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6th grade science resources

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STEM Bins® / STEAM Bins® Elementary STEM Activities: Morning Work,Fast Finishers

The original STEM Bins® and STEAM Bins®STEM Bins® and STEAM Bins for K-5th Grade are the perfect hands-on, play-based solution for:Early Finishers / Fast FinishersMorning Work / Soft StartsCentersWriting ExtensionsFine Motor PracticeMakerspaceIncentivesCalm Down Corner***TOP 5 ALL TIME BEST-SELLING RESOURCE ON TPT!***INCLUDES A FULL STEAM VERSION, SPANISH VERSION, AND FRENCH VERSION!!!★SUPPLY LIST FOR STEM BINSWant to see my STEM Bins® up close and personal?! Watch my STEM Bins 101 video series

Science Interactive Notebook | 3rd 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade Science Notes

Let's journal! Science Interactive Notebook All in One Bundle is perfect for teachers who are looking to incorporate Interactive Science Notebooks in 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, or 6th grade. There are SO many topics: safety and science practices, matter, mixtures, ecosystems, adaptations, life cycles, energy, light, force and motion, human body, earth, space, and MUCH more!Take a closer look! Download the preview for 10 free printables.This file includes 260 foldable activities, cut and pa

Water Bottle Flip STEM Challenge + STEM Activity

The ORIGINAL water bottle flip STEM activity and lab! Water bottle flip at school? Absolutely! Students will love this on-trend STEM challenge inspired by the popular YouTube water bottle flipping challenge where students toss a water bottle and attempt to land it straight up. Practice scientific method with some probability, fractions and data collection in the mix while having fun!***Now includes all student recording pages on Google Slides™ and TpT Easel for use on devices.***This self-paced

Solar System Activities Unit with Solar System Projects and Worksheets

Created by
Tied 2 Teaching
This MASSIVE BUNDLED Solar System Activities Unit gives you a wealth of fun, informational and engaging materials to help you present the Solar System, our little corner of the universe, to your kids! Use these close reading passages, writing activities, graphic organizers, interactive notebook activities, task cards, posters and projects and more to build excitement about the solar system and space science with your students!BY POPULAR DEMAND I HAVE CREATED THIS SOLAR SYSTEM BUNDLED UNIT TO IN

Cells (Plant and Animal Cells) with Digital Science Activities

Created by
Jennifer Findley
Do you need some easy-to-use and prep resources for teaching plant and animal cells? Or just need a few activities to supplement your existing curriculum for teaching cells? This resource is just what you need!The easy-to-use cells resource includes an engaging plant and animal cells passage, printable activities, digital activities and an assessment!NOTE: This resource now has Google Slides™ versions of several of the activities and a Google Forms assessment, making it ideal for digital science

STEM Bins® Speed Builds STEM Activities (Morning Work, Early Finishers, Centers)

STEM Bins Speed Builds Activities are ideal for hands-on morning work, early finishers, enrichment, and team building. They are designed to supplement my original STEM Bins pack. Two different difficulty levels are provided: “Build it Flat” and “Build it Up” to accommodate a range of learning levels. "Build it Flat” cards are recommended for Pre-K-2nd Grade and "Build it Up” cards are recommended for advanced 1st Grade-5th Grade. There are 12 cards provided per difficulty level and 6 different

Ecosystems and Food Webs Science Stations

Get ready to facilitate learning with informative, easy prep centers! Ecosystems and Food Webs Science Stations includes 9 stations all about food webs and ecosystem interactions.Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class! 9 StationsRead It: Read about food webs and abiotic and biotic components of a koala’s ecosystem. Answer questions.Create It: Use a table with information to construct a food we

All About Me Science Flask - First Day of School Science Activity

Created by
Morpho Science
Engaging Back to School Science ActivityYour students will answer "all about me" questions within a flask graphic organizer. Students can color and attach an optional chemical reaction topper. Displaying the flasks on a bulletin board will make your science classroom pop!Science Distance Learning OptionThis resource also includes a digital Google™ Slide version of the flask graphic organizer. Included:➤ Printable "All About Me" Flask ➤ Optional Chemical Reaction Topper➤ Digital "All About Me" Fl

