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Intro to Leadership or Student Government Council Middle High School Unit

Start your Leadership class or Student Council off on a successful year with this introductory unit filled with enough student-centered, get-them-thinking activities to use for 2-3 years before any repeats- great if students are in student government year after year! Then, culminate student learning and growth with a campus-wide Kindness Project to kick off a positive year.This unit kit comes in both print PDF and digital for Google Slides!Greatness is maximizing all group members' strengths to

Conservation & Protect | Renewable Nonrenewable Resources | Pollution | Water

Sustainability! Conserving Water & other Natural Resources is so important for our future! We need to take care of OUR Earth, and it starts by empowering our young students to make choices for the future!This product is included in my Sustainability Mega Bundle and focuses on Conservation and Protection. It covers the following:-Pollution of Air, Water & Soil⭐ A poster that teaches what Pollution is & what causes it⭐ A poster that teaches choices we can make to Reduce Pollution⭐ 2 C

Random Acts of Leadership Kindness Challenge Activities Game Project

Challenge your Student Council Officers and Leadership student to this unique, ongoing Random Acts of Leadership BINGO-style game to practice kindness, inclusion, and service around campus and the community. Sample of acts of service: Being a door greeter in the mornings Writing an unexpected note of appreciation Volunteering at an extra-curricular event Showing staff appreciation Cleaning up the campus************************************Greatness is serving others and spreading kindness in ways

Be the Change: A Service Learning Research Project for Grades 7-12

Our students CAN make a difference in their own lives, their school, and their community, so why not challenge them to do so with a new project?BE THE CHANGE is your solution! Designed with the Genius Hour methodology in mind, Be the Change is an inquiry-based, research-driven long-term project in which students identify a problem they feel passionately about changing for the better. They then proceed to learn about the issue, write about the issue, share what they've learned with others, give

RBT Exam Study BUNDLE | Workbook + Study Guide + Flashcards | Digital Printable

Embark on a seamless journey to becoming a Registered Behavior Technician with our meticulously crafted RBT Exam Study Guide Bundle. This holistic package is engineered to navigate you through every crucial aspect of the RBT exam, bolstering your preparation, and ensuring a confident exam experience.Our bundle includes a comprehensive study guide, an engaging workbook, and interactive flashcards, designed by industry experts to align with the BACB's RBT Task List. The study guide delves into the

5th Edition BCBA Exam Study Guide BUNDLE | Workbook + Study Guide + Flashcards

Looking for a printed, physical copies instead?Great news! They're now available on Amazon!Click here for the Study GuideClick here for the WorkbookIf you are considering or are interested in joining the field of Applied Behavior Analysis by taking your Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) exam, or earning your BCaBA credentials, this complete study kit is perfect for you!This product includes the following:Study Guide [PDF]154-page BCBA/BCaBA exam study guide that describes each item on the

Kindness Calendar- Random Acts of Kindness for the Entire Year

The Kindness Calendar is a year long calendar that includes 120 random acts of kindness and is a perfect way to incorporate character education into your classroom! Teachers are great role models, so let's teach our students how to be kind by doing acts of kindness in the classroom! The calendar comes jam packed with great ideas on how to spread kindness around your school, and even includes certificates and resources to assist with the calendar. The best part, this calendar is EDITABLE and the

Project Planning Guide for Student Government Council Leadership

Let your Student Council officers and Leadership students take charge with this universal project planning kit. Everything from the back-to-school assembly and Homecoming week to community service projects and your graduation ceremony can be brainstorm, executed, and reflected upon with this one simple kit!Everything is included from proposal to planning sheets, calendars to day-of script forms, role and responsibilities to rubrics and reflections.Out of all the tools you need to run a successfu

Classroom Management Plan Bundle

Created by
The Wright Nook
Are you a teacher that has had enough with the bad behavior and chaos? Or maybe you are a new teacher that is searching for exactly what do when it comes to classroom management? Wherever you are in your teaching career, this book is here to help you with your ENTIRE classroom management plan.================================================================Save BIG by purchasing this in the Classroom Management MEGA Bundle! Get every classroom management resource in my store together along with a

Random Acts of Kindness Cards and Lessons

Created by
Wise Guys
#TOAST23 If you want to build a strong and caring classroom community then this Random Acts of Kindness activity is for you! Your students will become engaged and excited to perform many random acts of kindness in your classroom, and in the school community. There is minimal prep on the teacher's part. This is perfect for Random Acts of Kindness Week too!This high interest Random Acts of Kindness resource includes:→Acts of Kindness Activity Board (1-page) →Acts of Kindness Task Cards (16 total;

January Visual Recipes | Cheat Sheets | Speech Therapy | Life Skills

Created by
Live Love Speech
Thank you for checking out my January Visual Recipes Resource! This resource allows kids to easily follow & make 4 NO-COOK Recipes including: Popcorn Snowballs, Polar Bear Snack, Frozen Hot Chocolate and Melted Snowman!These visual recipes are perfect for incorporating hands on learning into classroom lessons and/or at home in your own kitchen!Using these recipes you will be able to target the following skill areas: Vocabulary, Grammar, Answering/Asking Questions, Following Directions, Sequ

Editable Artfolio (Portfolio)

Created by
Art with Mrs E
**EDIT- NOW WITH A "PORTFOLIO" COVER OPTION! Perfect for ALL TEACHERS**Calling all art educators (and regular ed teachers) looking to nail their dream job! Does your portfolio need a make over? Are you looking for a more simplified yet effective way to showcase your best work in a job interview? Then you need this Art Ed Portfolio or “Artfolio” template and guide. When downloading this artfolio template, not only is a professional design all laid out for you, but you will be guided through what

