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Science Interactive Notebook | 3rd 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade Science Notes

Let's journal! Science Interactive Notebook All in One Bundle is perfect for teachers who are looking to incorporate Interactive Science Notebooks in 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, or 6th grade. There are SO many topics: safety and science practices, matter, mixtures, ecosystems, adaptations, life cycles, energy, light, force and motion, human body, earth, space, and MUCH more!Take a closer look! Download the preview for 10 free printables.This file includes 260 foldable activities, cut and pa

Physical and Chemical Changes - Science Color By Number

Created by
Morpho Science
This activity requires students to answer 20 questions that relate to physical and chemical changes. The students will read each scenario and choose whether or not the event is a physical or a chemical change. Once finished, students will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a fun, flask coloring page. Included:➤ Student Question Sheet➤ Student Coloring Page➤ Teacher Keys★★★ Save 25% by purchasing my PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL CHANGES BUNDLE ★★★How is this product useful?✔ Excellent


Look no further for states of matter activities! This resource includes easy to follow lessons, exciting hands on experiments, and science notebook printables to guarantee a stress-free unit!Teaching learners about solids, liquids, and gases helps them develop a basic understanding of how matter behaves and interacts with its environment. Through engaging and interactive experiences, they can observe and manipulate different materials through each activity.Use the States of Matter song to intro

Properties of Matter Second Grade Science Unit NGSS

Created by
Linda Kamp
This 2nd grade properties of matter resource is a comprehensive, 3-week science unit that is carefully designed with literally everything you need to teach NGSS and many state standards all in one, in-depth resource. This unit is also available bundled with a digital version and narrated audio lessons HERE. This resource aligns to 2nd grade NGSS Structure & Properties of Matter 2-PS1-4, 2-PS1-1, 2-PS1-2, 2-PS1-3. It includes 15 days of highly engaging science lessons and labs on these topics

States of Matter - Reading Passages, Comprehension, Activities, Labs, Task Cards

Created by
Melissa Mazur
This matter science unit contains reading passages with comprehension questions, activities, science labs, task cards, and vocabulary reference posters that you can use to enhance your unit on matter. Please download the preview file to see all pages included in this unit!Pages included:Matter reading passage and comprehensioncrossword puzzlemultiple choice activitymind mappicture wordword sortSolids reading passage and comprehensionword search and fill in the blankgraphic organizerLiquids read

Weather and Climate - Complete NGSS Science Unit - 3rd Grade

Created by
Give Spark
Weather and Climate Unit - Third Grade - Science - Complete Unit - NGSSDive into the captivating world of Weather and Climate with this meticulously crafted teaching unit tailored for third-grade learners. Spanning 11 dynamic lessons, students will embark on hands-on experiments, spirited discussions, and in-depth investigations. Every lesson is thoughtfully aligned with the third-grade Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), specifically targeting standards NGSS.3-ESS3-1, NGSS.3-5-ETS1-3, NGS

5 STEM Activities Desert Island STEM Challenge Bridge Catapult Raft Hut STEAM

Created by
If your students enjoy doing STEM or STEAM activities, they will LOVE this set of 5 fully-planned out challenges! All five themed STEM challenges center around the story of a shipwrecked traveler stranded on a deserted island. After watching an introductory “movie trailer” and hearing the story of the shipwreck, students will read five of the traveler's diary entries. Each entry will challenge them to design and build something to help him survive and get back to civilization!These STEM challeng

Element Superhero Project - Chemistry Project - Periodic Table of the Elements

Created by
Morpho Science
Includes a Digital (Google Slide) Version and a Printable Version — All Versions are EditableThis project is an engaging way to learn about the physical and chemical properties of elements. Most element projects only mention superheroes. However, many elements align more with a villain than a superhero (Like Chlorine!). In this activity, students will have the creative freedom to personify one element on the periodic table into a superhero—or a villain. I have included a huge bundle of resources

