work or the extra time searching for the day of the month. In this calendar, you will find: ♥ French & English OR French Calend

French Virtual Field Trip to Quebec | Carnaval De Québec | Festival D'hiver

Are you looking for an engaging and no-prep virtual lesson to teach your primary/junior students about Quebec's winter festival? Then this resource is perfect for you. This virtual French field trip will take students to Quebec to celebrate la Carnaval de Québec. They will have the chance to learn more about this winter festival through songs, videos, questions, images and more! This resource is perfect for primary/junior French Immersion students and Core French students, as the videos do not u

Le Théâtre des lecteurs, les contes de fées (Reader's Theater French Immersion)

Created by
Ms Joanne
These 11 fairy tale reader‘s theatre scripts are especially written for French language learners, with roles for all readers, from Emergent to Fluent. Reading levels are geared towards French Immersion/Dual Language Grade 1 and 2 students, but could be used with any beginner-low intermediate French Language class. All scripts are stories of well-known fairy tales so allow students to build their French fluency and vocabulary while avoiding the frustration of not understanding the plot of the s

La Nourriture Un Camion Restaurant French Food Unit

Created by
The French Nook
La Nourriture Un Camion Restaurant French Food Unit‘Mon camion restaurant’ is a complete unit for French classes that focusses on food and restaurant related French vocabulary. The unit integrates over 7 hours of reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities that are perfect for grades 4-9. Students will consider their own likes and dislikes, write and participate in surveys and interviews, and create their own food truck, with menu and recipe. Save 20% when you purchase all 3 of my unit

French Sound Wall | French Phonics Board with Real Mouth Pictures | Mur de sons

Looking to incorporate a French Science of Reading aligned mur de sons in your classroom? This French sound wall is perfect for any French immersion or core French classroom where students are learning to read and write. Each phoneme is represented on one card, along with real mouth pictures (diverse kids), the different spellings that represent the French phoneme and real word examples of each spelling.Here's what you'll get:47 French sound posters (in both colour and black & white)Student

La grammaire française (unités): Complete Bundle (FRENCH grammar units)

Created by
Mme Marissa
Are you struggling to teach French grammar in a consistent and fun way? Look no further. This bundle features 14 French grammar units to be taught in sequence or in any order you choose. Featuring lessons broken down into chunks, plenty of examples and an assortment of activity options, your students will be sure to get their grammar groove back! Check out the preview to see what's included in this all year grammar bundle and how you can structure it with your students!Each unit includes:A lesso


Created by
French Frenzy
This growing bundle includes 6 reading strategies units: summarizing, making predictions, making inferences, making connections, asking questions, and making visualizations.EACH unit includes the following:a lesson plans outlinenine lesson plans (8 lessons and one culminating task)a reading strategy postera self-assessment checklist and rubrica list of sentence startersfollow-up activities for each lessonexclusive French texts to accompany some lessonsbonus writing templates that can be used wit

Beginner French Bundle - FULL YEAR of Activities!! (Gr 4-7)

This ultimate bundle includes well over a year's worth of Beginner French resources. All resources are designed for students who are brand new to French and are very usable for teachers who may not have a strong background in French. Most products in the bundle are able to be used by students fairly independently. Many of the units are formatted similarly. This helps students feel comfortable and confident with how to complete the activities so that they can focus on learning the new vocabulary

French Writing BUNDLE / Ensemble d'écriture: "Comment écrire..."

Created by
Mme McIntosh
Get set for Back to School with this FRENCH Writing Bundle! Perfect for Primary and Junior students alike! Click on the following individual links for further descriptions of what's included with each product!1. French Narrative Writing - Comment écrire une histoire2. French Procedural Writing - Comment écrire la marche à suivre3. French Letter Writing - Comment écrire une lettre4. French Opinion Writing - Comment écrire un texte d'opinion**Don't forget to leave feedback! Leaving feedback earns

FRENCH SCIENCE OF READING ~ The Complete Set (Decodable Readers, Activities)

Created by
The French Apple
COMPLETE SET OF FRENCH PHONICS ACTIVITIES AND READERS that align with the Science of Reading in French. Please note the following: The sons composés bundles will be completely updated as reflected in the vowel bundle :). As they are comprehensive, they do require some time, thanks for your patience with these! In the meantime, you will still find activities, readers and word wall words! You will receive over 2000 + pages (growing bundle!) NO PREP printables to practice les sons composés! Include

