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6th grade math resources

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STEM Bins® / STEAM Bins® Elementary STEM Activities: Morning Work,Fast Finishers

The original STEM Bins® and STEAM Bins®STEM Bins® and STEAM Bins for K-5th Grade are the perfect hands-on, play-based solution for:Early Finishers / Fast FinishersMorning Work / Soft StartsCentersWriting ExtensionsFine Motor PracticeMakerspaceIncentivesCalm Down Corner***TOP 5 ALL TIME BEST-SELLING RESOURCE ON TPT!***INCLUDES A FULL STEAM VERSION, SPANISH VERSION, AND FRENCH VERSION!!!★SUPPLY LIST FOR STEM BINSWant to see my STEM Bins® up close and personal?! Watch my STEM Bins 101 video series

Modern BOHO RAINBOW Calm Classroom Decor Bundle | Neutral Rainbow EDITABLE!

Your classroom is going to look beautifully on trend with this Editable Modern Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle! Suitable for all year levels, these stunning Neutral Rainbow educational printables have been created using a stylish & warm, neutral boho color palette to create a sense of calm and add an earthy feel to your classroom.This MEGA classroom decor bundle includes EVERYTHING you need to set up an amazing educational space for you and your students with new resources being updated

Area and Perimeter Robot Craft

The year is 2030, and kids everywhere rejoice because they no longer have to do chores! Instead, they can build robots that do chores for them. There’s just one hitch: unless your students understand Area and Perimeter, the robots won’t work!In this fun activity, each student will create a different robot according to the Area and Perimeter specs on the card given to them. The result? A classroom full of paper robots ready to take on all of those chores! Well, probably only one chore: being part

5th Grade Math Spiral Review - Morning Work, Homework, or Warm Ups

Tired of your students forgetting everything you teach? This 100% EDITABLE 5th Grade math review resource keeps math concepts fresh all year with daily math spiral review. Perfect for math homework, morning work, math centers, or daily math warm-ups. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students' needs. Track student progress the easy way!⭐⭐UPGRADE for just $10 and get both PRINT & DIGITAL versions } CLICK HERE✪ Available for Math, Reading, & Grammar!! CLIC

Coordinate Plane Graphing Pictures w/ Winter & Valentine's Day Math Activities

Created by
Pink Cat Studio
Practice plotting ordered pairs with these fun and engaging differentiated coordinate grid mystery pictures for seasons and special occasions throughout the entire school year! There are 13 pictures included. These activities are perfect for distance learning, morning work, math centers, early finishers, substitutes, and homework. Teachers have commented:"So fun! The students request this activity to take home to do!""Very engaging way to practice graphing. I appreciate the two levels.""One of m

Build A Tiny House! Project Based Learning for Geometry and Math

If you’ve been watching TV or reading magazines, chances are you've seen a tiny house. These little homes are everywhere...and now, we're asking students to make their own 3D version! Build A Tiny House is a project based learning (PBL) activity that'll put the designing into the hands of the students. Students will dive deep to show they understand the how (and why) math concepts such as area, perimeter, and geometry are used in building a home. This project integrates multiple elements such a

Project Based Learning: Geometrocity! A Math PBL

Project Based Learning: GEOMETROCITY! Build a City Made of Math with Geometry.Imagine, Design, and Build a City with this 2D and 3D Adventure!-Project Based Learning-Real World Application-Geometry, Maps, & More -Extension Activities -Differentiated Levels***THIS RESOURCE IS NOW DIGITAL!***There is a link to a Google Slides Version. Details below. *This resource can be used for distance learning and e-learning.*Geometrocity is a project based learning activity where students will take their

Interactive Game Boards | Boost Engagement With Any Lesson

Created by
Joanne Miller
Boost engagement and excitement with these interactive game boards using sticky notes. These game boards can be used with any subject or lesson. They are perfect for review or test prep. Students can work as teams, partners, or as a whole class. Use your already printed worksheet or workbook and add these game boards to excite and motivate your students! This is the perfect way to spice up a review lesson or use for test prep. ***PowerPoint and PDF versions included. *These game boards were desi

Math Talk Bulletin Board Bundle

Are you looking for a math bulletin board or a math talk bulletin board? This is the perfect product for you!This math bulletin board comes with many useful items (I use them throughout the year-- NOT all at once). I also liked to space out the pieces and hang them throughout my room (or on an anchor chart) for my students to reference all year long! You can use this math board for:Math talksMath centersGoal settingLearning the steps of problem solvingDisplaying student data and growthSolving wo

Fractions Project

Engage your students with a real world fraction project that is digital and printable! This project based learning activity includes 13 Pages of fraction practice aligned to common core standards. You can use this as an extended project, for individual skill practice, math center work, enrichment, assessment, or independent study. This is also perfect review as test prep! This project includes two different DIGITAL, Google Slides versions that upload easily into Google Classroom for distance

Water Bottle Flip STEM Challenge + STEM Activity

The ORIGINAL water bottle flip STEM activity and lab! Water bottle flip at school? Absolutely! Students will love this on-trend STEM challenge inspired by the popular YouTube water bottle flipping challenge where students toss a water bottle and attempt to land it straight up. Practice scientific method with some probability, fractions and data collection in the mix while having fun!***Now includes all student recording pages on Google Slides™ and TpT Easel for use on devices.***This self-paced

