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Christmas in Germany PowerPoint Christmas Around the World - Holidays Traditions

Created by
Sheila Melton
Froehliche Weihnachten! Travel with your students to Germany for Christmas with this Christmas Around the World PowerPoint featuring Christmas traditions in Germany! This engaging and informative PowerPoint uses real images and pictures and is a great addition to your Christmas / Holidays Around the World celebration!❤️ Christmas traditions in Germany include: Advent wreaths/calendars, German Christmas markets, glass ornaments, nutcrackers, Christmas trees, St. Nicholas Day, Christkind (the Germ

Germany Booklet (a country study!)

Created by
Emily Bynum
This "All About Germany" booklet can be used for a very basic country study in lower elementary grades! Each page contains a basic fact and related illustration. All graphics are in an outline format so that it's ready to be colored like a mini-coloring book. This coloring booklet gives all the general/basic information about Germany, including: -geography (in Europe and borders nine other countries) -German flag -capital city of Berlin -popular German foods -most famous German castle (Neusch

Germany: An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

This slideshow helps elementary students quickly learn about famous landmarks, food, art, and the culture of Germany. You can use this slideshow at the beginning of a unit on Germany. You can also print it out and use it as a book for student research. This slideshow also has 4 questions at the end of the slideshow to review what students have learned. This download comes as a PDF file and is NOT editable as a PDF. However, you can open this slideshow in the TPT EASEL program and add or delete p

Spanish Food Project: La Comida Menu Infographic

Tired of seeing your students make the same old menus? This comprehensive project guides your students to research different foods in a Spanish-speaking country and create an impressive infographic menu.This product includes:• A complete scenario, overview, requirements and how-to for students • A graphic organizer to help students collect and categorize research• Samples of actual student projects so your class can visualize a final product• A grading rubric based on ACTFL performance indicator

Germany Country Study *BEST SELLER* Comprehension, Activities + Play Pretend

Let's explore the country of Germany! Your students will love this fun-fact-filled country study project, (duplicate text to the original booklet) reading comprehension passages with multi-choice questions, differentiated booklet options, boarding passes, postcards, and country-themed fun worksheet activities! ────────────Important Note: This country, along with all of our 192 other UN official countries, has been freshly updated in 2023 to ensure all the information included is as relevant and

Germany Country Study: Reading & Writing + Google Slides/PPT Distance Learning

Created by
Yvonne Crawford
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Germany?Learn what it might be like to be a kid in Ukraine through the eyes of a German boy named Johann. Students will see what it’s like to attend school in Germany, what food they might eat, what sports they might play, and what they might do with their families for fun on weekends. Great for Distance Learning!Included in This Kid's Life: Germany:A letter from Johann to your students about what life is like as a kid in UkraineA colorful

Beginner German Workbook: Deutsch für Anfänger- 98 pages! (EDITABLE) 40% off!

This 98-page file is a complete beginner textbook and workbook that I've completed over my last 15 years of teaching/tutoring German! This book is designed for grades 8+. I'm offering it here at 40% off!It includes careful explanations and exercises on all the topics covered in a first year German course. It also includes a detailed description of grammar terms and a full appendix with all the most important charts for studying the German language. This book also includes 15 short readings, 30

German Mega Bundle

Created by
little helper
German Mega Bundle. This huge bundle contains all German products in my store. There are currently 68 German resources in this bundle.Please note: As I add new German products to my TPT store, I will raise the price of this mega bundle. All resources in this bundle are non-editable.

German for Beginners Easy Reading texts and worksheets

Created by
little helper
German reading and writing practice for beginners. This set of easy German texts and worksheets are for young and struggling learners of German. The texts are written in simple present. They follow the same pattern. All nouns and verbs are singular only. Each pet in these stories has a different gender to practice. Language and grammar structures are being repeated while reading short and simple sentences. The rebus story and combined exercises can be used as tests too. You will find the followi

German Flash Cards - Basic Vocabulary

Created by
little helper
German flash cards with many topics for your German language lessons. This set contains 480 German flash cards. They are a great visual help for your students. Topics included in this set are: adjectives animals body seasons clothes colors family emotions food house – rooms, furniture, appliances professions environment countries – nationalities, languages numbers places in town prepositions pronouns – subject, direct object, indirect object school objects transportation v

Europe Bundle 1: An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

Europe Bundle #1 includes slideshows of France, Germany, and Spain. Students will enjoy learning about food, clothing, art, tourist attractions, languages, and much more about each country. In all, there are 88 pages of information and beautiful photos! These slideshows can be shown to a class on a screen from your computer, printed as a book to use in centers, or for student research. Many teachers also use these to impress parents on multicultural nights. This bundle in particular is perfect

German Reading Comprehension 50 Mini Stories

Created by
little helper
German reading comprehension. These 50 ready-to-go German Mini-Stories with comprehension questions will help to build your students' vocabulary skills and reading fluency in German. The goal of these worksheets is to introduce basic German vocabulary in context without the stress of mastering complex grammar structures. Each reading passage consists of 3 sentences followed by 3 comprehension questions. All texts and questions are written in Präsens (simple present). They are suitable for young

