Howdy! I am Jenia (pronounced ZHE-nya). I love languages and cultures, organizing communities, finding solutions to tricky challenges, and helping people meet their goals.


I have been lucky to live my passions through working for some great companies. I worked as a Senior Project Manager for Lionbridge, a top language service provider worldwide, serving large and emerging IT clients at the Framingham and Boulder offices, and I am currently doing internet search assessment on a contract basis for the Swiss German market.

Working remotely when it was still a novelty, I spent 4+ years working at at Automattic, first as a Happiness Engineer, supporting the amazing users of WordPress.com, and then as a Global Wrangler, making the platform awesome for its international users. I co-founded the the Houston and Geneva WordPress meetups.

Fun geographic and linguistic facts: before settling down in the Zürich area in 2014, I lived in Minsk, Budapest, Geneva (twice), Beijing, Boston, Dar es Salaam, Vienna (twice), and Houston. Give or take, it adds up to nine cities in seven countries. I’ve studied ten languages and speak six: Russian, English, German, and Hungarian, and half each of Swiss German, French, Belarusian, and Spanish.