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Middle Ages and Medieval Europe Unit Activities for World History Middle Ages

In this super engaging Middle Ages Unit, you receive 16 highly-engaging resources and activities for Charlemagne, the Fall of Rome, the rise of Feudalism, the Catholic Church, the Crusades, Magna Carta, and much more! Each resource is Google 1:1 compatible and these Middle Ages resources will excite your classroom on your study of the Medieval Europe! This bundle saves you over 30% instead of purchasing each activity separately! Instead of paying almost $55 separately, buy this unit for only $

Mesoamerica Activities Ancient Maya Inca Aztec Mesoamerica Civilizations Mexico

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Looking for Mesoamerica Activities for your classroom? This Mesoamerica Activities Resource Bundle is packed with 6 StudentSavvy resources covering the Olmec, Mayan, Aztec, and Inca civilizations. This bundle includes Interactive Notebooks, Reading Passages, Interactive PowerPoint, STEM Challenges, Google Classroom Student Projects, and Assessments / Exams / Tests.The Interactive Notebook contains cut and paste learning materials for topics such as Mesoamerica, Slash & Burn Agriculture, Caca

Age of Exploration Stations Activity for Age of Explorers Christopher Columbus

In this Age of Exploration Scavenger Hunt activity, students complete a six-step organizer as they navigate around the room to learn about the explorers involved in the Age of Exploration. The 6 tasks can also be completed as a group or individual assignment instead of a scavenger hunt! Or, you can enjoy this best-selling product in the new Google 1:1 compatible version!☆ ☆ Get this engaging resource (and a huge discount) when you purchase my Renaissance activities unit located here bundle!Stud

Mesoamerica Interactive Notebook Worksheets Maya - Aztec - Inca Middle Ages

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{Digital & Print} Mesoamerica Civilizations (Olmec, Maya, Aztec, and Inca Empires) Interactive Social Studies Notebook!***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Distance Learning This product contains interactive cut and paste learning material for students to create an organized social studies interactive notebook. Timelines, reading passages, flaps, graphic organizers, important figures, vocabulary, answer key,

Where in the World Scavanger Hunt & Map Activity Physical Geography of Europe

This geography activity is completely student-driven, fun, and interactive. It can be done with any textbook map or atlas that has European physical geography. First, students create a physical map of Europe labeling key features. Then, students play the Where in the World Scavenger Hunt printable clue game. Students guess the features by reading four description clues for differing geographical features of Europe. It comes with a key!What's Included:⭐ Physical map activity⭐ Scavenger Hunt Activ

Middle Ages Coat of Arms Activity - Back to School or Medieval Unit Activity

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Addie Williams
Bring some creativity into a Middle Ages Unit! Have students create their own Coat of Arms based on their hobbies, personality, family, etc. Includes a detailed assignment sheet with some common heraldic symbols/colors and their traditional meanings. A fun heraldry study for students during a medieval unit.A great way to start a Middle Ages / Medieval Unit or as a "get to know you" activity for Back to School!Includes:- Detailed assignment sheet with a list of traditional symbols & their

Mesoamerica PowerPoint Olmec Maya Aztec Inca Empires Google Slides History

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Mesoamerica: Olmec - Maya - Aztec - Inca Interactive Power Point & Interactive Google Slides**New Update - Now includes additional INTERACTIVE Google Slides version for Distance Learning during Covid-19 | Coronavirus! This teaching resource is quite the virtual experience! This Ancient Civilizations / Medieval History PowerPoint can be used as a powerful classroom presentation or students can click their way through it on individual computers. This resource is part of the Medieval Times / Mi

Ancient Rome Interactive Notebook | Roman Empire | Roman Republic | Punic Wars

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{Paper & Digital Versions Included!}***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Distance LearningRome Unit for Interactive Social Studies Notebook!6th Grade Ancient Civilizations SeriesThis product contains interactive cut and paste learning material for students to create an organized social studies interactive notebook.This resource is part of the Ancient Civilizations (Entire) CurriculumAnswer Key IncludedTopics

