From June into October

I am still alive and still working from home. All is well in Houston, Texas 🙂

Here is what has been especially cool about working from home:

  • Barefoot. Divine! The upside is that my feet and toes are super happy. The downside is that I can’t stand any shoes any more, and putting on anything fancy and high-healed just feels wrong. I have nothing to wear on my feet!
  • More time for doing personal stuff, like writing on this blog or in my journal.
  • Traveling and working from remote locations!
  • All the energy for meeting people face-to-face conserved until the evening (which is the perfect setup for an introverted hermit that I am).

Between July and September, I have worked remotely from some cool places:

  • Bogotá in Colombia – by far the most fun (and the least productive, oops!)
  • New York City – that was one long day of work trying to wrap everything up before the vacation!
  • New Bern, North Carolina – technically not working… but still had to catch up on some stuff
  • On lake Minnetonka in Minnesota – went to a wedding and was taking one day off (which is the hardest!), worried about the status of one thing so logged in for a bit
  • Washington, D.C. – visited with a friend for a week and worked from her lovely apartment in DuPont Circle area.

…And went to some cool Houston-based events:

Of course it was not all butterflies and kittens (it still is not). Need to do more of: getting dressed into real clothes (ahem, like now), giving what I eat more respect, attention and effort, and remembering to plan ahead my excursions from the cave into the real world.

For now, I just wanted to check in and say hi to everybody. What’s up, dear readers, fellow bloggers, and enigmatic yet attractive strangers? (Yes, I am talking about you.) Drop me a line. Or wave at the computer screen. I will know and wave back, promise. *Waves hand enthusiastically*