In which I start typing again

This corner of Jenia-ness on the web has been sadly neglected over the past few months. It’s not that I don’t have anything going on in my professional or personal life or that I don’t have thoughts and opinions. On the contrary, these past few months have been a whirlwind.

Work-wise, I travelled to Amsterdam and San Diego for Automattic meetups (finally meeting my amazing colleagues in person, collaborating on new projects, and learning how bringing a breastfeeding infant to a company function works out — topic for a separate post, for sure). Day-to-day, I’ve been rediscovering Geneva, meeting people with similar interests (Russian language, children, tech & web), and trying out and researching various types of childcare (Geneva offers notoriously few options at notoriously high prices). Thinking-wise, I have trouble falling asleep at night because there is so much information and experiences I’m taking in, so many things that I want to try out and do, and I still struggle to accept the reality that I can’t have more hours in the day and that I do need to sleep.

So here is where I am. Taking it one hour at a time, thinking of ways to simplify and de-stress my days and nights, and finding sneaky ways to write. Bonus: finding an old, dead bug in the process (that has long been fixed) 🙂

Happy Friday, y’all! What has been on your mind lately?