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Amy Groesbeck Fonts: Vol. 4

Created by
Amy Groesbeck
Save 40% and purchase select AG Fonts in the GROWING BUNDLE!This font pack includes 8 true type fonts with Spanish, French, and Norwegian Accents:AG Can You NotAG Can You Not LightAG Can You Not BoldAG Couch PotatoAG How Do You SurviveAG No Questions TodayAG Taco TuesdayAG That's A No From MeFONTS NOT APPEARING? HAVE YOU TRIED THIS?Here are three things that will typically resolve installation errors:Restart your computer or shut down your Microsoft/Mac programs completely and then reopen. This

Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes - Morning Tubs - Fine Motor Activities

Created by
My Happy Place
Are your students struggling with fine motor skills and independence in the classroom? These Fine Motor Task Boxes are the solution to your struggles! Perfect for morning tubs, early finishers, or busy boxes, this set of 18 fine motor activities targets the development of fine motor skills in preschool and kindergarten students while also fostering independence and excitement about school. Designed to be completed independently, these fine motor activities build finger strength, dexterity, and c

Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle | Muted Neutral Rainbow | Back to School

Step into a whimsical world of color and creativity with our enchanting Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor Bundle! Designed to inspire and captivate both students and teachers alike, this boho rainbow collection of printable decor brings a touch of magic to any learning space.This carefully curated set features a delightful array of boho-inspired rainbows, creating a harmonious blend of warmth and positivity.From items to decorate & organize your classroom, to resources that will help you get read

Portfolio Template | EDITABLE

This EDITABLE portfolio template is the perfect way to stand out at your next interview!WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE A FULL LOOK AT THIS TEMPLATE IN ACTION!THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES:PLEASE NOTE | All templates are US Letter Size: 8.5" x 11"■ Editable portfolio cover pages■ Pre-made and editable divider cover pages■ Pre-made and editable divider tabs■ Editable table of contents pages (editable title, numbers, and text)■ Various editable text pages (6 different layouts available)■ Various editable image pa

Editable Visual Schedule for Special Education | Daily Visual Schedule | Autism

Get ready for a seamless experience with the innovative and versatile visual schedule. Say goodbye to lost or misplaced schedule pieces with this all-in-one solution. This editable visual schedule is designed to keep you and your students organized throughout the day, ensuring smooth transitions and enhanced productivity.Looking for a back-to-school bundle of materials for setting up your entire classroom for the entire year? Grab it for more than 20% off! Special Education Classroom Setup Bundl

Maternity Leave & Extended Leave Binder, Editable in PowerPoint

Created by
Adrienne Wiggins
Planning your maternity or extended leave will be a breeze with this binder of resources that is editable in PowerPoint. All you have to do is decide between customizing a blank template or quick-editing an already filled-in version. No need to recreate the wheel! Plan to succeed!Check out my series of blog post about this binder by clicking HERE!Version 1: OriginalVersion 2: FloralVersion 3: Printer FriendlyVersion 4: House PlantsFONTS NEEDED:KG Manhattan ScriptKG Blank Space SolidKG Beneath Yo

Bulletin Board Bundle | Seasonal Bulletin Boards or Door Decor | All Year Bundle

I love bulletin boards & door decor because they can create nice & cozy environments for your students. But do you know what I love even more than bulletin boards & door decor? ..Creating bulletin boards & door decor that create cozy spaces and include your students in a fun/meaningful activity! The students LOVE seeing their faces in your classroom and it is a wonderful way to promote classroom community! WHAT IS INCLUDED? (see individual products for more information.)Hallo

The OH Game: A Classroom Management Game // Oh Yeah! Oh Oops!

