Moving to Zurich area and other things

Hey! 2013 is coming to a close. Crazy, right? A lot of changes are in the area. I so wish I had a limitless amount of time so that I could sit down, write it out, and properly process everything that’s happening right now. Alas, it looks like I need to learn processing sooner or something, because I ain’t getting that free processing time.

Here are the things that have happened/been happening:

  1. Our little family is moving to the Zurich area in early January 2014 (that’s right, in just a couple of weeks). A great new professional opportunity for Paul, and I work remotely so a “breeze” for me. The “little details” are the physical move, setting up the new infrastructure in a new town (childcare, doctors, family-friends activities, friends), and learning a language or two (German, Swiss German). We’ve got the new lease signed already, a moving company estimator came by today, and I’m researching childcare and activities.
  2. Saying goodbyes in Geneva. Hard! I found the successors for the two meetup groups I started here in Geneva, WordPress meetup and the Russian playgroup. Both groups are in excellent hands, which makes me very happy. (Also: I ran a WordPress 101 session back in November and helped with two concurrent sessions in December. Would like to write a separate post about those, with some lessons learned from running the Geneva WordPress meetup.)
  3. Whole family down with heavy colds. Ack! A two-week Christmas pilgrimage to US canceled. Being sick at home is pleasant in comparison to the alternative: being sick away from home, while jetlagged.
  4. Cool new stuff happening at work. More on that soon. Maybe. I’m in my element.

…is that it? I guess it is, points 1, 2, and 4 consist of hundreds of little things. Add point 3, and you have the perfect recipe for overwhelm, stress, and overall OMGWTFBBQ feeling.

Hey, writing it out made it feel less overwhelming, so I’m glad I did that. Decembers are crazy. Dear reader, I have some tea and cookies and I’d like to virtually share them with you (if you like them). Thanks for keeping me company through the holidays.