Winter STEM Activities and Challenges with Paper ❄️ Snowflakes ❄️

**BEST SELLER!** Winter STEM / Snowflake STEM activities! Create a variety of snowflakes with these 3 STEM engaging challenges. For these challenges, the only material that is necessary is plain paper. This is a great companion activity if you are reading about Snowflake Bentley (Wilson Bentley).✅ What You'll Get ✅Teacher Instructions and sample imagesWarm up activities: How snowflakes form in nature (1 page informational text)Cutting practice page (if your students need it, recommended!)Which f

Scientific Method Activity - Paper Airplane Science Experiment Hands on Science

Created by
Hello Learning
This scientific method activity will get your kids excited about following the steps of the scientific method! This interdisciplinary unit incorporates paper airplane science experiments, math, STEM, & writing to provide a fun hands on science experience. Click on the PREVIEW button to see more of what is included! ⭐ What is Included:information and outline for instructionsupply/materials listsample schedule for the activitiesvocabulary list and definitionsword wall cardsstudent vocabulary

Adaptations Science Stations | Animal and Plant Structures and Functions

Ready for quick prep adaptations science centers for plant and animal structures and functions? These centers focus on identifying and comparing structures and functions.Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class!9 StationsRead It: Read about the structures of giraffes, Madagascar geckos, agave, and earthworms. Answer questions.Create It: Use information provided to design a camel that would be ad

Human Body Systems Unit

Created by
Teaching Muse
This human body systems unit of lessons and activities is a bundle designed to save you precious prep time as you teach students using the following materials: guided science texts, hands-on activities, review activities, classroom posters, graphic organizers, internet research activities, review sheets, and assessments in project or test form for the following human body systems:skeletal musculardigestivecirculatoryintegumentaryrespiratoryexcretorynervousendocrine reproductiveimmuneStudents w

Rock Cycle Lab Activity (with Starbursts)

Created by
Rock Cycle: Modeling the Rock Cycle with StarburstsThis activity is a perfect follow up for a class who has just been introduced to the rock cycle. You will need starbursts (or other fruit chews of multiple colors) and plastic sandwich bags. Students begin with 'sediments' which they turn into a sedimentary rock, apply heat and pressure to turn it into a metamorphic rock, and then you (the teacher) will need to take them home to turn them into igneous rocks. All teacher directions, with photo

Science Stations Units Bundle of Science Centers | 4th Grade 5th Grade

The Science Stations Units Bundle includes 13 physical, earth, and life science sets for a total of 117 stations. The topics are: ecosystems, natural resources, erosion, adaptations, space, properties of matter, changes to matter, mixtures, energy, weather and water cycle, force, Earth's spheres, and plants.Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class!Looking for stations to review, enrich, and expa

Titanic Activities Bundle

HUGE Titanic bundle of Titanic reading comprehension resources, activities, PowerPoint, and SO much more! Your students will love the Titanic even more after diving into their study of the ship using these resources! Cover the basics and the more unique aspects of the Titanic with these literacy, math, and social studies connections.These Titanic activities cover everything from the construction of the Titanic to the discovery of the ship on the bottom of the Atlantic. Unique aspects, such as

5 STEM Activities Desert Island STEM Challenge Bridge Catapult Raft Hut STEAM

Created by
If your students enjoy doing STEM or STEAM activities, they will LOVE this set of 5 fully-planned out challenges! All five themed STEM challenges center around the story of a shipwrecked traveler stranded on a deserted island. After watching an introductory “movie trailer” and hearing the story of the shipwreck, students will read five of the traveler's diary entries. Each entry will challenge them to design and build something to help him survive and get back to civilization!These STEM challeng

