Team Global Meetup in Tokyo – Days 0 and 1

Automattic’s Team Global, where I wrangle translations, has descended on Tokyo this week to co-work on projects, set individual work objectives for 2016, hang out, explore the city, and eat delicious food. My teammate Naoko lives here, so we benefit from a local “tour guide”.

Day 0

The events: baked a quiche, had a brief meltdown, put myself back together, repacked into a larger suitcase, went to an airport, flew 12 hours from Zurich to Tokyo.

I did: wrote for work, wrote down logistics for kids (for the family members who are taking of them while I am away), read a book, thought and doodled a lot about what I read.

I learned: my favorite skill of sleeping in moving vehicles mysteriously vanished. The elderly Japanese rule at it.

Day 1

The events: met up with Alex at Narita Airport, had a comical conversation with the customs officer about how we are in Tokyo for business reasons yet don’t have business cards or official documents, only laptops and a bunch of clothes, settled into our Airbnb home in Shinjuku area, two delightful meals at local restaurants, joined by more teammates.


I did: some work, a power nap, lots of catching up with my teammates.

I learned: how to set up Alfred and custom  searches. (I gave Alfred a try a few years back, and I finally saw the light this time!) Also, it apparently really takes 45 minutes to write a blog post, not 15 minutes which is how much time I would like it to take.

This was a long two days blended into one. Time to charge up for the next day of adventures and explorations!