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Circle Time Songs Music Activities - Preschool, Kindergarten & Special Education

Make your circle time more fun and engaging with these interactive songs! This bundle includes fourteen songs and a song board! Each song has several visual supports to ensure every student is able to participate! This bundle is guaranteed to make your circle time more engaging, interactive and enjoyable for everyone! It is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, special education and ELL students.  Songs are an excellent tool for promoting language development, which is why I created this product

Music Theory Worksheets - Over 200 No Prep Pages for Music Class & Piano Lessons

Are you looking for an easy way to work on music theory concepts with your students? This comprehensive set of over 200 music theory worksheets is the perfect way to review concepts from rhythms, to music math, notes on the staff, piano keys, music symbols, music terms and vocabulary, time signatures, scales, chords, and much more! These no-prep print-and-go music pages are great for musicians of any age and include music theory for beginners through intermediate students. Grab a copy today and

Ukulele Program - Rainbow Ukulele {BUNDLE} - Lessons, Presentation, Student Book

Ukulele is a great instrument for the music classroom! Are you looking for a way to incorporate the ukulele into your elementary or early middle school music classroom? Looking for a great motivation system for students and a wonderful curriculum in the music classroom? Look no further! This Rainbow Ukulele mega bundle is for you! Also, be sure to check out the Rainbow Ukulele FREEBIE! to see how I set up the program.**Includes British term version (student and teacher) and a version that is c

Summer MUSIC BINGO Class Reward, Brain Break, Fun Friday, Indoor Recess, Spotify

Add summer fun to your classroom with this Summer Music Bingo game! Featuring a diverse selection of popular summer-themed songs and musical genres, this game is perfect for whole class rewards, brain breaks, Fun Fridays, indoor recess, and general music lessons, for both elementary and secondary students. Add some harmony to your classroom management reward system with Summer Music Bingo! This set includes 50 colorful bingo cards that are ready to print and laminate for years of use. The Spotif

Classroom Management Transition Songs & Calendar Time Songs

As a teacher, I always find myself singing songs! The students just respond so well to my directions when I add a tune to it! These are songs and chants that I use in my classroom to help with classroom management, calendar time, learning sight words, color words and more! Audio files are included so you can easily learn how to sing each song!What's included?Section 1: Classroom Management Quiet PleaseHave a SeatThe Carpet Song One, Two, Eyes on You!ListeningQuiet and You Know itFill a BucketCl

Music Sub Tub Stuffers: K-2 Substitute Plan - Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin

Most teachers would agree taking a sick or person day is harder than actually being at work. Writing sub plans and preparing sub tubs and sub binders are so hard, especially in music and other specials! This will be a great activity for your music substitute plans!This is a great sub plan for the non-musical sub! No musical skills required!This is a great print and go plan for K-2. Students will read a book about an orchestra that grows from a solo to a dectet. Students will read a book, lea

Celebrating 25 Black Musicians! Music Bulletin Board ~Black History Month~

This “Print and Post” bulletin board pack is intended to highlight significant black musicians from around the world and their contributions to the development of music and is great for Black History Month. This poster set highlights one or two artists from jazz, R&B, Rock and Roll, opera, blues, gospel, funk, and calypso because if I made a set to highlight all the significant names it would be never-ending! It was ridiculously difficult to limit this poster set to 25 musicians since the

Music Tracing Worksheets

Music tracing sheets are a great way to introduce your students to music notes, rests and clefs. Designed for your youngest musical learners, these printable music tracing worksheets are a time saver and help students practice drawing notes, rests and clefs. First students trace the music symbols and then have opportunities to practice drawing their own. These print and go worksheets are great for music workstations, individual work or assessment. Leave copies in your sub tub for emergency plan