Middle Ages Reading Comprehension Worksheet Bundle Medieval Times Dark Ages

Want to give your students a quick understanding of various aspects of the Middle Ages while incorporating some reading comprehension skills? This is the bundle for you! This bundle has several articles related to the Middle Ages (listed below). I have my students complete these in centers. I have also included two quizzes to help assess students' understanding at the end. These are great for classwork, homework, substitutes, fast finishers, etc. Please check out the PREVIEWS of the products to

Middle Ages Activities - Projects and Activities for Medieval Times

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Addie Williams
Middle Ages Bundle - Looking for an engaging package of assignments and projects related to the Middle Ages? This bundle includes six activities to help students learn about the Feudal system, heraldry, knights, daily life in medieval times, and more!Each assignment includes a creative and detailed assignment sheet, templates (if needed), and a comprehensive grading rubric for five activities. Please note: students will need to be able to access information for these activities through their t

Crusades Stations Activity | Teach Impact of the Crusades, Jerusalem, Causes

In this Crusades stations student activity, students understand the Crusades in the Middle Ages from the significance of Jerusalem to modern conflict in the region still today. Included are SIX STATIONS of student-friendly text and review questions for each section. Students learn the importance of Jerusalem to all three faiths, the events that led to Pope Urban's call to war, the first three Crusades, the overall impact of the wars, and life in the region today to show how religious violence o

Middle Ages Feudalism | Detailing European Feudalism in First-Person Accounts!

In this highly-engaging Middle Ages Life in European Feudalism activity, students read first-person accounts from different classes in European Feudalism in an attempt to understand the feudal system, vassals, the structure of a fief, and the role of Kings, Lords, Knights, and Serfs!This Middle Ages lesson is included in the larger Middle Ages Unit Bundle located here!Each student reads a different first-person perspective, from either the perspective of a King, a Lord, a Knight, or a Serf. The

Medieval Europe Map Activity and Quiz | Google Version Included

A great intro lesson and assessment for your Medieval Europe unit! The included map lesson and quiz focus on the geography and empires of Europe in the Middle Ages. A digital version is included for use in your Google Classroom. **This resource is part of the World History Map Activities Bundle. TEN map lessons and assessments are included at a 20% discount price! Click here to see all the resources in the bundle and take advantage of the HUGE savings.INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE:Medieval Europe

Middle Ages PowerPoint + Notes Activity for Medieval Europe, Feudalism, Crusades

In this Middle Ages notes and PowerPoint lesson activity, you receive a 50-page PowerPoint presentation and a 5-page guided notes packet for instruction on the Middle Ages, Medieval Europe, feudalism, Germanic Tribes, Vikings, the Franks (Clovis, Charles Martel, Charlemagne, the Feudal System, the Pope and the Catholic Church, Cities, Towns, Universities, the Black Death, the Magna Carta, and much, much more. This unit PowerPoint is synced to go hand-in-hand with my Middle Ages Unit here!Studen

Medieval Europe Bundle: Middle Ages Lesson Plans & Activities Printable & Google

With over 320 pages divided into 8 easy-to-follow subfolders, you’ll have all of the Middle Ages lesson plans, activities, reading passages, guided notes with worksheets, & assessments you’ll need to teach like a superhero! This unit is perfect for both a paper-driven or Google classroom environment.In this student-centered Medieval History activities bundle, students will explore and review the big idea six key concepts (GRAPES). Plus, all of our curriculum units have embedded student accou

Oh Rats! Black Death Bubonic Plague Story Board Activity Medieval Europe

Recently edited to align with students supporting claims with evidence! In this activity, students create a 9 scene storyboard for an animated film. The film should be about a flea-ridden rat who helps to spread the Bubonic Plague into Europe during the 1300s. An example page and an easy step by step how to draw a basic cartoon rat printable are both included.This lesson can be used afterthe Plague/Black Death Powerpoint also posted or in conjunction with our Plague that Rocked the World Lesson.

