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Classroom Rules and Expectations GOOGLE SLIDES compatible slideshow School rules

It is so easy to explicitly teach your classroom rules, expectation and procedures with this comprehensive slideshow and and coordinating mini book. It is so important to take the time to teach students both behavior expectations and procedures in your classroom so you can build a positive rapport with all of your students. This resource works well for any grade level including preschool, kindergarten and first grade.BILINGUAL UPDATE: this resource has been translated to Spanish and is include

The original Somos 1 Spanish Curriculum for Novice Spanish courses

The Somos Curriculum is an acclaimed Proficiency-oriented, Comprehension-based Novice Spanish curriculum for Spanish 1 and 2. The Somos Curriculum for Novice Spanish makes teaching for proficiency easy. With step-by-step daily lesson plans, student printables, assessments, slideshows, and detailed learning objectives and alignments to national standards, The Somos Curriculum provides everything a teacher needs to fill 2 years of daily Spanish classes (50 minute periods) if you teach all lessons.

Visual Cue Cards {English and Spanish version}

Use these small visual cues to nonverbally redirect student behavior. These are perfect for keeping volume down in your classroom while still supporting all learners.These visual cue cards are a non-verbal communication tool to help all students, but especially those who struggle with processing language to understand what is being asked of them. They are perfect for reminding students that you have to redirect several times.Here are the visual cues included:sitquietraise handline uplookworksi

Rainbow Remix Decor Bundle 90's retro classroom decor

Created by
Rachael Burnett
I am so excited for this bright remix to the traditional rainbow decor. It still has all the fun brights with some of Y2K, smiley faces, checkered print and star doodles. I enjoyed creating this decor bundle and could not wait to share it with you all! I hope you love it as much as I do. This is the very first big decor pack that I have made 75 percent of the art, clip art, and media for it!! ENJOY!!! Here is the link to the most common fonts used in the pack. I tried to keep it simple so y'

Meet the Teacher Templates, Editable Parent Forms, Stations & PowerPoint BRIGHTS

Created by
Linda Kamp
Whether your school calls it Meet the Teacher Night or Back to School Night, teachers know it can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. With this complete and editable Meet the Teacher classroom kit you'll have literally everything you need for a stress-free and successful open house. The included Meet Your Teacher resources, and step-by-step stations, enable you to organize, communicate, and manage your open house, so you feel confident and prepared to greet your new families and meet your new

La Familia Spanish Family Vocabulary Reading Paragraphs and Activities

Created by
Srta Spanish
These short readings are a great way for your students to get lots of input!This resource includes 14 short readings about a family written in comprehensible language for DIGITAL or PRINTABLE use! Each reading includes vocabulary supports at the bottom of the page to help your students be successful. The readings are a basic introduction and description of each person!❁ Click here to save 20% in a BUNDLE!❁This resource includes a scavenger hunt activity in Spanish and English for students to com

El Día de los Muertos Day of the Dead Activities Writing Project Art Craft

Created by
Sra Cruz
Want to assess students' understanding of El Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead AND have a beautiful and meaningful display for your bulletin board, classroom, or hallway? With this writing template and prompts, students can show their understanding after learning about Día de Muertos. English and Spanish versions are included. This makes great art projects or activity for social studies classes as well! Now includes digital versions in Google Slides for a paperless option or for distance le

Frida Collaborative Wings Mural + Biographies | Hispanic Heritage Month Activity

Created by
Art with Jenny K
Frida Kahlo-inspired Collaborative Wings Mural …using tessellation pieces! A unique community building activity for teachers and students. This resource includes English and Spanish options. Use it during Hispanic Heritage Month or any time of the year! You've seen them. You've stood in front of them. You've had your picture taken in front of them, or you've seen someone who has. I'm talking about those murals that inspire you to stand in front of them and have your photo taken. Now, your studen

