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Modern BOHO RAINBOW Calm Classroom Decor Bundle | Neutral Rainbow EDITABLE!

Your classroom is going to look beautifully on trend with this Editable Modern Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle! Suitable for all year levels, these stunning Neutral Rainbow educational printables have been created using a stylish & warm, neutral boho color palette to create a sense of calm and add an earthy feel to your classroom.This MEGA classroom decor bundle includes EVERYTHING you need to set up an amazing educational space for you and your students with new resources being updated

Build A Tiny House! Project Based Learning for Geometry and Math

If you’ve been watching TV or reading magazines, chances are you've seen a tiny house. These little homes are everywhere...and now, we're asking students to make their own 3D version! Build A Tiny House is a project based learning (PBL) activity that'll put the designing into the hands of the students. Students will dive deep to show they understand the how (and why) math concepts such as area, perimeter, and geometry are used in building a home. This project integrates multiple elements such a

Digital Calendar Math and Morning Meeting for PowerPoint and Google Slides

This best selling digital calendar for math and morning meeting has everything you need! Take the stress out of your mornings with NO PREP activities that last ALL YEAR! You can meet the needs of your students as they learn and grow! Your class will love the bright colors and real life pictures on every slide!CLICK ON THE PREVIEW BUTTON ABOVE TO SEE IT ALL!Options are included for PowerPoint or Keynote and for Google Slides. You can save your changes each day so you're always ready for tomorrow

Project Based Learning: Geometrocity! A Math PBL

Project Based Learning: GEOMETROCITY! Build a City Made of Math with Geometry.Imagine, Design, and Build a City with this 2D and 3D Adventure!-Project Based Learning-Real World Application-Geometry, Maps, & More -Extension Activities -Differentiated Levels***THIS RESOURCE IS NOW DIGITAL!***There is a link to a Google Slides Version. Details below. *This resource can be used for distance learning and e-learning.*Geometrocity is a project based learning activity where students will take their

Interactive Game Boards | Boost Engagement With Any Lesson

Created by
Joanne Miller
Boost engagement and excitement with these interactive game boards using sticky notes. These game boards can be used with any subject or lesson. They are perfect for review or test prep. Students can work as teams, partners, or as a whole class. Use your already printed worksheet or workbook and add these game boards to excite and motivate your students! This is the perfect way to spice up a review lesson or use for test prep. ***PowerPoint and PDF versions included. *These game boards were desi

Fractions Project

Engage your students with a real world fraction project that is digital and printable! This project based learning activity includes 13 Pages of fraction practice aligned to common core standards. You can use this as an extended project, for individual skill practice, math center work, enrichment, assessment, or independent study. This is also perfect review as test prep! This project includes two different DIGITAL, Google Slides versions that upload easily into Google Classroom for distance

6th Grade Math Review - Spiral Math Homework, Warm Ups, Progress Monitoring

Keep your students from forgetting what they've learned! This 6th Grade math spiral review resource can easily be used as math homework or daily math warm-ups. This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students' needs.⭐⭐UPGRADE for just $10 and get both PRINT & DIGITAL versions } CLICK HER✪ Available for Math, Reading, & Grammar!! CLICK HERE to learn mo

Division Project

Long division takes copious amounts of practice to master, and the best kind of practice is real world and authentic! Engage your students with this division project designed to help them practice long division (no matter what method you teach). Extend and enrich division skills with real-world practice that doesn't feel like math! Students get to explore the ins and outs of their own movie theatre as they use their long division skills.What's Included in this Division Math Project Resource?

Budget Worksheets - Do you have Enough Money? Life Skill Math for Special Ed

This budgeting resource contains 130+ pages to help teach basic budgeting skills for special education classrooms. Includes differentiated worksheets and various levels to challenge each student individually. A teaching poster is included, as well as individual student sized cards to help them practice this skill, and 3 different types of leveled worksheets as well!Worksheets include:Determining what's in your budget using a number line (0-5, 0-10, 0-20, and 0-100)Is this price in your budget? G

Math Fact Fluency Number Search Bundle - Addition Subtraction Mult & Division

Try out this new twist on math fact fluency worksheets! Number searches are like word searches, but with math facts. These no-prep math facts worksheets help students practice addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication facts and division facts without the pressure and stress of timed tests! This math fact fluency activity turns boring math fact practice into an engaging game! The Number Search math fact worksheets are super fun early finisher activities, math centers, morning work, and ar

Tessellation Christmas Tree | Collaborative Christmas Activity and Class Craft!

Created by
Art with Jenny K
Don't miss out on the HOLIDAY FUN!! See for yourself why this Tessellated Christmas Tree project is the perfect whole-class Christmas activity... plus you can sneak a little math in the fun! Designed by Art with Jenny K., it connects the individual with the group using tessellations, and it has a ton of "wow factor" when complete. It provides a meaningful demonstration that our individuality combines with others to make a greater whole—a wonderful lesson for the holiday season! Each student deco

Linear Equations (Algebra 1 Curriculum - Unit 4) | All Things Algebra®

This Linear Equations Unit Bundle contains guided notes, homework assignments, three quizzes, study guide and a unit test that cover the following topics:• Slope from a Graph• Slope from Ordered Pairs (The Slope Formula)• Linear Equations: Slope Intercept Form vs. Standard Form• Graphing by Slope Intercept Form• Writing Linear Equations Given a Graph• Graphing by Intercepts• Vertical vs. Horizontal Lines• Writing Linear Equations given Point and Slope• Writing Linear Equations given Two Points•

