Swiss Tradition: Hacking Duty

Learned about a Swiss fall tradition this morning, Häckseldienst aka Hacking Duty. You can sign up to trim the trees on the streets so that they meet very specific requirements in terms of how tall they can be, how much they can stick into the street, and how much light they can let in. Sounds like a great way to get some exercise, let off some steam, and mix with your neighbors.


Pastorini toy shop in Zurich

Pastorini is an incredible kids’ toys and craft store in the center of Zurich, at Weinplatz 3, 8001 Zürich. Three levels of high-quality wooden toys, musical instruments, gorgeous books, puzzles, various craft materials. I popped in for 15 minutes to buy a birthday gift, and was so enthralled, I could barely make my way out after over an hour (reminding myself that my parking ticket has expired).

It was the first store where I actually saw a cube chair (looking to buy a few of those for our home), a simple wooden model for “only” 149 CHF. You guessed it right — this store is high quality, high price. I still recommend visiting it, because you can get unique gifts or toys that don’t have to completely break your budget, and also it’s a great way to get inspiration and check out items from different brands, then perhaps look up the same or similar items online.

Multilingual WordPress examples

Cool examples of very active multilingual blogs via a blog post by Moravia: 5 Reasons We Love WordPress and Why Any Language Lover Should.

Examples include a-ha’s blog in 9 languages, Global Voices blog with daily news in 30 (!) languages, and others. Would be cool to poke around and see what solutions are being used.

Umlauts and accents on a Mac keyboard

After 7 months of typing “rueschlikon” to find and copy-paste “Rüschlikon” when filling out address fields (that’s the name of the community in the canton of Zürich where I live now), I finally slowed down to think if there was a better way. Of course, there is: Option + u + (Shift if needed) + letter itself. And voilà: ä ë ö ü Ä Ë Ö Ü.

And yes, you guessed it, I used Option + ` + a to type à. Business Users: eCommerce Has Arrived!


Long-awaited e-shop option now! Congratulations to the teams who have made it a reality!

Originally posted on News:

We’re thrilled to announce that, starting today, Business users can connect their sites to their online stores. With three leading ecommerce partners to choose from — Ecwid , Shopify , and ShopLocket — you can showcase, promote, and sell products to your customers directly from your site.

If you’re already a Business user, or are thinking of becoming one, here’s how the ecommerce feature will power your site.

A simple, hassle-free connection

Users with the Business upgrade already enjoy great features like live-chat support, unlimited storage, and free access to all our premium themes. Now, you can turn your site into a sleek online storefront, and let visitors shop from any post or page. The partners we’ve teamed up with — Ecwid, Shopify, and ShopLocket — all provide a smooth and secure ecommerce experience for you and your customers.

Connecting to your store is…

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