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Better Alphabet® Song for FAST Letter Sound Mastery | Secret Stories®

Created by
Secret Stories
*Note: This product is intended for use WITH the Secret Stories, as it does NOT include the Secret Stories® Phonics posters and stories. Learn more about Secret Stories® and download FREE RESOURCES in the Secret Facebook Group Files! The Secret Stories® Better Alphabet™ Song is the FASTEST way to learn the individual letters and sounds, using muscle memory to accelerate mastery in as little as 2 weeks for preK and kindergartners. This product contains three video versions of the Better Alphabet™

Problem Solving Solutions - Visual Support Posters, Song, and Strategies

Problem Solving Solutions posters and techniques support your students to solve their own problems and collaborate and play with others! Problem solving is a skill we need to teach just like we need to teach letters and sounds. It takes lots of practice and visual supports. Included are 16 techniques problem solving solutions (aka conflict resolution strategies) appropriate for little learners. You can use all of the problem solving solutions or choose the ones you think will best fit your c

Circle Time Songs Music Activities - Preschool, Kindergarten & Special Education

Make your circle time more fun and engaging with these interactive songs! This bundle includes fourteen songs and a song board! Each song has several visual supports to ensure every student is able to participate! This bundle is guaranteed to make your circle time more engaging, interactive and enjoyable for everyone! It is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, special education and ELL students.  Songs are an excellent tool for promoting language development, which is why I created this product

Classroom Management Transition Songs & Calendar Time Songs

As a teacher, I always find myself singing songs! The students just respond so well to my directions when I add a tune to it! These are songs and chants that I use in my classroom to help with classroom management, calendar time, learning sight words, color words and more! Audio files are included so you can easily learn how to sing each song!What's included?Section 1: Classroom Management Quiet PleaseHave a SeatThe Carpet Song One, Two, Eyes on You!ListeningQuiet and You Know itFill a BucketCl

Circle Time Song Cards Finger Plays, Songs and Nursery Rhymes - GROWING BUNDLE

You're always on the go and these song cards will be ready to go with you. You'll love having them for circle time, the playground, bus or anytime you need a quick song at your fingertips.They are so easy to prepare, just print double-sided, cut in half, punch a hole and insert ring. You'll have a collection of songs, nursery rhymes, and fingerplays for every season at your fingertips. "Grab and Go" song cards have kid-friendly picture clues on the front and the words and extension activities. M

Classroom Management Songs and Chants

Created by
Tiffany Gannon
Singing during transitions makes moving from one thing to another almost seamless. These classroom management songs and chants will keep students engaged, focused, and excited to learn, which in turn will save valuable instruction time. Most of the songs included are parodies of popular songs all kids will know. The words have been changed to help students transition in a positive manner. Simply print and laminate. I like to hang them on a binder ring in my classroom for easy reference. Three

Music Sub Plans - No Tech Lessons for the Elementary Music Room, Set #1

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Do you need No Tech Music Sub Plans for a non-music sub? These Elementary Music Sub Plans make it quick and easy to plan for an absence. No technology is required, and the only other resources needed are ones likely already in your music room, such as a drum or crayons. Not only will these No Tech Sub Plans make the decision to put your own or your family's health first and take the time you need off, but they ensure that your students are still getting lots of engagement and musical learning e

64 Choir Warm Up Cards and Rounds

Upcoming Updates: I've found a few typos that will be fixed shortly. **64 Choir Warm Up Cards, 16 Rounds, and Elementary Vocal Ranges**Great for elementary, middle school, or high school choirs, these choir warm up cards are a fantastic way to mix up your warm up routine! Use them to plan your rehearsal or let your singers pick the warm ups for the day. The cards come in color and black & white and are categorized by posture, breath, vocal relaxation, vowels, and diction. Pick a warm up from

Motivational Lyric Posters

Choose from 16 lyric posters, in both black&white + color, to display around your classroom. *This product has been recently updated. Please check the preview for poster examples* Inspire your students with songs they will recognize and love. Be sure to check out the preview for a closer look. Have a question, just email me! Looking for more classroom posters? Check these out! Student Generated AlphabetMathematical PracticesPlace Value Posters3rd Grade M

Doubles Facts Posters & Mini Book

Looking for some fun doubles facts practice?! This pack contains posters and mini books that will help your kiddos visual the facts to help improve their fact fluency! They'll have their doubles facts mastered in no time at all!Included you will find:10 full size doubles posters (available in full color, color with white background, and black & white)10 mini posters/mini book with and without the answer (available in full color, color with white background, and black & white)doubles mini

Preschool Song Book

This preschool SONG BOOK contains 60 classroom-tested, tried and true songs that young children will love! Includes fingerplays, movement activities, counting rhymes, and more. Print this book and keep it on hand during circle time!Includes 60 songs:2 Little Blackbirds5 Birds5 Brave Firefighters5 Cute Cats5 Squirmy Worms5 Elephants5 Forest Animals5 Hot Air Balloons5 Hungry Ants5 Little Bumblebees5 Little Butterflies5 Little Ducks5 Little Ladybugs5 Pink Piggies5 Pretty Flowers6 Silly Monsters10 L

Songs for the Year

Created by
Jodi Southard
Using songs in the classroom is a way to build classroom community while learning. This packet includes 37 original songs to use in your classroom throughout the school year. You will find general welcoming songs to start each day as well as themed and seasonal songs.What does this product include?I have included some "general songs" that are perfect for welcoming your students to school each day, as well as theme or seasonal related songs to use throughout the school year. All of the songs c

