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KinderSocialStudies Kindergarten Social Studies Curriculum Bundle

KinderSocialStudies™ Curriculum Units- a kindergarten AND first grade comprehensive social studies curriculum designed for a classroom's whole-group instruction! If inquiring about this bundle for a homeschool setting, feel free to email me directly with any questions or for a sample at!Save with the bundle!This is a bundle of (5) $10 units! When you purchase the bundle you are saving 20%! What is KinderSocialStudies?KinderSocialStudies Curriculum is a social studies

2nd Grade Social Studies Curriculum Bundle

Save BIG when you purchase the bundle! The bundle is on sale for $10 off. The individual units are $10 each for $50!What is 2nd Grade Social Studies Curriculum?2nd Grade Social Studies Curriculum is an engaging social studies curriculum with young learners in mind! 2nd Grade Social Studies encourages young learners to think “outside the box” and prove their thinking through hands-on and engaging learning experiences. 2nd Grade Social Studies is based upon five units: Government and Democracy, Hi

Solid Classroom Management System with 100 Procedures BUNDLE!

Created by
This is a bundle of 2 products to help your classroom run smooth and efficiently! A strong classroom management system goes hand in hand with efficient procedures to teach your students. This bundle is perfect for creating a classroom that runs smoothly, minimizes behaviors and distractions, and gives YOU the teacher more time to teach! Classroom Management SystemAre you at your wits end with classroom management? Are you spending much of your day correcting behavior or lecturing students instea

Science of Reading Small Group Binder with Small Group Lesson Plan Templates

Easily organize your science of reading small groups with this binder to support your structured literacy classroom! It has everything from science of reading small group lesson plan templates to charts to reading group pages and reading conference data sheets. This easy to assemble tool is perfect to help you organize your science of reading small group lessons, reading small groups, and student conferences to STAY that way! You will be able to use this as a valuable tool in helping your littl

Token Boards - Visual for Positive Behavior (Reward Chart) "I Am Working For"

Created by
Enhance behavior management and motivation in your special education classroom with this behavior chart and token board system. Address challenging behaviors and promote PBIS with fun and customizable class rewards that ask "What are you working for?" Perfect for K-12 special education teachers! Behaviors got you bummed? This behavior chart is here to help! Address challenging behaviors using classroom management tools as an intervention. Get on top of those behaviors before they get out of cont

Exhausted by Essays? 5-Minute Essay Grading System - Reclaim Your Weekends!

Created by
Laura Randazzo
You want your students to receive meaningful feedback on their papers and grow as writers. You also, though, need to have time to recharge on weekends and holidays without the burden of endless essay stacks hanging over your head.With my five-minute-per-essay grading system, you’ll zip through your stacks of papers, saving HOURS of time. Before I created this system, it took me 15-to-20 minutes to grade an essay. Now, with the use of a detailed coding system and a content rubric that’s laser-foc

Writers Workshop: Beginning of the Year Writing, Unit 1 Pictures Tell a Story

Created by
Deanna Jump
Looking for a writers workshop curriculum for the beginning of the year? Writers Workshop Curriculum K-1 | Writing Through the Year™ was created by two kindergarten teachers with over 20 years of classroom experience. Each writing lesson has been classroom-tested and student-approved.Writers Workshop is a wonderful way to incorporate all of the ELA standards while introducing your students to the love of writing. This is the first unit in this comprehensive writing curriculum. In this unit, yo

IEP Goal Tracking Binder- Data Collection for Special Education {Data Sheets}

Created by
Brooke Reagan
IEP Goal Tracking Binder- Special Education Data Collection Sheets and Progress Monitoring Forms for Teachers and StudentsNeed help with organizing all of your special education paperwork and data collection? Well, this IEP Goal tracking binder is a must-have for every special education teacher. You will find this binder to be a huge time saver when it comes to data collection, tracking IEP goal progress, and staying organized! There are a ton of options to choose from, and editable templates. I

