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3 Branches of Government Activity | Interactive Notebook | Google Slides

This BEST SELLING interactive and engaging resource will help your students learn all about our 3 branches of U.S. government! These 3 branches of government activities will not only have your students learning the importance of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches, they’ll also be learning about check and balances in detail.This 3 branches of government resource has over 80+ pages full of fun and engaging activities to help your students become government scholars. I also love the

Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities of Being a Good Citizen Civics Lessons

Created by
Kim Miller
Are you looking for a way to teach your students how to be good citizens? This ready-to-go NO PREP resource introduces students to the rights and responsibilities of United States citizens at home, school, and in their community, state, and country. Easily integrate social studies with reading comprehension skills as students learn about the importance of citizenship and being a good citizen.These time-saving, NO PREP lessons contain reading comprehension passages, text-dependent questions, grap

Declaration of Independence Activity: The Big Break Up Letter & Texting Activity

Created by
Mister Harms
The Declaration of Independence was really just a big "break-up" letter written by the colonists to the King of Great Britain. This historical document was written to convince the world of the King's abuses and to let everyone know that the colonies no longer wanted to be in a relationship with Great Britain. While studying the Declaration of Independence, students will use this assignment as a reinforcement to understand just what Jefferson wrote in this historical document. The lesson start

U.S. Constitution ESCAPE ROOM Activity! Constitution Day - Reading Comprehension

Created by
Think Tank
The U.S. Constitution Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom reading comprehension passage, answering questions and solving puzzles! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about the United States Constitution, Preamble, Constitutional Convention and Founding Fathers. This is the perfect activity to introduce the Constitution or FUN lesson to celebrate Constitution Day. The Constitution Escape Room has students walking around the classroom breaking

3 Branches of Government Activity | Social Studies Interactive Notebook

Created by
Shelly Rees
Your students will enjoy learning about the 3 Branches of Government with this interactive packet. This hands-on approach to learning will be a huge help to your students as they learn and understand all about the checks, balances, and duties of the three branches of the U.S. Government.Click the PREVIEW button above to see all the details of this resource!This is the perfect companion to the 3 Branches of Government Reading Escape Room!Click HERE to SAVE 20% by buying ALL 15 Social Studies Inte

Liberty's Kids Worksheets for ALL Episodes - Print and Digital Format

Created by
Run Play Explore
These Liberty's Kids Worksheets contain a two-page worksheet for each episode. All 40 episodes are included in this resource. These videos introduce the Revolutionary War, Declaration of Independence, 13 Colonies, the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin, and many other topics related to the founding of the United States. These worksheets are printable, but a google slides version was also created quickly during 2020 to help teachers doing distance learning, and I have included that for free in this

Community Signs Skill Pack Leveled for Special Education - Life Skills

Do your students need a high level of varied practice in order to learn community signs? This community signs skill pack will help your students progress from identifying a sign to understanding what the community signs mean. Being able to identify and understand community signs is a crucial life skill. These activities help students recognize and understand the meaning of the different signs.This life skills and social studies set is already differentiated for you. There are 3 levels included t

Levels of Government Local State and National Activities for 1st 2nd 3rd Grade

This is a fabulous set for teaching levels of government at the primary level. It goes over LOCAL, STATE, AND NATIONAL only. It discusses how the mayor, governor, and president are in charge of these different levels! It also talks about what the jobs are each of these different levels. This set is perfect for 2nd and 3rd grade students!This product is also available in a digital form. Click HERE for the digital version. I also have the task cards available in BOOM CARDS™!There are many activ

Little Social Studies Thinkers MINI-UNIT for K-1: America

Created by
Karen Jones
This complete mini-unit teaches lessons about the government in America. It’s a perfect mini-unit for President’s Day/Week!________________________________________________________________Little Social Studies Thinkers is a complete Social Studies curriculum. It contains everything you need to teach a complete unit in a neat, organized package. It's very teacher friendly and student-approved!-------------------GET THE FULL YEAR-LONG CURRICULUM HERE--------------------Full FIRST GRADE Little Soc

Who Am I? - Community Helpers Powerpoint Game #1

Created by
Teacher Gameroom
Community helpers games are great for teaching students about different community jobs. In this "Who am I" game, students must guess the community worker. There are 10 questions and you just click on each question to go to it. Each question has 3 clues and student have to guess which community helper it describes. Clues include tools they may use, what they do, and where they may work. Great for a whole class review or rainy day activity. Great for individual practice on the iPad! Extra licens

Bill of Rights Scenario Activity | Which Bill of Rights Amendment was violated?

