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Editable Sight Word High Frequency Words Worksheets Any List Kinder First Grade

Editable sight word worksheets provide kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students with effective and engaging sight word practice. The magical part about these sight word activities is that they are efficient for you, too!Dolch sight words, Fry sight words, custom district sight words…Are you tired of comparing sight word lists to see if you can use a particular resource? Did you have sight word worksheets, but then you changed grade levels or your school changed their sight word list,

Spelling Activities and Practice Worksheets - Any List - Spelling Word Practice

This massive pack of spelling activities and spelling word practice worksheets allow your students to complete word work in effective and engaging ways. As a teacher, you will never have to wonder what to plan for a spelling center or activity ever again! Use any of the spelling activities or practice worksheets included with any list!Do you find yourself looking for ways to spice up your word work stations and/or spelling practice in your classroom? Better yet...are you looking for ways to do t

3rd Grade Morning Work or Bell Ringers - Math & ELA Spiral Review Print, Digital

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to start your 3rd grade students' school day? Look no further than this expertly designed 3rd grade morning work or bell ringer activity. Designed to spiral review 3rd grade math and 3rd grade ELA standards throughout the year, these PRINT & GO resources will ensure your students are on track for success every day. Whether you use it in the morning or any other part of the day, this activity is guaranteed to keep your students engaged and excited to

Sight Words Practice Fluency Flash cards: High-frequency FRY Words 1-100

Created by
Brenda Tejeda
Ever have students who are just not learning their high-frequency sight words fast enough, despite everything you've tried? How about students who can read sight words on flashcards, but have difficulty recognizing them in context? These cards provide fluency, recognition, and sight word practice in context!⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️⭐️"THANK YOU! This is such a fantastic resource, especially for a first-year teacher! I feel like I have a million things to learn and keep track of, and this resource made my life a l

Spelling Activities Word Work Practice Worksheets Vocabulary Choice Boards

Grow your students with this packet perfect for Vocabulary, Word Work and Spelling Activities and Worksheets. This endless bundle of worksheets, and activities can be used with any word list! Efficiently works in your workstations, literacy centers, small group, or weekly homework. You will enjoy having everything you need in this packet. You just PRINT & GO with these activities for any word list!DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW TO SEE MORE!TAKE A PEEK AT THE COMPLETE SPELLING & WORD WORK BUNDLEBUN


Created by
SCIENCE OF READING PHONICS WRITING ACTIVITY CVC WORKSHEETS: 30 DIFFERENTIATED PRINTABLES FOR SEGMENTING BEGINNING, MIDDLE, AND ENDING SOUNDS ⭐ KINDERGARTEN AND 1ST GRADEThis resource pack is a great tool to practice writing cvc words in a differentiated way! Included are 30 printables containing clear and attractive pictures!⭐⭐⭐PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE IN A MONEY SAVING CVC BUNDLE!⭐⭐⭐CVC WORDS WORKSHEETS INCLUDED:I can write the beginning sound! (5 sheets)I can write the miss

Sight Word Worksheets-Editable with Auto-Fill {880 Pages!} {Sight Word Practice}

All the sight word worksheets you could ever need! This product is a bundle of my 4 best selling worksheets, including 3 worksheet sets that are editable. Each of these 4 products has 220 pre-made sight word worksheets. This means you are getting 880 worksheets in this download! Three of these worksheets are editable, so you create worksheets for any word! Click on the preview button to see each of the 4 worksheets close up.Use these pages as morning work, daily practice, in your literacy center

First Grade Spelling Curriculum (Phonics and Sight Word Based) 38 Weeks

Weekly Spelling Packets! Get ready to transform your weekly spelling routines! No more random list of words! This fun, hands-on and engaging 38 Week Spelling Program focuses on phonics and sight words! ***DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW TO SEE THIS CURRICULUM UP CLOSE!2nd Grade Spelling Curriculum HERE3rd Grade Spelling Curriculum HEREWhat is Included?38 Weeks of Spelling packets Monday - Thursday practice/ Friday TestHome Connection Parent and Friends Letter11 Spelling Menus - one for each new Phonics Ski

