Team Global Meetup in Tokyo – Day 5

Our last full day in Tokyo. The meetup fatigue is hanging in the air. We are wrapping up the work projects, buying souvenirs, and getting ready jet back to our homes and families tomorrow.

Team Global Meetup in Tokyo – Day 4

On our 4th day in Tokyo, we took a break from work and projects and explored the urban and green parts of Shibuya. (People with wearable devices tell me we walked some 23,000 steps).

Rather than a specific site, what I liked most were the clear blue skies, bright winter sun, and crisp winter air.

Today was when I realized that my newly developed green tea addiction was getting out of hand. After consuming dozens of green tea cookies, staying up too late due to drinking green tea throughout the day, I could not finish the green tea ice cream pictured below.

Team Global Meetup in Tokyo – Day 3

Continuing with the daily tradition of “summaries and memories”. Blue skies and bright sun, co-working at Times Cafe in the morning, back at the house in the afternoon. We mostly finished the meetup project, and I researched and made a lot of notes about an upcoming large project. Tomorrow is the activity day, when we get to explore the city!


Team Global Meetup in Tokyo – Day 2

All seven of us (six plus Stu) have now made it to Tokyo. Discussions, then more discussions.

Having lost our local guide, we ended up at a go-round sushi place.

After more discussions and co-working back at the house, we went to a Yakitori jazz diner in Kagurazaka. They did not have an English menu, and we agreed with the server that we would have a “mix”.

TIL: my laptop has issues with wifi at the house, and while writing s post on an iPhone is fine, I’m not loving the media management experience, because photos don’t get uploaded in the order I expect them to, and moving them involves a lot of frustrated tapping and eventually re-uploading.

Team Global Meetup in Tokyo – Days 0 and 1

Automattic’s Team Global, where I wrangle translations, has descended on Tokyo this week to co-work on projects, set individual work objectives for 2016, hang out, explore the city, and eat delicious food. My teammate Naoko lives here, so we benefit from a local “tour guide”.

Day 0

The events: baked a quiche, had a brief meltdown, put myself back together, repacked into a larger suitcase, went to an airport, flew 12 hours from Zurich to Tokyo.

I did: wrote for work, wrote down logistics for kids (for the family members who are taking of them while I am away), read a book, thought and doodled a lot about what I read.

I learned: my favorite skill of sleeping in moving vehicles mysteriously vanished. The elderly Japanese rule at it.

Day 1

The events: met up with Alex at Narita Airport, had a comical conversation with the customs officer about how we are in Tokyo for business reasons yet don’t have business cards or official documents, only laptops and a bunch of clothes, settled into our Airbnb home in Shinjuku area, two delightful meals at local restaurants, joined by more teammates.


I did: some work, a power nap, lots of catching up with my teammates.

I learned: how to set up Alfred and custom  searches. (I gave Alfred a try a few years back, and I finally saw the light this time!) Also, it apparently really takes 45 minutes to write a blog post, not 15 minutes which is how much time I would like it to take.

This was a long two days blended into one. Time to charge up for the next day of adventures and explorations!