Spanish-Speaking Countries and Capitals Maps and Quiz

This is a map labeling activity and matching quiz over the 21 Spanish-speaking countries and capitals. Students will label and identify the 21 Spanish-speaking countries and capitals in Spanish. This is a great activity when reviewing Spanish-speaking countries and capitals or Spanish geography. Makes a great coloring page. Answer keys are included. Countries included: España, México, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Cuba, La República Dominicana, Puerto Rico, Ar

Animal Habitats Sort Activities

Created by
Nikki and Nacho
Boost engagement with this fun, interactive resource about animal habitats. It includes vocabulary cards, individual and group sorting activities, graphic organizers, a coloring sheet, a word building activity, a drawing sheet and more! It works great for boosting academic vocabulary while learning and reviewing the content. TEACHER-FRlENDLY FEATURESThis resource has been teacher-tested and approved, downloads in a secure PDF file, has an easy prep format, includes blackline versions, is easy to

Somos 2 Curriculum for Intermediate Spanish (Original)

Somos 2 is a Proficiency-oriented, Comprehension-based curriculum for emerging Intermediate learners of Spanish. It is designed to support teachers in the transition away from a traditional grammar-based syllabus to a more communicative approach to language teaching.LEARN MORE AT WWW.SOMOSCURRICULUM.COMEach lesson in this curriculum is designed to create opportunities for communication, largely in the form of exposure to communicatively-embedded input that is comprehensible, through reading (who

Landform and Bodies of Water Sort Activities

Created by
Nikki and Nacho
Boost engagement with this fun, interactive resource about landforms and bodies of water. It includes vocabulary cards, individual and group sorting activities, graphic organizers, a coloring sheet, a word building activity, a drawing sheet and more! It works great for boosting academic vocabulary while learning and reviewing the content.TEACHER-FRlENDLY FEATURESThis resource has been teacher-tested and approved, downloads in a secure PDF file, has an easy prep format, includes blackline version

Spanish Speaking Countries Project Research a Country with Google Slides Digital

Created by
Sra Cruz
This Spanish-Speaking country project is an organized and efficient way for students to research Spanish-speaking countries. The templates are in both English and Spanish and can be completed digitally or handwritten. Includes digital templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides.*can easily be adapted for other languages, geography, or social studies classesThis project to create an infographic for a country includes:-Templates in 3 different designs-English templates-Spanish templates-Completed

Cinco de Mayo Math and Literacy Printable Pack

Created by
Elementary Elle
Cinco de Mayo math and literacy activities for primary students!Cinco de Mayo is here and your students will love these Cinco de Mayo themed math and literacy activities. This pack covers a wide range of skills and is perfect for kiddos in kindergarten, first, or second grade. Some of the printables are a bit more difficult than others, allowing for easy differentiation depending on the needs of your students. It’s so quick and easy to simply print this nifty activity pack, giving you more time

Letters // Rainbow Remix Bundle 90's retro classroom decor

Created by
Rachael Burnett
Create any words or phrases you want with these fun A-Z letters. what's included:A-Z smiley face pattern letters, accented letters included: á, é, í, ñ, ó, úA-Z pink wavy checkered font, accented letters included: á, é, í, ñ, ó, úA-Z uppercase font each color of the rainbow pattern is included for EVERY letter, accented letters included: á, é, í, ñ, ó, úA-Z retro smiley face pattern letters, accented letters included: á, é, í, ñ, ó, úA-Z varsity patch letters small size in two color options (e a

Grammar In Context BUNDLE: Guided notes + Readings in Spanish

This bundle includes 19 Grammar In Context lessons intended for students in Spanish Levels 1 and 2. All lessons feature brief guided notes in English followed by at least one Spanish-language reading that includes many instances of the pattern at hand plus activities that draw students' attention to the role it plays in creating meaning.This bundle includes the following lessons:GENERAL GRAMMAR:Subject pronouns Infinitives Direct object pronouns PRESENT INDICATIVE:-AR present indicative -ER pres

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities Bulletin Board Notable Person of the Day