Magic E Worksheets and Centers - CVCE Activities

Created by
My Teaching Pal
This magic e packet features a bunch of engaging resources to help your students learn all about magic e words. They will be given the opportunity to identify and spell CVCe words through a wide range of learning experiences which will help them master this spelling and reading rule. There are 35 worksheets and 2 centers included in total. The centers included are:♥ Read and Cover – Read the magic e word and cover the matching picture.♥ Spell a Magic e Word – Choose a picture and spell the word

Handwriting Practice for Older Students | Year Long | Print Worksheets

Handwriting should be fun for older students too! This is a set of daily handwriting practice sheets that students will actually beg for! This handwriting pack is great for students who already know how to form letters, but just can't seem to slow down and write neatly! Handwriting practice for all ages! ACTIVITIES INCLUDED:26 pages of Silly Alphabet Sentences20 pages of Positive Affirmations20 pages of Awesome Animal Facts20 pages of Gross Facts20 pages of Marvelous Math Facts20 pages of Space

Editable Color by Code Sight Word Practice Morning Work Worksheets

Looking for a quick and engaging way to help your students practice sight words (pre-primer/primer) or other key skills?These color by sight word activities are a fun and exciting way to help your students practice sight words (pre-primer/primer) or other key skills. I created these animal themed color by code pages to provide a fun way to learn (look for the list below to see what words are included in the pre-made sheets). Ready for the BEST part? Each page is Editable with Adobe Reader and Po

Short Vowel CVC Worksheets - BUNDLE

Created by
My Teaching Pal
SAVE 35% with this BUNDLE!This is a huge, comprehensive worksheet bundle that covers all things related to short vowel words. It will provide your students will so much practice when learning short vowel CVC words and is filled with fun, engaging and purposeful activities that are designed to help your students master reading and writing short vowel words. This packet is the perfect companion to any teaching program and will help students grasp important phonics, reading and spelling skills rela

Better Alphabet® Song for FAST Letter Sound Mastery | Secret Stories®

Created by
Secret Stories
*Note: This product is intended for use WITH the Secret Stories, as it does NOT include the Secret Stories® Phonics posters and stories. Learn more about Secret Stories® and download FREE RESOURCES in the Secret Facebook Group Files! The Secret Stories® Better Alphabet™ Song is the FASTEST way to learn the individual letters and sounds, using muscle memory to accelerate mastery in as little as 2 weeks for preK and kindergartners. This product contains three video versions of the Better Alphabet™

Handwriting Worksheets | CURSIVE PRINT D'NEALIAN BUNDLE for Older Students

Cursive and print handwriting should be fun for older kids! This is a year long daily handwriting practice that students will actually beg for! This handwriting pack is great for students who already know how to form cursive letters, but just can't seem to slow down and write neatly! Handwriting practice for all ages!*NEW look! Same great resource! A set of the following is included for both CURSIVE and PRINT:-26 pages of Silly Alphabet Sentences -20 pages of Positive Affirmations-20 pages of Aw

Phonics Worksheets - 2nd Grade Phonics Review and Daily Practice - Morning Work

This phonics worksheets resource is a HUGE bundle of 2nd grade phonics worksheets that are perfect for daily phonics review, morning work, phonics activities, phonics centers, or a phonics notebook! Includes print and digital versions!⭐️DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW FILE TO SEE THIS PACK OF PHONICS WORKSHEETS IN DETAIL⭐️There are so many perks to these phonics worksheets: 52 different phonics patterns includedNo prepScience of reading alignedUse the worksheets in any order to go with your scope & seq

First and Second Grade Literacy Centers Bundle - Digital and Printable

Created by
Teaching Trove
This massive bundle of 123 first and second grade literacy centers provides the perfect way to provide engaging, differentiated ELA practice all year long.Each center follows a similar format, making it perfect for independent practice, leaving you with more time to teach with fewer interruptions!Great for centers or fast finishers, with this bundle you’ll be able to easily differentiate for the needs of all your students with a massive selection of games to choose from.Each common core aligned