Music Listening Worksheet Bundle

Created by
Cori Bloom
This is a collection of over 30 worksheest for guided music listening for grades K-12. They are generic worksheets with writing prompts to prompt students as they listen to whatever piece of music you choose. Each set of worksheets range in difficulty, and are perfect for differentiation! Save $4.00 when you buy this bundled set. This set is a bundle of the following products, please read the full description and see more preview images here: Music Listening Worksheets, Level One Music Listen

Circle Time Song Cards Finger Plays, Songs and Nursery Rhymes - GROWING BUNDLE

You're always on the go and these song cards will be ready to go with you. You'll love having them for circle time, the playground, bus or anytime you need a quick song at your fingertips.They are so easy to prepare, just print double-sided, cut in half, punch a hole and insert ring. You'll have a collection of songs, nursery rhymes, and fingerplays for every season at your fingertips. "Grab and Go" song cards have kid-friendly picture clues on the front and the words and extension activities. M

Classroom Songs GROWING Bundle! | Learning Songs | Classroom Community

Singing together in the classroom is a beautiful and POWERFUL thing! Use the Classroom Songs Growing Bundle to build community and learning engagement within your classroom! In this product you'll find lyrics created by me and set to popular songs with slides and tutorial video links to display for your students.ALL of my songs are included in this bundle product! This is the best value! If you are only interested in one song, you may find buying the "Morning Song Set," or "Learning Song Set" t

Music Sub Plans - No Tech Lessons for the Elementary Music Room, Set #1

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Do you need No Tech Music Sub Plans for a non-music sub? These Elementary Music Sub Plans make it quick and easy to plan for an absence. No technology is required, and the only other resources needed are ones likely already in your music room, such as a drum or crayons. Not only will these No Tech Sub Plans make the decision to put your own or your family's health first and take the time you need off, but they ensure that your students are still getting lots of engagement and musical learning e

Recorder Fingering Charts- Three Different Printout Options!

Follow me on Facebook for the latest news, freebies, and more! >>>> Music With Sara Bibee--------------------------------------------------------------------Click here for FREEBIES!Click here for all Classroom DecorClick here for No Prep/Print and Go ResourcesClick here for Composer of the MonthClick here to be SUB READYClick here for Coloring ActivitiesClick here for Composition ActivitiesClick here for Write the Room ActivitiesClick here for Guided Listening Units------------------

Elementary Music Lesson Plans-Set #2 (K-5 Curriculum Companion)

Created by
Emily Conroy
This product contains 120 music lesson plans, 120 “lessons at a glance,” 62 original songs (with sound files), and 1,536 pages of additional resources for kindergarten-5th grade music students. The lessons meet the National Core Arts Music Standards and were designed for both public school teachers and homeschool parents. Each grade level comes with 20 lessons (about 50-60 minutes long) or 40 lessons (for 30-minute classes. Just split each lesson in half).WHAT EDUCATORS ARE SAYING:"Very clearly

What to Listen for in Music Bulletin Board Set

Created by
Cori Bloom
This bulletin board set is a collection of vocabulary posters for your music room designed to guide students as they listen to and discuss music. The set includes 15 musical term posters with additional vocabulary cards for each term and 2 different decorative ribbon titles, all printable in your choice of color or black & white. Each term poster gives a definition as well as questions to get your students thinking about the music and sample vocabulary cards to get the conversation started

Rhythm Worksheet Bundle

Created by
Cori Bloom
This collection of 63 worksheets is a great review of beginner rhythms! These worksheets vary in difficulty and span a variety of learning styles, and are all printable in black and white. The bundle includes: *20 pages of fill in the blank Meter Practice (2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8) *5 pages of Rhythm Word Match Up (Download this for free here!) *30 pages of cut & paste Rhythm Composing *4 pages of Rhythm Match *6 pages of adding notes and rests in Rhythm Math

Video Game Music Composition Project

This video game music unit is a great way to engage upper elementary and middle school students and get them composing, listening, analyzing, and thinking about music! Students will learn about videogame composers by watching videos of interviews, analyze music from video games and discuss various aspects of music and sound in video games, and then create their own video game and the music to go with it!#composedchaos #musiccrewdistanceGENERAL #musiccrewsecondaryIncluded in this unit:PowerPoint

Music Theory Curriculum for Band FULL BUNDLE - non-tech music worksheets!

