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Christmas in Italy PowerPoint Christmas Around the World Holidays and Traditions

Created by
Sheila Melton
Buon Natale! Travel with your students to Italy for Christmas with this Christmas Around the World PowerPoint featuring Christmas traditions in Italy! This engaging and informative PowerPoint uses real pictures and images and is a great addition to your Christmas / Holidays Around the World celebration!❤️ Christmas traditions in Italy include: Italian Christmas markets, Novena, Presepe (Italian nativity scenes), Christmas Eve traditions/food, Italian sweets, Christmas Day traditions/food, Babbo

Italy: An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

This slideshow helps elementary students quickly learn about famous landmarks, food, artists, and the culture of Italy. You can use this slideshow at the beginning of a unit on Italy or the Renaissance. You can also print it out and use it as a book for student research. This slideshow also has 4 questions at the end of the slideshow to review what students have learned. This download comes as a PDF file and is NOT editable as a PDF. However, you can open this slideshow in the TPT EASEL program

NO PREP - Italy - Country Study

Created by
Mr Smith's Stuff
This 23 PAGE, NO PREP Country Study / Project on ITALY covers the following topics:•Italy – Quick Facts•Where in the world is Italy?•The Italian Government•The Eternal City•Italian Tourist Attractions•Italian Food•Italian Culture and Traditions•Famous Italians and Italian Brands•Italian GeographyA Memo with suggested answers is inlcuded.Also have a look at:Germany - Country StudyGermany - Culture, Customs and TraditionsSpain - Country StudyFrance - Country StudySouth Africa - Country StudyThail

Italy Country Study *BEST SELLER* Comprehension, Activities + Play Pretend

Let's explore the country of Italy! Your students will love this fun-fact-filled country study project, (duplicate text to the original booklet) reading comprehension passages with multi-choice questions, differentiated booklet options, boarding passes, postcards, and country-themed fun worksheet activities! ────────────Important Note: This country, along with all of our 192 other UN official countries, has been freshly updated in 2023 to ensure all the information included is as relevant and up

All About Italy - Country Study

Created by
Holly Rachel
Your students will love learning all about Italy with this fun country study! Included is an all about Italy Powerpoint presentation (.pptx) to teach your class all about Italy, the capital city, flag, food, language, famous landmarks, Ancient Rome and the Italian Alps! Student activity worksheets are also included based on the facts in the Powerpoint (all differentiated on two levels to support the different abilities in your class), plus an Italy word search, postcard activity and favorite fac

Italy Country Study: Reading & Writing + Google Slides/PPT Distance Learning

Created by
Yvonne Crawford
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Italy?Learn what it might be like to be a kid in Italy through the eyes of an Italian boy named Matteo. Students will see what it’s like to attend school in Italy, what food they might eat, what sports they might play, and what they might do with their families for fun on weekends. Great for Distance Learning! Included in This Kid's Life: Italy:A letter from Matteo to your students about what life is like as a kid in ItalyA colorful present

Life is Beautiful: Film Viewing Guide

An excellent film to view for English, History, or Italian Language classes. "This is a simple story ... but not an easy one to tell. Like a fable, there is sorrow. And, like a fable, it is full of wonder and happiness."These are the opening words of the film Life is Beautiful, starring and directed by Roberto Benigni. This Award-winning Italian film tells the story of one family’s experience during the Holocaust. This film explores the importance of family and a father-son relationship. This is

Global Cuisine Italian Foods - Foods of Italy International Foods - Culinary

Are you looking for a way to introduce the foods of Italy? This Italian Cuisine PowerPoint and Google presentation includes questions and guided notes and will help you teach Italy's foods with no preparation! It's 16 slides of information, and 6 worksheet pages for students to complete will have your students excited about global cuisine. It also includes a Foods of Italy crossword puzzle!Who is this Foods of Italy Lesson For?Culinary Arts, Global Foods, Family and Consumer Science, and Italia

First Month of Italian BUNDLE!

