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Greek Gods, Greek Mythology Body Biography for Print and Digital Learning Bundle

Created by
Danielle Knight
This Greek Mythology Body Biography Bundle is filled with all you need to teach and promote amazing Greek Gods and Goddesses and their myths. Your students will find plenty of opportunity for creativity. For the first time you'll experience the unique approach of using a collaborative poster, Greek mythology, research, and the body biography project! ***Now it includes the digital learning version.***This project can be used any time of the year. The project bundle includes 22 Greek Gods and God

Serial Podcast Season One Unit Plan: True Crime Lesson Plans, ELA Activities, AP

Serial Podcast Season One by Sarah Koenig is a fantastic way to teach literary nonfiction, rhetoric, bias, and the power of storytelling. This podcast is so engaging that even your most reluctant students will be enthralled with the true crime content! This Serial unit plan will provide you with literary nonfiction activities that help students analyze the production of the podcast, discuss bias from multiple angles, examine rhetoric from a real-world perspective, and so much more. All of these

ELA First Day BUNDLE: Everything for back to school: Syllabus + Stations + Fun

Have the best first day EVER in ELA with this bundle of first day stations, slides, and syllabus templates! Whether you like customizing in Canva, PPT, or Google Slides, these templates will make prepping for your first day total breeze. Not only will you be more efficient with your back to school prep, but you'll also set the tone for the rest of the year. Students will be impressed with your visual syllabus and engaged from day one!What you will get:⭐ A super fun, low pressure ice breaker idea

Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt Summarizing Informational Text Graphic

✨BEST-SELLER✨ This nonfiction graphic organizer works w/ any type of informational text or nonfiction passage: use it again & again. Students love the non-fiction text activities like the Nonfiction Text Features scavenger hunt & the fun dice Nonfiction Game | Nonfiction Reading response worksheet. Perfect for summarizing nonfiction text, teaching nonfiction reading skills, nonfiction centers, no-prep sub-plans, close reading, teaching nonfiction reading strategies, informational writing

Ethos, Pathos, Logos - Rhetorical Appeals Analysis and Persuasive Language Unit

Make teaching ethos, pathos, and logos fun and engaging with this rhetorical appeals unit! This comprehensive rhetorical appeals unit includes everything you need to teach your middle and high school students about the different, effective persuasive and argumentative writing strategies, including ethos, pathos, and logos. ⭐️ 2023 UPDATE: Now includes PRINT AND DIGITAL! Teach your students about rhetorical appeals using the engaging and interactive multi-day instructional slide. Students follow

Titanic! Nonfiction Text Features & Comparing Multiple Accounts 4-8 NO PREP

Created by
Lovin Lit
Spice up your lessons with this Titanic Pack! Students practice identifying and using nonfiction text features in natural context. They'll also compare multiple accounts of survivor stories. Just like all of my other activity packs, these lessons are FUN, extremely high-interest, organized, RIGOROUS, and ready to teach today! *NOTE* - This product is included in my Spring Bundle. Purchase the bundle to receive an exclusive Easter Mini-Pack! Your students will: Construct an 11 page "book" in t

Animal Farm Unit Plan: Fun Activities, Editable Lesson Plans, History Info, Test

This complete Animal Farm unit is designed to help you get to the heart of Animal Farm while making your efforts mean something. With your guidance, students will dig deep into Animal Farm history, themes, and allegory in order to better apply Orwell’s message to their own lives right here, right now. Are you ready to help students relate to this allegory in a meaningful way without sacrificing your evenings and weekends to do so? Let's dig in!BEFORE READING:To help you set the tone and spark in

Women's History Month, Biography Research, Pennant, Make Your Own Banner

Created by
Danielle Knight
This Women's History Month pennant is all you need to teach and promote amazing women around the world. Women's History Month is March. The Women's History pennant is a research activity. There is a biography timeline, quotes, lesson learned, characteristics, and opportunities for creativity. This is the largest selection you'll find on Teachers Pay Teachers! The pennant can be used any time of the year (it says "Women's History"). The banner includes women throughout history, dating back from C

