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(Educator Guide) A Little SPOT of Feelings & Emotions

Created by
Diane Alber
188 page Educator Guide filled with concise lesson format, fun hands-on activities, helpful photographs, discussion and writing prompts and over 100 activity printable and worksheets.This guide was created adhering to Common Core standards and CASEL: Effective Social-Emotional Learning Programs. It was developed to be a fun and creative resource to teach FEELINGS & EMOTIONS to elementary school students. The activities and lessons are created for 5-8 year olds, but can easily be adapted for

Introduction to Psychology Unit PPTs, Guided Notes, Worksheets, Test + GoogleApp

Intro to Psychology & AP Psych Unit 1 includes Introduction to Psychology PowerPoints with presenter notes, worksheets, warmups, activity, crossword puzzle review, review PowerPoint and review Kahoot! game, editable assessment project and daily lesson plans. This unit has everything you need to teach all about the first unit of psychology, no book needed. Detailed lesson plans make no prep necessary, just copy/paste. I have used this for both AP Psychology and regular classes. Each lesson

How are you feeling poster, emotions chart, feelings, Zones of regulation poster

This emotional regulation poster can serve as a great visual tool to help visualize feelings and emotions.For the spanish version, click here.ONCE PURCHASEDOnce you purchase you'll be able to download high resolution, 300dpi ready to print JPG files.Printable sizes include (High resolution, 300dpi ready to print JPG files):- 5x7''- 8x10''- 11x14''- 12x16''- 16x20''Once downloaded, you can print at your own home or take it to your preferred print shop or have it printed online.---FIND MECheck the

AP Psychology / AP Psych Full Curriculum Bundle - Google Drive - 90% Pass Rate!

My AP Psychology full year curriculum is a living bundle that includes Google Drive access with the download, and any other updates I may add in the future!This complete class curriculum is intended to best-prepare you and your students for passing the AP Test with the exact same model and approach I use. The bundle meshes fun, review, rigor, and skill-building throughout the entire year! It has helped my students consistently achieve 90%+ passing rates, and I hope it can help some of you... esp

A Little SPOT Posters

Created by
Diane Alber
Here is a little SPOT posters that go hand in hand with A little spot picture books by Diane Alber. Picture books about feelings and emotions available on

Psychology Memory Unit- PPTs, Worksheets, Guided Notes, Kahoot, Test, GoogleApps

Psychology & AP Psychology: Memory Unit Bundled - PowerPoint Lectures, worksheets, quiz, project, video with video link, crossword review, and a Kahoot! review - Lesson Plans included. This Memory Psychology unit has 7-10 days worth of lessons. I have used this for both AP Psychology and regular classes. Each lesson begins with a warm-up, PowerPoint notes, and an exit ticket. A quiz, a 25 point assessment and memory project are also included as an option. PowerPoint / Google Slides Lectures

Psychology Bundle! Complete Course Semester 1 (Entire Store!) + Digital Resource

This is an evolving bundle. Please read the product description carefully to understand which resources are included and which have not yet been added.By customer request, Entire Psychology Store Evolving Bundle has everything I have developed for Psychology since my store has been opened. It consists of ten complete Psychology Units, a unit PowerPoint and Semester 1 and 2 tests/test banks. Each unit include warmups, PowerPoint lectures, informational text readings, guided practice worksheets, p

The Social Dilemma Netflix Documentary: 30 Question Worksheet + Answer Key!

The Social Dilemma- This is a video guide + answer key! (Hard copy and digital versions.)Technology, cell phones and social media leave us with a social dilemma for sure! Whether it be Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter, all social media gives us reason to stop, pause and reflect!-----------------------------------------------------Here you will find:* 30 questions that follow along with the documentary* Answer key to make grading a breeze* An optional "less paper" version* Link

Developmental Psychology Unit Worksheets, PPTs, Plans, Test + Google Apps

Developmental Psychology and AP Psychology Unit Bundled includes Developmental Psych PowerPoints with Video Clips and presenter notes, worksheets/activities, warmups, project, review crossword, videos and video guide, assessment and daily lesson plans. This bundle has everything you need to teach all about developmental psychology, no book necessary. Detailed lesson plans make no prep necessary, just copy/paste into your lesson plans. Everything is usable. Everything is planned. This is the comp

Ten Minute CBT Worksheets and Handouts for Depression and Anxiety

Manage anger, depression, and anxiety by taking 10 minutes a day to practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) strategies. Students will learn how to dispute negative thinking patterns and thought distortions, while also building self-awareness, confidence, and a growth mindset.No prep product includes: -1 CBT model handout and worksheet.-1 Physiological Signs of feelings handout and worksheet.-6 Feelings ingredients handouts and worksheets for anger, depression, and anxiety.-3 Thought Distort

Psychology: Personality Unit | PPTs, Worksheets, Kahoot, Test + Google Apps

Psychology & AP Psychology: Entire Personality Unit includes PowerPoints with video clips and presenter notes, worksheets, Role-play Activity, quiz, warmups, review, assessment and daily lesson plans.This bundle has 7-10 days worth of lessons, everything you need to teach all about personality, no book needed. Detailed lesson plans make no prep necessary, just copy/paste into your lesson plans. Everything is usable. Everything is planned. This is the complete package. I have used this for bo