Created by
Falling for 1st
Fun and effective classroom management is a breeze with this simple game! When students make the right choice, reward them with an “oh yeah” point. If students make a wrong choice, give them an “oh oops” point. If the “oh yeah” side wins at the end of each day, add a cookie to the cookie jar. When you fill the cookie jar the class earns a reward of your choice! After filling the cookie jar, pick any of the behavior builder options and continue the game OR restart the cookie jar! Includes multipl

Kindergarten Morning Tubs Bundle

Created by
Katie Roltgen
Kindergarten Morning Tubs: The BundleThis is a DISCOUNTED BUNDLE of my morning work tub activity packs! There are eleven packs, each with 20 activities for a total of 220 activities in the bundle. There are packs for Back-to-School, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, plus a Summer pack. I designed these packs to help teachers with the planning and preparation of morning work tubs. These activities use materials and manipulatives commonly found in Kin

ULTIMATE Student Dashboard | All Data Tracking in ONE PLACE | Google Sheets™

Are you sick of having tons of tabs open or your data binders all over the place?! Come report card writing having to look through various binders and digital documents to find what you are looking for? I know I I created The Student Dashboard!The solution is The Student Dashboard!!!All student data tracking in ONE convenient spot. It is editable to suit your needs. Each student gets ONE TAB where you for you to track everything you need. Includes-PDF download with link to Google Sheets

Teacher Resume and Cover Letter Templates | EDITABLE

This set of 4 EDITABLE resume templates with matching cover letter templates are the perfect way to make a great impression when applying for your next job!WATCH THIS VIDEO TO SEE A FULL LOOK AT THIS TEMPLATE IN ACTION!THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES:■ Editable Google Slides file■ 4 resume template options■ 4 matching cover letter template options■ Editable text (change the text, font, size, and color)■ Multi-page product info guide■ Tutorial videoPLEASE NOTE: All templates are US Letter Size: 8.5" x 11"_

Sub Plan Templates | EDITABLE

These EDITABLE sub plan templates are perfect for typing sub plans within minutes![ PLEASE SEE THE PREVIEW OF THIS PRODUCT FOR A CLOSER LOOK! ]THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES:■ Editable PowerPoint templates■ Editable Google Slides templates■ 8 clipart options■ Add your own clipart option■ Clipart free option■ Video tutorial for editing the templatesPLEASE NOTE: This product does NOT include any pre-written sub plans! This product includes the templates only._______________________________________________

Buddies Get to Know You Reading Buddy Activity

This activity is meant to use when students have a big buddy or little buddy, reading buddies, learning buddies etc. OR it can be used as a simple get to know you booklet for your students. Students with special needs could create this and use as a social story.It's a great activity for buddies to do together when they are first getting to know each other. It can help to break the ice. Additional pages are also included with UK/Canadian spelling of favourite and colour.You can find my digital le

Class Slides | Classroom Management Slides | Teacher Templates in Google Slides

Up your classroom management game with these class slides for just about EVERYTHING! Classroom slides will make your school day so much easier to manage, and will keep students engaged and on-task.Over the past couple years, I have had so many requests from teachers about different templates and slides that they would like to use in their classrooms. Many of those requests go beyond Assignment Slides, and teachers are finding new ways that they would like to use Google Slides. So, I decided to

Thank You Cards (EDITABLE)

What better way to show your appreciation than with these EDITABLE Thank You Cards! Write a personalized message to your recipient! :) Included: How To Edit page 7 cards w/ hearts 7 cards w/o hearts 5 inside quote pages 1 EDITABLE inside page (NOTE: This is the only editable piece about this product.) ---------------- If you like this product, you may like: Motivational Bubbles 12 Months of Staff Morale Happy Teacher BINGO RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Challenge Staff Morale Coupons -------

Life Skills Task Boxes - set 1 & 2

Life Skills Task Boxes: Set 2Are you tired of boring worksheets! Looking for something new? Here are 16 Primary task boxes that are all related to life skills that are needed, that can be used in small groups, independent centers, one on one instruction, and take-home boxes for homework for that extra needed practice!! These tasks boxes, or task cards, help promote independent learning skills for early learners, gifted students, ELL students, and Special needs or SPED teachers.This resource can

