Online-Karrieretag in Zürich

I went to Online-Karrieretag in Zürich today, which is a networking/conference/career expo event. The event took place at Papiersaal, which is a venue right next to Sihlcity. The event had a full program of talks and panels, had booths of sponsoring companies, and was geared towards recent graduates, young professionals, and career shifters. I spent three informative and productive hours there and would highly recommend this event!

This was the first job fair I remember attending, and I found myself rather nervous on the way there. Will I have to awkwardly hand out resumes? Will I look and feel very different from young, fresh-faced Swiss students? Will everything happen in Swiss German? My anxiety quickly dissolved once I realized that the venue was cozy and comfortable, talks were held either in High German or English, and company reps very friendly and happy to answer all questions.

In addition to listening to talks and chatting at the booths to interesting companies (and getting more relevant and actionable insights for applying than I would have from online research only – win!), I also stopped by the booths of two education providers, IAB Academy and Hamburg Media School and thought it was notable that both schools offer primarily offline courses. There is something to be said for IRL after all!

If you are looking to learn more about digital careers and expand your network in Zürich, I highly recommend you sign up for the newsletter and go next time this event is happening near you!