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Writing & Speaking Rubrics, based on ACTFL's proficiency guidelines

Created by
The Chase Place
These easy to use Writing and Speaking Rubrics will help you to evaluate your language students' writing and speaking by grading smarter, not harder! They're based on the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages' Proficiency Guidelines and range from Novice Low to Advanced Low. These rubrics are non-language specific and you can use them for whatever language or level you teach. The Introduction Page has Proficiency Expectations for each level and corresponding letter grades on the ru

Greek and Latin Roots Spelling and Vocabulary

Created by
Hello Learning
Are you looking for a way to improve your students reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary skills? This Greek and Latin roots spelling and vocabulary program will be the perfect resource for you! Students will learn Greek and Latin roots through spelling words and word study in this easy to use resource!Click on the green PREVIEW button above to see more details about this resource!What is included:34 Greek and Latin word root units94 different word roots2 differentiated spelling lists for e

Challenge B Resource Notebook for 2023-2024

Incredibly helpful worksheets, diagrams, outlines, vocabulary, etc... to assist your student in all six seminars that have been combined for easier printing. I printed this on odp with CC discount for $13.60 each. F/B; B/W; Clear F & B covers; 1-2 page with color.

Greek and Latin Root Words Game 8th Grade, 7th, 6th Grade Vocabulary Words Game

Created by
Amy Skillicorn
Please preview the video to make sure this Greek and Latin Roots resource is suited to your class's needs.Description Students click through this Greek and Latin Roots video game. If they click on the correct answer, they advance to the next question. If they answer incorrectly, they are directed to try again. A free Google account is required to access this Google Slides Greek and Latin Roots Video Game. Answers cannot be recorded for grading purposes.Updated to include free resource roundup t

Greek and Latin Roots Game 5th and 4th Grade Digital Breakout Edu & Answer Sheet

Created by
Amy Skillicorn
Engage students in an immersive 360-degree digital escape room with Greek and Latin roots! This product also includes a master list of Greek and Latin roots, as well as definitions and examples.A teacher walkthrough video is included (3 minutes) and a complete 5 page answer key.How long does it take to complete the challenge?I recommend you allow 30-45 minutes to complete the escape room. Teams are also encouraged since escape rooms foster student leadership and teamwork!The escape room can be c

Caesar's English & Latin Stems Book 1 BUNDLE

Created by
Fisher Fancy Ups
This packet includes resources to accompany Michael Clay Thompson's Caesar's English Book 1, both vocabulary lessons and Latin stem lessons. Caesar's English Resources: Unit Vocabulary posters in color and black and white Weekly Assignments Vocabulary Memory cards for each lesson Jeopardy Review Game I Have... Who Has... review game Student take home lists Colorful Word & Discussion Posters This packet is meant to be used to fully implement Michael Clay Thompson's Caesar's English Vocabulary

Roman Mythology Webquest for Kids

Created by
History Wizard
Roman Mythology Webquest for KidsStudents will gain basic knowledge about the Roman gods and goddess by completing an internet-based worksheet. This website is great for students who might be studying World History, Literature, Mythology, or Latin. The Roman Mythology Webquest uses the following great website.Click here to view the website!My students enjoy learning about the Roman gods and goddess using this website. This website is tame and is a G or PG version of Roman Mythology. I use this

Greek and Latin Roots Word Study | Anchor Chart, Cards and Worksheets

Created by
Snips and Snails
Simplify your lessons on Greek and Latin Roots with this word study set. Help students build vocabulary by teaching them to look for and understand the roots of words using the 40 most common roots in our language. Various strategies for implementation allow students to identify and define the roots, locate roots in the real word, and collect lists of common words using each root. Games also reinforce their learning.❤️Included in this resource:Anchor Chart for wall display40 root cards & 40

