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Calm Down Techniques - Calm Down Corner, Books, Posters, and Supports

Create a Calm Down Corner and teach calm down techniques to help your students develop self-regulation and manage their big emotions. It includes a class read-aloud, calm down posters, calm down cards, yoga cards, deep breaths visual, abook list, positive notes, and more! Teaching students how to manage their emotions is a life skill! These activities will help you build a caring classroom community of learners who will support each other all year long. These activities are designed for prescho

Morning Greeting Choices - Classroom Greeting Signs - Back to School

These morning greeting choices will immediately impact your classroom culture! Post these morning greeting signs on your classroom door as teacher or a student greeter warmly welcomes classmates as students choose their morning greeting when entering the room.  You can also post them in any virtual classroom setting. Morning greeting choices will help your students feel welcome and safe the moment they arrive! Greeting students in the morning will set a positive tone each day. Best of all, thes

Valentine Kindness Activity / Valentine's Day Craft / Compliment Jar

Teach your students the art of giving compliments with this simple lesson and beautiful bulletin board display. It includes everything you need to spread a little more kindness in your classroom this Valentine’s Day (or any day of the year!) This resource comes in a $$$ saving Valentine's Day Bundle. Included in this pack: Compliment Jar - Teacher lesson planJar clipart (see separate file for an editable version where you can add your students names digitally)Compliment hearts (blank)Prewritten

2024 New Year's Activities - Resolutions Foldables and More! Updated Yearly!

Created by
The Busy Class
Check out the preview and thumbnails!A new year (or a new school year) is a great time to turn over a new leaf, try new things, and end bad habits. Right around winter break (or at the beginning of a new school year) have a class discussion about resolutions. Brainstorm goals that are attainable and share some of your own. Have students create the foldable and then hang them for others to read.* This activity is great for all students!* Wonderful for goal-setting discussions and character educat

Social Emotional Learning Journal: Over 220 SEL Activities #counselingin2024

Teach your students social emotional learning skills with this feelings check-in YEAR LONG JOURNAL. With over 220 concise SEL activities that cover the most important social emotional topics, easily integrate SEL into your daily curriculum in 15 minutes or less. Gauge how your students are feeling: each entry includes a feelings thermometer and SEL self-reflection writing prompt. It's low-prep: just print and go and/or share the digital slides. Plus, your students will love the detailed visual

Token Boards - Visual for Positive Behavior (Reward Chart) "I Am Working For"

Created by
Enhance behavior management and motivation in your special education classroom with this behavior chart and token board system. Address challenging behaviors and promote PBIS with fun and customizable class rewards that ask "What are you working for?" Perfect for K-12 special education teachers! Behaviors got you bummed? This behavior chart is here to help! Address challenging behaviors using classroom management tools as an intervention. Get on top of those behaviors before they get out of cont

Behavior Reflection Think Sheet for Classroom Management

Created by
Melissa Moran
Behavior reflection think sheets and management activities with sorts and visuals. These visual think sheet provide a simple way for students to reflect on their choices and think of better choices for the future. Includes whole group sorts for students to become more familiar with the images and student think sheets with the same images. Also includes beginning of the year independent activities for students to introduce classroom behaviors to students. Includes 3 different think sheet for

Daily Schedule Cards EDITABLE with times

Use these EDITABLE daily visual schedule cards (with and without times) in your classroom to help you and your students be prepared and organized for each school day! This daily schedule cards resource includes editable cards so you can easily customize them for your class schedule. These visual schedule cards are NO PREP! Simply print the schedule cards and display them on your bulletin board, whiteboard, or in a pocket chart to easily change out to match your daily schedule! Each card size

Interactive ZONES of Regulation Package - Name Plates, Bookmarks, & MORE!

The materials in this package are adapted from Leah Kuyper’s wonderful book on self-regulation, The Zones of Regulation® (2011), published by Social Thinking Publishing, and used with permission.If you are new to using Zones, I highly recommend implementing it into your classroom. My students are so much better at identifying their emotions and self-regulating themselves than they were at the beginning of the year! Included in this package:- interactive name plates (two fi

IEP Goal Tracking Bundle: Data Collection, Progress Monitoring and Assessments

Created by
Brooke Reagan
IEP Goal Tracking Bundle : Assessments for IEP Goal Tracking and Progress Monitoring and IEP Goal Tracking Data Collection Binder Includes two of my best selling products: IEP Goal Tracking Binder and IEP Goal Tracking AssessmentsIEP Goal Tracking Binder:Within this binder you will find:3 different binder covers2 editable binder coversBinder Spines (3 sizes)2 different student rosters2 different student overview of data sheetsSnapshot of Student LevelsIEP Due DateIEP Meeting Dates8 different stu

KinderSocialSkills: Social Skill Curriculum | GOOGLE™ READY | Distance Learning

KinderSocialSkills: A social skills curriculum for primary-aged students! This packet is designed for the preschool and kindergarten classroom and easily adapted to fit a guardian-led homeschool setting! If inquiring about this bundle for a homeschool setting, feel free to email me directly with any questions at!**THIS PACKET RECEIVED A FREE UPDATE! ALL OF THE DAY ONE STORIES ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN A GOOGLE SLIDES VERSION ALONG WITH THE PRINTABLES! >>> VIEW A PR

End of Year Awards - with Editable and Autofill End of the Year Awards

End of year awards allow you to recognize & celebrate your students’ strengths and accomplishments! The certificates, lanyards, and brag tags allow students to show off their award in various ways!Looking for new & creative awards?With 75+ different awards included PLUS editable, each student can have their own unique award.Need different options for awards?This product comes with editable, digital, and printable awards. It also includes certificates, brag tags, and lanyards so it will w

