Hello again. How has your year been?

Apparently, this site was last updated 9 months or so ago – hey, but who is counting?

It’s not that I haven’t missed you guys – quite to the contrary. I miss the fabulous (and smart and funny) KT crowd. I miss keeping up-to-date with the localization world, with all its fast pace and innovation (okay, and the drama, too). I miss the friends I’ve made over the internets, and real life friends who live far away, too.

It’s a sort of a comeback post, you see. It’s not that I haven’t had much to write about – it’s that there’s been A LOT going on.

Saying goodbye to one job and saying hello to another. Saying “see you again” to Houston, saying “why hello there, it’s been too long” to Vienna, Minsk, and Budapest. Saying hello to my ever growing belly, and then saying “Hi, baby” to a wonderful, healthy boy born on the floor of our bathroom (I hope to be lucky enough to have more children, and will do everything in my power to have them at home).

Saying “hello” and “so long” and “see you soon” to many amazing people as I moved among jobs, countries, and life milestones.

I like to write in certain ways. You see, I really prefer to do my writing when the kitchen is all clean, my desk neat and organized, the apartment all quiet, when I’m not too hungry or not too full, and ideally, I like to write after a good, long morning Shiva Nata session.

My life is different now. I have an active son who is 3,5 months old, and the conditions of “ideal writing time” might not be met for a few years.

In fact, I am typing this on my iPhone as he’s napping contentedly by my side. You see, he wakes up too easily when I’m not right next to him.


So I am done with waiting for perfect conditions. Life is to short to just be waiting, and I choose to take charge and go after the things that matter to me. Even if it requires typing with one finger while lying on my back.

2011 has been amazing, and I’m grateful for everything it has brought. Everything is in a sharp focus right now, and yes, I will make mistakes and have hard days, but I will usually remember that things always look better the next morning, and I will not give up.

If this reads like a stream of consciousness, that is probably because it is 😉 I need to start somewhere, so here we go.

Hello again. How has your fall (summer, winter, year) has been?

2 thoughts on “Hello again. How has your year been?

  1. Jenia!

    *waves through the screen*

    I miss you. 🙂 That is such a sweet photo of the two of you.

    It sounds like you’re making your very own new set of perfect conditions. Love that.

    The summer, winter, year has been … huh, I don’t know how to sum it up. Lots of transformation inside. Not as much outside. I suspect that is what the next year is for. I think I can only mange one at once. 😉

    • Jenia Laszlo says:

      Elizabeth, I miss you toooooo!

      I can feel your transformation. When you wrote about being “done” with trust as a theme, it gave me shivers. This year was a good one… The next one will be even better, I think.

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