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2nd Grade Math Spiral Review - Morning Work, Math Homework, or Warm Ups BUNDLE

Keep your students from forgetting what they've learned! This 2nd Grade math spiral review resource can easily be used as math homework, morning work, or daily math warm-ups. This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and to help you easily track student progress. All pages are 100% EDITABLE and easy to differentiate to fit your students' needs.⭐⭐UPGRADE for just $10 and get both PRINT & DIGITAL versions } CLICK HERE✪ Available for Math, Reading, & Grammar!! CLICK

Money Worksheets Games & Activities HUGE Unit (Identifying & Counting Coins)

Created by
Miss Giraffe
Money worksheets and money games and activities unit JAM-PACKED with fun and differentiated money activities is filled with almost 200 pages of everything you need to teach coins and working with money. This pack covers 3 main standards/concepts: identifying coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies), adding like coins, and adding mixed coins (counting coins). From identifying and sorting coins to adding them to money word problems, this has everything you need!Check out this blog post to see

Build A Tiny House! Project Based Learning for Geometry and Math

If you’ve been watching TV or reading magazines, chances are you've seen a tiny house. These little homes are everywhere...and now, we're asking students to make their own 3D version! Build A Tiny House is a project based learning (PBL) activity that'll put the designing into the hands of the students. Students will dive deep to show they understand the how (and why) math concepts such as area, perimeter, and geometry are used in building a home. This project integrates multiple elements such a

Spiral Math Review Bundle - Math Review Packet - with Digital Resources

This morning work 2nd grade - spiral math review bundle WITH 3 LEVELS OF DIFFERENTIATION are the perfect math worksheets for math morning work, homework, daily math review, and independent math centers. It is a nice spiral review to take you through the entire year and is available in both printable and digital formats.2nd grade spiral math review for the ENTIRE YEAR includes 40 weeks of spiral math sheets with answer keys. What's Included in the Spiral Math Review Sheets BUNDLE:►At A Glance S

Area and Perimeter Worksheets No Prep

This is a collection of 55 Fun and Educational Area & Perimeter Worksheets! These worksheets are perfect for homework, classwork, and centers. No prep is involved! All you need to do is print. My students really enjoy these worksheets because each page includes a fun activity. All worksheets include jokes, word scrambles, cut and paste, mazes, matching, puzzles and more! Check out the preview for a sample of some of the worksheets! These worksheets are geared towards third grade but also wor

Area and Perimeter Design a Zoo Challenge PRINT and DIGITAL

In this math project based learning activity, students use area and perimeter to design their own zoos. They must adhere to the minimum size for animal enclosures and other project guidelines as they construct their zoos. After designing their zoos, students must list the area and perimeter of each animal enclosure to ensure that they are large enough. This resource includes: teacher directions a force copy link to a Google Slides DIGITAL version of the activity (with rubric) student directions

Counting/Identifying Mixed Coins US Money Game Activity I Have Who Has 2nd Grade

Teach students how to count coins and identify coins and value with our engaging "Money I Have, Who Has?" game activity. This game features 42 game cards including the starting and finishing cards, making it great for classrooms, homeschooling, and tutoring sessions. I Have Who Has games are a fun and engaging way to teach and review essential math skills. Our game is easy to play and provides an interactive way for students to learn and apply essential math skills. They will enjoy the challenge

Counting Money Coins Math Game Grocery Store Shopping Activity Making Change

Created by
The Grocery Game is a highly engaging math activity that provides students with a hands-on way to practice counting money! It includes options for differentiation to meet the needs of a variety of students.WHO IS THIS FOR?Students learning to count sets of mixed coinsStudents learning to count sets of like coinsHands-on learners who need a more engaging way to practice this skillSpecial ed students or adults learning the life skills of shopping, budgeting, and making food choicesPlayers take tur