Weekly-Themed GREEK & LATIN Root Word Curriculum for the Whole Year

This is a cumulative 36-week product that continually builds on prior lessons taught. Ready to use from the first week of school. Product includes engaging Power Point presentations, Weekly Review presentations, Weekly Tests, Cumulative Tests, Handouts, and Certificates.What is included?I. An introductory 27-slide Power Point that gives students an overview / explanation as to why Greek and Latin roots are so prevalent in the modern English languageII. Exactly 132 Greek & Latin roots that

Black Ships Before Troy Student's Notebook

This is a 40-page student notebook for a teaching unit on Rosemary Sutcliffe's Black Ships Before Troy, a simplified prose version of the Iliad. The notebook contains study questions for the 19 chapters in the book that students are to complete each night for homework. It also contains readings from English literature that touch on themes and characters in the book, as well as instructions for a project due at the end of the book. To accompany BSBT, I created art PowerPoints for each chapter, wh

Latin Dominoes for Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Weeks 1-8 [5th Edition]

CC kiddos enjoy a change from the mundane memorization of their LATIN memory work with this domino set! 2 Sets are included: Cycle 3 Weeks 1-4 and 5-8. CLICK HERE for additional review materials for Classical Conversations. You'll especially want to check out our paperless, self-grading online interactive review cards!**NOTE TO BUYER: We are independent teacher-authors and are in no way associated with Classical Conversations. This is not an official resource from Classical Conversations**TERMS

Weekly Latin Phrases Language Arts Word Study Etymology CCSS ELA

Created by
Simone Ryals
Weekly Latin Phrases Language Arts Word Study Etymology CCSS ELA This is a set of popular Latin phrases for classroom display purposes, in portrait format with large fonts. There are 43 in all, so you have more than enough for the school year. Example sentences and clarifications are included for teacher reference as well. They are listed in the order I use them in class—but of course you can use whichever ones you prefer in whichever order suits your needs best. I laminated mine for years

My Virtual Dia de los Muertos Ofrenda | Hispanic Heritage | Online Learning

Created by
Imagine N8tion
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and Dia de los Muertos with this My Virtual Ofrenda project!Perfect for Distance Learning/Virtual Classrooms/Online Learning/Safer at Home Learning Project Overview/Tutorial Video Link Included - WATCH IT HERE!File is delivered digitally and is optimized for Google Slides (also compatible with Powerpoint and Keynote) and works well for students of most grades. It can be be as simple as copy and paste from a preselected clipart library or students can find their

Latin Games: Beginner Bundle

Created by
Amy Skillicorn
This bundle of Latin Games includes 11 Latin games for the beginner level.Latin Ninja WarriorLatin UNOInsidiaeLatin BraniumQuattuor Generis1st Declension Practice CardsPreposition Color by NumberVideo Game via Google slidesLatin Trash-ket-ballLatin Gin RummyLatin TabooBeginner Digital Escape Room1st Declension Quattuor GenerisResources You May Also LoveLatin Indirect Statement Activity BundleLatin Cases: Foldable BooksBeginner Latin Warm-upsConnect with Me!Latin Teaching BlogList of Free Online

The Aeneid Simulation

Created by
Omnia Bona
Students retrace the journey of Aeneas as told in the Aeneid except they role play as Aeneas. Students will make 22 choices and choosing wisely (the way Aeneas did) helps them keep their piety, but a wrong choice will cost them piety. Having too little piety at the end makes it more difficult for Aeneas' descendants to found the Roman people.Students get a handout with a brief intro and a chart to keep track of their piety. The PowerPoint allows the teacher to serve as narrator to the journey. Y

Latin: The Language of Rome Fun Worksheet #1

Created by
Mark Aaron
A fun and easy to work with worksheet on 20 Latin words and their English meaning. Students work as "word sleuths" to try and identify the meaning of the 20 words for a set period of time and then correct and score it themselves orally with their teacher. Words were chosen for their similarity to English counterparts. Ideal lesson for either a social studies or language arts class. Check out the Preview to see how this is formatted. English counterparts for Latin words are given in the answer ke

Saturnalia / Christmas for the Latin Classroom - BUNDLE!

