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Career Bingo Career Counseling Game for Career Exploration Community Helper Game

Created by
Counselor Keri
This Career Bingo game is great for a fun elementary school counseling career education lesson! Includes 30 unique bingo cards, 24 community helper description cards with 3 clues/facts per career to teach students about interests/work environment of the careers listed, and bingo markers with career pictures. 30 unique cards are included for whole group classroom guidance lesson fun!For more career fun, you might like Career Bingo 2 and Career Bingo 3!Check out my other career education resources

Career Readiness - Cover Letter, Résumé, Job Application, and Mock Interview

Do you want to give your students a real-world, valuable experience that will help them prepare for future job interviews? This packet contains our students' favorite project of the year - a mock interview. In addition to the interview, students will use guided steps to prepare a résumé, cover letter, job application, interview preparation, and an interview reflection. **This product now contains a digital format in addition to a printable (PDF format), perfect for distance learning or paperle

Career Interest Survey for Career Exploration - Printable & Digital

Interest Inventory using Holland's RIASEC Career Types. Perfect for elementary students career exploration, learning about different careers and jobs. Now includes a digital version for use with Google Slides and Google Classroom for digital learning. A career day must!Includes:►Color and Black and White versions included.►2 page Survey to find which career interest area a student might be interested in using Holland’s Six RIASEC Career Types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterpri

Entry Level Job Posters & Worksheets BUNDLE Distance Learning

Save money and buy these two resources together to create an engaging year long activity! 55 career posters with simplified descriptions highlighting job sites, what they do, and skills needed along with visuals. Simplified reading comprehension questions highlighting job sites, what they do, skills needed, preferences and job interest. These are great for special education students looking to explore career interest options. The pictures depict individuals of different genders, ethnicities, and

MEGA BUNDLE of 64 Dollar Store Vocational Work Task Boxes with Visuals

Created by
Are you struggling to engage students with disabilities in vocational work skills? Look no further! DIY these Dollar Store Task Boxes to boost work skills, foster independence, and create work systems in your class. Perfect for students in Special Ed or Autism Units, these 64 printable activities offer easy differentiation. No more struggling to find meaningful materials or understand task functions. Our clear setup guides, directions cards, and visual supports align with your class objectives,

Interactive Bulletin Board Work Task Bundle

Engaging activities for hands-on life skills & job skills that can be done on the board for a group lesson, or independent task box for special education! Learn basic vocational skills before going to an off-campus job, or an age-appropriate way to practice skills that you would need on a CBI community outing.Many activities also practice fulfilling orders, money math, dollar up, addition, tax, stocking inventory, sorting categories, and much more! Change out the bulletin boards every few m

Job Skills Daily Warm Up Worksheets BUNDLE

Money Saving BUNDLE of 480 worksheets for the whole year! Daily or morning warm-up worksheets for your life skills & vocational career studies special education students!This comes with:480 Total Job Skills Daily Warm Up worksheets"Job Skills Daily Warm Up" and "Daily Warm Up" cover pages for student to write name/school yearLevel 1:160 pagesVOCATION VOCABULARY TRACINGVOCATION VOCABULARY (WORKPLACE SIGNS, OCCUPATIONS, COMMON WORDS) MULTIPLE CHOICECLOCK IN - ANALOG CLOCK TRACINGCLOCK OUT - DI

Career Exploration with Research and Financial Literacy Activities for Real Life

This CTE bundle is jam-packed with personal finance, career exploration, soft skills, real-world scenarios, vocational and employability readiness skills, career and technical education, and many other 21st-century skills and lessons students need.  Students will learn about credit, credit cards, paychecks, loans, soft skills (interpersonal job skills), resumes, cover letters, interview questions, mindfulness, and character education for employment through a variety of real-life scenarios, readi

Classroom Jobs and Chores Posters & Worksheets BUNDLE SS

Save money and buy these two resources together to create an engaging year long activity! Over 40 classroom jobs or household chores with simplified descriptions highlighting what they do, the type of skills, and the tools or supplies needed for the job. Also comes with a symbol support task analysis version. These are great for special education students that need visuals to practice essential life skills!Ideas for use:Post around your roomPut pages into a bookletFocus on a new job each week (s

Resume, Cover Letter, and Interview Unit

Teaching career readiness? This is the resource for YOU! This resume, cover letter and interview unit includes everything you need to prepare students for life outside the classroom!This unit is perfect for preparing for students for life after high school. In today's competitive society, it is essential for students to have a professional cover letter and resume to succeed. Therefore, I have created this unit to help assist your students reach their goals and dreams! Enjoy! This unit includes

Visual Communication Picture Icons Schedule Cards 140 (Editable) PCS

Picture Icons Starter Set 1 (Boardmaker PCS)This is a great starter set for home use.You can even put together a complete daily schedule for your child with the pictures in this set.Picture Icons are 2 X 2 with editable text.View the product preview for a complete list of Picture Icons.You may also be interested in: Picture Icons Set 2 Schedule Cards 140 (Editable) PCSIncludes a ZIP file with a PDF and PowerPoint version, along with a Microsoft Word document. Please make sure you have one of the

College & Career Bundle: Career Research Project, Resumes, & Cover Letters

Help your students prepare for life after graduation with this growing bundle of mini-units.To be added soon-Mock Interviewing Mini UnitCheck out the individual product listings for more information.If you have suggestions for future additions, let me know. :)

Career Exploration BUNDLE

Everything you need for exploring careers. Includes Career Board Game, Career Sort, Career Interest Survey, and Career Posters with 100 different career paths. Perfect for elementary students to learn about a variety of jobs and for career day. All products include a digital version for use with Google Slides.►Includes 4 Career Themed Products:❶ Career Exploration Poster Set with 100 different careers categorized into Holland’s Six RIASEC Career Types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social

