Stop the time

Everyday things that fill up my life:

  • Both my work and personal Gmail inboxes are empty. It’s been at least four months. A sigh of relief for this. (I do have eight browser tabs open. Are browser tabs the new inbox?)
  • I was still doing some paperwork on the 2012 (sic) Swiss taxes. A bit like a squirrel looking for walnuts she buried the previous fall. Here is hoping to wrap them up in January 2014. Then, we can start rolling with 2013 US and Swiss taxes right away. A sigh of exasperation, then relief for being done with this big paperwork task.
  • 1Password, why are you not being friendly with Google Chrome? Why don’t you guys talk to each other and figure it out without me having to mediate? (I do love the new 1Password 4. Logos! Colors! Custom questions!)

Also: yays for various small progresses, things being quiet towards the end of year, and being at home during holidays.