Poem of the Week - 22 Weekly Poems & Poetry Shared Reading & Fluency Activities

This weekly poetry unit has 22 original poems to use for fluency practice, shared reading, or a poem of the week. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to teach interactive weekly poems from September through January. These poems make perfect fluency practice as they build reading skills through repeated reading.Use these poems as shared reading or put the 6 differentiated poetry activities in a literacy center. Your students will be reading and writing poetry all week long!**This resource NOW

Educational Songs

Learning Through the Top 100*DENOTES NEW SONGS ADDEDThis GROWING BUNDLE includes 22 educational songs/chants written to the tune of popular music. Your students will love learning through singing. As I add songs, the price will increase. Purchase this product to lock in the current price now. Some songs only apply to 4th grade standards. Please view the concepts covered in this bundle. Have suggestions for your grade level? Email me.*ELAMain Idea – Nah to the Ah to the Main IdeaText Structures –

Elementary General Music Curriculum (K-6): Year-Long Bundle

This is a complete curriculum resource for K-6 general music. It is designed to be adapted to a variety of teaching needs, so the material is organized by concept within each month rather than scripted lessons (a sample lesson sequence is included for your reference)- you can design your own specific lesson plans based on the standards you need to address, the amount of class time you have, and the students and resources you have in your classes. Everything you need to teach the lessons are incl

Elementary Music Sub Plans Bundle with Games

Created by
Lindsay Jervis
Elementary Music Sub Plans: This is your "Sub Survival Tub" that music teachers can feel comfortable leaving with subs who have zero experience teaching music and may not be able to sing or read music. This set contains:1. EDITABLE sub binder pagesThese include pages for you to type- Your daily schedule (a different page for each day)- Procedures- Drills/Emergencies - Technology Available (and room to explain how to use it all)- Where to find Materials Needed (pencils, boards to write on, crayon

The BEST Poems & Songs! AWESOME for fluency , reading , rhyming , Back to School

Eye-catching & organized with many, many options for every month and season, you and your students will LOVE this collection of poetry and songs! Through singing and chanting, your students will have a blast AND develop crucial reading skills along with their....❤️ oral language❤️ auditory memory❤️ sequencing❤️ patterning❤️ small motor skills (many finger plays are included) and❤️ imagination!You’ll also see kids really build their reading fluency through singing the songs over and over (wh

Elementary Music Sub Plans for the Non-Music Sub {Set 1}

Created by
Aileen Miracle
Do you need Elementary music sub plans for your music classroom? These Elementary music sub plans have ready-to-use lesson plans that can be taught by ANY substitute teacher--no musical experience needed! With enough plans for up to 2 weeks, these Elementary music sub plans give you the peace of mind to take a sick day without scrambling to create lesson plans.Lessen your stress and anxiety when you or your family member is sick, and take the day knowing you have Elementary music sub plans that


The Birth of Jesus: Bible Lesson and CraftThis interactive Bible lesson teaches babies, toddlers and preschoolers the story of Jesus' birth!This lesson includes...Detailed Lesson Plan {Pg. 2-4}The lesson plan provides dialogue and when songs can be sung through the lesson.Baby Jesus Envelope Craft {Pg. 4-5}Use this printable to create a craft that can be used when retelling the story or as an ornament.Welcome Banner {Pg. 6-7}Post these signs to welcome your learners.Nativity Background and Chara

Skip Counting Songs for Multiplication Facts

Created by
Rachel Vincent
Need help memorizing those multiplication facts? Maybe your students can't remember their multiples. Skip counting songs are the perfect way for your students to work on the fluency of their multiplication facts, skip counting, least common multiple, etc., by singing to the tune of popular nursery rhymes.Are multiplication facts giving you and your students a run for your money? Fear not! You can transform those multiplication woes into a harmonious learning experience. Say hello to a fun and mu

Soundtrack of my Life - Elements of Music Analysis for Distance Learning

Soundtrack of my Life Elements of Music Analysis Project for Middle School - Printable PDF Packet and Google Slides™ product for Distance LearningThis musical assignment will be sure to engage your students! This resource includes both a ready-to-print package AND a Google slides version of the project. Students will be asked to:Create a playlist of songs that represent themselvesChoose 1 song from their playlist to conduct an in-depth analysis of the elements of musicComplete a written componen

Educational Songs // GROWING BUNDLE

Created by
Falling for 1st
These song lyrics are a GAME CHANGER for student engagement! Add some spice to your lessons with these fun and educational songs! To use just play an instrumental version of the song on YouTube and display the lyrics for you and your class to sing along! This is a growing product--I will add more songs as I create them! To see the songs in action head over to my instagram page @fallingfor1st and click on the highlight labeled "songs."Includes: - Addition Song (to the tune of "Girls Like You")- P

QR Code Recorder Method {B-A-G} {Can Be Used With/Without QR Codes!}

3/15/19- This file has had a complete overhaul. If you have previously purchased this resource, please re-download now! :)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------What a FUN way to use TECHNOLOGY in your recorder classroom! Designed for beginning recorder players.THIS FILE SHOULD TAKE YOU THROUGH THE ENTIRE FIRST YEAR OF RECORDER CLASS! This figure is based on an elementary music class meeting once per week throughout the school year. As you will read belo

Witch's Brew a Fun Halloween Activity

This fun witch's brew activity is perfect for HALLOWEEN WEEK. Witch's brew is yearly favorite in my classroom. I use this goodie to introduce main idea and details, but it could also be used for writing, math, sequencing or just for fun. You can use the mini book provided to follow the directions to make this yummy snack. While you make it, you will read the song, work on teamwork and end up with something delicious. Your students can also predict, survey, graph, sequence and do a little math w
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