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Ukulele Program - Rainbow Ukulele {BUNDLE} - Lessons, Presentation, Student Book

Ukulele is a great instrument for the music classroom! Are you looking for a way to incorporate the ukulele into your elementary or early middle school music classroom? Looking for a great motivation system for students and a wonderful curriculum in the music classroom? Look no further! This Rainbow Ukulele mega bundle is for you! Also, be sure to check out the Rainbow Ukulele FREEBIE! to see how I set up the program.**Includes British term version (student and teacher) and a version that is c

Music Sub Plans - No Tech Lessons for the Elementary Music Room, Set #1

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Do you need No Tech Music Sub Plans for a non-music sub? These Elementary Music Sub Plans make it quick and easy to plan for an absence. No technology is required, and the only other resources needed are ones likely already in your music room, such as a drum or crayons. Not only will these No Tech Sub Plans make the decision to put your own or your family's health first and take the time you need off, but they ensure that your students are still getting lots of engagement and musical learning e

Video Game Music Composition Project

This video game music unit is a great way to engage upper elementary and middle school students and get them composing, listening, analyzing, and thinking about music! Students will learn about videogame composers by watching videos of interviews, analyze music from video games and discuss various aspects of music and sound in video games, and then create their own video game and the music to go with it!#composedchaos #musiccrewdistanceGENERAL #musiccrewsecondaryIncluded in this unit:PowerPoint

Music Theory Curriculum for Band FULL BUNDLE - non-tech music worksheets!

Music theory understanding is a critical for success in band. These worksheets are geared toward the more mature student in beginner band or second year player, ideally starting in 6th-7th grade. (This can be used in other music classes, but was designed with band in mind.) It can be used as a review for older students.Click on the GREEN PREVIEW button above and also by each unit to see detailed previews.✅ If your entire district is interested in using these resources at every campus, please hav

Music Activities Worksheets Bundle Sub Plans Genres Appreciation

Created by
Music Worksheets Activities Bundle5 Studentsavvy music products all bundled into one! Update 10/17: Music Around the World 2 has been added to the bundle!This product includes Music Around the World Units 1 & 2, Music and Rhythm Fun Activities, Music Exploration by Genre, and Music Activities - Common Core Writing.All of these activities are suitable for most primary ages. Students DO NOT have to be musically inclined! These are just fun, creative activities to get students excited about mus

Ukulele Centers and Chord Flash Cards - Music Center Starter

This set of center task cards and chord chart cards is perfect for ukulele exploration centers and for chord flash cards. Students love playing the ukulele and want the chance to explore the instrument and learn more chords. For this center/activity just print off the flash cards that you want to use, laminate, and cut apart. Then use the ukulele task cards to guide exploration and center activity!This product includes:*16 task cards for ukulele exploration centers*48 pages of chord cards for

NO PREP Music Worksheets - Treble/Bass, Line/Space, High/Low

Follow me on Facebook for the latest news, freebies, and more! >>>> Music With Sara Bibee--------------------------------------------------------------------Click here for FREEBIES!Click here for all Classroom DecorClick here for No Prep/Print and Go ResourcesClick here for Composer of the MonthClick here to be SUB READYClick here for Coloring ActivitiesClick here for Composition ActivitiesClick here for Write the Room ActivitiesClick here for Guided Listening UnitsLooking for more m

Rhythm Music Theory Worksheets for Note Values, Rests and Time Signatures

This collection of Rhythm Music Theory worksheets have been designed with the busy music teacher in mind. These 30 rhythm music worksheets include a great variety of music theory exercises that can be used for class work, independent work, music centers, assignments, homework or even for substitute lessons!Click here to stay up to date with new product releases Included in these Rhythm Music Theory Worksheets are: Note Name information sheets – TWO versions with UK and USA note namesDotted Note

Pasta Or Composer Music or Not Game

This is THE activity to leave for a sub! This engaging game is perfect for a sub tub! These games are must have for all of those moments you need to catch their attention, fill some time, or are perfect to include for a sub. I bet even you can't get them all right!I don't have lots of time when I'm in the need for a sub. Having a sub in my room shouldn't mean that it takes me longer to set up than the time I'll actually be gone! This is why I adore my Music Or Not games. They are easy to run, a

Instrument Centers for Orff Instruments and Nonpitched Percussion Instruments

Use this set of 40 task cards for pitched and nonpitched instruments to make music centers, inspire creativity, and guide exploration! Students love playing the Orff instruments and nonpitched percussion and want the chance to explore the instruments to make new sounds and patterns. For this center/activity just print off the flash cards that you want to use, laminate, and cut apart. Then use the instrument task cards to guide exploration and center activity! Click here to see a video abou

Music Centers/ Stations Bundle - Grades 1-5

Created by
Aileen Miracle
If you are ready to drastically increase student engagement, incorporate hands on activities, and improve your overall classroom management, then you need to implement Music Centers into your music classroom! This set has everything you need to get started with centers with first through fifth grade. These music centers are easy and flexible to implement! You can choose to do however many centers you want with very little prep! No more than two workstations in each individual set are technology-

FAMOUS MUSIC COMPOSERS Research Projects | Biography Report Activity

This set of (25) two-sided tri-fold research brochure templates allows students to dig deeper into facts about famous composers. You'll also find a BLANK template to use with ANY composer that is not included with this resource. Makes a great addition to your music history unit studies throughout the year. Keep these in your early finisher folder or your sub-folder for no-prep fun.CLICK HERE to save 25% on this resource in the Famous Composers Bundle!An interactive notebook pocket has been provi

