A Cracked iPhone Looks Beautiful

Cracked back iPhone glass

This is what can happen if you let your 1.4 year old play with your iPhone, in a desperate attempt to get some winter clothing shopping done. (My kid needed stay-on mittens bad.) I enjoyed silence and piece of mind for about 90 seconds, and after that my iPhone (which did not have a protective case on — another major parenting mistake) hit the tiled floor and made a noise that said it all.

It was going to cost $35 to replace the back glass in a small shop in Downtown Manhattan, but it “only” took $25 because the guy was not able to put of the tiny screws back in and did not have any in stock. He assured me that the second screw did not matter, my phone would not fall apart, and I would not be able to notice the difference.

And fair enough, my iPhone has held together. I put on a thick protective case on it (even if my friend Chris wouldn’t approve). My toddler still plays with my iPhone occasionally, but I keep a much closer watch when he does.

4 thoughts on “A Cracked iPhone Looks Beautiful

  1. So sad! Poor phone 😦 I’m glad it was an easy fix. I must admit that I am also guilty of letting my kids play with my phone. It’s a pretty useful tool when you need a few moments of quiet.

  2. It should be very awful situation! I’m so sad for you. But I agree with Karen, sometimes phones are handy tools for entertaining kids. I usually give my iPhone to my cousins and I’m waiting for to happen like this!

    • Only one side, whew! It kept shedding little shards of glass (I kept it contained with a protector I only put on after the fact), so needed to be fixed.

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