FRENCH Ultimate Centres BUNDLE - Year Long Simple French Literacy Centres

Looking for a great way for your maternelle students to practice their literacy skills via fun, engaging French literacy centres? This huge bundle includes 10 months of 10 themed centres each month, providing an awesome way for your students to practice their letter identification, sight words, letter writing, and much more! With this bundle, you will have literacy centres to supplement your existing centres for the entire school year!There are 100 centres designed with maternelle in mind includ

French Coloring Pages for the Entire Year | MEGA BUNDLE

Enjoy this FULL-YEAR BUNDLE of my French colouring sheets! These unique doodle designs are fun to colour yet they also contain French vocabulary phrases, allowing students to work on thematic language. They are the perfect addition to use on thematic school days, for early finishers, for take-home fun, during those chaotic indoor recesses, to throw into a sub-plan and so much more! You'll definitely love having this bundle in your back pocket, and your students will ask for new sheets to colour

French Reading Comprehension Activities - COMPRÉHENSION DE LECTURE en français

This French Reading Comprehension BUNDLE is perfect to work on reading skills with your French students. OFFRE EXCEPTIONNELLE: En achetant cette ressource aujourd’hui , vous obtenez cinq ressources prêtes à imprimer et UN CADEAU (indiqué ci-dessous) pour seulement 13$.PRIX AUJOURD’HUI: 13$& un CADEAUVALEUR TOTALE: 18,50$AUTOMNECompréhensions de lecture:-Les pommes vertes sont les meilleures!-Une visite au verger-Halloween à la ferme-Halloween chez Julie-Les feuilles d’automneCompréhension de

French adjectives worksheets, notes, and activities LES ADJECTIFS

This adjectives packet contains notes, activities, and printables that are perfect for beginning French students and French immersion classes. This is an easy-to-use set of French worksheets for your unit on les adjectifs or as a great review for 2nd and 3rd year French classes for reviewing French adjective agreement. All pages are provided in French only or with English directions and explanations of grammar, making them perfect for all levels of learners who need a review of adjective agreeme

L'hiver - French Winter Literacy Centres and Vocabulary Cards

C'est l'hiver! Your French Immersion students will love learning vocabulary related to Winter with this set of French Literacy Centres. These literacy centres will give your students the opportunity to practice spelling, reading and writing relevant vocabulary while at the same time engaging in some fun games and activities!This resource includes 7 centres, 30 vocabulary or word wall cards and 6 additional printable pages.No colour printer? No problem! Every activity is available in both colour

French Phonics Activities: Mon cahier des sons MEGA BUNDLE

Do your French Immersion students need more practice with their French sounds? Help build your student's reading, writing and spelling skills with this French Phonics Activity Package.This Mega Bundle contains all 51 sounds in my series of French Phonics Activities!These French sound activities incorporate a variety of reading, writing and drawing activities to help students develop their French phonological awareness and enhance their vocabulary.Each package in the "Mon cahier des sons" series

La Maison - Beginner French Full Unit (Houses and Homes)

This full unit includes 28 pages of reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities for your beginner French students to talk about their houses and homes. Pages include:-Vocabulary list with 48 words-Create Your Own Flashcards activity-Crossword Puzzle (with answer key)-Scrambled Words Puzzle (With answer key)-Match the English and French Vocab Puzzle-Fill in the Blanks Puzzle (With answer key)-Vocabulary Quiz (With answer key)-4 pages of notes and activities to learn about the verb "habit

French Phonics Grapheme Posters | Affiches de sons | Sound Wall SOR

Created by
The French Apple
* NEW UPDATE: November 2023. Use this set of 102 French phonics posters to help students learn those tricky high-frequency sounds in French. This resource is ideal for a French Immersion or French first language classroom. The articulation mouths found on the displays help support students in retaining and learning to read unfamiliar sounds on their own. A sound wall allows for students to match graphemes (letter sounds) to corresponding phonemes (sounds) by looking at the visual, the articulati

French numbers 1-100 speaking and writing activities LES NOMBRES 1-100

This packet is a great way to teach, practice, and review French numbers. Your students will love these games and speaking and writing activities for learning to read, write, listen, and speak LES NOMBRES! It's perfect for French beginners and there is no prep! Just copy the pages and you are set to go! This document contains French and English directions on most activities. Here's what you'll get:student cover page to make a handy packetprintable vocabulary list8 writing activitiespartnered spe

France: An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

This slideshow helps elementary students quickly learn about famous landmarks, food, artists, and the culture of France. You can use this slideshow at the beginning of a unit on France or Impressionism. You can also print it out and use it as a book for student research. This slideshow also has 4 questions at the end of the slideshow to review what students have learned. This download comes as a PDF file and is NOT editable as a PDF. However, you can open this slideshow in the TPT EASEL program
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