Created by
Magistra F
The PERFECT packet for the week leading into winter break. Includes worksheets suitable for multiple levels and everything you wish were available for quick, on the fly, holiday lessons for the Latin classroom. Includes: 1 Thematic vocabulary powerpoint with images and Latin text. 3 Latin Crossword Puzzles (Holiday themed) with answer keys. 2 Latin Wordsearches (Holiday themed). 1 Powerpoint about the Roman holiday of Saturnalia.2 Color by Roman Numeral Holiday Scenes. 1 Webquest worksheet compa

Greek and Latin Word Root Bundle- Word Lists, Root Cards and Slides

Created by
Hello Learning
Here is everything you need to teach Greek and Latin word roots to your students this year! This bundle contains all three (3) of my popular Greek and Latin Word Root products: Greek and Latin Roots Spelling and Vocabulary Greek and Latin Root Cards Greek and Latin Root Instructional Slides The 3 products are in a zipped file. The word lists and word root cards are pdf files and the instructional slides are in a Powerpoint file. The Greek and Latin Spelling and Vocabulary includ

Greek and Latin Word Roots Instructional Slides- 247 Powerpoint Slides

Created by
Hello Learning
Learning Greek and Latin word roots and their meanings will help your students be more successful in all academic subjects! These colorful word root slides will give your students a chance to learn Greek and Latin roots visually, orally and in written form. This Powerpoint presentation contains 247 slides covering 80+ different word roots. For each word root presented there are 3 different slides. Slide 1- Introduce the root and brainstorm words containing that root. Try to determine the

Latin Curriculum: Sumus Level 1, Unit 1 Big Bundle

This bundle includes all resources that connect with Sumus Level 1, Unit 1, including the Core Unit, supplemental lessons and resources, and digital lessons. We will continue to add more resources to this bundle as we create them. Once you own the bundle, you will receive access to all new resources that are added to the bundle at no additional cost.All resources were developed by John Bracey and Martina Bex.

Assassination of Julius Caesar Primary Source Worksheet

Created by
History Wizard
This worksheet allows students to use a primary source document to learn about the assassination of Julius Caesar.This activity is very easy to use. All you have to do is print off the primary source from the following website for classroom use or direct students to the website to answer the worksheet questions: primary source document is labeled (Assassination of Julius Caesar, 44 B.C.)Students read the document and answer the questions on the wo

Greek Mythology Lesson Plans: Escape Room Greek Mythology Activity

Created by
Amy Skillicorn
This Bundle Includes 2 Products and a BONUS productProduct #1: Greek Mythology Escape RoomEngage students in an immersive 360-degree digital escape room with Greek Mythology! A teacher walkthrough video is included (3 minutes) and a complete 4 page answer key.Characters Included:PoseidonHephaestusGaiaChronosZeusArtemisApolloHermesHadesAresOuranosDionysusPersephoneHeraMinotaurMedusaHerculesAmbrosia and NectarCerberusPolyphemusRiver StyxIcarusPicture Identification:ZeusAphroditeAresPoseidonHephaes

Latin Interactive Notebook

Created by
Amy Skillicorn
The Latin Interactive Notebook is the most engaging way for your students to apply their skills and review Latin endings! Please preview this product to make sure it will be suitable for your class.DescriptionInteractive notebooks are a great engagement tool for middle school students! Latin grammar can be tedious, so I am always looking for new ways to engage my students! In particular, I was looking for a way to review in the Fall for students who had already been exposed to these topics but w

Harry Potter and the Intro to Greek & Latin Roots

Created by
This is a fun, engaging, and no-prep introduction to Greek and Latin roots. Students will learn what roots are and why they should care. They will examine examples of spells from the Harry Potter series that are based primarily on Latin roots. Finally, they will get to practice inferring the meanings of Latin roots and words from context based on the names of spells and their definitions. This is perfect for adding to interactive notebooks. If you do so, make copies at 90% to ensure they fit. Ev
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