This First Month of Italian Bundle includes over 400 pages of resources that you can use in your Italian classroom to make the start of your students' Italian learning experience unforgettable. Topics include: Greetings (i saluti), Italian English Cognates, Alphabet (l'alfabeto in italiano), Numbers 1-100 (i numeri da 1 a 100), Italian Classroom Vocabulary (espressioni per la classe d'italiano), and several cultural activities and icebreakers to help you get to know your students and get your s

ITALY FOR YOUNG CHILDREN: Numbers, Crafts, Worksheets, Info Posters, Cooking, PE

This is a unit on Italy for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It is perfect for Folk Fairs or any time you want to teach your children about another culture/country. It includes posters with info about Italy, an art project, cooking project (making pasta from scratch), a map craftivity, color words and an Olympic PE activityWHAT WILL YOU GET?* 12 colored posters with photographs and info about Italy* A map craftivity* A Gondola craftivity* A "Listen and Do" Activity, that will test/reinforc

La Familia Rodriguez

¡Family Vocabulary Interactive Puzzle Activity in Spanish!Also available here! TPT doesn't take a cut!La Familia Rodriguez is on the loose! Only your knowledge of family vocabulary can capture them and bring them to justice!¿Es Manuela la hermana de Miguel? ¿Son Timoteo y Luísa esposos?A fictional family has been wreaking havoc on the people of Peru and it is your mission to bring them down! The Peruvian government has collected bits and pieces of information that must be pieced together to get

Carnevale - Cultural Activities for Italian Carnival

Created by
Esteem Learning
Are you looking for engaging activities to celebrate Carnival this year? They are a great way to engage with the target culture while practicing listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. Students will have a blast, and the activities can be mixed and matched to fit any timeline or group of students. This product is a best seller and customer favorite: "I LOVE LOVE LOVE this resource!"How can I use it?:-for students working both in class and remotely-for whole-class instruction, small gro

ITALIAN Verbs Bundle (Present tense) - ARE / ERE / IRE + Irregular verbs!

4 Great Packages to help your students conquer ITALIAN present tense verbs of all types! *BUY TOGETHER AND SAVE 20%!!!*The -ARE / -ERE / and -IRE Packages INCLUDE:Explanation sheet with examplesVocabulary sheet of 21 common (regular) verbsConjugation practice charts x 2 pagesGrammar Worksheets"Find a person who..." games (1 for each verb type)"Verb Slap" game explanation sheet + Flashcards (1 for each verb type)The Irregular Verbs Package INCLUDES:10 double-sided worksheets for your students to

Europe Bundle 2: An Introduction to the Art, Culture, Sights, and Food

Europe Bundle #2 includes slideshows of England, Greece, and Italy. Students will enjoy learning about food, clothing, art, tourist attractions, languages, and much more about each country. In all, there are 88 pages of information and beautiful photos! These slideshows can be shown to a class on a screen from your computer, printed as a book to use in centers, or for student research. Many teachers also use these to impress parents on multicultural nights. These downloads come as PDF files and

Italy (A Mini Unit)

I created this mini unit all about Italy for my kiddies! With so much culture and attractions, your students will feel like they just took a mini vacation! :) I have also included boarding passes to give out when you begin the unit! This is great to go with any social studies unit, too. I have also included a MINI BOOK! :) Here's what is included: -Italian boy and girl craft (with pizza) :) -Boarding pass for girl and boy(I give these out before the unit begins) -Ciao poster to hang up in your

Peer Scoring Sheets for AP Free Response Tasks (Span & Italian Lang and Culture)

Created by
The Chase Place
Feedback is critical to prepare your students for the Free Response Tasks of the AP Spanish and Italian Language and Culture Exams, but depending on teacher feedback alone is time consuming and students may not fully understand the expectations for each task. These Peer Scoring Sheets will considerably lessen your grading load, give your students valuable feedback and familiarize them with the expectations for each Free Response Task on the AP Spanish AND Italian Language and Culture Exams. The

