A Partial List of Things That Are Pretty Okay

This Thanksgiving is my first one that I get to celebrate as a (new) American.

I have two cups handy: one is empty, the other one has buckwheat grains in it. And this year, I am playing the Lentil Game (also known as the  “I don’t have to like anything but I am also allowed to casually-but-earnestly appreciate things that are not horrible game”) with Havi and others. This is my first time and I am curious to see how it works out, if I make it to 77 , if I will want to stop at 77, etc. No idea how this will work, but I am open to anything, and 77 is a nice number.

So here is my current, partial list of things that are pretty okay:

  1. A sparkling clean apartment! I am the Cinderella extraordinaire.
  2. Houston weather this weekend. Mostly warm November. Breeze. Nice.
  3. Hermann Park! I love living across the street from Hermann Park.
  4. Paul who is cooking sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and brussels sprouts in the kitchen as I am writing this.
  5. The Fluent Self blog which is my daily source of inspiration and support.
  6. Blowing bubbles.
  7. My fitball chair, because I’ve been wanting one for at least five years and finally got one for myself, and yes it is that awesome.
  8. Houston WordPress meetups and all the smart and creative people who choose to come to them.
  9. My home office and working from home.
  10. The wonderful smells from the kitchen.
  11. A looong weekend this week. From Wednesday to Sunday, just fun time and family time and personal projects time. Love it.
  12. My Kindle with a cover that has a night light! The night light is the bomb.
  13. A lapdesk so that I can chill out on the sofa, look out of the window and play the Lentil Game.
  14. My collection of postcards from Elizabeth. Sweet mementos.
  15. Playground: that it came into existence, that I got to visit it this year (twice!) and that I can plan more visits.
  16. Bananas, apples and sweet potatoes this weekend.
  17. The choo-choo train that runs in the Hermann Park.
  18. My books, notebooks and pencils. Reading, writing, jotting ideas down.
  19. Music in my iTunes library! Like Zaz and Pink Martini and true from mix mix.
  20. Doing yoga my way, and not having anyone tell me what I should be doing, or feeling, or what kind of experience I should be having. Really knowing that my body and my practice belong to me only.
  21. Knowing that I can buy toys for myself. Like a tiny rubber duck, bubbles, a reiki timer, and a fitball chair. And make them part of my own office.
  22. Having my own domain name and a blog and a virtual space. Tiny and undercover, and all mine. And I get to decide what gets published and what does not.
  23. Having a wonderful online circle of friends – a place to ask questions, to share thoughts, to cheer, to cry, to be completely open. Knowing that the circle will be there next year, and that I will be there, too. I love you, KT.
  24. Smiling with Sarah’s stories and being inspired by her ideas, even if I don’t consider myself even remotely artistic or creative. Because Sarah is that awesome.
  25. Knowing that anything is possible.
  26. Smiling, sighing and deciding that 26 is a perfect number.

And you. Thank you for reading this.

4 thoughts on “A Partial List of Things That Are Pretty Okay

    • Jenia Laszlo says:

      🙂 Yes, it crossed my mind. I could have also picked 25, since Thanksgiving was November 25th. However, I like the number 26 better today. No hidden meaning! 26 is fine. If you like 28 better, why not try and make your own list.

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