Writers Workshop, First Grade and Kindergarten Writing Curriculum and Lessons

Created by
Deanna Jump
Are you looking for a comprehensive writing curriculum for your kindergarten or first grade classroom? Writers Workshop is a wonderful way to incorporate all of the ELA standards while introducing your students to the love of writing. Writing Through the Year™ was created by two kindergarten teachers with over 20 years of classroom experience, and it will save you hours each month in writing lesson plans. Each writing lesson has been classroom-tested and student-approved. Students will be encou

Ontario Kindergarten Guide -> Report Card Comments/Assessment/Documentation

Created by
Alessia Albanese
NEW -> Google Slides link to download editable report card TEMPLATES ***UPDATED November 2022 -> Parent-Teacher Interview template included******UPDATED June 2022 -> Phys. Ed./Health/Music/Drama/Dance comments are included******UPDATED October 2021 -> now includes 16 SAMPLE PROGRESS report cards in addition to sample term 1 and term 2 report cards******UPDATED May 2021 -> now includes over 9 pages of DISTANCE LEARNING report card comments as well as SAMPLE report cards.***This pro

Ukulele Program - Rainbow Ukulele {BUNDLE} - Lessons, Presentation, Student Book

Ukulele is a great instrument for the music classroom! Are you looking for a way to incorporate the ukulele into your elementary or early middle school music classroom? Looking for a great motivation system for students and a wonderful curriculum in the music classroom? Look no further! This Rainbow Ukulele mega bundle is for you! Also, be sure to check out the Rainbow Ukulele FREEBIE! to see how I set up the program.**Includes British term version (student and teacher) and a version that is c

Daily Phonological Awareness Questions and Reference Lists | Speech Language

Created by
Speechy Musings
This resource targets both phonemic awareness and phonological awareness skills! It provides the basics you'll need to practice these important skills with minimal prep. This resource targets the following skills: Rhyme IdentificationSyllable SegmentationBlending Onset/RimeInitial Phoneme IsolationFinal Phoneme IsolationPhoneme BlendingPhoneme SegmentationPhoneme AdditionPhoneme DeletionPhoneme SubstitutionIt includes...Daily, Leveled Phonological Awareness QuestionsThere are monthly sheets incl

The Ultimate Special Education Binder {editable} IEP Binder

Created by
Mrs Ds Corner
*TOP 100 BEST SELLER * EDITABLE * READY FOR THE UPCOMING SCHOOL YEAR * Being a caseload manager and special education teacher is a wonderful experience that, unfortunately, includes tons of special education jargon and paperwork that can sometimes become overwhelming. This binder is your key to tidying up your daily caseload, organizing key special education information, and focusing more on your students, rather than the paperwork. *ALL DATA SHEETS ARE NOW COMPLETELY EDITABLE*Watch a video prev

100 Report Card Comments You Can Use Now - Editable Print and Digital

Creating report card comments can be time-consuming, but this list of 100+ report card comments can make the process so much easier! Save time with easy-to-customize report card comments in three formats: printable PDF, editable in PowerPoint, and editable in digital (Google Slides). You'll be able to easily and quickly find report card comments by scrolling through the categories to pick what fits best for the student in mind. Perfect for progress reports, report cards, and for parent/guardian

Behavior Management Binder: ABC Data, Behavior Data and Behavior Interventions

Created by
Brooke Reagan
Behavior Binder: ABC Data, Behavior Tracking and Behavior Management Resources: This binder if full of behavior data tracking forms, ABC data tracking, behavior interventions, behavior accommodations, student reward ideas, positive reinforcement help for teachers, behavior notes, cheat sheet flip book for behavior interventions and accommodations, and MORE!**This binder has been updated: includes additional behavior intervention and accommodation resourcesOver 1,000 positive reviews on how this

Back to School Read Aloud Books & Activities Reading Comprehension

Created by
Deanna Jump
Are you looking for read aloud and reading comprehension activities for back to school? These interactive reading lesson plans will guide you through your daily instruction in reading comprehension, responding to literature, sentence studies with mentor sentences, crafts and more! THE BOOKS NEEDED FOR THIS SET OF READ ALOUD LESSON PLANS INCLUDE:Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John ArchambaultStand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty LovellChrysanthemum by Kevin HenkesLilly's Purple Plas

