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Black History Month Activity: Collaborative Biographical "Quilt" (includes MLK)

Created by
Art with Jenny K
My Famous Faces® of African-American History "Quilt" project is the perfect whole-class activity to do during Black History Month or any time of the year! It connects the individual with the group using hexagons that will tessellate to create a large “quilt” collaboration poster featuring 40 influential African Americans and their biographies. The final poster has a ton of “wow factor” when complete, and I hope it will make a large impact on your students as they learn about these 40 influential

Self Portrait Directed Drawing Art Project Craft GREAT Holiday/ Christmas gifts

Looking for an AMAZING art project that's awesome for the beginning or end of the school year, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just for fun anytime!? These self-portraits are an "instant classic" and "all-time favorite" that 15,000+ teachers have LOVED using in their classrooms year-after-year ...and now you can, too! ******************************************ALL THE INTERESTING DETAILS:This is NOT your "typical" directed drawing project... it's SO MUCH MORE. Your purchase includes 2 files: ✅

All About Me Activities, Graphs, and More for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

All About Me is loaded with fun, back to school activities to help your students get to know each other and their teachers during those first few weeks of school! It includes get to know you graphs, class books, posters, and mini books. These exciting activities will help you build a caring classroom community of learners who will support each other all year long! Each activity has a page of teacher tips to help you create the activity easily and ensure it will go smoothly. You can use these

Build A Tiny House! Project Based Learning for Geometry and Math

If you’ve been watching TV or reading magazines, chances are you've seen a tiny house. These little homes are everywhere...and now, we're asking students to make their own 3D version! Build A Tiny House is a project based learning (PBL) activity that'll put the designing into the hands of the students. Students will dive deep to show they understand the how (and why) math concepts such as area, perimeter, and geometry are used in building a home. This project integrates multiple elements such a

Project Based Learning: Geometrocity! A Math PBL

Project Based Learning: GEOMETROCITY! Build a City Made of Math with Geometry.Imagine, Design, and Build a City with this 2D and 3D Adventure!-Project Based Learning-Real World Application-Geometry, Maps, & More -Extension Activities -Differentiated Levels***THIS RESOURCE IS NOW DIGITAL!***There is a link to a Google Slides Version. Details below. *This resource can be used for distance learning and e-learning.*Geometrocity is a project based learning activity where students will take their

Animal Research Project Animal Report Pennant Banners

Created by
Tied 2 Teaching
These Animals Report Pennant Banners come with over 100 fun pennants for displaying your animal research project on the amazing animals of our world. Perfect for any time of the year, these pennants are a great way to supplement your science instruction as well as help your students organize their research. Save time by integrating your science and ELA instruction! In addition to being excellent informational organizers for your students, these animal pennant banners are great to use for bulle

Biography Project - Informational Writing & Biography Research Biography Report

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
Designed with third and fourth graders in mind, this Black History Month biography project template includes materials for students to use while reading biographies and conducting research, as well as materials for the presentation of their final writing piece, in a Biography Lapbook. To complete this project, students:• read biographies (specifically for Black History Month, if you choose),• use a graphic organizer template as a prewriting tool to organize their writing,• write informative te

Water Bottle Flip STEM Challenge + STEM Activity

The ORIGINAL water bottle flip STEM activity and lab! Water bottle flip at school? Absolutely! Students will love this on-trend STEM challenge inspired by the popular YouTube water bottle flipping challenge where students toss a water bottle and attempt to land it straight up. Practice scientific method with some probability, fractions and data collection in the mix while having fun!***Now includes all student recording pages on Google Slides™ and TpT Easel for use on devices.***This self-paced

Book Report Projects for Any Book Student Instructions Rubrics & Digital Options

Created by
Rachel Lynette
Try these 15 creative book projects to spice up your reading program. These book project worksheets include everything you need for a comprehensive reading unit!WHAT’S INCLUDED:✍️ PRINT:15 Creative Book ProjectsDIGITAL:Google Slides (no outside materials needed!)Video InstructionsDIFFERENTIATION OPTIONS:Digital or PrintVideo Instructions Self-Checking or Short AnswerMultiple versions of the recording sheet includedGreat for 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade! CHECK OUT THE PREVIEW TO SEE A LOT MORE! Th

Tessellation Christmas Tree | Collaborative Christmas Activity and Class Craft!

Created by
Art with Jenny K
Don't miss out on the HOLIDAY FUN!! See for yourself why this Tessellated Christmas Tree project is the perfect whole-class Christmas activity... plus you can sneak a little math in the fun! Designed by Art with Jenny K., it connects the individual with the group using tessellations, and it has a ton of "wow factor" when complete. It provides a meaningful demonstration that our individuality combines with others to make a greater whole—a wonderful lesson for the holiday season! Each student deco

All About Me Rainbows Back to School Activities

All About Me Rainbows are a back to school beginning of the year activity perfect for getting to know your students! This beginning of the school year activity will help you {and the class} learn about your new students and make your room bright and colorful.You will find out:how old your students aretheir birthday if they have siblings and their namesif they have pets and their namesfavorite colorfavorite foodwhat they want to be when they grow upfavorite animalfavorite bookfavorite subjectwh

Animal Reports | A Lapbook & Animal Research Project | Informational Writing

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
If you’re one of the thousands who made the BIOGRAPHY LAPBOOK a best-selling item, you’ll love this one, too! Designed with third and fourth graders in mind, this animals resource includes materials for students to use while conducting research using nonfiction texts, as well as materials for the presentation of their final informational writing piece, in an Animals Lapbook. To complete this project, students:• read nonfiction texts,• use a graphic organizer as a prewriting tool to organize t

