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Executive Functioning Skills Lessons & Activities

These lessons teach executive functioning skills including planning, organization, time management, task initiation, working memory, metacognition, self-control, attention & focus, flexible thinking, and perseverance. Each lesson includes a description of the skill, a pre-assessment, and activities to practice the skill. Digital and Print VersionsThis workbook comes with BOTH printable PDF versions and digital versions for Google Slides. To access the digital online version, use the "Digital

Behavior Data Sheets - Editable Behavior Tracker MegaPack for Special Ed & RTI

This huge set of behavior data sheets are designed for easy use to assess and monitor problem behavior in your classroom. More than 35 behavior tracker sheets included. Each of the data sheets is editable within PowerPoint and you can see what is editable and how to edit these behavior tracking sheets in this video. This behavior tracking sheet mega pack includes:→ Behavior Tracker ScatterplotsWith and without replacement / appropriate behavior trackingIn 10 and 15 minute segmentsAcross activiti

Flipping a Lid: Stress Response Activities and Lesson

Empower students by teaching them about their brain and their feelings using the hand model of the brain! This resource is a kid-friendly way of explaining what "flipping a lid" means by illustrating the roles of the wise owl pre-frontal cortex, guard dog amygdala, and memory saver hippocampus. It also allows you to begin a discussion about how to self-regulate when you flip a lid. You might pick and choose elements of this resource to present to your students as one lesson, or you may use them

Kindergarten Social Skills Group: Social Skills Activities for Group Counseling

Created by
Counselor Keri
Kindergarten Social Skills Group Counseling Curriculum - It's time to learn through play! These 8 highly-engaging, fun lessons will help your students better understand the concepts of sharing, taking turns, transitioning from activities, sharing their feelings and needs, following directions and rules, and more! Your students will love the puppet friends in each lesson and getting to practice their new skills right away in fun learning opportunities. What's included: Pre/post screening toolTea

Personal Space, Hands to Self, Safe Body Counseling SEL, #counselingin2024

Teach students how to respect personal space, have a safe body, and keep their hands and feet to themselves with these engaging and interactive resources! ✅ This lesson includes digital for Google Slides™, PowerPoint, and printable activities.⭐ THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:✅ An interactive digital for Google Slides™ and PowerPoint presentation. Students listen to a story called, "Harvey Learns to Keep a Safe Body" about a boy who struggles to keep his hands to himself and learns how to respect persona

Small & Big Problems, Size of the Problem, I-Messages Lesson #counselingin2024

Teach students the difference between small problems and big problems, and how to solve small problems themselves with an I-Message!✅ Digital for Google Slides™, PowerPoint, and printable resources are all included for both in-person and digital learning.⭐ This comprehensive resource includes...✅ An interactive Google Slides™ presentation that teaches about small problems, big problems, and how to solve small problems using an I-Message. A sorting game with 19 scenarios asks students to drag and

How my behavior affects others activities task cards social skills SEL

Use these low prep behavior and social skills printable worksheets and activities to help teach your students how to control their behavior and reactions to everyday social situations. Incorporate into SEL social emotional lessons using hands on learning with task cards activities to teach students the social consequences of their words and actions.Available in both printable and digital format.DescriptionOften, students with Autism and other social skills deficits struggle to understand the dir

Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Posters | Calm Down Corner | SEL

Looking for posters and handouts for your calming kits and calm down corner? These no prep mindfulness breathing posters and pocket cards are will help your students cool down when they're angry, sad or frustrated by using simple and easy to follow breathing techniques. ●●● It's important for students to learn emotional regulation skills. When students are angry, overly excited, sad or having a hard time regulating their emotions, using a breathing exercise, a body scan or grounding technique

Clark the Shark Self-Control Impulse Control Activities #counselingin2024

This companion lesson to "Clark the Shark" by Bruce Hale teaches students self-control and how to handle their thoughts, feelings, and actions. ✅ It includes digital for Google Slides™, PowerPoint, and printable resources!⭐ THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:✅ Digital for Google Slides™ presentation and sorting game. Students learn about self-control and strategies for how to "stay cool" and in control of their behavior. 24 interactive drag-and-drop scenarios allow students to practice sorting between "in

Check In Check Out Behavior Intervention Guide Documents

Check In, Check Out (CICO) is an evidence-based tier 2 behavior intervention for students. It combines adult attention, frequent feedback, self-monitoring, and reinforcement. CICO is for students who are motivated by adult attention/connection and that have moderate levels of misbehavior across multiple settings. This resource has EVERYTHING you need to roll out this behavior management program at your school!This resource includes:10 page guide ("How To" and "What If")Editable daily point sheet

Behavior Intervention and Behavior Management Guide for MTSS-B

This behavior intervention guide is for elementary school counselors, MTSS behavior teams, or other educators who need help coordinating and implementing appropriate tier 2 and tier 3 behavior interventions. It provides behavior management information, intervention ideas, and tools to use when supporting students with behavior needs.The guide uses three different lenses to conceptualize behavior and behavior support:Unmet Needs and Needs-Based InterventionsLagging Skills and Skills-Based Interve

Special Education - Accommodation & Modification Tracker - EDITABLE

Created by
Learning Lab
Special Education teachers have so much data to keep track of! I wanted a simple way to track the use of accommodations and modifications by my students leading up to their annual reviews. This tracker is an easy way to collect meaningful data to assist in the decision making process. NOW EDITABLE!!! You can edit the accommodations and modifications to fit the needs of your classroom and students. There are three versions of the tracker. One is perfect to collect data for your own use.