Forensic Hair Analysis using Comparison Microscopy VIRTUAL LAB

Created by
2 STEM girls
This activity is ready for distance learning! This is a NO PREP LESSON designed for students to complete a virtual hair comparison microscope lab. This is a 3-part virtual microscopy lab that has students compare hairs from a crime scene and four suspects.  In part 1 and 2 of the lab, students use the Virtual Microscopy Lab to gather macroscopic and microscopic information about their hair samples. In part 3, students have access to editable Google Slides so that they can measure the medulla,

Community Service Projects - Project Based Learning

Community Service Projects - Project Based Learning This product will be useful in helping you find ways to reach out to your community and help in doing for others. I know that it is a goal of many schools to reach out to their local community and see how they can help others. These acts of kindness can make such a difference in the life of another. Please use these pages to help get you started. Let me know if you have any other ideas and I will add them if possible. Here is a look at th

Mar de plástico: A unit on ocean plastics Huellas 2.9

In this unit: students (and teachers) will explore the role of plastic pollution in our oceans. Targeting Goal 14 (Life Below Water) of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, this unit helps students see how their own use of single use plastics and synthetic fabrics can affect sea life. From background information to plans to initiate a change, this unit has all you need! This unit is designed to last between 13 and 15 class days. Go at your own pace, if some things take a day longer, no probl

Dysarthria Treatment Guidebook

What is included? •dysarthria details •dysarthria strategies (daily strategies for the speaker, strategies for the speaker when breakdowns in conversation occur & strategies for the conversational partner) •Oral Motor Exercises description/background •oral-facial/lingual exercises instructions •Therapy Process BEFORE YOU BUY Check Out My Dysarthria Bundle Includes articulation lists AND this guidebook for the ultimate print n' go money saving bundle! Be ready for your patient with D

Explanation of Speech Language Therapy Powerpoint - For Inservices, Etc.

Created by
Natalie Snyders
Need a quick explanation of speech therapy for a staff in-service or parent informational meeting? Then this is what you are looking for! This powerpoint presentation designed for use by a speech-language pathologist, and contains a brief overview of speech-language therapy in the school setting. It briefly discusses what speech-language therapy is, what a SLP does, the definition of communication, some types of communication disorders and resulting effects on a student's school life, and wh

Following Sequencing, Temporal, Location, and Inclusion/Exclusion Directions

Created by
Picture set of 6 (similar to that featured in the CELF) with 55 directionsTerms include:Inclusion/exclusion terms (All, except, all but, and)Location terms (Between, separated, left)Sequencing terms (First, second, last, next, third, fourth)Temporal terms (After, before, same time, then)If you enjoy this resource also check out:

Thank You Note Card or Letter Project PBL Print & Digital

Teach gratitude and kindness with the real-life skill of writing thank you note cards with this authentic PBL writing project.Cultivating great writing skills isn’t hard. You just need the scaffolded, step-by-step directions and models in one low-prep, everything's-included project kit.This resource comes in both PDF and Google Slides for your flexibility!************************************Greatness is expressing genuine and articulated gratitude when it is deserved.The thank you note is an ess

Back To School Scheduling

Created by
School Age Says
Scheduling services can be a nightmare that takes days and many drafts. After working in the schools for six years I have mastered scheduling two buildings with a maxed out caseload in less than a day. With this tool I give you a digital outline using Google Suite as well as the three pieces of information you'll need from your principal to make scheduling a breeze. Tired of spending three days and 100 sticky notes just to develop a schedule that still doesn't work? Let me help :]

Non-Profit Organization Webquest · Community Service · Google · Answer Key

This webquest is a great supplement or introduction to a community service unit. Students visit the websites of five national non-profit organizations. Questions are answered by exploring and navigating the websites. Included with this resource:Webquest Questions: Webquest questions are a combination of short answer and fill in the blank arranged in an easy to follow chart format.Analysis Questions: A longer analysis question for each non-profit is also included that requires to dig a little

STEM Problem Solving Service Learning Project

Created by
Go Beyond
Help your students to think critically, develop good character traits, improve our world, and create heartfelt persuasive writing using the 8 components of this project: Inspirational Quotes Random Acts of Kindness Kids Improving Our World Research Project STEAM Project - Identifying a Real World Problem and working on a Solution Online Giving Challenge Oral Presentation Carousel Presentations & Scavenger Hunt Comparing Themes with "A Dolphin's Tale Want to see what this unit includes? I'

Charity PBL Language Arts Project Based Learning Unit

Use research skills, informative writing, persuasive writing, technology skills, media messages, project based learning, service learning, plus invaluable life lessons in this charity research and writing activity.Best of all, teach your kids they have the power to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! This project empowers students to realize how they can actively make the world a better place, no matter their age.Check out the Language Arts Project Based Learning bundle HERE!INCLUDED IN THIS PRODUCT (Use it all,

Back to School Learning Style Survey (Auditory/Visual/Tactile)

Created by
Loving Math 143
To get a better understanding of how your students learn, this learning style survey helps determine if students are an auditory, visual, or tactile learner. It's a nice way to discuss different learning styles at the beginning of the school year and get to know your students a little better. It's also a great document to add to individual student portfolios. **********************************************************************************************HOW TO USE:No prep necessary! Simply copy "
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