Force & Motion: Laws of Motion, Gravity, Friction, Energy, Simple Machines, MORE

Attention all 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade science teachers! Are you looking for a comprehensive unit on force and motion as well as simple machines? Look no further! Our full unit has everything you need to make teaching science a breeze.With our step-by-step lesson plans, printable and digital student activities, hands-on experiments, and centers, your students will be fully engaged and excited to learn about forces and motion. We understand that teaching science can be challenging, which is why we'

4th and 5th Grade Science Resources | with Digital Science Activities Included

Created by
Jennifer Findley
This science resource is a bundle of six of my 4th and 5th grade science passages and activities (with digital science activities).NOTE: Each resource in this bundle now has Google Slides™ versions of the passages and activities and a Google Forms assessment. See the About the Digital Science Activities section for more details. About the Science Activities and Resources IncludedThere is a supplemental resource included for each science concept listed below:Plant and Animal Cells *Includes digit

4th Grade Science Bundle - NGSS - Four Complete Units - Entire Year

Created by
Give Spark
4th Grade Science Bundle - NGSS - Four Complete Units - Entire YearWelcome to the ultimate science teaching solution for 4th grade educators - the 4th Grade Science Super Bundle. This all-inclusive package is specially designed to ignite curiosity, enhance understanding, and fuel the passion for science in every student. It is meticulously crafted to fully align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for 4th grade, offering engaging, hands-on learning.This bundle includes four compre

Forms of Energy Science Stations | Mechanical, Light, Sound, Thermal, Electrical

Forms of Energy Science Stations includes 9 station activities focused on mechanical, electrical, light, thermal, and sound energy.Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class!9 StationsRead It: Read about thermal, mechanical, sound, electrical, and light energy. Answer questions.Create It: Place the circuit cards in the correct locations on the diagram mat.Watch It: Watch a video and answer questio

Atoms and Elements Doodle Note | Science Doodle Notes

This science graphic organizer includes one page for students to identify and describe the parts of the atom including protons, neutrons, and electrons. On the second page, students will identify what makes each element unique and describe aspects of elements such as atomic number, atomic mass, and chemical symbols.With what standard does this resource align?This resource will aid students in moving towards mastery of the Next Generation Science Standard NGSS MS-PS1-1.What are doodle notes?Doodl

4th Grade - Energy - Complete - NGSS - Science Unit - Printable Unit

Created by
Give Spark
Energy - Transfers and Transformations - Fourth Grade - Science - Complete Unit - NGSSThis product is a complete teaching unit of 11 hands-on, engaging lessons to teach energy, fully aligned with the Fourth-grade NGSS standards. Also included is a collaborative end-of-unit project that utilizes the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices to apply their knowledge to a fun STEM project.--------------------APPROACH TO LEARNING---------------------Unlock your students' natural curiosity and passion

STEM I Can Build®️ Cards, Books, and Anchor Charts

I Can Build books and anchor charts are a fun way to get students thinking of all the things they can build and engineer! It is an easy and manageable way to add STEM to your classroom with real photographs!Blocks and manipulatives give students the opportunity to be creative, problem-solve, develop math concepts, develop eye-hand coordination, develop fine motor (if the blocks are small), and develop inquiry skills (STEM & STEAM). Add a literacy component and have students draw and write ab

Physical Science Curriculum - FULL YEAR Bundle

This no-prep paper AND digital paperless bundle is a complete physical science curriculum with ALL of the notes, labs, activities, practices, projects, quizzes, and tests you need to teach an entire year of physical science. Every major physical science unit is covered and listed below. Everything is provided for two levels – CP (College Prep, or on grade level) and Honors (advanced) to aid in differentiating for varying levels of students. Not only that, but the student packets come in a pape

Science Weekly Five Stations Bundle | Science Centers | 3rd & 4th Grade

Ready for easy prep science centers? Transform your science centers with Science Weekly 5. You'll find quick centers for matter, energy, ecosystems, life cycles, earth science, and space.Updated for 2022. Stations are improved, an answer key was added, and everything you need is included in one easy PDF per unit.Science Weekly Five™ stations are versatile, easy to use, and aid in student learning. Teachers all over the country are using these centers and love them. There are 17 units with 5 sta