Music theory understanding is a critical for success in band. These worksheets are geared toward the more mature student in beginner band or second year player, ideally starting in 6th-7th grade. (This can be used in other music classes, but was designed with band in mind.) It can be used as a review for older students.Click on the GREEN PREVIEW button above and also by each unit to see detailed previews.✅ If your entire district is interested in using these resources at every campus, please hav

Music Activities Worksheets Bundle Sub Plans Genres Appreciation

Created by
Music Worksheets Activities Bundle5 Studentsavvy music products all bundled into one! Update 10/17: Music Around the World 2 has been added to the bundle!This product includes Music Around the World Units 1 & 2, Music and Rhythm Fun Activities, Music Exploration by Genre, and Music Activities - Common Core Writing.All of these activities are suitable for most primary ages. Students DO NOT have to be musically inclined! These are just fun, creative activities to get students excited about mus

Close Reading With Music-Engage Your Readers-Volume 1 Bundle | Distance Learning

Created by
Joanne Miller
Close reading with music is a way to engage your students so they enjoy close reading! Digital version using Google Slides ™ now included for all sets. Music is a way of letting our emotions out and allowing ourselves to express our feelings. Music speaks to people, it inspires people, and it allows people to express themselves…why not teach with music in our classrooms?Close reading with music has so many benefits!• Your students will ENJOY close reading!• Engaging for all students• Deepens com

Song and Rhyme Visual Props: Toddler Favorites

These fun musical props pair along with seven favorite preschool songs for an immersive circle time. Prop songs include:5 Little Monkeys Jumping On the BedThe Itsy Bitsy Spider5 Green and Speckled FrogsIf You're Happy and You Know It - Bilingual English/Spanish 5 Little DucksThe Wheels On the BusOld MacDonald Had A FarmTip: Laminate props and attach them to craft sticks or velcro for easy use. Hope you enjoy! -SherylSong and Rhyme Visual Props: Volume 2

Around the World Music Activities Christmas Holidays Culture Research Projects

Created by
Include music and multicultural fun in your classroom! **DIGITAL AND PAPER INCLUDED**Around the World Music with BONUS Christmas and Holiday Music Activities! Featured in the TpT Newsletter!Music Around the World Unit - Common Core Aligned!Great Activities for 3rd-7th Grade and Around the World Units! **Update: Now includes GOOGLE CLASSROOM Version for Distance Learning! Please download the new file. Students will learn over 30 different musical instruments from Japan, France, India, Spain, Bra

Music Escape Room #1 (Teams use music theory clues to solve codes)

This Music Escape Room is a twist on the "Escape Room Mania" that has hit the teen (and adult) world in the last few years. Students work as teams to solve mystery codes based using their knowledge of music theory.Students use:Note values (whole, half, quarter, eighth notes & rests)Musical symbols (such as time signature, natural, measure, accent, staff - see preview for details.)Note names (lines, spaces & ledger lines - shows in both treble clef & bass clef)Within the clues, studen

Rhythm Bingo Game for Elementary Music Eighth Notes Quarter Notes Quarter Rest

Created by
Linda McPherson
A fun music bingo game to reinforce 2 eighth notes beamed, quarter note and quarter rest! Elementary music students love bingo, especially when there are lots of winners! Perfect for whole class instruction, centers or your sub tub! If you prefer a simpler version of this bingo game check out Eighth Notes Rhythm Bingo Game (quarter note/eighth notes/quarter rest) 3x3 grid.The resource is included in two bundlesRhythm Bingo Games Mega BundleRhythm Bingo Games for Music Mini Bundle 5x5 gridsClick
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