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Me on the Map Project Activities Flip Book Circle Craft Map Skills and Globes

This Maps and Globes activities pack has 8500+ POSITIVE REVIEWS and is the original & most highly-rated Me on the Map Project Activity Bundle on TpT. Teach map skills with crafts, printable worksheets, flip books & a nesting circle craftivity for the book by Joan Sweeney.It will provide you with everything you need for an in class lesson or an independent work project your students can do for at home learning to practice social studies, geography, and map skills.It is easy to differentia

Black History Month Activity: Collaborative Biographical "Quilt" (includes MLK)

Created by
Art with Jenny K
My Famous Faces® of African-American History "Quilt" project is the perfect whole-class activity to do during Black History Month or any time of the year! It connects the individual with the group using hexagons that will tessellate to create a large “quilt” collaboration poster featuring 40 influential African Americans and their biographies. The final poster has a ton of “wow factor” when complete, and I hope it will make a large impact on your students as they learn about these 40 influential

Plan a Vacation National Parks Road Trip Project Based Learning

Created by
Tied 2 Teaching
Do you love our National Parks and want to find a way to integrate reading, writing, math, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a fun, real-life context into your lessons? Consider using project-based learning in your classroom! In this PBL unit, students can plan a road trip to the national parks with their families, while also creating a realistic budget for their vacation.One of the benefits of this project-based learning unit is that it allows for student choice and personalizati

Maps & Globes 7 Continents & Oceans Landforms Map Skills Activities

Created by
Shelly Rees
Interactive Notebooks are a wonderful tool for providing hands-on experiences for learners. This Maps, Continents, and Landforms Interactive Notebook is no exception! The packet is easy to use for both student and teacher. ✅ Click HERE to SAVE 20% on this resource with the Maps, Continents, and Landforms unit and poster bundle!✅ Click HERE to SAVE even more by buying ALL 15 Social Studies Interactive Notebooks and Mini Units in one Year-Long Bundle.Click on the PREVIEW button above to see all t

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Collaborative Poster | Engaging Activity for MLK Day

Created by
Art with Jenny K
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Collaborative Classroom Poster. This is a great, inclusive, community-building Martin Luther King Day activity. Appropriate accompaniment for your Black History Month studies or any unit/lesson on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights, social justice, etc. This poster of Dr. King is a great way to start a unit or to finish one. My collaboration posters are easy for teachers and fun for kids and make a lasting impression—on students, parents, and your entire school

Greek Gods, Greek Mythology Body Biography for Print and Digital Learning Bundle

Created by
Danielle Knight
This Greek Mythology Body Biography Bundle is filled with all you need to teach and promote amazing Greek Gods and Goddesses and their myths. Your students will find plenty of opportunity for creativity. For the first time you'll experience the unique approach of using a collaborative poster, Greek mythology, research, and the body biography project! ***Now it includes the digital learning version.***This project can be used any time of the year. The project bundle includes 22 Greek Gods and God

Biography Research Project Template for Biography Report and Graphic Organizer

Created by
Tied 2 Teaching
These fun Biography Report Pennant Banners come with over 300 amazing people of influence for your students to research! Perfect biography graphic organizers for displaying their learning about important people throughout history! Tired of the same old way to present your Biography Reports? Great to use any time of the year, these pennants are a great way to supplement your Social Studies instruction as well as help your students organize their research. Save time by integrating your Social St

Map Skills- Reading a Map and Activities

✅⭐️Are you studying maps in your primary classroom? If so, then you will love this all inclusive NO PREP set! Not only does it go over cardinal directions and how to read a map, it also reviews parts of a map such as the map key, title, and compass rose. It is a perfect lesson to include in your social studies geography unit!⭐Please know that this resource is a PDF. It is great for distance learning if you are sending home packets or are able to transfer it to Google Slides™ to use in Google Cla

Native American Unit | Indigenous People | No-Prep Lessons | Google Slides

Created by
Rockin Resources
Native American Unit - This Native American Unit provides informational text and comprehension activities for 7 NATIVE AMERICAN REGIONS IN NORTH AMERICA. No textbook is needed to complete the activities and project. Each unit is now sold separately. 1. EASTERN WOODLANDS2. SOUTHEAST3. GREAT PLAINS4. SOUTHWEST5. NORTHWEST COAST6. ARCTIC 7. GREAT BASINDo you teach several regions, but not all 7? See below for different versions.PRINTABLE VERSION: What is included? ✓ COVER PAGE for notes or folder

Label Continents and Oceans Activities | Blank World Map Printable 7 Continents

Created by
Shelly Rees
Students LOVE learning about the Continents and Oceans of the World with these fun hands-on activities, including a 7 continents mini-book, blank world map, coloring pages, and even a label continents and oceans quiz. This NO PREP packet is easy for teachers and engaging and hands-on for students!Please click on the preview button above to take a look at everything included.This resource includes:7 Continents Mini-BookColoring Pages/Posters of Each ContinentBlank World MapLabeled World MapPost-U

Civil War Unit | 5th Grade - 8th Grade

This Civil War unit covers the causes, events, and effects of the American Civil War.I’ve made these Civil War activities as easy as possible for busy teachers to implement. From thorough lesson plans to answer keys – it's all there. This unit will prepare you to teach about complex topics like slavery, The Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg, and Reconstruction. Even better, I've made it fun!  The 15 Civil War lessons are filled with engaging activities, and students will never do the same ac

Country Report and Country Research Projects Country Study and More

Created by
Tied 2 Teaching
Completing a country research project can be such a great way to open your students eyes to countries, people and cultures around the world. This fun, fresh and engaging country report resource is the perfect DIFFERENTIATED way to meet each student where they are and guide them as they present their research on countries around the world. Complete with 32 countries from around the world, this country research project GIVES STUDENTS A CHOICE of how they want to present their research. Each Count

5 Regions of the United States LINKtivity® (Geography, Climate, Landforms, MORE)

Take your students on an exciting virtual road trip through the five regions of the United States with our digital LINKtivity® Interactive Learning guide! Our interactive guide offers a fun and engaging way for students to explore each region's climate, landforms, bodies of water, and popular tourist destinations.Designed for upper elementary classrooms, our easy-to-navigate digital guide requires minimal teacher prep and is entirely student-controlled, allowing for self-paced learning. With a v

Famous Faces® of Black History Collaborative Poster [v1] | Includes MLK Jr.