Science Doodle - Weather and Climate Interactive Notebook BUNDLE

This item is also found in the Earth Science SET of 8 BUNDLES at 30% OFF!This is a great unit all about weather and climate. This big bundle comes with:Weather and Climate Foldable72 Slide Weather and Climate PowerPointMapping WeatherWeather and Climate Tools FoldablePowerPoint to show keys to the foldablesUnderstanding FrontsQuiz about Weather and ClimateVenn Diagram about Weather and Climate32 Task CardsVocabulary SetWriting PromptWeekly WarmupAll KEYS included and foldables fit perfectly in

Magic School Bus Video Worksheets *GROWING BUNDLE*

Created by
Brianne Dekker
This is a *GROWIING* bundle of ALL the Magic School Bus video worksheets found in my store. Worksheets for additional videos will be added to this bundle as I create them. You can expect a new worksheet set added to the bundle once every few months.If there are any topics you'd like to see included that aren't currently in the bundle, please let me know! I would love to accommodate your requests.NOTE: All worksheets sets in this bundle can be bought individually in my store for $1 each. Click he

Science Lesson Year Long BUNDLE | PowerPoint & Google Slides

Created by
Sarah Gardner
Your students will love these engaging science lessons, and you'll love that they are no-prep and ready to teach. Each lesson slide is meant to be projected on your whiteboard to guide short and sweet discussions about important science concepts. Use these slides as stand-alone lessons, or as a supplement to your existing science curriculum.Lesson Formats Included:⭐ PDF ⭐ Powerpoint ⭐ Google SlidesNot sure if Bite-Size Science is right for you? Click here to try a "bite" FREE!Topics Currently In

Science Exit Tickets Bundle | 4th, 5th, 6th Grade | Exit Slips

Do the students understand the material? Here's an easy way to check! These science exit slips are perfect to check for understanding quickly at the end of your lesson-- formative assessment with no prep! INCLUDESOver 200 Printable Exit Slips• 48 Earth Science Exit Slips• 54 Life Science Exit Slips• 43 Space Science Exit Slips• 28 Nature of Science Exit Slips• 55 Physical Science Exit SlipsLearn more about each individual resource by clicking the green links.Life Exit SlipsEcosystemsPlantsLife C

Electricity and Magnetism Unit - Circuits, Static Electricity, Electromagnetism

Created by
Love Learning
Make Science Fun! This Electricity and Magnetism Unit includes everything you need to teach your students about Electric Circuits, Static Electricity, Conductors and Insulators, Magnets, and Electromagnets. The unit includes printable and digital versions for use with Google Classroom™.This Electricity Unit Includes the Following Topics:static electricityelectric forcecharging an objectstatic electricity in natureelectrical currentsimple circuitsparts of a circuitseries and parallel circuitscond

Changing States of Matter SORT (Cut & Paste) Review or Assessment- NOW DIGITAL!

Created by
This interactive and hands-on card sort activity will allow your students to see how the atoms in matter change as they change states due to the amount of heat given to that matter. This is a great way to teach, practice and asses this tricky concept in a kinesthetic way! Use this for your upper elementary or middle school science class.Start by asking students the question: How can the states of matter can be changed from one form to another? [ex. " What happens to solid ice when heat is added?

ALL the Doodle Sheets SCIENCE Grades 3-6 - EASY TO USE Notes! with PPTs

INCLUDED in this download: 47 Science Doodle Sheets Two versions of all 47 sheets included: 
Interactive Notebook Size and large 8.5 x 11 size 47 PowerPoints – to show students the KEYThese flat doodle sheets are different than my foldables. It is the same content but in a flat sheet format. They make great reviews after the foldables and also can be used as an anchor chart. Enlarge them to poster size and laminate for amazing posters for your room and use in a station! So many possibilities...
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