Self-Esteem Group Counseling Lessons (NO-PREP) #Counselingin2024

This self-esteem small group plan will help your students to learn about what self-esteem is, celebrate their strengths, cope with low self-esteem, and build the self-esteem of others. This resource includes 6 NO-PREP sessions that include a detailed lesson plan with objectives, discussion points and activities. There are also family communication forms, assessments and 2 bonus activities!Working with early elementary students on self-esteem? Check out my no prep small group for grades K-2 here!

Worry Warriors: Worry Group Counseling Activities for Anxiety Management

Created by
Counselor Keri
Worry Warriors Worry Activities: This elementary school small group counseling curriculum is designed for use with elementary-aged students to teach important skills to manage anxiety and worry. Help kids manage worries with psycho-educational instruction on what worry is and how it affects the body. Then, practice strategies for dealing with worry in the moment like grounding, controlled breathing, thought checking, and more. Use these activities in elementary school small group counseling or i

Behavior Reflection Think Sheet | Reflection | Trauma Informed | Restorative

Are you struggling with student behaviors and finding a way to hold students accountable for their choices? Enhance self-awareness, problem solving and reflection skills with our Behavioral Reflection Think Sheets. Discover a comprehensive social emotional learning program that comes with everything you need to run a behavioral reflection program. ●●● A Think Sheet is a very effective tool to use when a student is displaying unacceptable behaviors. These sheets can be used to help correct unde

Self Control Group Counseling Curriculum: Self Control Activities

Created by
Counselor Keri
Self Control Surfers: Ride the wave in this 8-session elementary school counseling small group counseling program that empowers elementary students to engage in self control strategies! Students learn strategies for delayed gratification, body control, taking turns, attending to auditory and visual cues, filtering thoughts, and more! This group is perfect for your wiggle worm students who may struggle with impulse control and need direct instruction with strategies to help them succeed in the cl

Self Control Activities: Clark the Shark Read Aloud For Friendship & SEL

Use these no-prep activities to help your students learn about self control! These activities are the perfect complement to the book "Clark the Shark" by Bruce Hale, however the activities can also be done without the use of the book! Students will learn about what self control is, how they can use it and how their actions affect the people around them! The Google Slides component is great for educators doing distance learning or who are looking to incorporate technology into their lessons.This

Emotion regulation behavior self regulation social skills activities SEL

Are you looking for a variety of fun activities to teach self regulation, emotional control and behavior skills? Do you need help with classroom management? This packet has all you need with no prep worksheets covering problem solving, recognizing feelings, keeping calm, dealing with being upset, dealing with a mistake, trying when work is hard, trying something new and no means no.In this packet you will find a wide ranging comprehensive set of activities to address a variety of key self regula

Expected and Unexpected Behavior Activities

The resources included in this product are designed to assist you in teaching the foundations of behavior by understanding expected and unexpected behaviors through simple hands on, visual, engaging activities. INCLUDED:★ Expected/unexpected behavior visuals★ File folders related to behaviors★ Cut and paste worksheets★ Dot marker worksheets★ Color-the-correct-behavior worksheets★ Basic coping skills worksheets★ Simple scenario worksheetsIMPORTANT FEATURES INCLUDE:★ Visual based activities★ Clear

Social Skills Lessons for Communication Skills - Conversations, Listening & More

Use these lessons to teach critical social skills of communication and conversations to older kids, including understanding starting conversations, nonverbal cues, active listening, thinking before speaking, taking turns, staying on topic, cell phone manners, and more. This resource includes 10 core lessons, each with several activities for extended practice. A total of 52 activities are included! The entire unit focuses on how to help kids and young adults learn strong communication and convers

Bucket Filling, Have You Filled Bucket Today Kindness Lesson #counselingin2024

This companion lesson to "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud teaches students to be kind and to practice bucket filling choices!✅ Both printable and digital for Google Slides™ resources are included. ⭐ This story and set of activities are a game-changer for classroom management and climate!⭐ THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES:✅ DIGITAL interactive for Google Slides™ activity for distance learning! Students learn the difference between bucket filling vs. bucket dipping, play a fun sorting gam

Anger Management Small Group Counseling Curriculum #counselingin2024

A must have for a School Counselor! Teach those social emotional learning skills to help students with identifying anger triggers, calming strategies, coping skills for angry emotions, and more. Use with Google Slides and Google Classroom for digital learning. Nine School counseling lessons included, get your groups planned out with this ready to go curriculumI have detailed each session clearly so that it could be used by any educator in a small group setting. Geared for elementary aged student

Positive Self-Talk Flower Craft: SEL Affirmations Lesson & Activity

Teach and practice positive self-talk and positive thinking skills! Students will learn about the power of positive self-talk with a lesson, read affirmations, choose their favorites, and will use them to create their own foldable flower craft. Ultimately, this activity is a lesson and a tool students can use later on for a confidence boost.Digital and Printable!A digital version is included for Google Slides! There are a few different versions to help meet students' individual needs. Students w

Feelings thermometer with coping skills worksheets, zones of regulation

This Feelings Thermometer can serve as a great visual tool to help visualize your feelings and measure how you are feeling. This bundle includes several coping skills that can aid when going through a situation depending on our mood as well as 2 different activities to help with anxiety / stress / anger management. Also includes a list of positive, calming affirmations.**//For the SPANISH version click here **ONCE PURCHASED**Once you purchase you’ll be able to download a .PDF in both 8.5x11" (le
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