Beginners Italian 3 Units : 15 lessons

Created by
Blossoming Minds
This bundle contains 15 Italian lessons for beginners, perfect for using with children aged 7-11.The lessons are:Lesson 1 - GreetingsLesson 2 - Emotions and FeelingsLesson 3 - Greetings for different times of dayLesson 4 - Introducing YourselfLesson 5 - Where you liveLesson 6 - NumbersLesson 7 - How old are you?Lesson 8 - ColorsLesson 9 - What do I look like? (eye and hair color)Lesson 10 - Describing myself (height and size)Lesson 11 - Family membersLesson 12 - ClothingLesson 13 - PetsLesson 14

Italian Passato Prossimo BUNDLE (w/ Avere, Essere, Reflexive, Activity) + BONUS

This bundle all about the Italian passato prossimo has tons of resources to get your students using the verb tenses effectively! There are 3 double-sided worksheets that focus on the 3 different conjugation types (with avere, essere, and reflexive) as well as TWO fun speaking activities for even more practice! **Included in each of the packages are:- Grammar reference sheets on how to make the verbs - List of Irregular Past Participles- List of 25 Common Reflexive verbs in Italian- List of Itali

Virtual Field Trip to Italy: Digital Resource

Are you ready to explore Italy in this Virtual Field Trip? Plan your trip, pack your suitcase and get ready for an exciting cross curricular virtual adventure to France all from the comfort of your classroom! This field trip is a great way to kick off country research projects *An optional PDF booklet is included to give students something to make notes on and focus their learning.*Students will begin their counrty study with a visit Italy via PowerPoint or Google Slides. Both versions are inclu

Arlecchino's Costume - A unit about Italian colors and Carnevale

Created by
This is a unit about Italian colors inspired by the joyous traditional celebration of Carnevale. I made this to use at home with my bilingual children, but it could easily be used with a larger group. The material included can be used at any time in the year, but the reference to Carnevale in some - although not all - of the activities makes this unit especially appropriate for the month of February. What is included: * A short retelling (in English) of the story of Arlecchino, the little bo

Christmas Around The World: Italy Clip Art- Color/ black&white-38 items!

Created by
*UPDATED August, 2015. This file has been updated with new images. If you have already purchased this product please download again from My Purchases to receive the updated file. ********************************************************************* Christmas Around The World: Italy Clip Art set features: ► 19 clip arts in color. ► 19 clip arts, black & white. • Antipasti, • Christmas ornament, • Christmas ornament 2 ”Buon Natale”, • Christmas stocking, • Christmas wreath, • Gondolier

Italian Bundle for Smart Teachers: 10 beginner units & ☆147+☆ NO PREP printables

Complete beginner Italian/Italiano program! *147+ different resources across 10 units* Buying this full bundle lets you save 50% over buying each unit on it's own.Includes all 10 of our Italian beginner courses:AnimalsClothesColorsFoodNumbersDays/Months/HolidaysJobsThings around the houseThings around the cityThings in the classroomActivities are designed to stimulate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modes of learning so all children will stay engaged and on-task. Each course contains all these

Italian Greetings & Introductions - I saluti in italiano

Teaching students how to greet others (i saluti) in Italian, how to introduce themselves, and how to engage in small talk is an incredibly important lesson because it is typically one of the first things we start off with in September. It really does set the tone for the rest of the year, and even the rest of your students' endeavors in Italian language learning! Included in this resource are a Google Slides Presentation, Google Docs Student Class Notes, Practice Activities & Worksheets, Pro

Movie Guide made for Luca | Worksheet | Questions | Google (PG - 2021)

Created by
Luca Movie Guide | Worksheet | Questions | Google Classroom (PG - 2021) challenges students to analyze characters, their decisions and relationships. Debate Luca's choices, imagine the perfect triathlon for each student, and explore how characters changed throughout the movie. Ask students to describe a lesson that their community could learn from the people of Portorosso and challenge students to identify and define Italian words and phrases used throughout the film.Check the preview file for
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