Created by
Art with Jenny K
Do something for Black History Month that your students won’t soon forget—with my large, visually-engaging "Famous Faces®" of Black History Month poster/banner.This fun, collaborative activity features eight (8) inspirational African Americans:Thurgood MarshallRuby BridgesGeorge Washington CarverHarriet TubmanJackie RobinsonDr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Rosa ParksBarack ObamaGreat for ANY grade PreK - High School!!!My collaboration posters are easy for teachers and fun for kids and make a lasting i

Black History Month Activities: Collaborative Posters BUNDLE Set 1 (w/ MLK Jr.)

Created by
Art with Jenny K
Black History Month Collaboration Posters Bundle Set 1. This is the first volume of my Black History Month Collaboration Posters bundled together. There are five (5) people featured in this bundle: Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ruby Bridges, Booker T. Washington, and Barack Obama. These posters are great for ANY age or grade, as I have included several variations for each poster.My collaboration posters are easy for teachers and fun for kids and make a lasting impression—on students,

Colonial America | 13 Colonies Unit

This Colonial America unit covers the history of the Southern, Middle, and New England colonies. These activities prove that learning about the 13 colonies doesn't have to be boring! I’ve made these Colonial America activities as easy as possible for busy teachers to implement. From thorough lesson plans to answer keys – it's all there. This unit will prepare you to teach about complex topics like slavery, reasons for colonization, the Salem Witch Trials, and Colonial Fur Trading. Even better, I

American Revolution | Revolutionary War Unit

This American Revolution unit covers the causes, events, and effects of the Revolutionary War. But this unit proves that history doesn't have to be boring. Your students will love the week-long Revolutionary War simulation where they join the Continental Army and adopt a new identity as a soldier, spy, or officer.Even better, I've made these Revolutionary War activities as easy as possible for busy teachers to implement. From thorough lesson plans to answer keys – it's all there. This unit will

US Geography Map Skills | Maps and Globes, Continents, Oceans, Me on the Map

Created by
Kim Miller
Do your students struggle with general map skills, their location on a map or globe, or naming our continents and oceans? This popular U.S. geography and map skills packet will help your students master these mapping skills and more with ease. Fun for students and super helpful for teachers!This United States geography and map skills resource provides an easy and fun way for students to develop a better understanding of where they live in the world, as well as key geography skills and concepts.

Christmas and Holidays Around the World Upper Elementary Passages, Map Skills

THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD UNIT WITH 21 CELEBRATIONS! ⭐ "Very engaging for my 3rd-5th graders, and perfect for the weeks leading up to Christmas break. There are so many resources here that I didn't even get to use all of them in class, but it was great because I could pick and choose what would be most meaningful for my students. I loved the research pages for students to do their own research on a country, and my students had a lot of fun with that!"⭐ 2023 BONUS: 5 HOLIDA

Revolutionary War Causes ESCAPE ROOM Activity: American Revolution

Created by
Think Tank
The Causes of the Revolutionary War Escape Room will take students on a secret mission around the classroom, reading comprehension passages, and answering questions! This escape room has students decode interesting facts about the American Revolution, Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, French and Indian War, Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Quartering Act, 13 Colonies and Intolerable Acts. The Revolutionary War Causes Escape Room is a great reading comprehension activity with a twist of deciphering codes.

Titanic Activities Bundle

HUGE Titanic bundle of Titanic reading comprehension resources, activities, PowerPoint, and SO much more! Your students will love the Titanic even more after diving into their study of the ship using these resources! Cover the basics and the more unique aspects of the Titanic with these literacy, math, and social studies connections.These Titanic activities cover everything from the construction of the Titanic to the discovery of the ship on the bottom of the Atlantic. Unique aspects, such as

National Parks Research Project Based Learning PBL | Plan a Vacation Project

Created by
Shelly Rees
Students LOVE real-life learning, and this Visit a National Park PBL unit will have them asking for more units just like it! Students will have the opportunity to plan a trip to a National Park, create a road map, write a research article, and so much more! What better way to have students use real-life math, reading, and writing skills than with this fun U.S. National Parks Activity? Click HERE to SAVE 25% with the PBL Activities Bundle for the Year!Please click on the PREVIEW above for a bette

13 Colonies Activities & Unit: Passages Worksheets Maps Colonial Times Project

Take a step back to Colonial America with these fun 13 Colonies activities. Students will enjoy learning about life in 13 Colonies with this COMPLETE unit that includes three different levels of reading passages, organizers, map activities, unit test, a flipbook, vocabulary posters, and so much more! The passages focus on each region related to people, natural resources, climate, daily life, crops, houses, schooling, and economy. There are reading passages and activities for three different reg

Virtual Field Trip Chinese Lunar New Year Digital Reading Activity February

Created by
⭐️Let's all take a field trip! In this digital resource activity Virtual Field Trip, students take a trip to Beijing for a cross-curricular experience! Perfect for a Holidays Around the World Unit! Students will learn about the holiday through the city, culture, and Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations and traditions (which is known as Lunar New Year in China). This virtual field trip in Google Slides and contains video links, images, reading passages, exercises, writing activities, and more. ⭐️
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