Life-Size Human Body Project Bundle: Human Body Systems w/ Digestive System

Created by
Kiki's Classroom
This Human Body BUNDLE combines two of my popular human body resources: the Human Body Systems Lapbook and the bestselling Life-Size, Lift-the-Flap, Human Body Model!Please click HERE and HERE for previews, photos, and details on the two resources included, and to read their ★ 2,200+ 4-star reviews ★!••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Several Common Core Standards can be addressed with these projects, including:CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.3.2Write infor

Weathering, Erosion & Deposition Color by Number - Science Color by Number

Created by
Morpho Science
It is a challenge for students to understand the difference between erosion, weathering, and deposition. I have created an activity that includes 12 questions that will help students differentiate between the three vocabulary terms. Once finished with the questions, students will use the answers to color the corresponding parts of a fun mountain coloring page with an inspirational quote. And best of all, the questions are editable! You can change the wording or create different questions to matc

STEM Bins® Hashtag Blocks Speed Builds BUNDLE - STEM Activities

THIS BUNDLE INCLUDES SET 1 AND SET 2 OF HASHTAG BLOCKS SPEED BUILDS FOR A TOTAL OF 48 CHALLENGE CARDS!***Compatible with "Hashtag Blocks" that are found seasonally in Target Dollar Spot! Please note that these blocks are a slightly different shape than "Plus-Plus Blocks." Hashtag blocks and these cards are not compatible with Plus-Plus Blocks.***Ready to add a competitive edge to your STEM Bins while your students practice problem solving, spatial reasoning, and logical thinking?!With Hashtag Bl

Science Doodle - TEST PREP BUNDLE, STAAR review Notes *BEST SELLER*

** NEW UPDATED DRAWINGS ** and I added PowerPoints to show the KEYS!All the Science Concepts in my Bundles are in one place here as a review for the whole year! This download has 4 main doodle sheets with student blanks and keys plus lots of powerpoint slides. This bundle has four review sheets to help students review and learn the basic concepts that will help them solve test questions. If the students know the concept, they have the basic knowledge needed to answer a test question correctly.Th

Project Based Learning Activity: Island Survival (PBL) Now for Google Classroom

Project Based Learning Activity: Island SurvivalThis project based learning (PBL) activity integrates elements of science, ELA, and social studies into a student-centered adventure that combines imagination, creativity, and problem solving skills as they try and survive mysteriously arriving on an island.There are 16 activities (1 page for almost each one) for students to complete. Each page involves a problem or idea they must solve, recreate, or answer. Pages can vary from writing, map skil

Northern Lights Winter Landscapes | Art Lesson | Google Slides + PDF

Created by
Art with Mrs E
Looking for the perfect winter art project? Well then I've got y'all covered. This Northern Lights Winter Landscape is not only visually stunning but students of all ages and artistic abilities will create a gorgeous work of art that is sure to be a show stopper!  Your students will learn all about the gorgeous natural phenomenon that is the aurora borealis, and use super fun, engaging and (dare I say MINDBLOWING ) techniques to create their winter landscape. This is also the perfect lesson to c

Forms of Energy Science Stations | Mechanical, Light, Sound, Thermal, Electrical

Forms of Energy Science Stations includes 9 station activities focused on mechanical, electrical, light, thermal, and sound energy.Updated for 2022! I think you'll love this update-- guided student sheets, an answer key, quicker prep, and improved activities for your class!9 StationsRead It: Read about thermal, mechanical, sound, electrical, and light energy. Answer questions.Create It: Place the circuit cards in the correct locations on the diagram mat.Watch It: Watch a video and answer questio

Human Body Systems + Top Ten Organs Pack: Powerpoint, Interactive Notebooks +

The Human Body Systems – Interactive notebook, editable PowerPoint, and Printables. Systems included: Digestive, Respiratory, Nervous, Skeletal, Muscular, and Circulatory*Also includes digital access via Google Slides and an Easel Assessment! The editable PowerPoint includes information, fun facts, and visually appealing pictures of all the human body systems plus the top ten body organs. (36 slides) 9 printables deals with all of the human body systems and PowerPoint review worksheets. The stud
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