Sight Word Stick Centers

Created by
Reagan Tunstall
This sight word stick packet includes 10 games and recording sheets. Students will draw sticks out of a cup/can/or container to play literacy games while having fun. The packet includes 10 games with recording sheets. These games can be done using sight words or weekly spelling words for more targeted practice. (I do both!)These games are easy to understand and complete for students as young as kinder and they still provide excellent practice for older students as well.I included the dolch w

Phonics Worksheets Review CVC Blends Digraphs R-Controlled Diphthongs 1st Grade

Created by
Brenda Tejeda
This is a bundle of phonics picture sorts, perfect for K-2 review centers, morning work, homework, or word work. Includes all phonics skills from beginning sounds, CVC, Blends, Digraphs, VCE, R-controlled Vowels, Vowel Teams, and Diphthongs. **NO PREP** Simply copy the sorting page you want to use, place in your word work center, and students cut and glue into notebooks. So easy to change this center from week to week! **Differentiate by assigning different numbers of categories (columns)⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️

Prefixes and Suffixes Worksheets and Vocabulary Activities

Created by
Hollie Griffith
These interactive printables are perfect for teaching or reinforcing prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Prefixes: re-, un-, pre-, dis-, mis-, de-Suffixes : -er (a person who), -er (more), -est, -ful, -less, -ed1. Trace it/Color it – Students trace or color words based on the prefix or suffix.2. Find it – Students go on a word hunt (using classroom books) to find words using the given prefix or suffix.3. Define it – Students use what they know about the given prefix or suffix to write their own

I Spy: Phonics Worksheets, Winter Phonics Activities

Can you imagine your students begging to do work? That's what happens with our I Spy Phonics Worksheets. From CVC words to diphthongs - match your students to the skills and watch the fun begin.Education to the Core heard your calls and developed an entire resource dedicated to phonics-based I SPY Activities - updated to include 84 activity pages!Beyond just the phonics skills practice, these phonics worksheets help your students strengthen their visual discrimination while building their attent

Spelling Activities – Word Work for ANY list

Created by
My Teaching Pal
Make spelling practice fun with these spelling activities. They go with ANY word list which means that they can be used all year round! Options are included for 10, 15, 16 and 20 words which means that you can cater to all the students in your classroom and they can all be working on the same activity at the same time. The activities are also fun and engaging which helps to promote retention. There is a booklet cover included, so simply print off the 30 page booklet and your students will be se

Sight Word Games-Editable with Auto-Fill! {40 Games!} Sight Word Activities

All the sight word games you could ever need! Enough for a whole year of sight word practice! This download includes 40 games. The games include whole class games, small group games, partner games, and solo games. Most of these games are printable, but a few are in Powerpoint for whole class use. All of the printable games come with a color version (laminate and save) or a black and white version for 1 time use. The games are easy to teach and for students to learn. They require little to no pr

Morphology Activities Passages for Prefixes, Suffixes, Roots, Greek Forms

Are you seeking morphology activities to help you introduce prefixes, suffixes, Latin Roots, Greek combining forms and connectives in an easy, no-prep way? This Morpheme Reading Passages BUNDLE was designed to do just that. They’re a must have for your collection of morphology activities. This resource will weave seamlessly into any morphology scope and sequence for Orton-Gillingham.You will receive: Over 140 reading passages for teaching  prefixes, suffixes, Latin Roots, Greek combining forms a

High Frequency Sight Words Decodable Sentences BUNDLE with Heart Words

Created by
Tweet Resources
⭐⭐⭐Introducing the High Frequency Sight Words Bundle by Tweet Resources⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ UPDATE: In May 2022 Tweet Resources updated this package to include a Science of Reading version including heart words. Three versions each of sets 1-3 are now included in this purchase: the original Sight Words Fluency and Word Work Set, a Science of Reading version incorporating "heart words" and a new updated package that is similar to the original version except with more decodable words and more repetition of previ
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