6th Grade Math Review - Spiral Math Homework, Warm Ups, Progress Monitoring

Keep your students from forgetting what they've learned! This 6th Grade math spiral review resource can easily be used as math homework or daily math warm-ups. This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students' needs.⭐⭐UPGRADE for just $10 and get both PRINT & DIGITAL versions } CLICK HER✪ Available for Math, Reading, & Grammar!! CLICK HERE to learn mo

Division Project

Long division takes copious amounts of practice to master, and the best kind of practice is real world and authentic! Engage your students with this division project designed to help them practice long division (no matter what method you teach). Extend and enrich division skills with real-world practice that doesn't feel like math! Students get to explore the ins and outs of their own movie theatre as they use their long division skills.What's Included in this Division Math Project Resource?

Budget Worksheets - Do you have Enough Money? Life Skill Math for Special Ed

This budgeting resource contains 130+ pages to help teach basic budgeting skills for special education classrooms. Includes differentiated worksheets and various levels to challenge each student individually. A teaching poster is included, as well as individual student sized cards to help them practice this skill, and 3 different types of leveled worksheets as well!Worksheets include:Determining what's in your budget using a number line (0-5, 0-10, 0-20, and 0-100)Is this price in your budget? G

Back to School Math Logic Puzzles | Early Finishers Activities Enrichment

Created by
Kristine Nannini
In the hustle and bustle of a new school year, enrichment activities are just one more thing on your plate. These Back to School Math Logic Puzzles are ready-to-go brain teasers just perfect for use as early finisher activities, enrichment activities, or morning work. Designed to give students the opportunity to solve real-world, first-week teacher problems, these logic games push students to practice both their reasoning and key math skills. Students will be so engaged as they solve missing bus

Math Fact Fluency Number Search Bundle - Addition Subtraction Mult & Division

Try out this new twist on math fact fluency worksheets! Number searches are like word searches, but with math facts. These no-prep math facts worksheets help students practice addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication facts and division facts without the pressure and stress of timed tests! This math fact fluency activity turns boring math fact practice into an engaging game! The Number Search math fact worksheets are super fun early finisher activities, math centers, morning work, and ar

Tessellation Christmas Tree | Collaborative Christmas Activity and Class Craft!

Created by
Art with Jenny K
Don't miss out on the HOLIDAY FUN!! See for yourself why this Tessellated Christmas Tree project is the perfect whole-class Christmas activity... plus you can sneak a little math in the fun! Designed by Art with Jenny K., it connects the individual with the group using tessellations, and it has a ton of "wow factor" when complete. It provides a meaningful demonstration that our individuality combines with others to make a greater whole—a wonderful lesson for the holiday season! Each student deco

5th Grade Morning Work Daily Math and ELA Spiral Review | Reading Comprehension

Created by
Kristine Nannini
To master any skill, students need constant reinforcement. With these Daily Math and ELA Spiral Reviews, you have standards-aligned math and ELA content right at your fingertips! Whether you use this resource as 5th grade morning work, quizzes, or daily homework, your 5th graders will constantly return back to foundational math and reading skills as they build their academic toolbox. You don’t need to spend hours mapping skills to standards and digging for materials to keep old skills sharp - it

Math Card Games for Math Fact Fluency, Place Value, Fractions, Operations & More

Created by
Chalk and Apples
Quick & Easy Math Playing Card Games! These math games with playing cards are perfect for practicing a variety of basic skills and math fact fluency. No Prep - Just print & add playing cards! Quick setup and easy to read student directions make these math card games perfect as math center games or in your math stations. Students will love taking them home to play with their families as no prep-no print math homework. They even work as whole group math games! The wide variety of games inc

Get to Know You Graph of Me Math Activity for Back to School

Created by
Rise over Run
The Graph of Me is an engaging activity to practice graphing ordered pairs and to help you get to know your students. (Perfect for the first day of math class!) In this activity, students determine if statements are true or false about themselves. Each statement has a corresponding ordered pair. Students graph the points for each true statement to create a unique shape. The result is "the graph of me!" 3 versions included (in both printable paper format and online Google Slides format)4 qu

Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Math Project

Enrich your multiplying and dividing decimals unit with these fun and engaging resources! Students use fun and colorful menus to practice their multiplying and dividing decimals skills! You can use this math project as an independent project, homework, math centers, or even a final unit assessment. This resource practices depth and complexity of this skill.What's included in this multiplying and dividing decimals math project?3 Colorful Menus: Snack Shack, Bake Sale, and Candy Corner 3 Corre

Math Interactive Notebook 5th Grade BUNDLE | Digital & Printable | Google Slides

What are Interactive Math Notebooks?Interactive math notebooks are teaching pages used to introduce and teach math concepts and skills. Each set of notebook pages includes definitions, explanations, rules, and algorithms that may be needed to address each standard. Practice problems are included to be used for guided practice. Once completed, these pages serve as a great reference tool for students to refer back throughout the year.  How do I use them with my students?Notebook pages can be used