Bright Google Slides Templates With Timers | EDITABLE

These EDITABLE Bright Google Slides Templates can be used to create beautiful but simple slides for teaching, presentations, and more!THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES:■ Widescreen editable Google Slides template (16:9)■ Standard editable Google Slides template (4:3)■ 8 timer videos■ Multi-page product info guide■ Tutorial video___________________________________________________________________________There are two Google Slides formats included: widescreen (16:9) which is best for widescreen monitors and p

Editable Parent Teacher Conference Forms and Student Reflections - Google Slides

Preparing for parent-teacher conferences has never been easier than with these ready to edit forms! Everything you need for your conferences to run smoothly is included in this resource- parent invitation letter, conference schedule, two student reflections, progress snapshots for you to share all of the important information with families in a single easy to read page including assessment scores, glows (strengths), grows (areas for improvement), and suggestions for how families can further supp

The Ultimate Special Education Binder {editable} IEP Binder

Created by
Mrs Ds Corner
*TOP 100 BEST SELLER * EDITABLE * READY FOR THE UPCOMING SCHOOL YEAR * Being a caseload manager and special education teacher is a wonderful experience that, unfortunately, includes tons of special education jargon and paperwork that can sometimes become overwhelming. This binder is your key to tidying up your daily caseload, organizing key special education information, and focusing more on your students, rather than the paperwork. *ALL DATA SHEETS ARE NOW COMPLETELY EDITABLE*Watch a video prev

Brain Breaks

This is a collection of 65 different Brain Breaks for the classroom. These can be used as transitions, breaks in the middle of an activity, something to raise or lower the energy of the group, team-building activities, and more!*UPDATE 7/2020: NEW CLIP ART, including diver students!Each brain break is accompanied by a description of how to do the exercise that can be glued onto the BACK of each activity, making it easy for you to remember all of these and for a sub, parent, principal, or student

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Goal Bank - School-Based (Pre-K to 5th)

Created by
Sarah Bee OT
This comprehensive school-based OT goal bank will save you time and mental energy when developing functional and measurable goals for your Pre-K to 5 caseload. With over 260 goals across 15 skill areas, this goal bank provides you with a high-quality set of templates that you can customize for each child. This resource also includes an overview of goal writing basics, which will equip you with the essential knowledge you need to become more confident with goal writing. While this recourse was de

100 Report Card Comments You Can Use Now - Editable Print and Digital

Creating report card comments can be time-consuming, but this list of 100+ report card comments can make the process so much easier! Save time with easy-to-customize report card comments in three formats: printable PDF, editable in PowerPoint, and editable in digital (Google Slides). You'll be able to easily and quickly find report card comments by scrolling through the categories to pick what fits best for the student in mind. Perfect for progress reports, report cards, and for parent/guardian

Fine Motor Cube Building Cards - Snap Cubes Task Boxes – Morning Tubs

Created by
My Happy Place
Taken from the other Fine Motor Skills Task Boxes sets, these snap cube cards are a perfect addition to your morning tubs, early finishers, centers, or busy boxes. This fine motor set includes 48 task cards with designs for students to create with connecting cubes as well as 26 alphabet initial sound designs (some of which duplicate or are similar to the original 48 pictures). It also includes an activity label and instruction card designed to fit on a standard-sized pencil box.▶▶ These task car

Meet the Teacher Template Editable Open House Forms Weekly Newsletter February

Created by
Seasonal Meet the Teacher Editable Open House + Newsletter Templates (12 Styles) & Brochure Templates (5 Styles) - Both Digital & Print Versions Included!Information Pamphlet - Brochure for Back to School Night! (EDITABLE) Great for Meet the Teacher, Open House, Back to School Night, and Curriculum Night! **UPDATES!** ***12 Seasonal Templates for Classroom Newsletter are now Included! ***Boho Rainbow and Farmhouse Styles have been added! -Additional Digital Files (Google Slides for Goog
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