2nd Grade Measurement, Time, Money, and Data Math Worksheets

These measurement, time, money, and data/graphs pages are not your average math worksheets! These math worksheets provide your students with extra practice learning and mastering their measurement, time, money, and graphing skills, while having fun at the same time. Every single page in this pack is standards-aligned, skill-focused, engaging, kid-friendly, and designed to help students gain math proficiency with the measurement & data standards.Save money by grabbing the 2nd grade Math Works

Measurement Activities Math Inches & Centimeters

Measurement 2nd and 3rd Grade using Standard measurementStudents will create drawings using a ruler and will follow written dimensions by using and not confusing words related to linear measurement height, width, and length. Teachers love this product because not only does it teach students to measure, but it really teaches them to follow specific directions. This product now includes pages containing measuring to the half inch and quarter inch. Also, some pages contain INCHES ONLY, some CM o

Measurement - 2nd Grade Math Lessons, Activities & Worksheets - Print & Digital

Created by
➕ This comprehensive 2nd grade measurement math unit includes lessons, anchor charts, worksheets and more! It covers units of measurement, measuring tools, understanding length, comparing length, and estimating length. Students will master measurement using feet, inches, and centimeters to deepen their understanding of measuring length through targeted worksheets, strategy-based anchor charts for each standard, and assessments for each standard. This 2nd Grade Measurement Lessons, Activities, an

2nd Grade Math Center Games No Prep Review Activities Fun Intervention Stations

Created by
Games 4 Gains
Motivate your students with these NO-PREP 2nd grade math games! This huge bundle includes 92 engaging games, which are perfect for 2nd grade math review throughout the entire school year. Your students will LOVE math class when you pull out these math games to use for practice! These math centers contain no-prep, print-and-play games to support 2nd grade Common Core standards in these key areas: place value, operations, measurement & data, and geometry. Watch as your students immerse themsel

STOP! Teach THIS lesson before introducing telling time to the hour!

Created by
Ainslee Labs
I find that many kids have the misconception that the hour is whatever the short hand is closest to. This works in the beginning when they're learning how to tell time to the nearest hour. As telling time increases in difficulty, they have to relearn how to find the hour. This kit helps by showing kids visuals that the hour actually has its own "room." As long as the short hand is within that space, that's the hour. This kit is also great for older kids who are still struggling with telling t

Spiral Math Review Bundle - Daily Math Review Packet - Morning Work 1st Grade

This morning work 1st grade math spiral review bundle WITH 3 LEVELS OF DIFFERENTIATION is perfect for morning work, homework, daily math review, math worksheets, and independent math centers. It is a nice spiral review to start the first week of school and is now available in both printable and digital formats.1st grade spiral math review for the ENTIRE YEAR includes 40 weeks of spiral math sheets with answer keys. What's Included in the Spiral Math Review Sheets BUNDLE:►At A Glance Sheet►40 We

4th Grade Geometry Review Math Mystery: Lines, Angles, Shapes, Perimeter & Area

Geometry Math Mystery Activity - The Case of The Giant Goblin - 4th Grade Edition. Engage and motivate your students during math time with this fun geometry activity that feels like a game! Easy prep! Just Print & Solve! Or go paperless with the new Google Docs option provided within your download.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------⭐Optional video hook included for introducing the case! (Check it out in the preview section)⭐BONUS: Endi

Math Quick Checks - 3rd Grade | Math Review Worksheets | Print & Digital

These Math Quick Checks are Common Core aligned. They are exactly what you need to quickly check for understanding or assess student learning. They can be used as assessments, exit tickets, homework, or to help reteach in small groups. These Quick Checks were originally created to pair with my Interactive Math Notebooks, but alone they are still a great tool to use when teaching Common Core Math Standards. Includes Digital Pages to use with Google Slides.Here is a list of titles for each of the