Adding and Subtracting Decimals Math Project

Your students are going to love shopping at The Math Market as they practice adding, subtracting, and rounding decimals! This 14-page packet includes many engaging and authentic activities as well as an authentic assessment that reinforce real-world concepts of rounding, adding, subtracting, and estimating sums and differences of decimals and whole numbers. This is a highly engaging set of activities that encourages critical thinking and takes adding and subtracting decimal practice beyond pur

Back to School Math Project | Beginning of the Year Road Trip Math Project

Engage your students at the beginning of the year with this digital and printable 15-page road trip themed back to schoolmath project for upper elementary! It is FUN for students and the perfect way to gauge your students' math, problem-solving, and critical-thinking abilities.Students in upper elementary will warm up and review their math skills in a variety of ways while taking a road trip across the United States of America. The pages stand-alone, so you can use a few of the pages or all of
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Find resources for 6th grade math | TPT

Importance of learning math in 6th grade

As students move from elementary school to middle school, they're introduced to a new set of challenges — including new math challenges. In 6th grade, students will start to be exposed to more complex math. However, since math forms the basis for many other subjects (like science, engineering, and technology), helping students master these skills will set them up for future success later on down the line.

Learning objectives for 6th grade math

Below is a rough outline of the learning objectives that teachers and students can work toward in 6th grade math class:

  • Understanding the basics of algebra
  • Learning how to evaluate expressions and simplify them
  • Comparing and ordering decimals, fractions, and whole numbers using a number line
  • Knowing how to use ratios and rates to compare data
  • Locating and plotting points on a coordinate graph
  • Understanding the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents

Key topics covered in 6th grade math

Numbers and Basic Operations

Numbers and operations are the foundation of math, and it's important for students to have a solid understanding of them before moving on to more complex courses. At this point, student should have mastery of basic addition and subtraction, but it's important to continue practicing them in 6th grade to build their competency even further.

Additionally, students should also have mastery of basic multiplication and division. However, in 6th grade, students will build on these foundations even further by learning more about the properties of multiplication, including the commutative property and the distributive property.

Sixth graders will also learn about positive and negative integers, and learn how to identify positive and negative numbers on number lines.

Fractions and Decimals

Fractions and decimals are important concepts in 6th grade math, and they are used in many real-world situations. Sixth graders will learn how to multiply fractions, solve word problems involving division of fractions by fractions, and find equivalent fractions by finding the missing variable and applying concepts used to find equivalent fractions for improper fractions and mixed numbers They might also learn how to compare and order fractions by finding the value of each fraction and putting them in order from least to greatest or greatest to least. Students will

Ratios and Unit Rates

Ratios and unit rates involve comparing quantities and finding equivalent values. Sixth graders will learn how to write and describe a relationship as a ratio. They'll also learn that unit rates represent measurement as a ratio of x to a single unit. Teachers may use tables, diagrams, and/or equations to solve unit rate and rate problems.


Geometry involves the study of shapes and the measurement of their properties. Sixth graders will start to solve mathematical problems that involve area, surface area, and/or volume of two-dimensional and three-dimensional non-circular shapes, including cubes, rectangles and rectangular prisms. As part of 6th grade geometry, students might also begin to graph polygons, and learn how to find the lengths of sides by subtracting coordinates.

Statistics and Probability

In 6th grade math, students should learn more about basic statistical concepts such as mean, median, range, and mode, as well as basic probability concepts such as the probability of events and simple experiments.

Algebraic Expressions and Equations

In 6th grade math, students will apply and extend skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to solving algebraic expressions. They'll learn things like how to read, write, and evaluate expressions in which letters stand for numbers, and how to apply the properties of operations to generate equivalent expressions.

How to find 6th grade math resources

Educators can save time preparing lessons by using math worksheets, activities, and other types of resources created by experienced Sellers on TPT. Simply search the TPT marketplace for "6th grade math," and filter by grade level, price, and/or resource type to find print and digital materials that've been proven to work in classrooms around the country.

Frequently asked questions

What types of 6th grade math resources are available on TPT?

There are many different types of math worksheets, lessons, and activities sold by Sellers on TPT. Some popular math worksheets, games and resources can be found on topics like: fractions, decimals, algebra, geometry, ratios, unit rate, and statistics.

What are some good resources for practicing math in 6th grade?

Websites like TPT offer free and paid resources, including worksheet, for 6th grade students practicing math. You can also find refresher lessons for concepts learned in earlier grades.

What is the most important concept to master in 6th grade math?

In 6th grade math, there are several important concepts that students should master to build a strong foundation for future math learning. However, one of the most critical concepts to master is understanding and working with fractions.

What does a 6th grader learn in math?

The major topics covered in 6th grade math include numbers and operations, fractions, decimals, algebra, geometry, ratios, unit rate, and statistics.

How hard is math for 6th graders?

Sixth grade students may find it difficult to master some of these topics, even they've previously done well in mathematics. Teachers can encourage a positive attitude and celebrate small successes to help prevent students from feeling discouraged.