Fraction Math Project With 3rd 4th Grade Fraction Activities - Run a Pizza Place

Created by
Shelley Gray
Bring fractions to life while reinforcing essential concepts using this high-interest, skill-packed fraction project! Run a Pizza Place will help your students understand what fractions really mean and how they are used in the real world in a way that engages, excites, and keeps them begging for more! This is not your average set of fraction activities. Your students will be able to imagine how exciting it would be like to own their own pizza restaurant, all while practicing:representing fracti

Cereal Box Book Report Project | Book Report Template & Rubric

Created by
Shelly Rees
Ready to try a different approach to the traditional book report? Your students will love this Cereal Box Book Report! This packet has everything, including printable book report templates and rubrics, you need to get your students started on this exciting project. Please click on the preview above for a better look at the contents of this resource.Click HERE to save 20% by purchasing this resource as part of the popular Book Report Projects Bundle.This best-selling cereal box book report proje

Area and Perimeter Design a Zoo Challenge PRINT and DIGITAL

In this math project based learning activity, students use area and perimeter to design their own zoos. They must adhere to the minimum size for animal enclosures and other project guidelines as they construct their zoos. After designing their zoos, students must list the area and perimeter of each animal enclosure to ensure that they are large enough. This resource includes: teacher directions a force copy link to a Google Slides DIGITAL version of the activity (with rubric) student directions

Holidays Around the World Christmas Research Project - with Digital Resources

❄️ Explore Holidays Around the World with this comprehensive bundle, featuring a lapbook, stunning slides with real photos, and informative research fact sheets. Discover the diverse celebrations and traditions in 20+ countries, including Christmas in the USA, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, England, France, Germany, and many more. ❄️The Holidays Around the World Lapbook Bundle offers: 5 informative slides for each of the 20 countries, featuring real photos Engaging flip books to delve into each country's ho

Persuasive Writing Donut Theme - Design a Donut Project - Art and Writing

Kids love donuts, but writing? Not so much. Enter the "Design a Donut Contest," a persuasive writing project so scrumptious even your most reluctant writers can't resist. Your students will use their persuasive skills to pitch their dream donut for the coveted "Flavor of the Month" spot.You have two options for this exciting writing adventure: the digital version or the classic pencil-and-paper (plus coloring supplies) version.Original (Printed) version:Lesson plans Small group warm-up activity

Informative writing for First Grade: All About Book

Created by
Susan Jones
This informative writing workshop unit was created to help your students create an All About Book about their favorite animal. They will go through the research and writing processes as the unit aligns directly with the common core standards!Each year my first grade students research animals and create their own All About Books! This pack guides you step-by-step as you help your kids discover their love for non-fiction texts and writing. In the end, you have some adorable and informative books f

Holiday Parent Gift - Directed Drawing Calendar - Updated Through 2025

Created by
Erin Waters
Are you looking for a holiday parent and family gift your students can make to show their love this winter for Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, and more? This directed drawing fridge calendar is full of kid-friendly puns and simple step-by-step drawings that will spread love all year round! This directed drawing calendar is designed with the fridge in mind, so it uses less space AND less paper: each month is only a HALF sheet of paper, so only 6 pages are needed per student. *NOW UPDATED FOR 2024 and 2

Thanksgiving Craft - Writing & Art Activity - I Am Thankful Lapbook

I Am Thankful Lapbook is perfect Thanksgiving Craft for the month of November. Gratitude and thankfulness is the foundation of this project. Your students will be diving deep into all the areas of their life that they feel thankful. Students will work through the prewriting process as they complete each component of the lapbook. By the end of this project your students will have also completed an acrostic poem with the word THANKFUL. Families will love receiving these as keepsakes or even a

Country Report and Country Research Projects Country Study and More

Created by
Tied 2 Teaching
Completing a country research project can be such a great way to open your students eyes to countries, people and cultures around the world. This fun, fresh and engaging country report resource is the perfect DIFFERENTIATED way to meet each student where they are and guide them as they present their research on countries around the world. Complete with 32 countries from around the world, this country research project GIVES STUDENTS A CHOICE of how they want to present their research. Each Count

Real-World Budgeting & Finance: A Personal Financial Literacy Project

{UPDATE - DIGITAL VERSION ADDED 5/6/2020!!!} This project is perfect to get your students engaged in your personal financial literacy unit! Often, the concepts in this unit are beyond the scope of imagination for our kiddos. This unit keeps them interested and engaged, all while teaching them about taxes, budgeting, balancing an account, and keeping records. They will make real-life choices about things like insurance, groceries, utilities, and charitable donations based on their income, budg

Human Body Systems Project & Lift-the-Flap Model w/ Human Body Reading Passages

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
This unit has always been one of my very FAVORITE units to teach! Kids love to learn about the amazing, surprising, and sometimes downright icky things that happen in their bodies, and this life-size model has the hands-on component to make their learning engaging, meaningful, and memorable.This resource includes leveled reading passages for each organ and “lift-the-flap” pieces that provide a place for kids to record information directly on their models. Your kids will take learning beyond th

Winter Project Based Learning | Hot Cocoa Stand Business PBL | Hot Chocolate

Created by
Shelly Rees
Students LOVE real-life learning, and this Start a Hot Cocoa Stand PBL unit will have them asking for more activities just like it! Students will plan and design a hot cocoa stand, create a menu, write how to make the world's best hot chocolate, and so much more! What better way to have students use real-life math, reading, and writing skills than with this Hot Chocolate Stand Business Project Based Learning unit? Click HERE to SAVE 25% with the PBL Activities Bundle for the Year!This activity i
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