Clothing / Laundry Life Skill File Folders (Special Education)

This set contains materials to put together 10 file folders based on a clothing / laundry theme. Skills include: • Sorting Clean and Dirty Laundry (into dresser and laundry basket) • Dress a boy and girl in appropriate clothing • Determine clothing for the weather (summer/winter) • Sort sizes based on the tags • Match clothing to the weather • Sort clothing to the weather • Sorting laundry to wash (colors and whites) • Color Coding (hang up shirts based on color) • Pants vs. Shirts sort • Hats

High School Student Resume Builder Writing Packet Resume Building Guide

This graphic organizer is ideal for students who still do not have much work experience. It forces them to recognize their strengths and attributes that would be beneficial in any work place. This could easily be left with a substitute. It is laid out in a step by step format, and each step has an example to follow. NO PREP REQUIRED! Copy and go. Or use the digital Easel option through TpT! ZIP File contains:Uneditable 6-page PDF of graphic organizerEditable 6-page Microsoft Word Document of the

Financial Literacy Career Activities for Personal Finance and Consumer Math

These 9 financial literacy lessons feature articles, questions, and activities that are perfect for preparing students to manage personal finances. These activities are ideal for career readiness, technical education, and adulting classes.1) Understanding a Paycheck PRINTABLE Lessons:This resource explains the types of taxes withheld, deductions, net pay, and teaching students how to calculate gross pay. Students learn to read and understand pay stubs.You receive:Student articles with questions

Vending Machine BUNDLE - Stocking Tasks for Vocational Training in Life Skills

Created by
Enhance your vocational training program with this Stocking Activity Bundle, specially designed for special education teachers and students in K12. This comprehensive resource enables students to develop essential functional life skills and pre-vocational skills that can be directly applied in real job settings using candy bars, sodas, and chips!Exactly what you need to work on vocational training for students in Autism Units or LIFE Skills!⭐What You'll Get⭐:12 Different Chips, 16 Different Cand

Speech Therapy Self-Advocacy Role Play Activity for High School Students

Created by
Speech Therapy
Self-Advocacy Role Play Activity for High School StudentsUse this activity to explain what it means to self-advocate and use the practice scenarios to teach your students how to advocate at school, college, or on the job. This packet includes:-What the word Self-Advocacy Means-Why we need to Self-Advocate-Steps to Advocate-Example of Role-Play to Self-Advocate-10 scenarios with a script to Advocate at School-10 scenarios with a script to Advocate at Work (Added 9/2018)-Self Rating Form-Teacher R

Visual Transition Plan (ITP) Student & Parent Survey

Visual Multiple Choice Individual Transition interview for IEP special education students that are non-readers, moderate to severe disabilities! Great for ITP assessment or first day of school get to know you activity or for future planning. (Digital version for those that are doing distance or remote learning)This comes with: Visual Multiple Choice Transition Plan Survey (9 pages)Questions include: Plans for after graduation, living situation, hobbies/interests/rec & leisure, transportation

Special Education Kitchen / Cooking Life Skill File Folders

This set contains materials to put together 11 file folders based on a kitchen / cooking theme. Perfect for practicing life skills in the classroom! Skills include: • Sorting Measuring Cups and Spoons• Matching Measuring Cups/Spoons with their label• Measuring Liquid Cups - How much is in there?• Measuring Liquid Cups - Matching• Stove Temps - level 1: set to exact numbers on dials• Stove Temps - level 2: includes in-between temperatures on dials• Oven Temps - level 1: set to exact numbers• Oven

Coffee Cart COMPLETE Setup Guide and Essential Visuals

Created by
Discover a fun, functional, and profitable vocational training activity for your students in Life Skills, Occupational Training, or Vocational Programs with our Coffee Cart COMPLETE Setup Guide and Essential Printables. Designed specifically for special education teachers in K12, this comprehensive resource will equip you with everything you need to set up a successful classroom coffee shop enterprise.⭐ What You'll Get ⭐:Our Coffee Cart Setup Guide and Essential Printables includes: SETUP GUIDE

IEP Goal Bank - Life Skills - Functional IEP Goals - Special Education

| Life Skills | IEP Goals | Math | Reading | Writing | SMART Goals |Every year, coming up with FUNCTIONAL IEP goals is of utmost importance for students' success outside of the classroom. It is important that the IEP team work together to select goals that are relevant, age appropriate, and directly applicable to the real world to ensure future independence.This resource provides you with a detailed list of meaningful goals that are broken down by different areas of SDI a student might need supp

Grocery Store File Folder Activities for Life Skills Special Education

This set contains materials to put together 10 file folders based on a grocery store theme. Skills include: sorting by food group, size, and product, matching total to dollar bill, and finding items on shopping list.-Sorting Fruits and Vegetables-Sorting Dairy and Meat-Matching can labels-Matching labels (bread and condiments)-Sorting size (gallon and half-gallon)-Sorting size (small and large sized bagged items)-Paying for total (whole number bill match)-Paying for total (rounding up to the nex

JOB INTERVIEW, INTERVIEWING, Employment, Vocational, Career Exploration

The Job Interview Learning PackageThis learning package walks students through the job interview process and provides them with the tools they will need to succeed in a real interview. These can be used as self-guided worksheets or as teacher instructed lessons. There are four lessons. Three of the lessons have reading comprehension worksheets, are supported by a PowerPoint presentations, and have an assessment to measure students’ progress. One of the lessons, guides students in answering e
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