All About Germany - Country Study

Created by
Holly Rachel
Your students will love learning all about Germany with this fun country study! Included is an all about Germany Powerpoint presentation (.pptx) to teach your class all about Germany, the capital city, flag, food, language, famous landmarks, Oktoberfest and the Black Forest! Student activity worksheets are also included based on the facts in the Powerpoint (all differentiated on two levels to support the different abilities in your class), plus a Germany word search, postcard activity and favori

German Verbs Conjugation Practice

Created by
little helper
German verbs conjugation practice. Practice German verbs with this set of 80 worksheets plus answer keys. This set contains conjugation practice and activities for the following 12 most common German verbs for beginners:habenseinessentrinkengehenheißenwohnenkaufenmalensingensuchenspielenCheck out my other GERMAN RESOURCES

German Numbers Zahlen - activities, puzzles, bingo, flashcards

Created by
Llanguage Llamas
106 pages of fun flashcards, Write around the room, bingo, matching activities, word searches, crosswords, mystery pictures, dot to dot, code breakers and more. All you need to teach the German words for the numbers 1-20 - great for elementary students. The pack is versatile as it is designed for teachers who want to teach numbers 1-10, then 11-20, or 1-20 all at once.This German Numbers pack comprises:* Suggestions for use of resources in classroom.* 20 color posters (image and text) for use wi

German Weather - Wetter

Packed with useful German weather vocabulary, colorful graphics, and lots of activities, this packet is perfect for first weather units and/or circle time, and includes:poster display, featuring 9 weather expressionsword wall cards, 1 for each of the 9 weather expressionsindividual weather posters, 1 for each of the 9 weather expressionsWhat’s the weather? circle-time weather wheelWhat’s the weather? weather charting mini-book: Students write the weather expression, depict it with a drawing, and

How do you say? Circumlocution Game (Any language!)

Created by
The Chase Place
Of course we want to teach our kiddos how to circumlocute or use words they know to describe words they don't know. But how do we teach that skill? With lots of comprehensible input, of course! The teacher describes random words in the Target Language slowly and comprehensibly while students listen carefully and guess the word in English. With this purchase you'll get instructions explaining the game, a video demonstrating how to play and 231 random word cards you'll describe to your students. S

Germany Copywork, Activities, and Country Booklet

Created by
Yvonne Crawford
Take a pretend trip to Germany to learn fun facts and information about German life!Using this country study, students can:Cut out a passport stamp and paste it into an included passport to start the journeyCreate a tab-style booklet featuring different information about Germany and German cultureAnswer questions about the facts and information they have studiedComplete various activities, such as a crossword puzzle, a word search, and moreWrite informational texts as copywork or compose their o

Circumlocution Games BUNDLE

Original circumlocution gameAdd-on pack for original circumlocution gameChristmas Circumlocution gameEaster/Spring Circumlocution gameSpooky Season Circumlocution gameCircumlocution is an important skill in another language, and it is also fun to practice! These are words that the average high school student would NOT likely know in his or her second language.To play this game, students should be in groups of 4. Place all the cards face down in a pile. A student draws a card, and must describe t

German "All About Me" Printable

Created by
This worksheet consists of an "All About Me" page in German. It is suitable for beginning students of German as well as exploratory language programs. Students use a chart, word search, a form, and a fill-in-the-blank letter to give basic information about themselves. The instructions and teaching ideas are given in English and German, so that even teachers who know little or no German can use this sheet, making this also a good resource for a substitute lesson in the German program. The comp

German Speaking Countries Packet (w/ Key) - Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Created by
Got German
This product is a 5 page English-language packet that helps students learn about German speaking countries, especially Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The format of this resource allows this packet to be used as a set or as individual worksheets. This resource can be used in class or for homework. It can easily be used in Georgraphy, Social Studies, and/or German classes. Topics within the packet include: basic facts, geography, and flags. This resource also includes the answer key.

Kyle Carr's TPRS Beginner Stories

Created by
Profe Loco
There are 32 story scripts that are simple and super interesting that any teacher of any level of any language class can use for TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). The great part about these scripts is that they only focus on one structure (a verb) a week, and they are so simple, repetitive and funny (based off of Anne Matava's TPRS script style). This is especially helpful for teachers just starting out with TPRS. Focusing on just making sure the kids acquire one stru

German Greetings and Introductions Unit Activities BUNDLE

A Greetings in German and German Introductions unit BUNDLE (Die Begrüßungen auf Deutsch) featuring a 110+ slide PowerPoint presentation (and PDF version), differentiated worksheets, puzzles, printable speaking and reading games and activities. Resources for multiple lessons to teach and review basic vocabulary for hellos, farewells, and saying how you are, as well as introducing yourself in German. Includes basic words and phrases such as Guten Tag (Hello), Guten Abend (Good evening), Auf Wieder

German Word Walls - Basic Vocabulary

Created by
little helper
German word walls with basic German vocabulary. This set contains 53 German word walls. Topics included in this set are: adjectives animals body seasons months days of the week clothes colors family emotions food house – rooms, furniture, appliances professions environment countries – nationalities, languages numbers places in town prepositions pronouns – subject, direct object, indirect object school objects transportation verbs – free time activities, daily routine, c
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