Run A Food Truck PBL, Project Based Learning Activity

Welcome to the FOOD TRUCK business! More and more food trucks are becoming high priorities in the eating world. Whether it’s a lunch crowd or a spot by a concert, food trucks are in high demand. Plus, the food isn’t just’s great. Now students can create their own business using math skills (decimals, area, and perimeter) to make food trucks become a reality. ***THIS RESOURCE IS NOW DIGITAL!***There is a link to a Google Slides Version. Details below.Run A Food Truck is a project based

Math Interactive Notebook Bundle for 3rd Grade

These interactive notebooks are terrific!  They are thorough, allow for differentiation, and keep the kids learning and engaged.” - Helane L.Interactive Notebooks are a FUN way to teach and practice math! Why? They differ from traditional note taking, where students focus on copying notes from the teacher more than understanding the material they’re writing down. Interactive Notebooks instead allow students to interact with (hey-o!) and think about the material. They’ve honestly transformed the

Area and Perimeter Project Based Learning Math Activity

Created by
The Owl Teacher
Step into the world of engaging and hands-on math exploration with this resource. This project-based learning activity takes students on a thrilling journey as they design their own dream house, while simultaneously mastering the concepts of area and perimeter.Through the use of a house layout grid, students will estimate area by strategically placing furniture and counting squares and partial squares. This real-world, open-ended task prompts critical thinking as they tackle questions related to

Non Standard Measurement - Length Worksheets for Kindergarten / Grade One

Created by
Olivia Walker
Non Standard Measurement - Length Worksheets for Kindergarten / Grade OneThis is a fantastic set of 19 worksheets that are great to teaching Non- Standard Measurement (Length). They are all no-prep printables and are in black and white so should be easy to print and use. I use these worksheets with my Year Ones, so would be most suited to Kindergarten or Grade One Measurement. More details below.Order the animals cut out the animals and order from tallest to shortest.Order the monsters- cut out

Measurement Activities: Inches, Feet, Centimeters, and Meters

Measurement Unit: Linear Measure with Feet, Inches, Centimeters, Yards, and Meters This hands-on activity pack is a sure way to keep your students engaged while exploring standard and non-standard linear measurement standards. This pack includes quick prints, hands on activities, and task cards that you can use to round out your lessons. This pack includes:Measurement Book suggestions-Links to 5 books to help introduce your measurement unit. Measurement interactive anchor chart with printable st

2D Shapes Worksheets & Activities | 2 Dimensional Shapes | Classifying 2D Shapes

Created by
Shelly Rees
Looking for a great hands-on way to explore and learn more about two dimensional shapes attributes and classification? This best-selling set of foldables, worksheets, reference charts, and activities is perfect for you and your class! Now includes a DIGITAL version for use in Google Classroom! Your students will master 2-D shape classification in no time at all.Click here and SAVE 20% by buying ALL 5 of my Best-Selling Geometry Resources in ONE Bundle!Click on the preview button above to take a

First Grade Math Centers Telling Time to the Hour and Half Hour Activities

Created by
Miss Giraffe
Telling Time is so fun with this differentiated JAM-PACKED unit that is filled with 236 pages of everything you need to teach time. This pack covers 4 main standards/concepts: time to the hour, time to the half hour, mixed time to hour and half hour, and understanding concepts of time. There is a lot of stuff in here! These are first grade math centers, worksheets, and activities but it is highly differentiation so you could use this in both kindergarten and higher grade levels as well!There are

2nd Grade Magic of Math Lesson Plans, Games, Activities, Crafts for Telling Time

Created by
Amy Lemons
A comprehensive set of lesson plans and activities for teaching time to 2nd graders! Instead of time worksheets, try these hands-on telling time activities to the quarter hour, 5 minutes, and nearest minute. We include time anchor charts, mini-lessons, games, printables, and much more!The Magic Of Math Unit 7 for SECOND GRADE focuses on: Week 1: Telling Time to the Quarter Hour and Five Minutes, Intro to Time, AM/PM Week 2: Telling Time to the Five Minutes and Nearest Minute- activities are
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