In this engaging Bill of Rights scenarios lesson, students examine a variety of scenarios to discover which of the Bill of Rights has been violated! There are 15 Bill of Rights scenarios in total, and students can work individually or in pairs to solve which of the first 10 amendments has been broken! Then, students create their own scenario! ☆ ☆ Get this engaging resource (and a huge discount) when you purchase my US Constitution activities unit located here bundle.This resource includes a pap

Constitution Day and Bill of Rights Activities and Worksheets

Make learning fun for your students while teaching them about the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Constitution Day. These activities and worksheets help students learn about these important U.S. documents. This resource is perfect for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students. Digital activity included using Easel by TpT.These activities can be used during whole group instruction, independent work, and center time. Easy-to-use activity sheets with clear directions and answer keys

Civics and Government | Social Studies Unit Bundle

A complete social studies unit to teach your students about civics and government in the United States! This Civics and Government Unit contains 140+ pages of engaging activities, supplemental worksheets, formal and informal assessments, a study guide, unit test, and much more!This unit may be used as a replacement or supplement to a traditional textbook series. Informational worksheets and engaging activities allow your students to discover meaning within each lesson without the need for a trad

2nd Grade Social Studies Full Year Curriculum | Worksheets Lesson Plans Quizzes

Everything you need for teaching 2nd or 3rd grade social studies curriculum all in one convenient bundle! This 2nd Grade Social Studies Bundle (also works well for 3rd grade) is packed with lesson plans, worksheets, activities, foldables, vocabulary, quizzes, and more. Your students will love learning about citizenship, community, government, geography, history, and economics. With 26 units in this social studies curriculum, you will have everything you need for 30 weeks or more of fun and engag

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE Activity: Primary Source Analysis and Questions

Created by
Mister Harms
The Declaration of Independence can be a daunting document for teachers to explain to students, but this primary source lesson will help students understand the major themes and concepts within the document itself. Though Thomas Jefferson's Declaration was written in the 18th century, this worksheet has proven to be a fantastic, big-picture way for today's students to study such an important writing without becoming overwhelmed. The Declaration is really just a big "break-up letter" from the co

13 Colonies Map and Scavenger Hunt Activity

In this 13 Colonies activity and map scavenger hunt, students complete a gallery walk on the colonization of the 13 American Colonies. Students navigate around the room examining each colony's station to understand the reason behind its founding. Students can work individually or they can create groups and, before they are turned loose, divide up the responsibilities to research the founding of the 13 Colonies and detail the 13 Colonies map. This lesson is a great introduction to the 13 colo

Declaration of Independence Activity Causes of the American Revolution Activity

In this Declaration of Independence primary source resource for the American Revolution, students complete an engaging scavenger hunt activity to understand the Declaration of Independence. Students work in teams or individually (I'd recommend teams in middle school) to complete this Declaration of Independence activity. There are 32 questions that students will be responsible for hunting down. There are two versions in this purchase to easily allow for differentiation: one provides questions

Articles of Confederation and Constitution PowerPoint and Guided Notes

Created by
History Gal
This 57 slide PowerPoint presentation on the creation of a New Nation covers a myriad of topics including:- Critical Period- Creation of the Articles of Confederation and the role of John Dickinson- Structure of government under the Articles of Confederation- Accomplishments of the Articles of Confederation- Weaknesses and problems of the Articles of Confederation including Shay's Rebellion- Annapolis Convention- Philadelphia or Constitutional Convention- Creation of the Constitution including V

3 Branches of Government 3D Project Cube *History Craftivity*

Bring history to life by creating a 3D Project Cube for 3 Branches of Government. The students will be excited to get out of the text book, or plain old lecturing. Excite your students with this fun 3D Project Cube. When can you use it?Review Time: Use the cube as a review activity to reinforce key concepts before an assessment or as a quick refresher.Small Groups: Assign small groups of students to work collaboratively on the cube, encouraging teamwork and discussion.Exemplary Task: Showcase ex

Types of Governments Straw Activity Simulation

An interactive simulation to introduce the types of governments to middle-schoolers. Students get to compete with each other in groups to see who can build the best straw tower with straws and tape, but there's a slight catch: each group must build the straw tower how their assigned government would build it. This is guaranteed to be a fun activity that students will love while simultaneously learning about different types of governments!This Types of Governments Straw Activity includes:♦ Instru

Social Studies Interactive Notebook | Print and Digital for Distance Learning

Created by
Includes a digital version! There are 60 different activities and topics addressed in these social studies interactive notebook printables, and many of the pages can be used in a variety of ways, so it's sure to meet your specific state standards. These flipbooks can be used for interactive notebooks or even social studies lapbooks. Each activity includes a photo of the finished product and a student page/template with concise directions. In order to keep the cost down, reading passages are NOT

3 Branches of Government Reading Comprehension Passages

Integrate literacy into your social studies lessons by reading and responding to passages about the 3 branches of the United States government. Included are short passages with comprehension questions about the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government. Comprehension questions are multiple choice, short answer, and true/false. The questions challenge students to process what they've read to answer questions and to find answers within a piece of text. The comprehension passa

Bill of Rights One-Pager - Creative Project for Civics & American History!

Looking for a creative project for your Bill of Rights unit? This Bill of Rights One-Pager Project has students demonstrate their comprehension of the first ten Amendments to the United States Constitution by describing and illustrating each in an attractive One-Pager art project. Students can draw by hand, paste in pictures, use quotes, word art, or newspaper headlines — the sky's the limit! This imaginative One-Pager lets students get creative and have fun — all while showing off how much the

Articles of Confederation Student Reading Activity and Worksheet

In this Articles of Confederation and Constitution worksheet reading activity, students are introduced to the first government of the United States, the Articles of Confederation! This close-reading assignment guides students through the text with a variety of questions to "check-in" along the way! A great way to introduce the first system of government in the United States! ☆ ☆ Get this engaging resource (and a huge discount) when you purchase my US Constitution activities unit located here b
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