Created by
Sra Cruz
This resource has a Notable Hispanic American for each day of Hispanic Heritage Month. This resource is excellent for Spanish classes as well as other subjects. It also makes a great whole-school resource for morning announcements or a Hispanic Heritage Month Bulletin Board. Each day, students learn about one person, their country of heritage, and what they are known for. It also includes a video clip link for each person.⭐This resource is included in my HOLIDAYS MEGA BUNDLE full of holiday reso

Encanto Movie Guide Printables & Google Slides Spanish Reading Colombia

Created by
Sra Cruz
Encanto is a new film about a magical family living in the mountains of Colombia. It includes many themes related to Spanish class and will be a great movie to share with your students! This bundle has you covered with 10 different activities for before and after viewing the film!⭐Spanish class-related topics from the film: Colombia, Colombian culture & food, magical realism, vallenato music, family vocabulary, adjectives, and lots of Spanish vocabulary sprinkled in!⭐✨Activities include opti

Layers of the Earth, fold and learn

Created by
Lita Lita
This is a science fold and learn craftivity that can be used in different grades. Your students will be able to complete this fold craft and learn the layers of the Earth:-Inner Core-Outer Core-Mantle-CrustI have also included the Spanish version: Las capas de la Tierra.You can find similar activities in my store:>SCIENCE FOLD AND LEARNNote: Each student will need 2 pages.Do you like my Science Fold & Learn activities? Save money, buy THE BUNDLE:>Science Fold & Learn SUPER BUNDLE

Año Nuevo Las Doce Uvas 12 Grapes Activity for Spanish New Year with DIGITAL

Created by
Sra Cruz
Teach students about the Año Nuevo/Noche Vieja tradition of eating 12 grapes for luck. Three fun writing template options allow students to come up with 12 "deseos" for the new year, 1 for each grape.⭐This resource is included in my HOLIDAYS MEGA BUNDLE full of holiday resources for the entire school year!⭐Includes:✅ 4 informational pages in Spanish and English (pdf, Google Slides and Easel formats)✅ grape bunch template where students write one deseo on each grape✅ deseos list template with gra

Valentine's Day Craft | Valentine's Day Door Display (w/ English & Spanish)

Created by
Art with Jenny K
Valentine's Day Activities: Collaborative Door Decoration Poster. Decorating your door for Valentine's Day has never been cooler (or easier)! This year have some real fun decorating your door for Valentine's Day as everyone in class pitches in. This product features TWO collaboration door posters. One poster is in English and uses the popular Robert Indiana LOVE symbol. The second poster design is in Spanish and says AMOR on it (this poster has the option of English OR Spanish letters/colors). B

Spanish to English Classroom Labels w Pictures for Spanish Classroom Decor

Created by
Chalk and Apples
These Spanish to English picture cards are perfect for your ELL/ESL/EFL students or for Spanish classrooms! 68 words and phrases in both Spanish and English. Use as labels in the classroom, or print on cardstock to use as flashcards.This Spanish - English picture card set includes:✏️ 53 Spanish & English labels for your classroom with picturesdoor, window, pencil sharpener, computers, bathroom, mirror, sink, trash can, recycle bin, chair, table, cabinet, library, books, teacher's desk, white

Spanish Present Tense -AR Verbs conjugation practice worksheets

Created by
Island Teacher
Spanish -AR Verbs Worksheets to use with your students for class practice or homework after introducing present tense -AR verb conjugations. Included are 6 pages of print and go scaffolded worksheets (tasks get more difficult as students progress through activities), with a variety of writing activities for students to practice conjugating -AR verbs. Includes:15 verb chart fill-ins 15 sentences where students must choose the correct conjugation20 sentences where students must conjugate a given v

Spanish New Year First Day Back from Winter Break Preterite Weekend Chat Mat

What to do on the first day of Spanish class after Thanksgiving break or after Winter break to practice the preterite tense in Spanish? This is the perfect interpersonal Spanish speaking and writing activity for the first day back from Christmas break. Get Spanish 2, Spanish 3, or Spanish 4 to talk about what they did over the break using the preterite tense.This PDF Spanish class post break Find Someone Who contains multiple differentiated versions to fit a variety of class needs.✅ Page 1 - Int
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