Small Things

How much can I write in 5 minutes? Let’s find out.

Today’s victories: a phone call to the Zurich Social Security service, in German (victory!), my questions highlighted two actual problems that the clerk agreed with (victory!), they promised to send the correction forms (victory!), and they did 10 minutes later (victory!), and I filled them out and mailed (OK, put in the envelope to mail) that same morning (joyful celebration!).

Today’s mixed news: took Maxim to an eye specialist (the slight strabismus problem that I got concerned about some 6 months ago, rescheduled several visits, and finally made it today). Highlights: his eyes are fine, what I sometimes see as crossed eyes is an “optical effect” (in the words of the doctor) because of the wide nose, and is quite common in children and disappears with age. Lowlights: the very experienced, matron-like doctor noticed immediately that Maxim did not want to cooperate, and she was not amused. Also, a non-pretty scene walking back to the car (neither of us handled it well, I am sorry to report).

Today’s upside: I am blogging again, and look how much can actually get written in 5 minutes. I honestly thought I’d max out at 3 sentences. Wow.

Goodnight, sweethearts! See you later on the internets!

Team Global Meetup in Tokyo – Day 5

Our last full day in Tokyo. The meetup fatigue is hanging in the air. We are wrapping up the work projects, buying souvenirs, and getting ready jet back to our homes and families tomorrow.

Team Global Meetup in Tokyo – Day 4

On our 4th day in Tokyo, we took a break from work and projects and explored the urban and green parts of Shibuya. (People with wearable devices tell me we walked some 23,000 steps).

Rather than a specific site, what I liked most were the clear blue skies, bright winter sun, and crisp winter air.

Today was when I realized that my newly developed green tea addiction was getting out of hand. After consuming dozens of green tea cookies, staying up too late due to drinking green tea throughout the day, I could not finish the green tea ice cream pictured below.

Team Global Meetup in Tokyo – Day 3

Continuing with the daily tradition of “summaries and memories”. Blue skies and bright sun, co-working at Times Cafe in the morning, back at the house in the afternoon. We mostly finished the meetup project, and I researched and made a lot of notes about an upcoming large project. Tomorrow is the activity day, when we get to explore the city!


Team Global Meetup in Tokyo – Day 2

All seven of us (six plus Stu) have now made it to Tokyo. Discussions, then more discussions.

Having lost our local guide, we ended up at a go-round sushi place.

After more discussions and co-working back at the house, we went to a Yakitori jazz diner in Kagurazaka. They did not have an English menu, and we agreed with the server that we would have a “mix”.

TIL: my laptop has issues with wifi at the house, and while writing s post on an iPhone is fine, I’m not loving the media management experience, because photos don’t get uploaded in the order I expect them to, and moving them involves a lot of frustrated tapping and eventually re-uploading.