Ancient Greece Interactive Notebook | Digital & Print Geography Map Timelines

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***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Print and Digital Versions are both included. Answer Keys Included. This product contains interactive cut and paste learning material for students to create an organized social studies interactive notebook.6th Grade Ancient Civilizations SeriesThis resource is part of the Ancient Civilizations (Entire) CurriculumThis resource is designed for an Ancient Greece unit. Topics covered in this u

Magna Carta Primary Source Reading, Analysis Worksheet, and Fun Activity

Students investigate important and long-lasting achievements of the Magna Carta by reading and analyzing excerpts directly from the primary source document. Then, students compare concepts in the Magna Carta to the U.S. government. An answer key and instructional materials are included. After completion of the key concept graphic organizer students create a school Magna Carta writing down a list of realistic demands that they would like to give to the school principal. They are also asked to ana

Middle Ages or Medieval Europe Unit Bundle of Lessons, Activities, Doodle Notes

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History Gal
This bundle includes all of my resources on the Middle Ages. It includes:Doodle Notes Set 1 for Early Middle Ages, print and digitalDoodle Notes Set 2 for Feudalism, print and digitalDoodle Notes Set 3 for the Medieval Church, print and digitalDoodle Notes Set 4 for Economic Change & Growth, print and digitalDoodle Notes Set 5 for Kings of England, print and digitalDoodle Notes Set 6 for Kings of France and Holy Roman Empire, print and digitalDoodle Notes Set 7 for the Crusades, print and di

The Middle Ages Early Medieval Europe Feudalism PowerPoint Google Slides Manors

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Discover the ultimate Medieval Europe teaching experience with our Early Middle Ages - Feudalism PowerPoint, now with an additional INTERACTIVE Google Slides version. Perfect for a 7th-grade curriculum, this resource covers a variety of topics, including Feudalism, Monasteries, Estates, Manors, Fiefs, and more.With this powerful classroom presentation, students can easily navigate through the material on individual computers or participate in a group lesson. Aligned with our Medieval Europe - Ea

Create A Life Size Samurai and Haiku Battle Activity: Feudal Japan Lesson Plan

This lesson is a class favorite by far that has been completely remastered with new resources! It is academic, collaborative, and it looks fantastic hanging in your room! This great step by step lesson covers feudal Japan's military hierarchy. Students create a life-size samurai in groups. They outline a student in the group and draw armor, a sword, and a helmet like a samurai would have worn. The lesson comes with an anatomy of a samurai reference sheet for students to get ideas. In the backgro

Medieval Times Activities COMPLETE Unit with Passages, Maps, Test, Middle Ages

This Medieval Times unit is full of fun activities that will teach your students about life during the Middle Ages. Through kid-friendly reading passages and engaging activities, your students will be thoroughly fascinated by the Middle Ages. They will learn about the lifestyles and culture of people and the historical events of the time.This Unit is Divided into 8 Sections:Introduction People of the Middle AgesFeudal SystemMedieval CastlesKnights and TradesmenFamous People: Charlemagne, Richard

Medieval Feudal Japan Unit Activities | 6 Feudal Japan Activities

In this Medieval Feudal Japan Unit Bundle, you receive six best-selling, Google 1:1 ready resources to teach Medieval Japan, the rise of Feudalism, Samurai, Shogun, life in Medieval Japan, and much more! This unit bundle is priced to save you considerably over purchasing each resource separately!The six lessons included in the Medieval Japan Unit Bundle are:✔ 1.) Analyzing Japan's History: An introductory time-lining activity!✔ 2.) Japanese Feudalism in the Middle Ages: Students explore 5 firs

Renaissance Unit Activities | 12 Student-Centered Activities for the Renaissance

In this Renaissance Unit activities set, you receive a TON of resources on Renaissance Art, the Scientific Revolution, the Gutenberg Press, Martin Luther, the Reformation, Explorers, William Shakespeare, King Henry VIII, and much more! This bundle is discounted to save you significantly over purchasing items separately.The Renaissance Unit Bundle contains the following resources:✔ 1.) Renaissance Unit Project! A student-driven research project-Everything included!✔ 2.) Renaissance Unit Guided N
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