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Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, Character Education SEL Curriculum K-2

The mind + heart Social Emotional Learning Curriculum includes 8 units (40+ detailed, character education LESSONS) filled with hands-on and mindful activities that encourage children in Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade to build important social skills and emotional awareness.Teach children the most important lessons in life when they need them the most with units and activities on emotions, self-regulation, growth mindset, empathy, and social awareness, friendship, kindness, respect,

CALM DOWN CORNER: Classroom Management Social Emotional Learning Coping Tools

Our Calm Down Corner kit has EVERYTHING you need to help your students with self-regulation, and will be a true game changer for your classroom management. It's the perfect social emotional learning and behavior management tool that's essential for every elementary classroom! You'll be able to create a beautiful break space where students can independently use coping strategies to self-regulate and manage their big feelings. All the while reducing classroom disruptions, making it easier for you

New Year Bulletin Board Goal Setting Cactus Craft & Door Decor Activity

Get your students setting goals for a new school year, quarter, or month AND creating a beautiful bulletin board with this kit, which includes both English and Spanish! There are six different plants to choose from, so you can create a whole garden of goals! The prompt on the pots reads, "My goal for growth is..."Here's what you'll get:Craftivity version (to be printed on colored paper) in full and 1/3 page sizesNo prep version (to be printed on white paper) in full and 1/3 page sizesBoth crafti

Self-Control Lessons for SEL, Self-Regulation, and Executive Functioning Skills

Use these lessons to get kids' self-control skills in shape! Activities focus on understanding self-control, impulse control, stopping and thinking to make a decision, waiting our turn, following rules and directions, staying motivated, doing our best work, managing emotions, using coping strategies, and practicing self-control to strengthen skills over time. Other skills that impact self-control are also addressed, including planning, time management, and perseverance.Digital VersionUpdated to

Behavior Survival Kit {Data Tracking, Interventions, Reward Charts, and More}

Created by
Haley O'Connor
Do you have students in your class who need extra behavior supports? Are you spending valuable instructional time constantly redirecting a few challenging students, and aren't sure what to do to support them? This packet is FULL of resources, ideas, and tools to help every student in your classroom be successful. This resource is ideal for any primary teacher that needs additional behavior resources to support the students in their class! By working WITH the student, you're able to create strong

Inferencing and Predicting Using Real Pictures | Speech Language Therapy

Created by
Speechy Musings
Target perspective taking and making inferences and predictions using real pictures with this resource! This resource includes 100 real life picture cards that allow you to provide effective, direct teaching on how to make inferences from picture scenes.Each card includes a visual across the top outlining the "Look", "Think", "Infer", "Predict" strategy (along with sentence starters for students to provide increased support). Next to the photo, there are four questions that require your students

Executive Functioning Skills MEGA Bundle - Lessons & Activities for Full Year

Target executive functioning and study skills necessary for academic success at the middle and high school level. The bundle includes over 600 pages full of lessons, templates, and workbook pages to teach study strategies and build executive functioning skills. These resources can provide students with a "toolbox of strategies" to help learners achieve their goals, improve academic performance, and build confidence along the way.---> Educator Guide & Pacing Guides:A comprehensive educator

Social Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs

Created by
Autism Classroom
Over 3,000 positive reviews!!! See the preview for examples. Thanks in advance for the feedback on these social skills activities.Social Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs. (Teen edition also available!) Great as a send home packet for distance learning! These social skills printables will work well for any students whose special needs include developmental delays or it may work for younger students in primary grades learning to develop social skills. The prin

Restorative Practices Behavior Reflection Think Sheets

These Restorative Practices or Restorative Justice behavior reflection sheets that help students process negative choices in a non-threatening and child-friendly way that emphasizes repairing harm and moving forward. They're a simple but powerful behavior management tool that can be incorporated into classroom management plans or student support/student success plans as a behavior intervention.⭐It is particularly powerful when someone else was harmed due to their actions.⭐It’s perfect when the t

KIDS COPING SKILLS! Stress Management Social Emotional Lesson + SEL Activities

Teach your students effective self-regulation strategies with this engaging social emotional learning activity and stress management coping skills lesson. Filled with awesome visual supports, this SEL coping tools toolbox helps children identify healthy calming tools to manage uncomfortable feelings. When children build their emotional regulation toolbox, they learn how to manage stress more effectively. A less stressed out brain means a child who is more ready to learn, focus in class, get al

Friendship Unit - How to Make Friends Conflicts Social Skills Compliments SEL

This unit has everything you need to teach your pre-k, kindergarten, first grade students all about what it means to be a friend, how to make friends, how to deal with conflicts and find resolutions, how to give compliments, and other important social skills. Taking the time to explicitly teach these lifelong skills will transform your classroom community. I refer back to what we learn in this unit throughout the entire school year!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This has been a perfect way to start the year. I love t

Behavior Reflection Think Sheets for Classroom Management & Restorative Practice

These Restorative Behavior Reflection Repair Plans will be a game changer for your classroom management! Use with students who have broken a rule or expectation to reflect on what they've done, voice their unmet needs, consider others who have been impacted, come up with more helpful choices, make amends to those who have been harmed, and move forward. Your students will LOVE the the detailed visual supports, helping them to better communicate their needs, thoughts, and plans to deal with their