The Crucible Unit Plan: Fun Activities, Editable Lesson Plans, Movie Guide, Test

You don't need a wand to engage students with The Crucible, but a touch of inspiration can certainly work its magic! This complete and editable Crucible unit plan will help you add theatrical fun, historical intrigue, modern connections, and academic rigor to your Crucible lesson plans. Each act contains interactive notes and engaging activities to help bring this play bubbling to life!Are you ready to engage students with meaningful and fun activities for teaching The Crucible? Hop on your broo

Annotating Text - teaching students to annotate nonfiction - PRINT + DIGITAL

Help your students learn how to annotate nonfiction text with this step-by-step text annotation unit! This annotating text resource includes everything you need to teach your middle and high school students how to effectively annotate and closely read informational text. Includes print and digital formats!Begin your unit with a presentation for direct instruction. Students will use the included guided notes to follow along with the lesson. Then, work together in a whole-class setting to annotate

Lord of the Flies Unit Plan: Fun Activities, Editable Lesson Plans, Mask, Test

Lord of the Flies by William Golding offers unique insight into human nature, the dangers of unchecked power, and the consequences of a failing society. With this Lord of the Flies Unit Plan, you’ll be able to dig deep into these dark themes while preparing students for a more hopeful future. From Steven King to Suzanne Collins, Lord of the Flies has inspired readers through the ages to explore the ugliness of human nature within the safe pages of a book. In turn, readers use these lessons and i

Research Paper Writing Unit - Lessons, PowerPoint, Handouts, Research Bundle

This Research Paper Writing Unit Bundle includes five and resources to help make teaching resource paper writing a breeze. This research writing unit includes lessons on paraphrasing, quoting, summarizing, 9th edition MLA format and citations, research paper writing, and academic vocabulary. This Research Paper Writing Unit Bundle includes everything you will need to help your students master research writing.The main research paper writing unit includes:An engaging and editable, 72-slide PowerP

Beowulf Unit Plan: Fun Activities, Editable Lesson Plans, Modern Pairings, Test

This Beowulf unit plan is designed for an active, creative, and inclusive classroom. With its difficult language and dated topics, Beowulf can be challenging to teach. However, with a little inspiration, it is possible to include meaningful, engaging, and fun activities for teaching Beowulf into your unit plan.These fun activities for teaching Beowulf will help you bring the archaic epic to life for your modern students!You will get:⭐ A detailed day-by-day Beowulf unit plan explaining exactly ho

Argumentative Writing - A Complete Argument Essay Writing Unit - PRINT & DIGITAL

Help your students master the art of argumentative writing with this argument writing teaching unit! I created this argumentative essay writing teaching unit with secondary ELA students in mind, and it includes step-by-step and engaging writing instructional materials. This argument essay writing unit includes everything you need for a complete argumentative writing instructional unit, including the print & digital materials. This essay writing instructional unit includes an editable instruc

Article of the Week prompts for the entire school year in Secondary ELA

Make article of the week meaningful and relevant to your students with this print and go activity for secondary ELA. Here's how it works: use the provided lesson and article to teach students about building schemas for reading. Students learn that they can build schemas, or files, in their brain by reading as well and as much as they can. Next, begin reading articles and completing the activities on the provided worksheets. After reading, students reflect on their learning in their personal Buil

Article of the Week Club, 8th Grade | Nonfiction Reading Passages Middle School

Created by
Lovin Lit
Article of the Week Club, Grade 8 (8th Grade Nonfiction Articles + Activities)8th Grade Article of the Week Club is your solution for teaching ALL of the CCSS for Grade 8 Reading Informational Text! You’ll receive 25 nonfiction article + activity packs according to the schedule below. This includes a midterm and final assessment for reading informational text standards. Your students will enjoy practicing all of the common core reading informational text standards with these high-interest inform