Movie Music Composition Project

This movie music unit is a great way to engage upper elementary and middle school students and get them composing, listening, analyzing, and thinking about music! Students will learn about the importance of music and sound in film, different music jobs within the film industry (especially focusing on foley artists and score composers), and add their own sound effects and soundtrack to a short film! This project can be done in a variety of ways to suit your classroom needs, including individual a

Winter Composition + Movement Book Based Music Lesson for The Snowy Day

Incorporating books into your music classroom is a great way to get students hooked on reading AND music. This book based music lesson take your elementary music students into the picture book world of The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.In this lesson, kindergarten and first grade music students will to a movement activity inspired by the book, make up their own compositions using iconic notation, and learn how to put that on the staff.This lesson is intended for kindergarten and first grade stude

Elementary Music Sub Plans for the Non-Music Sub {Set 1}

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Do you need Elementary music sub plans for your music classroom? These Elementary music sub plans have ready-to-use lesson plans that can be taught by ANY substitute teacher--no musical experience needed! With enough plans for up to 2 weeks, these Elementary music sub plans give you the peace of mind to take a sick day without scrambling to create lesson plans.Lessen your stress and anxiety when you or your family member is sick, and take the day knowing you have Elementary music sub plans that

Instrument Families Workbook - great for Distance Learning

Created by
Lindsay Jervis
Are you working on instrument families while studying instruments of the orchestra?This set can be used as individual assignments or quizzes or can be put together in a workbook for your students.Many of these pages are great to leave for substitutes as well!Included in this set:- A list of websites I like to use when working on instrument families- A cover for your student workbook- Color the instruments that members of the brass family- Color the instruments that members of the woodwind family

QR Code Recorder Method {B-A-G} {Can Be Used With/Without QR Codes!}

3/15/19- This file has had a complete overhaul. If you have previously purchased this resource, please re-download now! :)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------What a FUN way to use TECHNOLOGY in your recorder classroom! Designed for beginning recorder players.THIS FILE SHOULD TAKE YOU THROUGH THE ENTIRE FIRST YEAR OF RECORDER CLASS! This figure is based on an elementary music class meeting once per week throughout the school year. As you will read belo

No Prep BAG Recorder Worksheets

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Do you need worksheets for your music classroom? These music theory worksheets are perfect to practice recorder, with the notes B, A, and G, in your elementary music lessons. They can also be used in centers, or for sub plans!Lessen your stress and anxiety when creating your lessons. Simply print out these printable worksheets, and have them ready to go for your students!Wanting to assign these digitally? This set comes with a customized Seesaw activity, as well as an Easel activity!Here's what

Pitch Hill MEGA BUNDLE Teaching Solfege through Storytelling

Are you struggling with teaching solfége or looking for a fun, new method for teaching solfége to elementary students? Then look no further! Pitch Hill is for you!In Pitch Hill, each solfège note is a character with his or her own story. For example, Do is a Boxer! He LOVES to box! He wears special head gear and boxing gloves to protect him and when we sing the note that is Do, we show our hands like boxing gloves. Do is very strong and will catch Re if she falls off the roof! (You will have

Note Name Music Worksheets - Treble Clef & Bass Clef Note Name Snippits

This extensive collection of note name worksheets ("snippits") provides a huge amount of practice for your student’s note reading skills. Worksheets for both treble clef and bass clef are included. Click the green preview button to see more samples of the worksheets.Like this set? Check out our Rhythm Snippets too!Included:15 treble clef "Name the Note" worksheets 5 treble clef "Write the Note" worksheets15 bass clef "Name the Note" worksheets 5 bass clef "Write the Note" worksheetsThere are NO

Music Escape Room - The Mystery at the Jazz Club - ALL DIGITAL!

This Escape Room is an all-in-one lesson to teach your students about Jazz in a fun and engaging way. Simply share the google form link with students and they are ready to go! Students will search for answers on the internet as they learn about the topics below.7 puzzles cover the topics of:Jazz originating in the 1920s African American communitiesRagtime being a predecessor to JazzDixielandSwingBebop (Charlie Parker)Duke EllingtonBillie Holiday 3 challenges (more involved with multiple question

Note Neighborhood – Big Bundle

Welcome to Note Neighborhood! Spend a little time here and get to know all the neighbors from Ta to the Sassy Half to King Whole Note.Everybody has a story that they want to tell and along the way you’ll be reading, practicing, and having tons of fun! This bundle includes all the Note Neighbors, their PowerPoint stories, and any extra resources and files that go with them! You get everything! If you’re someone who uses the Tika-tika rhythm syllable system you’ll want to use the Power Point t

First Five Notes | Concert Bb Band | Speed Note Naming | 5 Note Flash Worksheets

Created by
This is a fun music activity to help reinforce note identification and increase reading fluency for the 1st five pitches in the concert Bb scale. It's great for elementary/beginning band students and contains 46-pages of speed trials (similar to Mad Minute) where students can compete against the clock, each other, or themselves! Check out the preview to see all of the worksheets. Answer keys are also in the set in case you need it for sub plans or you'd like students to check their work.Find t

Film Music Activities - Music in the Movies Worksheets

Music in the Movies Lesson Plans, Listening and Composition Activities and Worksheets. This mini-unit focuses on the role of music in film through listening to and analyzing the elements of music. Included is a film-scoring composition project to complete the unit. Teaching slides, student worksheets, composition activities and video links are included.⭐️ SAVE WITH A BUNDLE:Music Activities and Worksheets - Bundle 1 Grades 5-8PRINTABLE OR DIGITAL:Choose Your Format - These activities come in 2 d
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