Counting Money Coins Math Game Grocery Store Shopping Activity Making Change

Created by
The Grocery Game is a highly engaging math activity that provides students with a hands-on way to practice counting money! It includes options for differentiation to meet the needs of a variety of students.WHO IS THIS FOR?Students learning to count sets of mixed coinsStudents learning to count sets of like coinsHands-on learners who need a more engaging way to practice this skillSpecial ed students or adults learning the life skills of shopping, budgeting, and making food choicesPlayers take tur

School Schedule Kids Clip Art Set (Educlips Clipart)

Created by
This set contains all of the images shown: Kids engaged in different activities and subjects. This could be useful in creating visual images of daily subjects and routines for younger children, non readers and foreign language students.You will receive: all images shown on the product cover as well as black and white versions of the images displayed on the cover. No other unseen images are included.The images in this set illustrate: art, assembly, bathroom, calendar, centers, computers, dismissa

Task Boxes Special Education Bundle for Independent Work Systems 100 Sets

Need a low prep task box to promote student independent work? Need MANY low prep task boxes? This HUGE bundle of tasks boxes includes endless options that you can have ready to go in your resource room!Task Boxes - 100 Sets!There are 100 separate task box activities included in this bundle, however MANY tasks can be divided (and differentiated) to create additional task boxes. What types of skills are included in the Task Box Bundle?There is a wide range of skills from fine motor focused to life

Editable IEP Goals & Objectives Tracking - Data Collection Sheets for Special Ed

Are you struggling with IEP goals and objective tracking? This huge set of instructional IEP data collection sheets are designed for tracking student progress on specific skills from discrete trials to IEP goals. With more than 42 IEP data sheets included, you will find everything you need to collect, track and monitor data in your classroom. Implementing these IEP data collection sheets is EASY! The ready-made data sheets make it simple to set up IEP goals and objectives tracking in your class.

Life Skills Daily Warm Up Worksheets BUNDLE

Money Saving Bundle of Differentiated Worksheets for the whole year! Daily or morning warm up worksheets for your life skills special education students!This comes with:640 differentiated worksheets totalLEVEL 1160 Pages"Life Skills Daily Warm Up" and "Daily Warm Up" cover pages for student to write name/school yearMultiple choice calendar skills (yesterday was, today is, tomorrow will be, month, day, weather)Multiple choice reading stove dials, thermometer & weather temperature matchingFunc


Teach your students or children healthy self-regulation strategies with this fun, interactive feelings and coping tools workbook. Perfect to help children deal with big or uncomfortable emotions in healthy ways. Filled with strong visual supports and actionable calming strategies, this SEL workbook helps children to communicate their feelings and needs, instead of using unhelpful or disruptive behavior. Making your job as teacher, counselor or parent easier.Used in over 13,000 classrooms, coun

Growth Mindset - printable worksheets & digital growth mindset activities

Help your students develop a growth mindset with this NO PREP, printable and digital growth mindset resource. In it, you'll find a variety of growth mindset activities, growth mindset classroom posters, goal-setting activities and MUCH MORE! These activities will teach your students the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset and will help you foster a Growth Mindset culture in your classroom. ⭐ADDED DIGITAL ACTIVITIES (Google slides) download again for free update ⭐Using these

Character Education Social Emotional Learning Activities Social Skills Bundle

Created by
Kim Miller
Do you struggle to find age-appropriate activities to teach character education in the classroom? This year-long curriculum will help you teach important life skills such as caring about other people, honesty, responsibility, respect, and many other traits that make for an upstanding citizen. Get 10 different units full of print and digital character education activities to use anytime throughout the year. You can teach each character trait monthly or pick and choose lessons to teach throughout

Voice Level Mode Chart | Real Life Levels | Editable Posters

**Now with a first week of school cut & paste activity!** Most students struggle with traditional "Voice Levels 0-3" charts because it's a tough concept...what does a 1 even sound like?! I thought this product would be a great way to relate every day settings into different "working modes" for students. This unique product has helped hundreds of teachers give their students real-life examples of working modes in the classroom.Plus, it's so much more fun to say "Coffee Shop Mode!" and not "W

Communication Book/Board Starter Kit- For Autism & Special Needs Students

This huge bundle is JUST what you need to start a communication system in any classroom or home. By utilizing visual supports to facilitate communication you can expand your students day so much more!This book has over 500 picture icons organized into 27 pages total! Each page has a visual tab so that it is easy to flip through the book. Using the images, this book is a great starting point for teachers/therapists that can be used in any classroom or home. The pages included in this communica

Basic Skills File Folder Bundle

Get stocked on 173 basic skills file folders for the whole year! I love using file folders to give students extra practice for new skills as they are learning them with me at my station, and then again during independent centers to practice mastered skills. File folders are easy to prep, store, and reset for other students throughout the day. I am creating this set of folders so I have lots of tasks on hand to use anytime throughout the year.Click on the preview to see pictures of inside the fil

Simply Special Visual Recipes: Cooking Through the Year

"I have purchased visual recipes from other sellers and these are by FAR the best I've used. There are not so many steps that the recipe is overcomplicated--there are just enough. I love the comprehension piece of cooking in the classroom for my self-contained students and my resource groups. This resource has been amazing!"- Amber R.Visual Recipes for the classroom for the WHOLE YEAR in your self-contained classroom! These recipes are perfect for cooking with your special education class all ye
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