Holocaust Victims' Identity Cards Activities for ELA, History - Print & Digital

These activities accompany my FREE Holocaust Victims' Identity Cards and are designed to help students make a personal connection with the victims of the Holocaust. These activities could be used before a novel study or a history lesson. This lesson can be printed, used digitally, or a combination of the two. Resources include Google Drive resources (Docs, Slides, Forms, etc.) and well as print ready PDF versions. After reading about an individual impacted by the Holocaust, students will complet

The Diary of Anne Frank DRAMA Unit for Play Version (Goodrich & Hackett)

Created by
Lovin Lit
This is an extremely thorough, full 3-week (14 days!) unit for the short story/drama version of "The Diary of Anne Frank" by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. These resources are focused around Common Core Standards for Grade 8, but they are absolutely still relevant for all middle grades students who are studying this story or drama genre in general. Please verify this by taking a look at the preview file.This is the Short Story of the Month Club, Grade 8: November Selection – Click here to

RTI: 60 Fluency Passages for Progress Monitoring Comprehension 5th-12th Grades

Created by
Hello Literacy
180 Comprehension Assessments aligned to these passages HERE, added Aug. 28, 2019. Are you a middle school or high school teacher and have you been told that you must "do" RTI? Yet have been given no direction, no training, no intervention resources or no progress monitoring tools? Then this is the packet for you. This packet is not the interventions...I do however, have an RTI Reading Interventions Menu (free) HERE. This product will help you progress monitor fluency and comprehension inter

Reading Escape Room ELA Digital Breakout Nonfiction Escape Room

NOW WITH A DIGITAL ESCAPE ROOM OPTION FOR DISTANCE LEARNING.Get your readers ENGAGED with this ELA escape room in one of the things they often say they don't like... reading nonfiction. Great for STAAR prep and test prep! My students are begging for more, simply because the content is all related to the the ongoing trend of VIDEO GAMES! Every station is a nonfiction reading activity about video games in general. The high interest content not glorify video games in any way! You can feel comfort

The Great Gatsby Unit Plan + Harlem Renaissance Pairing Lesson Plans, Activities

Unlike Gatsby and Daisy, These The Great Gatsby lesson plans + Harlem Renaissance activities make the perfect pair. ;) Create an immersive and inclusive Roaring 20s reading experience with these engaging text sets! Designed as a thematic unit, students use the concept of color symbolism to do a literary analysis of The Great Gatsby and dig deep into The Jazz Age by comparing Harlem Renaissance poetry to The Great Gatsby passages. Here is what you will get in The Great Gatsby Teacher’s Guide:BEFO

6 Graphic Organizers for Writing Informational Essays - PDF, PPT, & Google

***NEWLY UPDATED! This product includes the original PDF file along with an editable PowerPoint file and a link to copy the Google Slides Version***Hi! Thanks for stopping by my store and taking a closer look at this product!This product includes a set of graphic organizers to guide students through writing an informational essay. What’s Included?→ Outline – graphic organizer for outlining a complete essay→ Introduction – graphic organizer for introduction paragraph→ Body – 3 numbered graphic or

Narrative Writing Teaching Unit for secondary ELA (presentation, essay & more)

Engage your students in an exciting and comprehensive narrative writing unit with this resource! This standards-based narrative writing unit includes materials for both a personal narrative and a fictional narrative and includes everything you need to teach narrative writing to your middle and high school students, including both the print and digital files!Walk your students step-by-step through the writing process with the materials in this unit. From brainstorming and organizing to peer editi

Argumentative Writing Unit - Grades 7-10 - Teaching Argument Essay Writing

Argument Writing Unit: This unit is common core aligned and includes everything you need to teach your middle and high school students about argumentative writing including persuasive strategies, ethos, pathos, and logos, and more.This unit focuses on building better arguments and stronger writers by understanding and analyzing arguments in informational text, as well as studying key academic vocabulary.This resource includes:- A detailed, standards-based unit outline- Four editable PowerPoint p
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