Sometimes, You Just Need to Start Typing

Hosted another Houston WordPress meetup last night, after a bit of a hiatus. Great speaker (Monica knows her stuff!), great group (knowledgeable and asked good questions), good to see the familiar faces after a while, and my son slept through all of it (this was the highlight of the evening for me – his grandma is a pro!).

I’ve been thinking how I’ve waiting for the perfect moment to seat down and start blogging again. Well, “perfect” is not going to happen soon – in fact, with my ten-week-old being more alert and interactive every day, “perfect moment” when I don’t have a mile-long to-do list and am completely rested might not arrive for a few years. Better embrace it and just roll with it! 🙂

Right now, I’m thinking about when/how to organize the next meetup, a few other projects I’m working on, and how my to-do list seemingly gets longer every day. My desk right now is covered with dozens of sticky notes – arguably not the most effective task management system.

Anyways, this is me getting the taste of blogging again. No links, no formatting, no pictures to illustrate my point… because if I started polishing this post, it might have never seen the light of the day and it would have taken me another six months to post something here.

So… how are you? Ever taken a super long break from blogging? How do you get back into it?

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