Get to Know You Graph of Me Math Activity for Back to School

Created by
Rise over Run
The Graph of Me is an engaging activity to practice graphing ordered pairs and to help you get to know your students. (Perfect for the first day of math class!) In this activity, students determine if statements are true or false about themselves. Each statement has a corresponding ordered pair. Students graph the points for each true statement to create a unique shape. The result is "the graph of me!" 3 versions included (in both printable paper format and online Google Slides format)4 qu

Exponents and Exponential Functions (Algebra 1 - Unit 6) | All Things Algebra®

This Exponents and Exponential Functions Bundle contains guided notes, homework, three quizzes, a study guide, and a unit test that cover the following topics:• Adding and Subtracting Monomials (Review of Combine Like Terms) • Multiplying Monomials (Product Rule) • Multiplying Monomials (Power Rule)• Dividing Monomials (Quotient Rule)• Negative Exponents• Review of all Exponent Rules• Scientific Notation• Graphing Exponential Functions• Exponential Growth and Decay• Geometric Sequences• Simplify

Adding and Subtracting Decimals Math Project

Your students are going to love shopping at The Math Market as they practice adding, subtracting, and rounding decimals! This 14-page packet includes many engaging and authentic activities as well as an authentic assessment that reinforce real-world concepts of rounding, adding, subtracting, and estimating sums and differences of decimals and whole numbers. This is a highly engaging set of activities that encourages critical thinking and takes adding and subtracting decimal practice beyond pur

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages

Growth Mindset Motivational Coloring Pages and PostersCreated in response to my popular Growth Mindset Posters , this set of 25 coloring pages is perfect to engage your students in cultivating a growth mindset. Students can color each of these pages with a positive growth mindset quote. Completed pages can be used to decorate the classroom or students can take and place in their binders, agendas or lockers. Check out the preview to see ALL of the posters Included in this project:20 motivational

One to One Correspondence Activity Pack {Counting & Number Recognition}

This 276 page resource can be used with common materials in your classroom to build 1:1 correspondence in your students! Download the preview to see everything included in this pack! Here's what's included: -Multisensory Activity Mats & Cards Run Down -Ten Frame Playdoh Mats -Round Clothespin Tasks #1-10 -Rectangle Clothespin Tasks #1-10 -Dot Cards #1-10 -Touch Math Cards -I See Booklets & Task Cards Run Down -I See Cards {Black & White Versions} -I See Cards {Color Version} -Cou

Pre-Algebra Curriculum | All Things Algebra®

Pre-Algebra CurriculumWhat does this curriculum contain? This curriculum includes 825+ pages of instructional materials (warm-ups, notes, homework, quizzes, unit tests, review materials, a midterm exam, a final exam, spiral reviews, and many other extras) for Pre-Algebra. All answer keys are included.This curriculum does not contain activities. For supplemental activities, I recommend purchasing my Pre-Algebra Activities Bundle. Or, if you already have my Algebra 1 Curriculum, I recommend purch

Multi-Digit Multiplication Project

Engage your students with this real-world application of multi-digit multiplication, The Resort Report! Use this multi-digit multiplication project to practice multi-digit multiplication by outfitting your own resort hotel with all of the necessary items.Students will figure out many televisions they will need, how much they will cost, how many beds are in the hotel, etc. The resource includes a detailed, 10-page project for your students to complete. This activity provides all the multi-digit

4th Grade Math Review Guided Math Intervention & Binder Pages Math Test Prep

Do you need a 4th grade math review packet to use during your guided math groups, math assessments, or homework? Three tri-folds per standard give you plenty material to introduce, practice, and assess all 4th grade math standards. Each booklet is designed for student success. The questions gradually increase in difficulty and are presented in a variety of formats. Teacher Feedback: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“These are PERFECT for what my admin is looking for!! I love that I can truly find what standard each student

Real-World Budgeting & Finance: A Personal Financial Literacy Project

{UPDATE - DIGITAL VERSION ADDED 5/6/2020!!!} This project is perfect to get your students engaged in your personal financial literacy unit! Often, the concepts in this unit are beyond the scope of imagination for our kiddos. This unit keeps them interested and engaged, all while teaching them about taxes, budgeting, balancing an account, and keeping records. They will make real-life choices about things like insurance, groceries, utilities, and charitable donations based on their income, budg

Order of Operations Color by Number Worksheets plus Digital Math Activity

Order of operations practice is more engaging when there's color involved! This set of easy-prep, print and digital color by number math activities is great for students - they solve, self-check, AND color in these order of operations activities! Students will immediately know whether or not they solved correctly - if their answer is incorrect, they won't find it on the coloring sheet!⭐️DON'T NEED DIGITAL? You can grab just the Order of Operations print version here.Check out the Preview and vid

Graphing Lines and Killing Zombies ~ Graphing in Slope Intercept Form Activity

This distance learning ready zombie themed graphing linear equations activity will strengthen your students’ skills at graphing in slope intercept form.Distance learning?No problem! This activity now includes a Google Slides digital option!Explore the ⌨ Distance Learning in my store for more digital resourcesAfter many requests a "Catching Zombies" version has been added. It's the exact same activity and problems but replaces the word "Killing" for "Catching". It's included in the resource dow

Expressions & Equations Unit | 7th Grade | Solving One and Two Step Equations

A 13 day CCSS-Aligned Expressions and Equations Unit including: simplifying expressions, properties of operations, solving one-step equations, and solving two-step equations.Students will practice with both skill-based problems, real-world application questions, and error analysis to support higher level thinking skills. You can reach your students and teach the standards without all of the prep and stress of creating materials!Standards: 7.EE.1, 7.EE.2, 7.EE.3, 7.EE.4; Texas Teacher? Grab the T
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