Phonics Guidebook - Phonics Rules and Teaching Posters

The science of reading has shown us that students need explicit and systematic instruction on phonics rules & spelling patterns. This resource was created as a teacher's guide to the many rules & spelling pattern generalizations that occur in the English language! It includes information on all 44 phonemes plus x, qu and silent e, as well as printable teaching posters for the most common spelling patterns! ⭐️ DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW FILE TO SEE EVERYTHING INCLUDED! ⭐️This resource include


This comment bank focuses on differentiated report card comments for general learning attributes. Differentiated!Copy and Paste straight from my grids!250+ Comments!US & British Spelling includedEach focus provides multiple differentiated comments. Please see the preview to see if this resource would be helpful to your practice.This resource includes:3 x Vocabulary Charts for Reports8 x Differentiated Report Card Comment Grids:☆ Approach to Learning☆ Attitude to Learning☆ Organisation☆ Contr

Maternity Leave Binder EDITABLE l Long Term Sub Templates

The PERFECT resource for your MATERNITY LEAVE, long term sub, extended leave etc.! This resource is accessible through POWERPOINT and has text boxes already inserted for easy typing! Available in COLOR & B/W, this binder will help you get organized so you can focus on what is most important!This resource is PACKED!! Inside you will find...1. Letter to Parents/Guardians (editable) and Sub (Editable)2. Maternity Leave Binder Cover & Extended Leave Binder Cover3. Table of Contents3. Cover P

(Educator Guide) A Little SPOT of Feelings & Emotions

Created by
Diane Alber
188 page Educator Guide filled with concise lesson format, fun hands-on activities, helpful photographs, discussion and writing prompts and over 100 activity printable and worksheets.This guide was created adhering to Common Core standards and CASEL: Effective Social-Emotional Learning Programs. It was developed to be a fun and creative resource to teach FEELINGS & EMOTIONS to elementary school students. The activities and lessons are created for 5-8 year olds, but can easily be adapted for

Behavior Plan Flow Charts and Tools

Crafting an effective behavior plan tailored to individual needs can be complex, but this resource is your comprehensive guide through the entire process. Designed for special education teachers and parents of autistic students, it provides essential tools and materials to facilitate a personalized behavior plan. Key to success is the selection of function-based interventions, and this resource ensures you navigate every step – from baseline data collection to staff training. With 20 Behavior Pl

"Task Don't Ask" 50+ Ways For Teachers to Task and Increase Student Engagement

Created by
Are you looking for a way to engage ALL your students? TASK don't ASK! Tasking is an effective teaching strategy you can use in your classroom in order to increase student engagement. When you simply ask your class a question, you're only engaging the handful of students who raise their hand. Instead, replace your question with a "task." When you do this, ALL students are accountable to complete the task.An example of asking looks like:"Who can tell me the 4 types of precipitation?"An example of

Substitute Binder | Editable Sub Plans | Templates for Elementary Teachers

All the forms you need when you are preparing your substitute binder! These editable forms will give your sub all the information they need to feel prepared for your absence. This resources includes two PowerPoint files - one PPT with cover page designs & one PPT with the editable forms - and a PDF file with punch cards. Simply type your information within the text boxes, save as a PDF, and print!- - The following editable forms are included:Teacher letterSchool informationWeekly scheduleSpe

Student Teaching Binder Planner Student Teacher Kit Portfolio Editable Ideas

Created by
Student Teaching - Ultimate Survival Kit Editable Files!Everything you need to MASTER your Student Teaching experience!****IMPORTANT UPDATE: Now includes additional resources for DISTANCE LEARNING (and/or the Digital Classroom) to use in Google Slides | Google Classroom *** (See video preview for digital resources)Congratulations on starting your journey towards becoming a licensed K-8 teacher! By purchasing this resource, it means you are way ahead of the game! It means you care and you want to
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