A Little SPOT Posters Version 2

Created by
Diane Alber
Posters to decorate a classroom, office or bulletin board

GROWTH MINDSET Creative Writing Activities | Bell Ringer Daily Journal Prompts

These growth mindset/SEL prompts include over 340 diverse writing questions based on 76 high-interest themes that are sure to spark discussion with your middle school or high school students. These journal pages come in 2 no-prep formats (slides and print & go) and will make lesson planning a breeze. You'll receive slides and print & go journal pages. CLICK HERE to save 40% on this resource in the ELA Bundle for Grades 8 - 12!Print & Go Journal: This 76-page journal is straightforwar

Psychology - Fun Activity - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Activity Package

Created by
Mister Rutter
Go shopping at the Life Store! Buy your ideal life! The only problem is… you have just 20 dollars to spend. How will you spend it? Which needs will you value the most… safety and security? Social Belonging? Self-Actualization? Or do you just really like food? My students love this. I bet yours will too.This is an intensely student-centered approach to teaching one of the most famous psychological theories of all, Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs. It’s part of every Psych. 101 c

Consciousness Unit- Worksheets, PPTs, Guided Notes, Kahoot & Test + PsychologyAP

(Psychology & AP Psychology) Altered States of Consciousness Unit Bundled includes Consciousness PowerPoints with Video Clips and presenter notes, worksheets/activities, warmups, projects, video and video guide, multiple projects, sleep journal, review crossword, Kahoot! Review, assessment and daily lesson plans.This bundle has everything you need to teach all about consciousness and altered states of consciousness in your psychology classes. Detailed lesson plans make no prep necessary, jus

Psychology: Biology & Behavior Unit: PPTs, Worksheets, Guided Notes + GoogleApps

Psychology: Psychology AP: Biology & Behavior Entire Unit Bundled includes Biology and Behavior PowerPoints with presenter notes, worksheets, warmups, activity, review crossword, Kahoot! review game, short videos with questions, assessment and daily lesson plans. This bundle has everything you need to teach all about the unit of psychology. Detailed lesson plans make no prep necessary, just copy/paste into your lesson plans. Everything is usable. Everything is planned. This is the complete p

The Brain, Biology, Neuroscience, and Nervous System Unit Bundle for Psychology

This bundle covers the brain and the nervous system for a psychology or AP psychology course as I teach both and use the resources in both courses. There are different activities, movie guides, and resources for you to utilize throughout the unit. I do not have a unit plan as I know different teachers have different pacing due to being a year-long course, semester course, block days, or whatever. So I simply have the products here for you to use.1st Semester Bundle: This resource is part of m

TED Talk Mental Health and Wellness Bundle | 8 Lessons

This Mental Health Ted Talk lesson bundle is designed to help educators teach students about mental health and wellness. The bundle includes detailed student handouts and various activities for students. The lessons included in this resource cover important topics such as stress management, coping strategies, and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. This resource features TED Talks by mental health experts, providing students with real-life examples and insights into mental health. Th

SERIAL KILLER PROFILES BUNDLE #1 (11 articles /worksheets) forensic / psychology


ALL AP Psychology Block PowerPoints (12 Unit Path) & Retrieval Guides BUNDLE

Created by
Loosli Learning
The entire school year is put together in my AP Psychology PowerPoints & Retrieval Guide Packets. These products will structure your lecture and student note-taking for each unit. You will download a PDF document for each product with the links to the Google Slides. You will be able to make a copy into your Google Drive and edit the slides and notes to fit your class structure. I follow a 12 unit structure with all the updated standards in mind. This product is best for someone that wants to

Interoception - Linking body sensations to feelings & emotions: Growing Bundle

Are you looking for engaging interoception activities / games to help your students identify their own emotions? This best selling interoception bundle is full of excellent social and emotional learning (SEL) resources to support students to develop their ability to recognise their own internal body sensations and link them to feelings and emotions.  Interoception is one of our three internal senses. It is our ability to notice sensations in our body and link these sensations to feelings and emo

Research Project - Exposed: Social Media's Impact on Teens

This high-interest research project focuses on a topic that is relevant to our world today – the effects of having exposure to the Internet at a young age and the impact of social media on today’s modern teens!Research topics include social media and anxiety, how social media facilitates the need to present one’s “false self,” cyberbullying and human trafficking, how social media impacts self-esteem, dangerous TikTok pranks and more!Students will choose and research a social media-related topic

Social Psychology Group Activity Why do People Join Cults?

Cults This group activity works in a regular psychology class and AP. It will allow students to take a more in depth look at the motivations behind why people join cults to enhance their understanding of conformity, obedience, and group dynamics. The teacher will do a conformity activity with the students as a warmup and discuss the reasons why the students played along. Then there is a PowerPoint lecture with notes on cults and forms of control that cult leaders employ. The students will then

Psychology Disorders Unit: PPTs, Worksheets, Test(AP Psych) and Digital Resource

Psychology & AP Psychology: Entire Psychological Disorders Unit - PowerPoint with video links, presenter notes, worksheets, role-play, warmups, crossword puzzle review, Kahoot! review game, and editable assessment, are all bound together by daily lesson plans. This unit has everything you need to teach all about psychological disorders. Detailed lesson plans make no prep necessary. 9-12 days worth of lessons also include a couple of online videos for a deeper understanding of disorders. I h
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