Teach your students or children healthy self-regulation strategies with this fun, interactive feelings and coping tools workbook. Perfect to help children deal with big or uncomfortable emotions in healthy ways. Filled with strong visual supports and actionable calming strategies, this SEL workbook helps children to communicate their feelings and needs, instead of using unhelpful or disruptive behavior. Making your job as teacher, counselor or parent easier.Used in over 13,000 classrooms, coun

Social Skills Lessons for Empathy and Perspective-Taking - SEL Activities

Use these lessons to teach critical social skills of empathy and perspective-taking to older kids, including understanding perspectives, accepting different perspectives, flexible thinking, understanding social cues, developing empathy, using perspectives to resolve conflicts, and more. This resource includes 10 core lessons, each with several activities for extended practice. A total of 42 activities are included! The entire unit focuses on how to help kids and young adults learn perspectives a

Healthy Friendships Group Counseling Curriculum and Friendship Skills Activities

Sometimes even with all of our preventative work, we might need to run a girls group for relational aggression (girl drama, friendship problems, mean girls, etc.). This small group counseling curriculum is awesome for helping develop healthy friendship skills among middle to upper elementary girls. The activities cover all of the negative behaviors girls sometimes engage in while remaining positive and focusing on more helpful skills to use. Sessions are full of real world examples/scenarios to

February Valentine's Day Bulletin Board and Cactus Door Decor Craft

Create an adorable Valentine's Day bulletin board while encouraging students to reflect on the things they love. The cactus pot says "Things I love" and the heart cactus sections prompt, "About myself...," "About my school...," and "About my community..." This kit includes multiple versions of both the low-prep and craftivity version of the cacti to best suit your students, including a Spanish version.Here's what you'll get:Craftivity version (to be printed on colored paper) in half and full-pag

Mindfulness Activities and SEL Lessons for Self-Regulation

Help your students use mindfulness practices to strengthen self-regulation and focus skills! These mindfulness lessons and activities teach important social emotional skills that include activities like mindful breathing, listening to music, calm coloring, making crafts, and much more. Unlock the calm in your classroom with these engaging lessons!What is Mindfulness?Mindfulness is a self-regulation strategy. It means being self-aware in the moment. When we build skills for mindfulness, we are al

Social Skills Task Cards with 100 Social Emotional Learning Prompts & Activities

Use these social skills task cards to discuss real social situations. They teach conversation skills, empathy, friendships, dealing with conflicts, and basic interactions. Each set of cards has a specific focus so that you can use the cards with your students to highlight specific skills at a time. Of course, you can always mix the cards to incorporate all skills at once, if appropriate for your students. They can be used for a variety of age/grade groups from elementary to middle school to impr

Executive Functioning Skills Brain Games Workbook, Activities, & Brainteasers

Practice executive functioning skills and processing speed with these brain games activities! Every game or activity page targets a unique set of executive functioning skills to help kids and young adults improve the skills they need. Because the activities are set up in a fun way, kids can just work through the workbook at their own individual pace. This is ideal for early finishers, extra practice during a resource room, or during a study skills group. It includes a total of over 150 pages wit

Growth Mindset Activities, Lessons & Posters for K-2 - Social Emotional Learning

Help kids in Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade develop a growth mindset, perseverance, and grit with this Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and character education curriculum. Teach children about their elastic brain, a fixed mindset versus growth mindset, learning from mistakes, failures, challenges, and the power of YET using 5 detailed social skills lessons filled with classroom tools (bulletin board, quote posters and coloring pages) and engaging activities to use for classroom lesso

Respect Lesson and Activities

This set of activities is designed to help students: better understand the concept of respect, practice identifying what respect looks like in various situations, and reflect and share on their own opinions and experiences with respect. The ultimate goal is to help develop more respectful students and a more respectful classroom and school community by choosing to treat one another respectfully as fellow human beings! Use as one SEL lesson or break the activities across several days!*Now include

Social Skills Lessons for Managing Emotions - Feelings, Coping Strategies & SEL

Use these lessons to teach critical social skills of managing emotions older kids, including understanding your emotions, using self-control, dealing with anger, dealing with disappointments, expressing yourself, how actions impact others, and more. This resource includes 10 core lessons, each with several activities for extended practice. A total of 50 activities are included! The entire unit focuses on how to help kids and young adults manage their emotions and behaviors.Digital VersionUpdate:

Behavior Reflection Think Sheet - Apology Letter - #counselingin2024

The Behavior Reflection Think Sheet promotes self reflection and self regulation of choices, behaviors and feelings. It can be used with other classroom management programs, behavior management for students, restorative practice programs or in calm down areas. It encourages students to think about what they did, why they did it and how it affected others. Students will make bad choices sometimes however, having a chance to reflect and think about their actions and behaviors will allow them to le

Social Emotional Learning Journal - SEL Skills Workbook & Activities

Use this Social Emotional Learning Journal to teach SEL skills throughout the whole year! Skills targeted include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships, and decision-making. Prompts include research-based best practices to teach SEL! Every day contains one prompt, so there are five prompts per week for a period of 35 weeks. This allows for 175 daily prompts for the entire year.Digital AND PrintThis social emotional learning journal includes printable PDF versions and d
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